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  1. Some nice photos of Kim Jae-wook at the Tiffany event in Taiwan. He looks happy and healthy, and looks great in his outfit. Earlier upon arrival in Taiwan:
  2. Kim Jae Wook Candidly Discusses His Previous Works, Relationships With People, And More Style Aug 23, 2019 by L. Kim Kim Jae Wook recently participated in a photo shoot for fashion magazine “Esquire” in Paris, France! The actor showed professionalism and elegance despite the hot weather. Posing charismatically in fashionable outfits, he showed an unrivaled sexiness in hidden alleys around Paris. During the interview, Kim Jae Wook said he was taking a break to recharge after filming his most recent drama “Her Private Life.” He mentioned his close friend Kim Dong Wook, who worked with him in “Coffee Prince” and “The Guest,” saying, “During ‘Coffee Prince,’ both of us were rookie actors who had just started acting, so we had no qualms. We knew about the time when we were nothing. During ‘The Guest,’ we talked more about such things because we had to spend a lot of time together filming in the countryside and sometimes sleeping at the filming sites. [We talked about] the life of actors, acting, how we’ve been, and what has been going on [in our lives]. Kim Dong Wook and I are in such a relationship where we can talk about such things easily, so we were able to ask about them.” Kim Jae Wook also talked about his filmography. He shared, “I received many offers for main characters and commercial works, but I wasn’t drawn to them. I decided that I wasn’t an actor with enough talent or experience to take the lead role. So I wanted to play smaller roles first. There’s a saying that we should take the chance when we get it, but… in a way, I might have been a fool for not taking it. I don’t like the saying, ‘Strike when the iron is hot.’ I can strike at my own time.” The actor shared his candid thoughts about relationships. He said, “By the time I was in my mid to late 30s, my trust in the people I work with became much greater than it used to be, and I think I’ve become more attentive to their stories. In the past when I had to make a decision, I used to put my thoughts forward or be stubborn, but now I am more open than before, even though their standards may be different from mine. I am able to listen to others more than before, not just because I’m older, but to put it more accurately, it’s also because I met people I can trust. I’ve met people who are a good influence on my life. There’s a saying that if you want to meet a good person, you need to be a good person. People will only be able to like me if I am able to like myself.” Start watching Kim Jae Wook’s drama “Her Private Life” on Viki now! https://www.soompi.com/article/1347509wpp/kim-jae-wook-candidly-discusses-his-previous-works-relationships-with-people-and-more
  3. The Guest film might be back on track: CJ ENM Clarifies Reports Of Cancellation For Film Version Of OCN’s “The Guest” Film Aug 14, 2019 by S. Nam OCN’s drama “The Guest” is in the process of becoming a film! On August 13, a source from CJ ENM addressed reports that plans for the film had been canceled. They revealed, “We decided to take more time to strengthen the script. You could say that we’re in the stage of making the script more complete. The project is not canceled.” “The Guest” is about a psychic, a priest, and a detective who solve bizarre crimes that occur throughout Korean society, banishing the evil in people’s hearts through a combination of Korean-style exorcism and shamanism. The drama finished airing in November of 2018 and achieved high viewership ratings with its popularity. Currently, director Kim Hong Sun is confirmed to produce “The Guest,” and Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, and Jung Eun Chae are planned to star in the film. Source (1) https://www.soompi.com/article/1345476wpp/cj-enm-clarifies-reports-of-cancellation-for-film-version-of-ocns-the-guest
  4. Kim Jae-wook updated his Instagram. Ryu Hyun-jin is a baseball starting pitcher with the Los Angeles Dodgers, and was crucial to the Dodgers' win over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Sunday.
  5. His hair is great. He ditched his Ryan hair back in June, so I'm glad to see him all nicely coiffed up like that. I hope his next role will let him have great hair as well. I'm aware of the flashback, and I understand how certain lighting can make your face "shiny", but I'm just saying the stylist could have used something else instead of the BB cream, which seems to be the go-to thing for k-celebs, regardless of lighting conditions. Surely a stylist should be aware of this? And it's not only Kim Jae-wook, I have seen that white pasty look on many female k-celebs whenever they appear at events, even when the lighting is good. It's a beauty standard I cannot comprehend. I don't see the Japanese celebs, for example, looking like ghosts in events even if their faces might look a bit "shiny" because of lighting conditions. Here's another video of his arrival. I like how he tried to shake hands with his fans, and his bright smile at the end:
  6. Kim Jae-wook looked awesome at the JIMFF, but for heaven's sake, his stylist should lay off the bb cream, it shows up horribly in some of the still photos. Kim Jae-wook has a very nice natural skin tone, so why not just let it be? He looked fantastic on the red carpet, and I love his hair and his outfit - black and grey do wonders for his physique, and he looked classy and refined. More photos: Video:
  7. Translation of the Japanese interview: The photos came out really nice
  8. Apparently Kim Jae-wook will be attending the 15th Jecheon International Music and Film Festival, which opens on Aug 8. And a sample of the Q&A in the Japanese interview:
  9. Started the remake of Voice. And also continuing with Anata no Ban desu. It's a lot of crime dramas on my plate at the moment.
  10. Ohh, that would be great if Kim Jae-wook joined. It's like a reunion with Jang Hyuk after Voice, if both of them sign on. Speaking of that, I'm watching Jang Hyuk in Voice and he's doing great. He suits these types of gritty, hardcore dramas, and I like him as a weather-beaten cop. He was also excellent in The Client. I didn't know he changed his IG to private mode, though, it's a pity.
  11. Kim Jae-wook updated the video on his Instagram as well:
  12. 11 Supporting K-Drama Characters That Are Total Scene Stealers Features Jul 17, 2019 by Azra_A As weird and wonderful as K-drama lead characters may sometimes be, they always have to fit inside a certain framework in order to make the story work. Heroes and heroines are generally good or redeemable. They go through hardships, learn tough lessons, and receive rewards for their struggles. Supporting characters, on the other hand, are a whole different ball game, and that’s why we love them so much! Supporting characters could be good guys, bad guys, friends, colleagues, or complete randoms who fall from the sky – sometimes literally. They don’t get much screen time, so they have to make the most of what they have, and they’re way less predictable, which means anything could happen while they’re on screen. So it’s really no surprise that supporting K-drama characters can be the best ones in the show! Here are 11 of our favorites. Have fun getting to know them! Warning: minor spoilers ahead! 8. Noh Sun Ki in “Coffee Prince” Tapcapper Before Kim Jae Wook was Ryan The Lion, he was Sun Ki The Waffle Prince. Back in 2007, he looked pretty much exactly the same as he does now, which explains why fangirls chased him around Seoul, begging for a waffle from his street cart. Luckily, Han Kyul (Gong Yoo) hires Sun Ki at the Coffee Prince cafe, where he steals every scene with his deadpan stare, inky black nail polish and unexpectedly soft underbelly. Check out the first episode of “Coffee Prince”: Watch Now See the rest of the scene stealers here: https://www.soompi.com/article/1338653wpp/11-supporting-k-drama-characters-that-are-total-scene-stealers ~ Pretty sure Ryan could make a mean waffle too! Just stay away from the seaweed, lol.
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