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  1. @Annya It has been a roller coaster since late last year and seems this is not going to change anytime soon I am mostly watching Anime these days (either rewatching my favs or discovering some new ones). Really nothing else to give me some joy in these difficult times BTW, seems our girl is dogs trainer expert since Nana did trust her to train her dog Grayton https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/J6i3G0eak?fid=1042200:4514993698177053
  2. @Annya It is really so boring these days specially with all that is happening in the world. With no desire to follow dramas lately, all my favs not having a comeback project anytime soon and also no updates from my favorite sport so don't have much to watch or enjoy
  3. I really liked this video when I saw it (one of my favorite videos she posted) and it is great to be able to understand what our girl was saying there thanks to the translator Great that she is giving advice to fans about taking care of pets and animals in general
  4. @Annya Seems so. Not sure though how today's viewers will feel about it now Here is the latest update from our girl joining Thank You campaign ^^
  5. I still don't see a news about a certain channel or date (in June) for the MGMM airing yet but I found this report/blog entry https://www.hotbak.net/key/我的女神我的妈定档金星化身中国婆婆儿媳妇是韩国女神.html Also more pictures of Dahae friends celebrating her birthday
  6. Happy birthday to our lovely girl, may she be blessed always https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/IEn3csAkK?fid=1042200:4496215992107019
  7. @Maetawinz Happy to see you back in Soompi And yeah, Dahae is out of the picture for years now. Who knows what happens in future but I just hope she can still have fulfilling life even if she is away from the career she likes. About "My Goddess, My Mother", I am taking the news till now with a grain of salt so lets wait if this will really happen
  8. @arlene80 Nice to see you back here dear ^^ With all the bad news since the start of this year, hope you all are doing fine and I am really sorry to be away for sometime but I had some problems with my job and had to start a new one just lately. Hopefully things gets better and I can come here more frequently like before and also update my blog that I abandoned lately *praying* But seems that bad things can have relatively some good consequences. Since the Corona Virus is affecting the filming of new works in entertainment industries in China and other countries, there was some predictions that this would lead to the release of some old works that got shelved before and I was hoping our girl's drama gets lucky to be picked somehow. And guess what, I was really surprised to see news today about "My Goddess, My Mother" airing starting June!!! Really hope this is true and we finally get to see our girl on our screens even if it is a work completed 4 years ago and most properly she won't be able to attend promotion activities for it. Some sites mentioned it will start airing on 3-6-2020 but not sure on which channel so lets wait and see https://new.qq.com/omn/20200306/20200306A011T200.html https://k.sina.cn/article_6927259177_19ce5962900100ngms.html?from=ent&subch=tv https://yeeyi.com/news/index.php?app=home&act=article&aid=444068 https://video.weibo.com/show?fid=1034:4480302043562009 http://www.yue365.com/tv/772/bochushijian.shtml
  9. @ELY_397 The virus news is really worrying but at least I saw some news saying there are some cases recovered and discharged so hopefully things will get better. I did see that she did take her post down and guessed what could be the reason but I didn't read comments since I don't actually care about that anymore so I don't know exactly what is the criticism is but what matters for me that I know she cares more than many out there some of which have just been racist in their thinking and commenting on the virus. In all cases, I think it is not about how lovely image or if you are that great of an actor but more on power and connections. So we know she has none of that now and that what I think actually the biggest hurdle in doing her comeback specially if she is not taking anything less than what she like to have.
  10. Happy Lunar new year to our girl and everyone celebrating ^^ Dahae updated her Weibo with a congratulation message that also mention the Corona Virus wishing everyone taking care of their health https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Ir8SwBdFa?fid=1042200:4464689686708246
  11. Thanks @ELY_397 for the info. Although she is acting a bit silly but looks like she really having fun And seems she was in Shanghai a few days ago, not sure but seems she visited a bank or something. Not sure if she is still in China now but hope she and everyone takes care and stay healthy since the status with Coronavirus is quite worrying https://weibo.com/1002229881/IqnPzbvag Also here is her latest IG update
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