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  1. Nice VLog of Dahae's trip to Australia and the places she visited https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5d7b0a990000000002022b54 She also reunited with her old friend after ten years, this is really cute
  2. I can watch Dahae eat all day but that would make me feel hungry all the time This video is fun https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5d7619d80000000002019a57
  3. Happy Chuseok to our girl and everyone celebrating ^^ Our girl uploaded a message on her Weibo and XHS for the occasion and also posted some pictures on IG https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5d785fe9000000000201e9b8
  4. Hi everyone, have been away for sometime but that doesn't mean I don't check our girls news daily. Her updates always makes my day. Anyway here I am again @Annya Thanks for the updates dear. Was so happy seeing our girl out again in another public event ^^ It is also a little surprise seeing her in Australia again. I saw her mentioning in her XHS video that she is there for work and vacation (curious about what kind of work though, could it be some acting classes or something?? ) https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5d70f2a500000000020190a6 And here are more updates from her trip and visit to her old High School
  5. @vin lin Welcome here, happy to see you joining us here and don't worry about English. English is not the first language of most of us here as well And it is completely normal to be curious about your fav artist and their news so always feel free asking anything about our girl we are always glad to answer if we have the info Dahae posted another video on RED https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5d4e8cd300000000270301a7 Also here is some fresh pictures of our girl who always loves swimming
  6. @Annya Yeah, her style is really lovely and I like that she actually went to a common shopping place with affordable options like she also visited that store in Japan with cheap products. Those are more convenient for fans to see and also she again made a giveaway for a dress and bag she bought Also really love this photo, just like a pictorial
  7. Our girl really keeps getting cuter as she age,, she is such a big child
  8. @ELY_397 Yeah, she really seems to enjoy herself a lot these days and while most of her activities or updates may not be related to acting like we would wish but still she seems genuinely happy which is something I am so happy for and makes me less worried about her in this drought period Thanks @Annya for all the updates, I am really happy to see her with Park Joong-Hoon once again since his guesting in "Guesthouse Daughters". I wonder what they were talking about there about the Festival or MVs?? Our girl updated her IG with a picture of them together Also seems Director Lee Hyun-seung may be responsible or managing that Festival. May be he was the one to invite her. She updated pictures with him and her designer friend few days ago ^^ https://gbfest.modoo.at/ There is another video of her in the second slide here ^^
  9. Thanks @Annya For the updates. Her videos are always super fun and she is extra crazy when she also have one of her friends with her inn the videos Some Chinese fans spotted Dahae shopping in Dongdaemun, Korea today and even had Selfie with her, how Lucky I see Nana was also with her ^^ https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/HD0qKnvHB?fid=1034:4392964441484543 https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/HD1SYntg4?fid=1034:4393019496137392
  10. Yes @ELY_397 I was also curious about her visit to China this time specially with Nana around. Although the trip is not publicized but I am still wondering if it will have some work related stuff. Lets wait and see if we get more info later. About the building, I think the media is exaggerating a bit since it is not 2 billion profit directly since the rebuilding did cost her money but I am sure she can get back from the rent she gets from the building (which have surely increased as well) after sometime
  11. @ELY_397 Yeah, curious too why it is on the news again specially with this number of reports about it but anyway I am happy for her and now I remember how some Korean and International comments were making fun of her when she first bought it and they saw the pictures of the initial building
  12. Haha, as you mentioned it @ELY_397 the media reported about how smart her investment was and the fact that with rebuilding it and usage of the slope issue, it increased its value and some experts in the report are talking about it as a case of successful investment that other can take a note of. Good job Dahae shi https://www.edaily.co.kr/news/read?newsId=01157846622550912&mediaCodeNo=257&OutLnkChk=Y
  13. @PK T Yeah, never lose hope. Who knows what future holds for her and us as her fans Today marks Dahae's 17th Acting debut so she already came a long way @ELY_397 I love the Japanese original so much that I doubt that I would like to see a remake for it. Just hope they give it justice in this Korean version. They have a nice cast so hopefully the execution won't disappoint. And on a surprise as all her public appearances lately, we got to see our girl again. Love her in white and really appreciate her very light makeup
  14. Oh hi @PK T Nice to see you here again (with a new name ) Actually I am feeling guilty towards our girl since I don't quite update much about her compared to before but hopefully with any news of a new work I get more energized again although I am not sure when this will happen. TBH I don't even watch dramas much lately specially Kdramas so I am a bit out of loop in general Hope you have a great time yourself and lets keep supporting our lovely girl as much as we can
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