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  1. I actually find it refreshing that he never once insisted or even brought up the oppa issue. Too many dramas get hung up on whether the girl calls the boy oppa. From that brief exchange in ep 10, I got the feeling he'd rather she called him Ryan straight out, but understands it might not be as easy for her. I'm glad he doesn't press her on how she addresses him. It's another sign that they are in an equal relationship and that he is secure about it - he doesn't need age or rank to lord it over her, and "oppa" doesn't define their relationship because they are well capable of showing intimacy in other ways that go beyond a mere "oppa". I'd love it if she manages to call him Ryan by the end of the drama!
  2. Loving the new stills, they're so well colour-coordinated that it's a visual treat to see their couple photos. I love how Deok-mi is always so happy to see Ryan and hold his hand, and vice versa. Happy also to see both actors getting support from their colleagues!
  3. Haha, of course they have to meet in the Elevator of Fate. It's the hippiest, most happening place ever in Seoul where encounters have an extra layer of spice and kinkiness. I guess Shi-an doesn't know his mum goes by (or used to go by) the name Lee Sol? Although it wouldn't be surprising if he did and was doing all that stuff (about the paintings) as a way to reach out to Ryan. It would be nice to see Shi-an and Deok-mi team up to heal any rifts between Ryan and his mother. Might have the added side-effect of easing her fangirling over Shi-an - I mean, if he's gonna be her brother-in-law in the future... Some very good points, and Ryan is really setting the bar high. He's proof that we don't need toxic masculinity to shape a compelling male lead in k-dramas. But perhaps ratings aren't bursting through the roof because in part people can't quite deal with a man who actually openly communicates with, respects and trusts his other half. We are so used to seeing k-drama male leads turn explosive at the slightest bit of provocation, but Ryan has been surprising people at every turn with his maturity in dealing with things. Even if he feels twinges of jealousy, he is not insecure, and he trusts Deok-mi will handle things if she says she will. I don't expect k-drama male leads to morph into Ryan clones from now, but hopefully this is a start to people realising that toxic masculinity has no place anywhere, in dramas or in society. Read a comment somewhere else that Ryan "tends to be a bit weepy" (paraphrasing here, but same sentiment). That got me kind of annoyed. I'd rather Ryan come clean with his feelings than keep Deok-mi guessing - like she said, they don't keep secrets from each other and he's being honest about his vulnerable moments. He's been holding in his hurt for many years, and it was only after Deok-mi reassured him it was okay to cry that he gave into his sorrow. I don't see how that's being weepy. Not everyone can be stoic all the time, and Ryan is obviously going through a difficult time. He is allowed to get in touch with his emotions, and no one should be giving him stick for feeling what he is feeling. (sorry mod about the quoting! Posting one of my favourite photos instead of our lovebirds)
  4. Haha, yes. Setting new standards for k-drama male leads. Ryan Gold fashion: Kim Jae-wook looks great in dark colours, not so much the plaids and pastels, but he's tall and has the physique to carry off most styles, so he looks hot anyway
  5. Yay! Congrats to Kim Jae-wook, Park Min-young and the HPL team! A sweet photo to celebrate: It's the scene where Ryan and Deok-mi are getting comfy on her couch watching TV. Deok-mi has her head on Ryan's shoulder.
  6. Haha, then he should have just kissed her and taken her to bed! Another article, apologies if it's been posted, it's hard to keep track: https://www.hellokpop.com/kdrama/her-private-life-top-korean-drama-popularity/ K-Drama “Her Private Life” Continues To Dominate TV Drama & Actor Popularity For Two Consecutive Weeks By abbyinhallyuland | May 21, 2019 FacebookTwitter Park Min Young and Kim Jae Wook’s love pairing in Her Private Life continues to delight drama fans for two weeks in a row. According to the survey released by GOOD DATA CORPORATION, Her Private Life is the most talked about drama from May 13 to 19. The series also topped the index last week for week covering May 6 to 12. Besting out 28 currently airing television dramas, the tvN romantic comedy ranked first based on online articles, blogs, SNS and video responses. Depicting the story of an idol fangirl who hides her identity to keep her regular job as a museum curator, Her Private Life has been stable and consistently heightening its story movement. Through its neat rom-com vibe and excellent portrayals of main leads, Kim Jae Wook and Park Min Young. Both have also secured the top spots for popular TV actors. Moreover, the original soundtracks featured in the drama have also generated positive responses, especially Ha Sung Woon’s “Think of You”.
  7. Stills of Kim Jae-wook from Her Private Life. Ryan Gold is an absolute sweetheart.
  8. Ha, while everyone is hoping Ryan and Deok-mi marry and have kids, I'd prefer it if he took her back to New York so she can finally spread her wings as an artist. I can just see Ryan encouraging Deok-mi to hone her craft and become a successful artist in her own right. He would be so proud of her. Surely there are celebrities in New York for her to fangirl over, right? And maybe Shi-an can fly over for the occasional visit, ha. Looking forward to the next episode, Wednesday can't come sooner! Also, why so snuggly?
  9. Kim Jae-wook is a method actor, isn't he? So he would be in character. Probably Park Min-young too. But the way they smile at each other, whether in character or not, is simply adorable and feels like they're genuinely happy to be in each other's company, with no barriers between them. (sorry, think I can't quote many photos, but yeah, I love the ones you posted!)
  10. Omo, this is adorable! And it really looks like them! Awww. And yes, the stuffed lion should be official merch, I'm sure many people will buy. It'd be even cuter if the lion comes in a set with the rabbit, haha.
  11. Kim Jae-wook seems like a pretty level-headed guy, so I don't think he will change just because he is more popular now. I think he'll take it all in his stride. From his previous projects, he seems like the type who likes to try new things and challenge himself, so it's safe to say he won't be content with being typecast and will want to do what he can to improve his acting. That can only be a good thing. I just hope people don't leave mean comments on his IG just because they're jealous of his acting skills and his current popularity. Though I have to say the shippers in this thread are pretty nice and mature, are happy for both Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young to be enjoying such great chemistry, and don't go around dissing other shipper threads. That is a good thing and it shows we can be supportive of the stars we like without behaving like kids. I wouldn't mind at all though if he posts more photos of his cat, that baby is adorable!
  12. Ahh, that BTS is so adorable, and they were laughing a lot and having so much fun. It's great to see such rapport between co-stars, and also that amount of trust - I mean, Park Min-young felt comfortable and trusting enough to fall asleep on Kim Jae-wook's shoulder. And she is really playful with him, and he with her too, but I still see a healthy amount of respect on his part for her boundaries. Regardless of whether there is anything between them, their chemistry is undeniable, and definitely a good few notches above that seen in her previous stuff!
  13. I saw the clip of that. She looked uncomfortable and a bit resistant, to say the least. Not a good sign. Ryan is always so protective of Deok-mi, but he isn't alpha male about it. Neither does he force intimacy. He is always tender with her, and she responds in kind because she genuinely cares about him. You can't help but smile when you watch them. Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young are adorable together. (Re)sharing a sweet photo of them:
  14. Very comfortable. It's really enjoyable watching them interact, outside of filming and during the drama. Actors dream of finding the right partner to reach that level of trust and comfort on set, cuz once it all clicks, everything flows really well and it's a treat for us viewers too.
  15. Deok-mi really came through in this episode. The Go-Stop, snuggly on the couch, holding his hand as he sleeps, hand drawing, cooking, and the comforting hug (his head on her shoulder) at the end... all the things she did to soothe the hurt Ryan is feeling... mad props! Really happy to see how sensitive she is to his moods, and how she cares for him in gentle, non-intrusive ways. That last bit where she comforts him and pulls him into her arms so he can rest his head on her shoulder is really lovely and moving. And I'm happy to see too that Ryan understands he can seek comfort from Deok-mi and be understood. He shared when he felt the need to, and she reciprocated. Kim Jae-wook nailed all those beautiful scenes, I love his nuanced portrayal of Ryan. This relationship is so healthy and sexy it's truly beautiful (and a little unreal, ha). Really couple goals. Open communication, trust and love do that to you. Also, keep those ad-libs coming! It's so obvious, during the Go-Stop for example, that Kim Jae-wook was struggling so hard not to laugh (and failing a bit, haha), and Park Min-young looked so mischievous. That really speaks to the actors' chemistry and their comfort level with each other. It's marvellous to watch.
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