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  1. Halfway through Kore wa Keihi de Ochimasen, pretty solid drama so far and Tabe Mikako is doing well.
  2. Bishoku Tantei is back on track, and episode 7 was semi-interesting. Didn't realise there are only two episodes left, hope it ends on a good note. Also on the last legs of Tokyo Sentimental, it's been a good watch so far.
  3. Lupin no Musume is the kind of drama where you check your brains at the door, and check out some more when you watch. The ending is funny though. But yeah, not a loss if it didn't work for you, I barely hung in there myself. I did like Top Knife though, but mostly cuz I like Shiina Kippei and enjoyed his character. Amami Yuki was pretty good too. The cases were okay but not memorable. I didn't watch Code Blue because I prefer my lead actors to know how to act. I'm a bit bummed that Bishoku Tantei is postponed, it'd just reached a good point. Sigh.
  4. Finished a bunch of things: - Toumei na Yurikago: heavy, but worth the watch. - Lupin no Musume: hung in there for Watabe Atsuro. Seto Koji was fine, but Fukada Kyoko still sucks at acting after all these years. - Hanbun, Aoi: lovely watch overall. Sato Takeru and Nagano Mei were adorable together. - Shinya Shokudo season 4: it's like visiting an old friend again. Currently halfway through Bishoku Tantei and on the last legs of Top Knife.
  5. I don't know what you've watched, but here are some recs: Food: Kodoku no Gurume, Tenno no Ryoriban Slice of life: Kinou nani Tabeta, Fuben na Benriya, Ore no Hanashi wa Nagai, a bunch of asadora Comedy: Nodame Cantabile, Neko Zamurai, Legal High, Tamiou Rom-coms: Love Shuffle, Hotaru no Hikari, Long Vacation, Kekkon Dekinai Otoko, Saigo Kara Nibanme no Koi, Ossan's Love Cop buddies: Bitter Blood, Keiji Yugami If you want to watch more of Sato Takeru in a comedic role, try Gibo to Musume no Blues - he only appears more in the second half of the drama, but his character is really, really stupid.
  6. Saw bits of this and enjoyed Chang Chen's portrayal of Jiu Chen. Can't imagine anyone else playing God of War, he nailed the character and had the gravitas and screen presence to play such a role. I liked his chemistry with Ni Ni, and it seems they had fun filming the drama.
  7. BG 2 is postponed until further notice, as are quite a few dramas this season. For Shiranakute Ii Koto, Yoshitaka Yuriko is serviceable, but I'm more interested in the magazine setting, Sasaki Kuranosuke and Emoto Tasuku. I just hope it ends on a decent note. For Sato Takeru, I recommend trying Tenno no Ryoriban. Hanbun, Aoi is also lovely - Sato is not the lead, but he has lovely chemistry with Nagano Mei. And of course you must watch the Rurouni Kenshin films.
  8. I was pretty put off by Koi Tsuzu towards the end of its run, and now want Sato Takeru to not take on anymore stupid roles. I like him in Hanbun, Aoi, and also felt he had more chemistry with Nagano Mei. Happy to give recs, but what kind of genre of dramas are you looking for? Any favourite actors or something? I'm currently halfway through Shiranakute Ii Koto and the magazine setting is great. Love Sasaki Kuranosuke as the chief editor, and Emoto Tasuku as a romantic interest is pretty neat.
  9. Halfway through Koi wa tsuzuku yo doko made mo - Sato Takeru is pretty hot as a tsundere doctor. Also halfway through Hanbun, Aoi, wish there were more of Ritsu with Suzume. Also, Hero 2014 is boring and lacks the charm and wit of the original.