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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping


Gwi Dong tried to snatch away Chun Dung's book although he had protested saying that the book is his. He had ran away when Teacher Sung came out because of the commotion. Seeing the words written by Chun Dong, Teacher Sung who is impressed by them uses these words to teach Gwi Dong and his friend a lesson while mocking that their abilities are lesser than a beggar.

Soe Dol gives Chun Dung another book as a present while Gwi Dong who still fails at shooting follows Dal Yi back to the village and witnessed But Deul's father getting into a row with the guards. The guards proceeded to hit back at But Deul's father when he stopped hitting them after they threaten to kill his wife and son. The guards only backed out after Constable Kang disclosed who Gwi Dong's father and uncle after they started hitting him as well for defending But Deul's father. Meanwhile the horse thief got Gwi Dong into more trouble back home after lying to Officer Kim. Mak Soon tells Gwi Dong to give up on Dong Nyeo as she is not interested in him at all after Mak Soon read the girl's return letter but Gwi Dong refused to.

Chun Dung visited Teacher Sung for advices when he couldn't understand certain things that he had read from his new book, he ended up impressing Dong Nyeo and Teacher Sung so much that not only was he allowed to be taught by Teacher Sung, he was also given writing materials as well.

Dal Yi ended up getting her heart and pride hurt when she delivered the shoes that Gwi Dong wanted to give Dong Nyeo as Dong Nyeo who wanted Gwi Dong to give up, talked down at her. Dal Yi tells Gwi Dong not to look for her anymore after he hurts her feelings even more by saying that he was going to pay her money for them after she told him that she worked overnights to do them.

Meanwhile Madam Kwon threatens Mak Soon that she's going to dismiss her since she doesn't show any respect towards her as she is not Gwi Dong's real mom. Mak Soon cries behind the door of her room over the fear of being separated from Gwi Dong.

Dong Nyeo follows Chun Dung back to his studying room when he went back after rejecting her food offer when Teacher Sung went out during the time he was supposed to give Chun Dung his lessons. Dong Nyeo gave Chun Dung the food she brought with her which he ate with gratefulness. Dong Nyeo tells Chun Dung to give up his dream of being a nobleman as no one can change the birthright that they are born with.

Chun Dung ran to the river and called Mak Soon who is washing clothes by the river, Mother upon seeing the close relation between Do Kap and Geum Nyeo.














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thanks for the spoilers~

I'm glad you agree!! Are you planning to continue this drama? I recognize your user name. =)

I am also worried about CJM. He wasn't too impressive in Cinderella's Sister (which I stopped watching halfway), but I think the character didn't do much for his abilities. He was quite good in Fashion 70s though! I think Cheondong in Jjakpaek is supposed to have a gentle, soft side so I think he will be good for that side of it. I don't know about the manly side though.

I like Leesangyoon as well. He is well-known in Korea for being a Seoul University graduate. So hot! He is still new to the acting business so his acting abilities... not so much. But pretty natural.

lol i hope to continue .! i think i share your same worry of CJM , i dun know what to expect since this is really his first saguek role..but also because i truly want to see him explore his potential yess^^ i will want to see that binne from F70s again .that raw emotion .so powerful .

i think the veteran casting will be an important factor too! i hope the mother stay alive and dun die too soon ..plus that master now..he also seem capable of ruthless ?

hope to continue reading your comments ^^^

here is esp 4 preview ..going back to watching my esp 3

My link

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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 3rd ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 11.4 (11th)/ Seoul: 13.3 (6th)

After-thoughts of ep.3

Through a twist of fate, now both Gwi Dong and Chun Dung have met up with each other and began their 'match in life'.

Round 01. Knowledge : Chun Dung wins with praises and approval from Teacher Sung and Dong Nyeo


Round 02. Love : Dal Yi -> Gwi Dong -> Dong Nyeo <--> Chun Dung





Round 03. Happiness :

Chun Dung wins over Gwi Dong although he's of beggar class, he's given lots of love from Soe Dol, Beggar Jang never really hit out at him but at the others instead although he may get warnings at times. Kkul Ddeok who seems to be unfeeling when Chun Dung was beaten up by the guards, draws away Beggar Jang's attention when he was about to hit Chun Dung. Keun Nyeo treats him really well too.

Gwi Dong although he's living in the noble-house, he never really have the love of his father and his step-mom actually dislike him a lot.

K-drama rule

No matter how smart you are, you can't overcome/escape the class that you are born into


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Guest yeohweping


Chun Dung calls out 'mom' to Mak Soon out of his impulse to be acknowledged by her but she screamed at him that she isn't his mom and told him to get away from her. Chun Dung who thinks that she's embarrassed because he's a beggar, tells her with hope that he'll able to become successful and fetch her away soon as she ran away from him. Mak Soon who finally realized who he is, tells Geum Ok not to associate with Chun Dung when he returns the piece of clothing she dropped at the riverside but Chun Dung has already left a good impression on Geum Ok because of his good looks and manners.

Keun Nyeo tells Chun Dung to completely forget about his mother as Mak Soon is the kind of person that'll forsake him to live a better life. Do Kap later leaves with Chun Dung for a meal at the beggars' hut instead of his home.

Mak Soon meets up with Soe Dol and requested that he brings Chun Dung as faraway as possible while she tries to stay near Gwi Dong although she'll be dismissed soon by Madam Kwon and given a sum of money. Soe Dol refused her request and turned up a little drunk at Chun Dung's studying place. He kept saying sorry to Chun Dung who doesn't understand his reasons behind them. Chun Dung walks back to his studying room saying that he'll always feel a sense of hatred towards Soe Dol for not revealing who his parents are and why he has to live with the beggars.

Gwi Dong who finally improves on his shooting practise, laments to But Deul's father that he is unable to borrow the short gun from Dal Yi as she is still angry at him and even threatened to shoot at him with it.

Pan Sul tells Gwi Dong of the rumors of ghosts in the forest. Gwi Dong who hopes to make an impress on Dong Nyeo tells his classmates that he going to look for the ghosts and asked his classmates to follow him that night but all of them refused besides his trusty follower and Pan Sul. Gwi Dong wants to borrow Dal Yi's gun for protection but Old Man Hwang teaches him to bring a wooden club covered with poop to fend off the ghosts instead.

Meanwhile Dong Nyeo and Chun Dung set up a plan to scare them away from the forest's house by posing as ghosts which caused the trio to tremble in fear and pee in their pants.

Chun Dung chased and slapped Do Kap who had robbed Geum Ok of her new shoes under Geum Nyeo, lecturing him that he is not to become a thief although he is of beggar class. Beggar Jang who was angry at Chun Dung for hitting his son, beats the boy up until Dal Yi brought her uncle to save him. But Chun Dung was so badly hurt that he vomited blood out on the snow.










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Guest dramaok

for the first time in a sageuk, i find the younger cast really annoying.

i can't wait to see the adult versions. none of them are super actors,

but hopefully they have great chemistry together.

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Guest Trina987

for the first time in a sageuk, i find the younger cast really annoying.

i can't wait to see the adult versions. none of them are super actors,

but hopefully they have great chemistry together.

I agree with you about the younger cast are really boring. However, this is their first saejuks drama.. Even though, they are boring. I am happy that we have a young cast as we see new fresh faces.. I am looking forward to them to see they will go to better dramas and explore the acting ability... Now, for episode 4 raw link... OMG.. That mom that switch the babies.. I really really do not like her... fury.gif I understand she doing it to raise her son in higher ranks but she have no conscience and no guilt of what she done.. I think she is really selfish just because she is poor... She have no remorse and that will be a karma will get to her.... I do hope in the future episodes.. That she will go down to her knee and beg for forgiveness and tell the truth.. So far, it is getting interesting... But, I am looking forward to the adult versions... blush.gif

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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 4th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 11.5 (7th)/ Seoul: 14 (5th)

After-thoughts of ep.4 - more bonding, 1st encounters, Karma is waiting to sink it's teeth onto Mak Soon.

What happen when Mak Soon wants Chun Dung as faraway as possible?

01. He starts to befriend and bonds with his real sister, Geum Ok through fate.

02. Soe Dol refused to leave as he wants Mak Soon to stay with them after she gets her 'retirement nanny pay'.

03. And if Madam Kwon treats Chun Dung well and allow him to work in the Kim family because he helped Geum Ok, she is getting in more danger of being exposed for her past deed.

04.The boys will be bonding in ep.5

What happens to the girls whom Gwi Dong like or liked him?

01.As much as Mak Soon likes Dong Nyeo for her daughter in-law, Dong Nyeo has already turned her back against Gwi Dong by posing as a ghost with Chun Dung to scare away the boys going to the house in the forest which is highly against the 'cold' image she gives out at school.

02.Dal Yi is on her way to convert the affection she has for Gwi Dong to just friendship after getting her heart hurt by him and witnessing what a coward he actually is.

And compared to Gwi Dong, Dal Yi's friendship with Chun Dung will take a stronger stand like being family as it seems like her uncle will be taking Chun Dung under his wings from the beggars.


K-drama rule

What belongs to you will always come back to you and you will lose what doesn't.

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-I didn't like how Dongnyuh treated Dalyi in Ep.3, but I suppose that's normal for Yangban girl. I like that she doesn't seem too mature for her age. She is educated, kind, and well-mannered, but she also seems a bit vain and prideful. She can also be narrow-minded. Basically, she seems like a normal girl. She better mature though, or I won't like her very much. Did someone mention that Hanjihye seems kind of cold? I kind of agree with that comment so I wonder how she will play Dongnyuh since she is supposed to be kind of mother figure to Chundong. Boy, I'm worried about the adult cast.

-I loved how there were no immediate sparks or "love at first sight" happening between Dongnyuh and Chundong like there usually is in sageuks. It seems more realistic that way.

-Is anyone else heartbroken watching Chundong live a beggar's life, knowing that he would have been brought up a Yangban if not for Maksoon? Oh man, I like Maksoon's character, but I can't believe she hasn't shown more sympathy or remorse for what she's done to Chundong.

Btw does anyone know anything about the actor who plays Chundong? He is so cute!!!!! I wonder how old he is. He has a mature face but seems really short.

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Guest alicechen

for the first time in a sageuk, i find the younger cast really annoying.

i can't wait to see the adult versions. none of them are super actors,

but hopefully they have great chemistry together.

^ Aw, this makes me sad, I was looking forward to see the kids cause saguek kids tend to be awesome! blush.gif

450p Version:

Ep.3 = http://www.multiupload.com/9OOIC42RMS

Ep.4 = http://www.multiupload.com/RKSGRVNHUA

Future links can be found here!

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