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  1. Started Gokushufudou, it's hilarious! Tamaki Hiroshi is killing it as Tatsu! Also watching season 2 of both Yami no Bansosha and Suits, so far so good.
  2. hi @Min2206, @coreyand @sadthe1st 532
  3. @Sleepy Owl, thanks much for responding. I note all your points, and let's just agree to disagree since otherwise I will end up clogging this game thread, haha. 920
  4. Ha, this will need a long rant, so suffice it to say that the leads behave like they're 15 and not 30, talk like the speed of molasses and awkward cute for the first couple of times has become tiring to watch when it stretches for more than a couple of episodes. The FL in particular has unreasonable expectations, the ML can't communicate (but she's not much better) and has too much baggage given his history with the second FL. Nobody addressed anything before getting into any sort of relationships. The FL, instead of wasting her time worrying and sulking about things she can't control, should
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