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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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The Duo establishes itself as Monday-Tuesday leader

by javabeans | March 9, 2011 | 11 Comments


Dream High‘s departure from airwaves paves the way for a new Monday-Tuesday ratings leader, and it’s MBC’s The Duo, the switched-at-birth sageuk drama starring Chun Jung-myung and Lee Sang-yoon as men living each other’s lives.

The latest ratings put The Duo well in front with an 18.4% rating for Tuesday’s episode, its highest to date, buoyed by the entrance of its adult cast. (The 32-episode drama spent a good number of years in the main characters’ childhoods, and although the young actors earned praise for their performances, let’s be honest: We’re all in it for the grown-up boys.)

Second-place finisher was SBS’s finance-themed Midas with a 12.4%, while new kid on the block Crime Squad came in third with a 7.9%. It’s not a great number for the crime drama starring Song Il-kook as a hotheaded cop and Lee Jong-hyuk as his (ice-cold, yet so hot) police chief boss — but I take comfort in Girlfriday’s favorable impression of its premiere episode.

This is good news for MBC, which has had very little luck cultivating hits in recent years. Although the so-called “MBC curse” is reserved for the ill-fated Wednesday-Thursday slot, MBC has been struggling all around, and badly needed The Duo to be a hit. (They gambled on it, tacking on 11 extra episodes of Queen of Reversals to accommodate The Duo’s delayed filming schedule even though the ratings didn’t really justify the extension. MBC’s only other midweek drama with a decent showing was the cute ball o’ fluff My Princess, although ratings on that slid down as the story got a little less cute and a lot more boring.)

I don’t anticipate that either Crime Squad or Midas will suddenly shoot up to double their ratings, so I suspect The Duo will find its path clear to remain in the top slot and, perhaps, perform well into the 20′s, ratings-wise.

Via TV Report

Article courtesy of dramabeans: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/03/the-duo-establishes-itself-as-monday-tuesday-leader/

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Happy with its rating. I never thought it will come up this fast.

Thank you for update news and let hope it stay the leader until end.

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Guest DarkSmurf

Hi Everyone,

The Duo Episode 9 & 10 English Soft-Sub Subtitle is out.

The Duo 1-10 English Subtitle can be found Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-

URL: http://www.darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/418-the-duo-2011-episode-1-10/

Please visit the link for more information about the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project. CTS Project is about FANS helping FANS for FAST SUBTITLE RELEASE! Enjoy!

Warmest Regards


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Aww, this thread is quiet. Some BTS scenes from Han Ji Hye:

Han Ji-hye provides a glimpse behind the scenes of The Duo

by javabeans | March 10, 2011 | 21 Comments


Hello. I’m actress Han Ji-hye. I play the educated and talented Dong-nyeo in The Duo, and so am diligently learning calligraphy, painting flowers, and horseback riding. I began for the sake of the drama, but at some point they became my hobbies. I was scared when I got on horseback for the first time, but now it’s a lot of fun. I’ve improved a lot in my calligraphy and painting, too. I’ve also gained a lot of friends through filming The Duo. Dal-yi (Seo Hyun-jin, Chun-dong (Chun Jung-myung), and Gwi-dong (Lee Sang-yoon) are all around the same age, so we were able to become friends. Would you like to see for yourselves how close we are? Here~ I give to you the filming set for The Duo.

As you can see, lead actress Han Ji-hye provides a look at what life is like working on her current drama, MBC’s historical drama The Duo, providing bits of commentary to accompany the photos. I always enjoy these kinds of features, and you may remember that there was one by Choi Jung-won a while back when she was shooting Wish Upon a Star. (I don’t think Han’s is nearly as cute as Choi’s, but I’ll take what I can get.)

So without further ado…


A friendly photo, outdoors with Jung-myung-sshi! It was actually so cold that my entire body was frozen. I hope the weather warms up quickly. It’s cold. *sobs*


What do you think? I’m riding a horse here. ^^ Can you feel Dong-nyeo’s charisma?


This photo was taken secretly by my manager. Sang-yoon-sshi, what are you dooooing?~ And I wonder where I’m looking…


Dong-nyeo, being standoffish. Aigoo~ Embarrassing~


This was taken while I was running lines with Jung-myung-sshi. When I’m filming with Jung-myung-sshi, our resident mood-maker, I can’t stop smiling.


This one was taken at the drama’s opening prayer ceremony. Please show even more love for The Duo.


We’re the four leads of The Duo. Doesn’t it feel really different seeing us dressed in street clothes rather than hanboks?


Everybody’s busy preparing for shooting. At this moment, I was clutching my script and memorizing my dialogue.

Via IS Plus

Article courtesy of dramabeans: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/03/han-ji-hye-provides-a-glimpse-behind-the-scenes-of-the-duo/

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Guest yeohweping




Chun Jung Myung and Noh Young Hak's outer appearance matches 100%





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^ yes, their smiling face is quite similar. I also think teenage DongNyeo is quite look alike Han Ji Hye, so does teenage Kwidong to Lee Sang Yun (though he -teenage Kwidong- really looks alike Ji Hyeon Woo). The only teenage-adult pairing which doesnt have a resemblance at all is teenage-adult Dalyi :)

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Guest yeohweping


Gwi Dong tells Geum Ok that her mother is trying to arrange a match for her and ensures her that he'll try to stop it since she strongly opposed to it.

The merchant who bought bolts of silk from the trading post tells Chun Dung that amount of cloth is lesser than the promised length when he measured the cloth in front of Chun Dung to prove it. Worried about the rest of the shipments, he left the store to check on the other places where the cloth are also sent to. He met Beggar Jang and Geum Nyeo on his way and was forced to have a meal with them as they tried to bribe him with things that they had stolen, hoping to get a job at the trading place for Do Kap. But Chun Dung tells them honestly that there are no empty post and asked them why there are so many police around instead.

A second notice was posted out and another nobleman was found dead when Gwi Dong and his men went to look for him.

Upon hearing what had happened to Chun Dung and the silk cloth, Dong Nyeo gave orders to have all the cloths sent to the merchant taken and have them re-measure again in the trading post in front of everyone. The merchant was found to have been trying to cheat Chun Dung when nothing wrong was found with the cloth length. Dong Nyeo refused to let the merchant take back the cloth although he admitted his mistake and stated firmly that the trading post will not do business with someone who tried to cheat them. She finally lets the merchant have them back after raising them to a higher price. Grandpa comments on Dong Nyeo's wits when Chun Dung visited him later, causing Dal Yi to be jealous again.

Gwi Dong who missed meeting Mak Soon because of his work, arrived at the trading post hoping to have a drink with Chun Dung as he was depressed at having to release the man that he suspected have something to do with the dead nobleman but he ended up drinking with Dong Nyeo instead. Dong Nyeo who has something up her sleeves, tried to find out from Gwi Dong if he was actually here to see Chun Dung or her and she wasn't surprised when he said two of them. Chun Dung who came back, decided to stay in his room until it was time for him to send the drunken Gwi Dong back home. Gwi Dong ensures Chun Dung that he won't be doing anything to upset the relationship balance between the three of them but Chun Dung tells him to do whatever he wants instead.

Soe Dol who is sick of Mak Soon's whining of not being able to see Gwi Dong and how much she had wished that her son would call her 'Mom' instead of her calling him 'Young master', starting to scold her for wanting to switch the babies at first, making it too late for her to regret. His anger was fueled further when Sun Dal comes back drunk and orders him to bring him water in a demeaning way. Soe Dol ended up being bitten badly on the arm by Mak Soon after he started hitting Sun Dal and had to seek treatment for it later at Dal Yi's place.

Gwi Dong rebels at the orders of his superiors and decided to ride away on the captain's horse in his anger while Dong Nyeo gets a little jealous when Geum Ok points out that Chun Dung is watching the street performance with a woman. Chun Dung gets called away by Do Kap and meets up with the long missing Kang Po Soo








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I just finished watching episode 3 and so far I like it.

Does anyone know anything about the actress who plays young Dalyi, Lee Sun Young? Is she mixed?

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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 11th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 12.4 (4th) / Seoul: 15.6 (3rd)

After thoughts of Ep.11

01.People who look like they are joking/smilling all the time is mostly to stab you in the back when you least expect it.



02.How are you going to balance a triangle relationship when you are falling for one but hope to make use of the other?






03.Where will the story take us to with the return of Kang Po Soo?


K-drama rule for Ep.11

Soe Dol to Mak Soon: Stop complaining to me about how much you want your son to call you 'mom' when you are the one who wanted to switch the kids in the first place. Isn't it already too late for you to regret everything?

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I'm confused by the different backgrounds of the childhood prologue (E01-E08) and the "adult" drama (E09 on). The prologue's events take place in a smallish, poor village quite a distance from Hanyang/Seoul. 10 years later, everybody is living in what looks like a regular town, with a sizable garrison and numerous officialdom. The surroundings, generally, look an order of magnitude richer. There are walls that notices can be pasted on. One of the shoemaker's clients even looks like a court lady - at least her hanbok's green color looks very familiar. And the port, well, it looks like the same port that has figured in a number of Seoul-based sageuks.

Still, it must be the same place, because one really cannot suppose that every single character, with Kkok Ji and all, would have moved to a different locality. Can one?

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Guest yeohweping


Chun Dung who was surprised and happy to see Po Soo well and alive after all these years he had gone missing. Po Soo made another meeting appointment with Chun Dung and instructs him not to tell Dal Yi anything about him. Chun Dung went back to see the street performance with Dal Yi and even went for a meal with her after it. Geum Ok who was so jealous to see them how close both of them are, refused to eat the moment she got home.

Gwi Dong gets into trouble with his higher officers when he went against their orders not to investigate the dead nobleman's case anymore.

Meanwhile Chun Dung finds out that Po Soo had gone into hiding in china and is now doing illegal ginseng and medicine trading to fund his group and cause which sets Po Soo's group against Gwi Dong who is already on their trail. Dong Nyeo adds to his frustrations when he got home and was questioned by her on Geum Ok's behalf to find his feelings towards Dal Yi but he immediately asked Dong Nyeo instead why she doesn't know who is actually in his heart and tells her that Dal Yi is their childhood friend as well.

Dal Yi gets teased by Grandfather that her feelings towards Chun Dung is not a kind of siblings love either.

Gwi Dong gives a massage to Geum Ok who is feeling unwell and discovered that both his father and sister have a red neck on their necks as a family marking and was surprised to hear that Chun Dung has the mark too while he doesn't has it. Officer Kim ensures Gwi Dong that it's nothing to think about as some of their relatives doesn't have the mark either. But Gwi Dong feels that something is wrong when Mak Soon becomes jumpy at the moment of it.

Thinking that Mak Soon will be able to forgive him since Gwi Dong had came to visit her, came to her with a gift to beg her to let him move back but he was almost beaten up by her again after she threw his gift away. He pleaded Sun Dal to pass the gift to Mak Soon after he leaves the tavern while Sun Dal made up his mind to leave Mak Soon instead after he felt really bad towards Soe Dol.

Geum Nyeo gets Dol Kap who is working under Po Soo into trouble when she brought home a bag of the illegal ginseng. Jin Deuk traced to where Po Soo had been living and keeping his stocks but he couldn't find anyone nor things as Po Soo's gang had moved everything and everyone away after Dol Kap confessed his mistake to Po Soo. After hiding away his parents at the trading post for their safety, Dol Kap ran into Gangster Wang's men minus Jin Deuk when he went back home to get his sword and was hurt in his fight trying to run away.











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