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[C-Drama 2012] Love Actually (爱的蜜方)

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Guest Golden_ochna

I'm here laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

Almost drowned at the sea of exams and then bombarded with great news n cute pics of the Press Con yesterday w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif

TQ chinggus biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif My adorable hardworking bees: Apqaria, Samzz, Anny


I like Joe in casual clothes beside our girl in a charming nude dress wub.gif

But it's not a date coz they're not hand in hand!laugh.gif

When will I get to see more Xiao Feng skinship? (their passionate kiss in the trailer isn't  enough, I'm greedy, Mr Lin biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif)




Can U see that in the new poster for Hao Jie n Xiao Xia, Xiao Xia isn't so close as with Hao Feng (Joe), there's an obvious gap btw them. That's why I was initially afraid they're friends. But after watching the trailer for thousands of times, I can sign with relief, we have Hao Feng-Xiao Xia-Hao Jie love triangle. I feel ecstatic imagining what gonna come soon: love & envy & innocence of those who aren't aware they're already in love (I guess the loveline will be that way) laugh.gif And can't never exclude the funny cohabitation problems of a naive girl with 2 hot guys biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Oh! I was laughing like a drain when Joe embarrassingly hides his "private" and "sensitve" item from our girl.


JwtB3.jpg And I almost got fainted when viewing Feng ge half naked! w00t.gif and certainly, so is Xiao Xia laugh.gif.

XRn3v.jpg Xiao Xia's shy n a little scared. How abt U, Da Hae? with hot guy like Feng ge?biggrin.gif

This drama's garnering a lot of attention! biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I'm so happy!



Watching the vid of LA's kitchen set when our cast was taught how to knead the dough n make cakes really delighted me. 

Joe seems clever and good at culinary. Xiao Xia, it's fine to have a good cook at home. So marry him! Good choice happy.gif

But until now, I still choose Hao Jie, just like Da Hae, she said she liked the character Hao Jie over Hao Feng for his faithfulness and loyalty happy.gif


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Oh Gold Hope ur exams were fine .Best of Luck if u still have exam at if it over enjoy.

As u can see The new abt conference is on so many countless sites.

Yes even i think its not date they are too far while walking may be they are going to search ingredient for the food or finding someone.

here are some BTS video for the scenes for the pic is posted.

Credit to Baidu fan

BTS video of market

U can see two video although one video with both of them is short. Our girl and her mirror :wub:

LOL Gold Mr.Lin gave u kissing scene in advance 4 month to survive what else do u need?

Yes i can see Hao Jie n Xiao Xia aren't that close .Yups i don't know why dear LYF is sidelined although is involved somehow on triangle.If u ask me then LYF should be sitting next to ldh in that couch poster and anna to the corner near LYF :wub: From promo i can see Anna is either friend or a girl who likes LYF one sided maybe in middle of the drama he falls for her if they want to show happy couple ending .Even in Anna and LYF poster u can see Anna is giving his heart to LYF but he has this expression ,like not again kind .

Me too i was replaying it again and again the speed in which joe takes it from laundry basket i love our girls expression :lol: We are truly going to enjoy and have fun watching this drama for sure .And not to forget lots of BTS making in the end.

I hope we get to see BTS of the bathroom scene ;) as we know if the door is not opened at perfect time they have to shoot again LOL ..And its the first drama in which our girl is staying in the guys house so we will get all such cute scene and many more scenes for sure.

Yups i saw 2 video for that cooking classes one was bigger then other .I agree Joe was doing is work more better and like professional our girl was having fun and LYF already had made something which DH was holding as showing to director and having fun. :lol: The teacher was having fun with all this 3 student.joe is good in culinary so marry him,if i am not wrong joe is playing experienced chef in series so he should be better from them but since our girl is going to be gourmet queen she has to do well too.

I am sailing in both the boats i like both the guys :wub: I am happy our girl have scenes with both the guys.

we have long way to go.I read somewhere that all the actors voice is dub by some other actor if there voice is not suitable is it true?

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Gold dear, wish you have done great in your exams :D

I am greedy like you dear,although I didn't expect such treat to have a kiss in the trailer that long before the drama airs like Anny said but actually this is the exact reason I became wanting more. I want to see the drama NOW :wub:

And that bath scene with LYF, hehehe. I keep laughing when I watch them in the conference when asked LYF about filming this scene and that he showed his body, Dahae interfered and said that she have seen it and it is good. They all laughed over her comment. So, I think LYF must be more shy about it, LOOOL :lol:

And I agree with you that even that I know that LYF and Feng Anna have already love line together and may be LYF end up liking her but I need to see the love triangle as well, it will result in more romantic and cute moments of jealousy and suspension :wub:

And yes Anny, I saw the 2 videos two. Really so cute. Joe has just opened his own restaurant few months ago so he is already in the business and our girl actually was busy playing with LYF and may be that is why she didn't make the best one :lol:

And about dubbing actors voice, I think this is true. As you know, China is so big and have many parts which are different in accents and so sometimes she tend to dub even Chinese actors voices so they can have a common and obvious accent for all the cast in the drama which every body can understand and familiar with.

Here is also more BTS pictures from today filming:

Dahae and LYF:


Joe and ex. girlfriend holding hands :o I am jealous now, poor Xiaoxia :( No wonder now that Dahae said she liked LYF character better for his loyality :D


Feng Anna:


Credit: Webio

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Thanks AQ for BTS pic .

Haha our girl like to joke and tease the guys :P In happy together also while shooting chuno she said she get to see bare body of guy working out on set :wub: What can a guy do when a girl is talking like that? :lol:

Yes our girl like to play with guys :lol:

oh i see so there are full chances that star don't get to hear there own voice when watching series.

I feel the location is same but this time its LYF and LDh. :D

Noooooooooooo Ex Gf and Joe pic :unsure: Now i know why she picked LYF character :lol: .Even this actress is short infront of Joe.I know when joe said he felt comfortable while kissing our girl what he meant since our girl is tall he didn't need to bend so much while kissing :lol: I think Feng Anna character always follow LYF..

AQ like ur fanfic we get a scene where joe is taking LDh hand and keeping on his heart :wub: Did u secretly saw promo in ur dreams?

I think its newspaper pic of our couple.


New poster pic :wub: Happy


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Hehe, yes Anny. I think I have discovered that I have special powers I didn't know I had before :lol:

And thanks dear for the pictures :wub:

HELP ME, I am so ADDICTED. I can't stop replaying the conference and the trailer videos :lol: I must also say something else about the trailer. Although it is surely very early to judge but the song in the last part of it (even when it is not very clear) captured me :) So, I hope the OST for the drama will be good as well :wub:

Here is a very rare and clear BTS picture of our all our leads together. What a happy family :wub:


Also some fans made GIFs of some cute trailer parts:

The bath scene :D


And LYF expression here is very cute and of course the Jealous look of our hero :P


What are the brothers doing here, hehehe :lol:


Credit: Weibo

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So now since u have special power AQ u can tell us more :wub::lol: U can't keep it too urself u have to share.

Same as me even i can't stop replaying them i am addicted too :wub: Yups the music was the only thing clear which i was able to hear .It was good specially the music changes when Joe says something to DH and she turns the music changes :wub:

Oh thanks for the picture the quality of picture is so good .He is the father of this two handsome son .Both the guys have there own style .

Thanks for the gif link. Between the last gif between the brother i didn't see it in the promo ? :unsure: Where did the scene suddenly come from .Fight in the kitchen that also with cutlery's .I was wondering what was it i could only see some white glass type thing since the gif was not moving then i saw it glass lying on the floor.

Some New BTS pic:

Lee Da Hae selling steamed buns.



Credit to Weibo.

Was there any contest for LA ,the lucky fan will get LA goodies.


I was wondering what's in the CD?

Isn't this skirt or top very much or same which our was wearing in LA poster with balloons in background in conference ?

when i saw that dress first time it remind me of this pic?Although it not big deal ;)


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Hehehehe, I will surely share if I get some more inspiration :lol:

And yes, we didn't get to see this kitchen fight part before. On weibo it is said to be on the tailer but may be the one we saw is not from the start. I really hope they can release the trailer soon. May be it is on the CD which they will give to the lucky winner fans :w00t:

And about the outfit, yes. I noticed that too. I think it is the same one :D And thanks dear for the BTS pictures and here is more of them:







OOOH and what is XiaoXia doing here, fighting :w00t:


Credit: Weibo

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Yeah i guess the trailer is big we got the edited version the person who has made gif surely has the full promo i hope he or she uploads the full promo either production company themself release the high quality promo on our girls Birthday :wub: Hows the idea? Great Na.

i read it on weibo earlier also that there was some contest and lucky fan will get chance to meet the star on set too but i don't have account in weibo i don't know what happened latter abt the contest is it the same contest or there was some special contest.

Only lucky winner can tell us whats in the CD ,i am sure either something related to show or actors learning cooking Videos or promo .Its just my guess.

Even u think its the same one i thought my eyes is doing extra works and imagining the things.

Thanks to U too dear :wub: for posting all the BTS pic here .

Our girl is selling the bun and having shop on street.Joe doesn't have makeup coordinator or what .I didn't see anyone near him doing anything to his face like i see in Kdrama actor BTS pic.I always notice whenever his shoot is not there he watching the scene or reading the script. And our girl is having four people around her :lol: Is joe helping our girl he is wearing apron too.

Haha I couldn't stop laughing seeing XiaoXia fighting :lol: Did see kick the guy for not paying the bill :lol:

I am happy atleast we get to see 4 to 5 BTS pictures :wub: Daily.

One more BTS pic Credit to weibo the actor playing the dad as uploaded the pic.


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Yes, I agree completely with this idea. To release it on Dahae birthday will be a gift to us :wub: but I surely won't mind if they released it before this :D

And about the contest, what I know that they did that contest to collect questions from fans which they want to ask to the stars. They said that the lucky winners will get limited edition memorabilia of the stars and exclusive souvenirs and they said that they will announce the winners next week :)

Until we get new pictures or news here are some more BTS pictures from the last couple of days filming. Those just seem to be so sweet and romantic scenes:

Our leads holding hands or am I imagining :) and I just love LYF face expression in here. So in love :wub:


Also a hug :w00t:


Credit: Baidu

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oh chinggus, so happy that we can see pictures of them everyday, and like all of u here, I keep repeating the videos of the conference.

AQ, DH and Joe holding hand? looks like it, I think we're not imagining thing. and the last photo, a hug, waaaaa this drama will take us to fantasy  land. Actually we don't see much of lovey dovey scenes in Dahae's previous drama (many just give us very short excitement), hope this drama will prove that Dahae can be very romantic person/heroin, and having Joe and YF, a very big gift to us.

more photos


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Thanks AQ for all the BTS pix and Samzz for PC pix.

AQ even i don't mind if they give us promo before that :D i would be more happy.Oh so the fans whose question will be selected and asked will get the goodies lucky fans .Yesterday when we saw this pic they were walking apart and now holding hand blush.gif Even i was not sure whether he was holding her hand but i can after so much focus can see he is holding her hand due to our girl dress color it was hard to see her hand .Even Samzz confirmed it .We thought they are not on date when we saw BTS pix yesterday and next day we get pix of them holding hand :lol:

oh in second pix our girl is smiling and cute LYF is walking behind her like an cute loving male angel :wub: Lucky Girl always make both the brothers fall for her in most of her drama :lol:

Hug scene i thought she is falling and he holds her almost they hug :wub: when will we get to see all this live scenes.

So true Samzz we don't get to see lovey dovey scenes or courtship as lovers in most of her drama .In 14 episode or 15 episode they will confess love and 16 episode drama ends :lol: We never know what happens next the drama ends with marriage or lover unite .THE END tata bye bye . :lol: We didn't get to see the scenes that shows her and her co actor going on proper date in any of the drama.No courtship as lover is shown .I hope in this show it will show more of that i don't want ex gf showing up and our girl crying and leaving joe .I need atleast 15 episode of romance and date :wub:

Seeing that cooking video our girl more then learning cooking was learning chinese with her co actors.In some pix i find Joe more slim then our girl :lol: Do u think we get barebody scene with joe like we got with LYF since our girl stays with guys i a sure she will definitely barge into guys rooms.

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Guest Golden_ochna

AQ, Anny, Samzz, all of U r completely obsessed with Joe-Da Hae couple. So everything abt them you see, you connect it with love or date or smt else biggrin.gif


Joe isn't holding Da Hae's hand! Look, he's clenching his fist and he's cool until nowwink.gif

Just the hug scene is truly the romantic one U've dreamed of laugh.gif

Anny, I like your imaginary scene, Da Hae's slipped over and Joe kindly hold her tightly so that nothing could hurt her! w00t.gif

But I don't think ''almost they hug'', I think they hug actually wink.gif

Look! Is she smiling shyly coz Feng ge's following her?biggrin.gif


What r they doing on the bridge? cool.gif


A bridge, full of sunshine, full of smiles and... full of love.

Let it be a date. It's my wish. Mr Lin, please consider it tongue.gif

Anny, Samzz, yep we don't see many lovey dovey scenes in her previous projects.

15 eps for courtship biggrin.gif when our drama's 35-ep one, U r more greedy than me biggrin.gif

Unlike you, I like the speed with which the loveline develops to be slow with lots of cute bickering scenes, sweet moments when they don't know they are already in love and, certainly, the tough times of misunderstanding and jealousy. I prefer the date scenes to take place in about 4 eps, the last 2 eps, of course, for wedding scenes laugh.gif

AQ, TQ so much for your "fight'' pic n gift.

Seeing our Da Hae's kung fu, I couldn't help giggling! laugh.gif Xiao Xia must have a strong personality!

Seeing our brothers' fight, I couldn't help laughing! They, the cooks, use kitchen tools as weapons in battle just like Louis Cha's swordmen show off their martial art. Mr Lin really knows how to make us laugh biggrin.gif

Oh, Anny, U r so sharp-eyed. I didn't notice the dress in the poster is just the one she wore in the Vip screening of "I'm a daddy" until U pointed it out.

I like this sharp image because... our girl's wearing a citron pleated skirt wub.gif the color I like biggrin.gif

Da Hae seems to enjoy A-line or flared skirt. She chooses that style many times laugh.gif


I rarely see Da Hae wearing doll shoes wub.gif She'd better wear them more often when accompanying Feng ge rolleyes.gif

High heels style, let it be with Joe.

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Gold I haven't reached the stage of obsession till now .yups but agree when i see there pic or BTS pic they make me think like that so it their fault not mine :P They should stop doing that to us.

Abt the pic first even i thought that joe is not holding her hand like ,he's clenching his fist but then i tilted my head towards right side to see pic and then suddenly i feel he is holding her hand becz u can see her hand near joe hand,but then again today when i saw the pic again i think she has kept her left hand on purse too so she is holding purse with both of her hand .I am feeling like i am investigating a case and proving my point LOL

But as u know AQ has a special power of imagination so i am sure they will hold hand when its screen LOL. To find the answer to the question we have to wait till episode telecast .No matter if they are holding hand or not they are walking together :lol:

Yes she is smiling since Feng ge is following her :wub: only we can see she is smiling feng ge can't :P Mr.Lin pls listen to Gold let it be date plsss.

Oh dear courtship means any scene with them together will do fighting,bickering,jealousy,smiling,hating,crying,romancing and Love i want to see 35 episode with all this .Even i like slow loveline i don't want first episode meeting second episode dating fifth episode marriage :lol: Like u even i enjoy all this moment i just want little few more episode or shall i say scenes as lovers between them :wub: U are asking 2 episode for wedding we hardly get 5 minutes of wedding scene before the series end if there is a wedding .Its ok even if they give us 6 episodes with date and wedding no issues .Like i have choice Mr.Lin will do what he wants no matter what we tell or what we want . :lol: But i fully trust the director i have lots of faith in him.I am glad our girl is doing series in his direction . :D

Yups i remember our girls dresses :D Even AQ noticed it.

Gold U know so much abt dresses style i mean like u mentioned citron pleated skirt,A-line or flared skirt and even shoes i hardly noticed it or know abt lines :unsure:

Our girl without heels is not looking short infront of joe.Even if she doesn't wear heel then its ok .If she is shown working in restaurant then she can't be wearing the heel for sure.Everyone in the pic is looking at Feng ge and smiling but the nephew is looking at joe.

Opps i ended up writing so much .


New Poster of our girl with balloons.


One BTS pic in which i can't see most of the things.


Credit to weibo.

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Gold, you can't really blame us even if we are imagining things. You can't deny that they really look great together, aren't they? kkk :D

And thank you Anny dear for the new promo poster and in that BTS you can just barely see LYF face on the screen :)

And yes, as samzz said and all of you as well. We don't get to see much of those lovey dovey scenes in Dahae latest dramas and so, it is sure a blessing that we got to have this drama specially after Miss Ripley and with Joe and LYF in it, makes it better. And this is what makes me excited the most about this drama specially that the story is nothing new and seems to be predictable. And I think with 35 episodes, we will have our long waited dose and we won't be greedy if we asked for at least half of each episode time to be full of those scenes. And yes, if I have to use my special powers to have this I will surely do but I trust that Mr. Lin will listen to our requests and do it without any interfere from me :lol:

And about high heels and height, coming to think about it again. I think when Joe said that LDH is his tallest female co-star, this description will also be valid for him. As he is surely the tallest male co-star Dahae had. And although I don't care much about this height issue when watching a drama but yes, our girl tall looks perfect for him. Because actually if drama land have taught me anything, it will be that chemistry have no relation with heights, looks or age :)

And now I am going to tell you some translation of parts of the conference and trailer that I got to know from one of our Chinese friends (I am so thankful to her :wub: )

The most thing I was happy about when hearing it, is that our love triangle is indeed strong and even stronger than I thought it would be, which is great news for us all.

  • In the trailer, in the fighting scene between Hao Jie and Joe and then the hug scene with Xiaoxia it seems that Hao Jie confessed his love for Xiaoxia and that he will follow her, OOOOH :w00t:
  • Xiaoxia said that she didn't expect that she will fall in love but when saw his ex-girlfriend, she understood she really loved Hao Feng.
  • And it seems that Hao Feng has a nickname in the drama, it is "Antarctic Iceman" because he is cold to everyone and Xiaoxia said to her nephew when he was taking a path that the two of them are the sunshine in summer who can melt the iceman. (Because part of her name means "summer" and the nephew name means "sunshine") this is just so cute :wub:
  • LYF also said in the conf that he won't fall in love with Fang Anna character (what? :o I am not sure if he was kidding or not but may be that is why Dahae said he is faithful to love because his heart won't change and love someone else)
  • Dahae mentioned in the interview after the conf. when asking about the kiss scenes that she and Joe will be having another kiss on that day, hehehe ^_^
  • When they were asked in the conf. about the NG king Dahae said that she is the one and then Anna and LYF said it should be them. And when they asked Joe about that he said it should be him because he keeps sneezing during shooting because of the flour, hehehe :D

Translation Credit: muchcloudier

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Guest Golden_ochna

Oh dear courtship means any scene with them together will do fighting,bickering,jealousy,smiling,hating,crying,romancing and Love i want to see 35 episode with all this .Even i like slow loveline i don't want first episode meeting second episode dating fifth episode marriage :lol: Like u even i enjoy all this moment i just want little few more episode or shall i say scenes as lovers between them :wub:

Anny, I get U laugh.gif We r both greedy fans, dearlaugh.gif

Yep, I pay great attention to imagery n scenery. Love Rain, Fashion King, currently airing, are not really my cup of tea but somehow I enjoy them because of the lyrical backdrop, romance-laden atmosphere and of course... fashion style biggrin.gif

In that sharp image, I also took to Fang Anna's style especially her mustard top.biggrin.gif. Hope to see her pics more wub.gif

You can't deny that they really look great together, aren't they? kkk :D

AQ, yep, though I'm an avid shipper of Xiao Xia - Hao Jie, I must confess Da Hae-Joe is more well-matched.

(You know Feng ge is about only 10 cm taller than our girl, that's why I prefer our girl to wear doll shoes accompanying him tongue.gif)

AQ, Muchcloudier, thank you very much indeed! wub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gifwub.gif

Xiaoxia said that she didn't expect that she will fall in love but when saw his ex-girlfriend, she understood she really loved Hao Feng.

Jealousy helps reveal true love wink.gif Like this motif.

I love the metaphor lying in the use of character names. Iceman gets melt by the warmth of summer, but actually by the warmth of love. laugh.gif

LYF also said in the conf that he won't fall in love with Fang Anna character (what? :o I am not sure if he was kidding or not but may be that is why Dahae said he is faithful to love because his heart won't change and love someone else)


AQ, please help me! I plead with U,my superman, to utilize your special power to help me. I don't wanna see Feng ge folornly observing the others' happiness.tears.gif (However, I take pleasure in him loving only Xiaoxia, her and her only tongue.gif)

If Feng ge wasn't kidding, if it's true, Hao Jie must sacrifice a lot and ask for nothing in return. wub.gif

Mr Lin, it's another wish, please be fair to him unsure.gif

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New Poster now we have all 4 of them : translation was showing our girls name "Qiao Zhixia"

Handsome and Hot Joe-Chen Haofeng


Cute and Loyal Lover-Chen Liyang


Bubbly Anna.


We got new addition Ex Gf too.


Credit to weibo.

AQ U can see LYF face i can hardly see anybody face i can just see someone in the camera don't even who he is ? and a person standing in mask next to camera :lol:

Thank u dear AQ for the translation and pass on my thanks to ur chinese friend too i mean muchcloudier :wub: She did a great favour.

OMG OMG i was not that shock after reading 1st point but i was totally shocked after reading 4th point :o

u know after reading summary i was not sure abt LYF and our girl relation but after i watched promo i was sure that he has feeling for our girl his expression shows it all. Oh he is going to confess and follow her .He even confess he is fast :wub:

Watching Ex Gf with ur friend or BF some how confirms ur feeling towards the person ,but does that mean our girl fall for hao feng first? I am sure our girl heart is going to hurt a lot watching it.Haha "Antarctic Iceman" :lol: that why he always has this cool expression on his face B) Ah so cute their name means summer and sunshine,Iceman is surely going to have cope with both at same time.

OMG now this is serious he won't fall in love with Anna :blink: Why would he be kidding in press conf.i am sure if he is saying so then he won't fall for any other girl But he has full right to fall in love with our girl he met her first and when he fall in love she was not his brother GF too :wub: Offcourse he can't help it u can control ur heart .

Kiss Kiss all the way haha one more kiss to addition .

Oh so sweet everyone is taking blame from eachother of been NG King.Haha joe answer is so funny sneezing :lol: I love them all for this.

Gold Greedy fan offcourse. I didn't get time to watch any of new drama recently.Love rain and Fashion king read abt it.

Our girl is 170cm and Joe is 188cm and LYF 181cm.Why are boys always so tall? Joe is specially the tallest of all the male star our girl as worked with .Our girl has mostly worked with star which are having height above 180cm mostly.

LOL superman or superwoman ?Oh i agree i can understand what u mean Gold seeing ur lover with ur brother how is he going to cope with it :unsure: Loving someone and not getting it back from person will hurt him a lot its not that our girl doesn't like him but she loves his brother.I am definitely going to have soft and special corner for him if he only has XX in his heart till end.Is this the reason our choose him our joe offscreen .

Why does it happen that even a person just love you and only you won't choose him but u go after a person who already has a GF and u r his No.2 GF ? I am not talking abt this series but everytime it happens.I guess ur heart is answer to it.

And once again thanks to muchcloudier Her translation helped a lot to understand.

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You may be right Anny, why would be LYF be kidding about that but it may be my wish after I was also chocked like you as I don't want to see him get hurt or left alone in the end. As if this happen and even with our lead get their happy ending, it won't be fully happy ending for me :(

And Gold, I know exactly what you feel and I also wish they will be fair to him and give him his happy ending too. But what can I say, I think my special powers can't be useful when it comes to heart :( . If he are fell in love with Xiaoxia and choose to be faithful to the end so, it is surely out of my hand ;):D But I think this is something I am looking forward to see as it may be the first thing in the drama love line that surprised me tell now and don't know how they will deal with it so, it is good in a way :)

And thanks Anny for the new promo posters, also here we get another one for the Chen's family which Xiaoxia and her nephew are surely going to be an important part of it :wub:


Also some BTS, I think this is one of the few captures we can see Xiaoxia is smiling like this, may be got a new job or something :)





And it seems that Xiaoxia will be using Lovact bags :D and this is actually her outfit in that kiss scene from the trailer :w00t:


Credit: Weibo

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Oh AQ In T drama its not always happy ending for all characters.

And thanks for New poster and BTS pic.Offcourse our girl will be included since she is would be Mrs.chen :wub: Now i can see third son in the picture so it was right he 3 sons in the family.LYF is always in new clothes in each poster :wub:

Even seeing her smiling like that i think either she got her pay or new job letter.She is smiling and seem happy.

U ppl know so much abt bags and brand .I hardly know this things.Yups she is wearing the same outfit in kissing scene but we already saw this outfit before too in the BTS u posted before she was on road it was same outift .

Some New pic.All 4of them so sweet .Fang Anna uploaded it .Cute kitty doll.


I guess the lucky winner have been decided for the contest.

Autographed pic of 4 of them .


A new poster of LA :wub: In Chef attire.



Whole cast from diff angle.Earlier i couldn't see LYF then saw he was standing behind.




Credit to :weibo

AQ u have turned into moderator ? congrats that also today.

I forgot to post this .Source:10Asiae

Lee Dahae's Chinese drama to start airing this August.

Despite recent online criticisms, Lee Dahae's drama series in China is scheduled to start airing late this summer. The drama tentatively titled "The Secret to Love" will start airing in August on broadcasting station, Hunan TV.

Meanwhile, a representative from Lee Daehee's agency, Foster Entertainment, also revealed that, "We heard that the series will also make its way to other major broadcasting channels such as CCTV and regional stations in the country."

Lee Dahae is set to play the role of Soha who successfully becomes a chef at a dim sum restaurant and will act alongside actor Joe Cheng.

Are you looking forward to her upcoming drama series?

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Yes, I think you are right Anny it is not always a good ending for everyone. But as I said, it may be because I prepared myself that Hao Jie will have his love line with Anna character so, it was a surprise for me at first. But as I said it is good to have some surprises in such a predictable story :D So, I hope we will have more surprises when the drama airs.

And I am as you, don't know any thing and I mean ANY THING about fashion and all those styles. I just knew the brand from the weibo account posted the pictures :lol:

And yes, you have noticed that. I have been promoted 2 days ago blush.gif . But I am afraid I may not be very good for such a big responsibility. Hope I won't disappoint.

And thank you dear for the pictures, news and the new poster. I really like it, the effects and background is really good and of course our leads rocks in Chef attire :wub:

Also another newspaper reports about our drama:


Some pictures:





Credit: Weibo

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AQ i am right but u are right too i know what u mean by the happy ending for LYF .If u see poster not only u , anyone will think that they are paired opposite eachother .Even i thought may be in second half of drama he will accept anna somethink like that but now let wait and see.Like u said there should be some unpredictable things too.

LOL u are same as me but i am still one step behind you in this :lol: U have been promoted 2 days ago i saw it on our girls BD :D Becz of timezone i guess for u its 2 day for me it was 1 day ago.

Oh we didn't even get the promo still waiting for HQ promo .And i waiting for Viiki fans to sub conference video of LA.

Our lead are so famous they appear everywhere :wub: Thank u for all the BTS pic and newspaper cutting pic.I guess this is the chen family restaurant. I can see all the cast member smiling and enjoying in the group pic .

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