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  1. I am quite happy with how consistent the "American" part of Ryan has been portrayed. It is never overt, but the fish out of water scenes are always funny and sweet - Ryan trying Korean food, taking in the night view of Seoul, getting spanked at Go-stop, Deok-mi joking about his American ways etc. I am glad to see that all these are portrayed in a light, humorous way that serve to highlight the differences between Deok-mi and Ryan, differences that help bring them closer. And Ryan being open-minded at every other turn is a delight to see and savour. Even if he is sceptical about his mum's words, about Deok-mi's relationship with Eun-gi, he is not closed off to another perspective offered by Deok-mi. It is, as you said, a mature relationship. Really lovely. Also, nice point about Deok-mi, she's been shown to be observant and sensitive, both in her interactions with people and the way she photographs people. I like that it's been consistent and in character for her, and I also like that she's become more forthright and honest in how she communicates with Ryan and others (at the start of the drama, she wasn't always able to speak her mind). She's really blossomed beyond her fangirl persona. That was me. I realised he spoke in past tense, but missed the nuance on that. Thanks for the explanation. I still think it's lovely that Ryan had a great relationship with his adoptive parents.
  2. Park Min-young's comfort level with Kim Jae-wook is unbelievable. They are not afraid to get touchy feely with each other because there is so much implicit trust between them. Also pretty sure she knows Kim Jae-wook won't take advantage because he's a gentleman like that, so she feels safe with him - there is nothing like finding a co-star with whom you are so in sync that everything you do just feels natural and comfortable. The BTS was lovely to watch - how they discuss and rehearse their scenes, how they help each other out, right down to the little things like wiping off lipstick or tears. So happy to see that there is so much joy and laughter on the set.
  3. Thanks everyone for sharing the BTS! It was so adorable, Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young kept laughing and laughing. I love how they discuss and rehearse their scenes and come up with lots of ideas, and still have so much fun doing it. Also, how cute are they, playing stacking hands? I hope there is a continuation of the kiss scene at the start of ep 15, because in the BTS she cradled his head at one point, but that was not in the drama.
  4. k-dramas almost always default to the childhood connection because the OTP is always "fated to be" from a long time back. Half the time, it's lazy writing, because you already have a ready-made relationship to expand on. It is much harder to create new memories strong enough to turn two virtual strangers into lovers. There are also many ways to work around Ryan's inability to paint, instead of the mummy route, but that's a topic for another day. Shi-an has been shown to have a relatively good head on his shoulders - he has been perceptive and and sensitive to the people and events around him. So it is disappointing that he never once thought to consider Ryan's feelings the more he came to know him. Perhaps, as you said, it is his youth that tripped him up there. I think the characterisation was a little lacking there, and the acting was also not on point. Ryan and Deok-mi have a pretty equal relationship based on love, trust, respect and communication. The fact that he is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of Deok-mi shows his inner confidence and strength. He has nothing to hide from the woman he loves and who loves him. Deok-mi returns his faith in her by being there for him when he needs her. This is a relationship virtually unheard of in k-dramas. As for WWWSK, not much substance there, methinks.
  5. A lot of the signs point to Shi-an knowing that he and Ryan are related well before the reveal. At least at the point of reveal in ep 13, Shi-an would have to be pretty certain that Ryan is the brother in question. He told his mother later on that he knew he had an older brother. The least he could have done was to speak to Ryan privately and break it to him gently. Ask Ryan if he wants to acknowledge mum and then only once Ryan has had time to process everything, to arrange a meeting. Not drop the bombshell on Ryan in front of everyone else. What if Ryan didn't want to be reunited despite his interest in the paintings? I absolutely loathe the fact that we have to resort to childhood connections every other time in a drama. Deok-mi's mother is already playing surrogate mum to Eun-gi and Cindy. She doesn't need to be involved in Ryan's past. She could still be the devoted mother-in-law who loves Ryan like her own son. As for the shift in focus... Deok-mi's romance with Ryan is still within the realm of "her private life", right? As opposed to her work/professional life. The fangirl aspect is just part of her private life. Most k-dramas focus on the male lead even though the title is about the female lead. This is not a surprising turn, although Deok-mi has had the chance to show that she is more than her fangirl persona with the way she has been giving Ryan emotional support, so there is that. I will also give it to the drama for the nice saves for Eun-gi and Da-in.
  6. It's probably me then. It was obvious once Shi-an and Ryan connected via the paintings, as early as ep 3, that I knew they had to be related. Shi-an was inordinately interested when Ryan mentioned the painting, and his expression suggested he knew Ryan was lying about having bought the painting for a client. All his advances were tactics to get close to Ryan so that he could suss out this person and also help reconcile Ryan with his mum later down the road. The more I think about Shi-an doing this, the less I like it. Ryan had no clue until it was all sprung on him in the gallery office. The realisation was devastating. His reaction time was virtually zero. In the space of an episode (and maybe a half), he was expected to come to terms with suddenly having a mother again and now a brother as well. Shi-an had all the time in the world to decide if this man who was curious about Lee Sol's paintings was his brother (if at that point in time he did not know or only had an inkling), suss out his character and get to know him. If Ryan turned out to be a jerk, Shi-an could forget about it and move on. But Ryan turned out to be a sweetheart. Also, imagine if Ryan was purely curious about the painting from an artistic point of view, and not because he was related or had a resulting condition that affected his ability to paint... I'm glad Ryan slammed the door on Shi-an in ep 13 because how else does one expect him to react? The nice idol that Deok-mi is nuts over just pulled the rug from under him, rather cruelly, in fact. Regardless of whether Shi-an knew, it was not a good move.
  7. Thank you for pointing these out. There are so many loopholes in the mother story that it is very frustrating, and I have very little sympathy for a woman who thinks it's safe to leave her son alone in a strange place while she does something else. I really wish the drama hadn't gone this route. There were other ways to resolve this issue, so I'm a little disappointed it had to go all melodrama on this. I honestly wish the drama had chosen another reason for Ryan's inability to paint. Except for Deok-mi's dad, who's not much use, none of the other dads seem to exist. Sure, Eun-gi's father seemingly abandoned him, but what about Shi-an's father? Also, Ryan never once called/texted his adoptive parents while he was in Korea, but presumably they have a loving relationship from what he tells Deok-mi. I find it really odd. There is so much to explore that it is annoying the drama has to fall back on childhood connections to make it seem Ryan and Deok-mi are fated to be. Hi, thank you for the link, it was an interesting read. My frustration is that this is something that could have been avoided if she'd only had the common sense to either bring her kid along with her to that meeting, or make him stay at home. How difficult was either? Also, they were poor, but they did not seem to be in an abusive situation where Ryan was forcibly removed from her. The entire mother story didn't even have to happen (but that's another story for another day). Also, going by what Ryan tells Deok-mi, his adoptive parents were loving and honest with him about his adoption. So if Lee Sol wanted to reconnect, assuming she even searched hard enough, there would be no reason for Ryan's adoptive parents to reject a meeting (even if it is just to see him from afar). I don't begrudge Lee Sol for having a second family, but I always find it unreasonable that a parent who has been MIA for the better part of a child's life suddenly waltzes back with a sob story and all is well. I actually feel very hard for Ryan that he is expected to come to terms with all this in this manner (Shi-an suddenly wanting to make nice as his brother, blah blah) and be the bigger person in it all. Sorry, the mother issue has really ticked me off.
  8. Ryan was seven when he was separated from his mum. Think it's been pretty obvious that Ryan and Shi-an are brothers. Also, does Shi-an moonlight as a psychic?
  9. Kim Jae-wook really shone in this week's episodes because of the emotional toll involved in finding out the reason for his being abandoned. I thought he was excellent when he realised who Shi-an's mum was, and in his handful of meetings with her (especially his pain in the opening of ep 14, and also when he struggled to digest what she was telling him and had to walk away). It felt right that Ryan found it hard to believe about the accident and all, and @jd50 raised a good point of whether Ryan's mum really searched for him. Did the adoption happen that fast? Was she out of action and lost her memory for years or something? Why didn't she report her child as missing to the police? Isn't that what she should have done if she was so worried about Yoon-jae? Frankly, and this is an unpopular opinion, there is a lot about the mother story that I don't care about. I'm happy for Ryan he resolved a knot in his heart, but that is really about it. I care only because Ryan was in so much pain over his mum and the damn bubbles. I really liked the sketching scene in ep 14. I thought it was good that Deok-mi got Ryan to start painting again by sketching her outline. Kim Jae-wook delivered a really nuanced portrayal of Ryan's inner struggle that was beautiful to watch (the other instances I liked of this were ep 12's hand tracing, and when he struggled with a paintbrush in an earlier episode). The kiss felt like more of a release for Ryan, and hence more emotional and raw, like something is wrenched deep from his heart. And Deok-mi realises what it has taken for him to reach this point, which is why she sheds a tear when he tells her he loves her. Shout-out to Deok-mi for being just wonderful in Ryan's time of need. I loved how she came storming to find him at the museum and gave him grief for making her worry after he abruptly hung up on her. Their heartfelt exchange, and Ryan finally telling her about his adoptive parents, were much needed. I'm glad the drama shone a positive light on adoption in this case - other than the mum bugbear, Ryan has grown up well and it is really thanks to his adoptive parents who have been honest from the start and have shown him much love and care. (Also, I cracked up big time when they were busted in the morning by Cindy and the other two co-workers.) I wish they could have avoided entirely the childhood link, it's the one trope I can't stand and that the drama doesn't need. /end rant!
  10. Throwback to happy times since this week's episodes are heavy: This couple's chemistry is just off the charts!
  11. You and me both, I'm not keen on having the wedding at the end. I'd rather he take her back to New York so she can be the artist she wants to be, and he can start painting again and thumbing his nose at inferior artworks (see first ep). Well, he doesn't really know this woman. She abandoned him (if she did), left him to fend for himself in a new land and with a new family, and was basically out of his life for years. They're virtually strangers at this point.
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