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  1. Thanks, @ELY_397 for answering, it is a pity they aren't making the website fully functioning, it would have been much easier for people like me who prefer using PC than mobile but I guess those are rare nowadays anyway Seeing her indoor garden closely, she really deserves to be proud she made a great job there taking care of them and planting all those types!! Cute Dahae running in the golf field
  2. More lovely updates from Dahae, I really love that video series she made. Hope she keeps doing more vlogs like these ones in future ^^ BTW, I finally was able to make an account on Red, but I wonder if there a way to login on the website? I would love to have that so I can use the translators and to download from there is easier for me??? @ELY_397 Please let me know if you know a way for that
  3. Yeah, happy to see her still posting and enjoying sharing more of her life with us now. She looks great in that video and super cute She also shared that BBQ video on IG as well
  4. @ELY_397 She had got more attacks and bad comments before compared to this time and never once it was addressed from her or her agency so I was also surprised to see them making a comment this time. A new agency may mean new PR policy so maybe they agreed to pay more attention to media reports. I did see FN also state in their blog that any bad comments will be removed and I guess they did that in her posts since I don't see the comments. Anyhow, I am actually sure she will get more backlash because of it (that is why I said to expect more buzz in the upcoming days) and honestly I don't think such comments will stop in future but maybe she and the agency just want to put that statement out there regardless (it is not the first time she do that) Lets just hope we see her continue her updates
  5. @ELY_397 Thanks dear for the info. I saw her followers and was wondering who she follows (she follow 2 accounts now) but I am happy with all her updates. Her videos especially are nice and natural and I am happy to see her practicing her Chinese through this BTW, Dahae's latest selfie has been a hot topic yesterday and she was actually on top 10 on Naver. We know she has been cautious in recent years and rarely post selfies because of the responses she gets on those sometimes and this happened again this time and actually for the first time her agency did respond about the PS talk stating she didn't get PS in recent years (with this I would expect more buzz about this in upcoming days) https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/lee-da-haes-agency-responds-to-cosmetic-surgery-rumors It is not something we aren't used to and hopefully, this wouldn't discourage her from her daily and regular updates, I already got used to seeing her updates Anyway, here are some of her lovely updates
  6. Some updates from Xiaohongshu Her favorite barbecue place ^^ https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cc9652f000000000d037021 https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cc96232000000000d03486a I am really happy seeing her still in contact with Anna Fang her "Love Actually" co-star https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5ccc0123000000000e011527 Anna also updated her Weibo with pictures Finally, she uploaded a video to IG but she still with no sound But she looks so fresh and natural here and her mother in the background ^^
  7. @Annya Miss her acting so much too But at least I am kinda happy with all the updates. Her Xiaohongshu account already has over 30,000 followers!! I am wondering what is the account she is following there, could be ANYA? Always love seeing her hair down ^^
  8. She updated today on Xiaohongshu (seems her account is now verified) with a cut from the FN Entertainment photo-shoot BTS video and also some pictures from ANYA last photo shoot and their interview with her in March last year. Although we saw some pictures before we actually didn't see that interview till now. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cc08671000000000f022be9 I think she is saying that in cooperation with ANYA she will be updating with some beauty tips and will post more content in future
  9. @Annya I think it is just how they are used to do that in China since the dramas there are mostly pre-produced so all scenes are already filmed and they have the freedom to choose what they put there. It is not only the case in China, in my country too. The opening (and sometimes the ending too) usually have many shots even if not the whole drama is filmed. Sometimes it differ based on director but mostly it is how the tradition is I think it is not that spoilery if the editing was done right since you usually don't have the context of the shots but you can connect some dots as the drama progress if you are attentive to details
  10. @ELY_397 Haha, I guess we are so used to draught that we actually feel weird when we get such frequent updates from her!! Maybe it is an overdose for us now It will be really great if you could maybe post the steps to set up a new account there and follow Dahae but if it is too much, you surely don't have to
  11. I am so happy seeing her updating so much lately, even more than once a day!!! In her last IG post, she mentioned that she opened an account on Xiaohongshu and uploaded a couple of unseen pictures from her agency photoshoot there, I searched on the website and seems it is more of a e-commerce app/website so I wonder if she will be updating on some brands there or something I tried to install the app to follow her but it is all in Chinese so didn't know how to deal with it https://www.xiaohongshu.com/user/profile/5cbc1072000000001201ffe5
  12. Another translation of the news about her move to FN Entertainment https://www.hellokpop.com/news/lee-da-hae-joins-fn-entertainment/ Also seems she celebrated yesterday with her friends, so lovely
  13. Happy Birthday to our girl, may she always be happy The company also posted about the birthday cake And also posted a video of the photoshoot
  14. @Annya Haha, I don't know if it is confirmed by her but I always had the impression that her dogs are males And seems we didn't need to wait much longer for the official news about her agency move. Let's hope we hear news about a new project this year ^^ This the profile page on the company website, you can see more images of her there. How I wish her profile picture in Nate and Naver will be updated with one of those (it hasn't been updated for 8 years!!!) and actually, the company should have some fixes on the with the titles in her profile page link and IG links there http://www.fnent.co.kr/portfolio-item/lee-sung-woo/ Here is the translated article of the news https://www.hancinema.net/lee-da-hae-joins-new-agency-with-park-ha-na-and-im-soo-hyang-128713.html And the company IG update about it (press like or comment to show some support ^^)
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