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  1. Another translation of the news about her move to FN Entertainment https://www.hellokpop.com/news/lee-da-hae-joins-fn-entertainment/ Also seems she celebrated yesterday with her friends, so lovely
  2. Happy Birthday to our girl, may she always be happy The company also posted about the birthday cake And also posted a video of the photoshoot
  3. @Annya Haha, I don't know if it is confirmed by her but I always had the impression that her dogs are males And seems we didn't need to wait much longer for the official news about her agency move. Let's hope we hear news about a new project this year ^^ This the profile page on the company website, you can see more images of her there. How I wish her profile picture in Nate and Naver will be updated with one of those (it hasn't been updated for 8 years!!!) and actually, the company should have some fixes on the with the titles in her profile page link and IG links there http://www.fnent.co.kr/portfolio-item/lee-sung-woo/ Here is the translated article of the news https://www.hancinema.net/lee-da-hae-joins-new-agency-with-park-ha-na-and-im-soo-hyang-128713.html And the company IG update about it (press like or comment to show some support ^^)
  4. @ELY_397 netizens comments are always entertaining for me, their logic is just so weird sometimes that you can't help but laugh and don't feel offended even if it is actually insulting!!! @Annya felt so sad for cherry dear but I am happy he has Dahae there and hope he be healthy from now on. Hopefully we get official news about her move soon. Also here is a new update from her today
  5. Thanks @Annya for the updates, seeing some pictures of her trip to Paris from 2 years ago is fun BTW, I really like how she now add some English and Chinese tags to her IG posts so more fans could understand what she is talking about.
  6. Seems like Dahae's uncle house is near the affected area of the big fire that happened in Korea lately She posted on IG relieved that it is finally controlled and wishing everyone's recovery
  7. The Tint calling Dahae "The Tint Muse", their designs are really elegant ^^ Give these posts like or comment to show support
  8. Not quite sure but may be someone from the staff or something? Wanted to post some pictures from Seoul Fashion week
  9. Just posting updates from Dahae IG that wasn't posted her before Enjoying Shanghai ^^ And updates from the seoul fashion week
  10. @arlene80 and @Annya Great to see back posting here. Missed you I am not quite sure when we could get to see MGMM but honestly, I don't think this will happen this year. I just wish it airs sometime and not be forgotten forever I am having some internet issues, so couldn't post much of our girl's latest updates. But I am really so excited about seeing her getting active again Here is to hope this will lead to a new project before this year end *praying* She had a photo shoot today, I wonder what it is for but I am guessing it is a Chinese one since she wrote a Chinese word in one of her hashtags
  11. Just saw this news about the whole line up of stars for the event (It is quite impressive!!). Now she isn't the only actor/actress, she doesn't feel out of place anymore http://www.szsavaria.com/news/762135.html http://news.yule.com.cn/html/201903/293240.html http://www.sohu.com/a/303178477_100176255
  12. Thanks a lot @ELY_397 But yeah, now I wonder too what she will be doing there. I doubt she will sing but I wouldn't mind if she surprised me Regardless I am happy that she finally has a public appearance and particularly since it is in China as she didn't visit the country since she finished filming MGMM (if I am not mistaken) and the Hallyu ban. So maybe this could mark a start of more opportunities of her there. And of course, it is finally an opportunity to visit her Chinese fans who have always supported her and continue to have a communication with her despite her being out of the limelight for long. Maybe we can know more about her future plans (if any) when she meets them.
  13. Finally, some info about Dahae's event in China on the 25th, seems the event is called "Galleria's Night Festival", I think the brand is wedding fashion brand and the festival may include a fashion show and some music and entertainment shows (maybe @ELY_397 could understand more about it) Anyway, It will be held in Shanghai at Mercedes Benz Cultural Center and I saw Haha also attending. Dahae video promoting for the event https://www.weibo.com/6215410930/Hm7ptzTJ4?filter=hot&root_comment_id=0 On the other hand, The Tint's designer updated her IG with another picture with our girl (slide to the second picture)
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