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  1. Yes, that's the one, where Ryan and Deok-mi are talking on the phone while Cindy is sleeping in Deok-mi's room at her mom's. I think I like most of his pajamas, he just looks much more comfortable, and a comfy Lion is always good. Looking forward to more sneakers! Edit: saw Butterfly Sleep, Kim Jae-wook was great in all his emotional scenes, especially the last one, which was fantastic. I'm so glad he got to do a Japanese film and speak Japanese, and also work with Nakayama Miho, who was excellent as well. I hope he gets the opportunity to do more work in Japan!
  2. Awww, I like him in that black top! And I also really like your sneakers tribute, I'm always happy to see him in comfy clothes and shoes, haha. Think we have to move on to pjs soon, lol. Here's one of him in grey that I thought looks snug on him:
  3. Hahaha. I do like that kiss a lot, I think the build-up was fantastic. Here's Ryan in white again. I think this was in ep 5? The dark blue walls really bring out the white, and he looks great. Love him in comfy, flowy clothes.
  4. https://www.soompi.com/article/1331240wpp/k-drama-actors-whose-intense-kiss-scenes-made-us-blush Well, we know who tops the list! K-Drama Actors Whose Intense Kiss Scenes Made Us Blush TV/Film Jun 11, 2019 by C. Hong While the status quo has changed a bit in recent years, Korean dramas tend to play it safe when it comes to physically intimate scenes. This means that the kiss scene, as the height of romantic intimacy, is the crucial turning point in any K-drama relationship. Kisses in K-dramas can be surprising (cue the classic wide-eyed reaction from the female lead), creative with props (the toast scene from “Pinocchio,” anyone?), or accidental (the classic “fell down on top of someone’s lips” cliché). The best of them, however, are sweet and tender and romantic, making all the hours we’ve invested into the characters’ love story worth the wait. In addition to our previous list, here are seven actors who have made us blush with their intense kiss scenes: Kim Jae Wook
  5. Ha, I like that the article put Kim Jae-wook first. His kisses are very sensual, and I love that he wasn't eating off Park Min-young's face. He was gentle and tender with her. She was responsive, and that showed her comfort and trust level with him. Damn, Ryan and Deok-mi should have gotten a room after that makeout session at the furniture workshop! Of the other actors on the list, Ji Chang-wook is also a pretty good kisser, I liked his kiss with Nam Ji-hyun in Suspicious Partner. Park Hyung-shik ain't no slouch either. But of course, Kim Jae-wook rules.
  6. Ha, to be honest I don't quite like that sweater. Although I do agree he looks great in collar shirts. I think I prefer him in this colour block sweater when he went over to Deok-mi's apartment:
  7. LaBit photo of the day, from one of my favourite segments of the drama. Ryan and Deok-mi have so much love for each other.
  8. Yes, there are a few references throughout the drama on the wordplay of Deok-mi's name. Ryan also gave Da-in her artist name of "Many People". Then there was the joke about "already chosen seat" and Seon-joo's name in ep 16. Latte's Korean name, Na Hee-yeon, is also a very drawn-out pronunciation of Ryan (or Lion). And of course, the geum vs eun (gold vs silver) comparison between Ryan and Eun-gi. Soompi also has a list of Korean fan slang: https://www.soompi.com/article/1315253wpp/her-private-life-reveals-list-of-must-know-korean-fan-slang
  9. Mo Tae-gu of the day: His eyes edit: does anyone have a supercut of Kim Jae-wook's scenes in Coffee Prince? Specifically where he speaks Japanese.
  10. Nope, he will always be Ryan Gold. Anyway, I like him in this colour combo, one of the few saving graces of the crap that was ep 15:
  11. Yes, I also find it excessive and borderline obsessive, all this minute scrutiny, constant tagging and stuff. Fans want a lot of attention from their favourite celebs, and tagging is one way of getting that attention. And then all the delusional comments... at some point, it goes overboard and becomes disrespectful. Given that we're here in this thread because of this drama about fandom and fangirling, I find the resultant shipping a bit ironical. It's been my experience, having watched any number of dramas, that the best co-stars in terms of chemistry almost never get together in real life (famous example in my signature banner). Of course there are exceptions, but most just move on to the next project and challenge. @Ondine, yes I think Seo Ye-hwa could be part of the cast, there's a photo of her with the other cast members - I believe she tagged Lee Hee-joon and Jin Seon-kyu, who are headlining the musical. It's nice to see her HPL cast-mates coming to support her, if so.
  12. I think she is being careful and her HPL cast-mates are aware and being considerate. After all, fans from her previous drama are still hounding her about it and refusing to give up. And some HPL shippers also read a thousand and one things into her posts. Kim Jae-wook has posted selcas of him with his previous cast-mates, so he's not averse to sharing them, just not very often. He's been relatively scandal-free, except for that one time with Lee El, and maybe he just wants to keep things neutral. The photos of the four of them together are sweet, it's nice to know they're enjoying an outing together.
  13. Park Jin-joo, who played Seon-joo, updated her IG with a photo of herself with Kim Jae-wook, Kim Bora and Seo Ye-hwa (respectively, Ryan, Cindy and Curator Yu):
  14. I agree about the magnetism, but let's just leave Chiaki to Tamaki Hiroshi. The fake dating photos scene is one of my favourites. The tension and sizzle were awesome. Their outfits were also on point. Seon-joo was right, Ryan and Deok-mi look great together.
  15. For anyone pining over Kim Jae-wook's Instagram updates, here you go:
  16. I also rather like him in these outfits, back when Ryan had good hair: I like all of Ryan's New York scenes, pity we never got a lot of them. Kim Jae-wook looked really hot when he was walking around that gallery in New York critiquing those artworks, like it was his personal runway, ha.
  17. Ahn Bo-hyun seems like a nice, genuine guy. He's obviously grateful for all the help he received on the filming set, and it's nice to see him express his gratitude and admiration for both Kim Jae-wook and Park Min-young - it seems though that he's become Kim Jae-wook's fanboy, haha, what with all that praise and the sexy comment. They should really do drinks some day. Let's hear it for the bromance that sadly didn't get much screentime:
  18. The kiss was a great way to wrap up the drama. And the "annyeong" scene in ep 5 was lovely. As for Kim Jae-wook playing Chiaki, NO. He should never go near any crap k-remake of a popular Japanese drama. korea does not know how to do remakes of J-dramas (they already butchered the Nodame remake and many others) and it'd be an utter waste of Kim Jae-wook's talent.
  19. Ep 5, Deok-mi taking photos of Ryan without either of them realising it - well, she realises it later, and keeps looking at the photos she took. I thought it was a sweet scene, very spring-like.
  20. Yes. Even at the press con, Kim Jae-wook referred to Park Min-young occasionally as Deok-mi. When they were filming, they were mostly referred to as Ryan and Deok-mi. In one of the early BTS, you can hear the director referring to Park Min-young as Deok-mi, and a staff member telling "Ryan" to wipe his hands after eating fried chicken. One is exhausted and needs rest. The other has gone to LA for work and is busy. Maybe we should learn to give them a break? You don't even need to see the wrap party videos to see how tired Kim Jae-wook was. Episode 16 was full of it. Deok-mi even referenced it in the drama, when they were talking about Ryan going back to New York to make his comeback. If you want wrap party videos, pretty sure the Park Min-young fan groups on Instagram would have them.
  21. I think Kim Jae-wook said in an interview that he had received feedback that people were afraid to watch his dramas because of the intense roles he tends to take, so he was a bit upset. He was just thinking about taking on something lighter when the offer for Ryan Gold came along. I would assume he read the initial scripts and thought Ryan was different from the usual alpha male jerks, and decided to do it. Besides, he'd never done a rom-com lead, so it was a challenge for him as well, and he likes challenges. I would say he's risen superbly to this one. As for his next project, I also think he won't take on another rom-com or even lead role - he's said before that he doesn't mind the size of the role so long as he can be of use to the drama. I like that about him. I hope he gets a solid film role. Edit: I appreciate all this talk about method acting, it's been interesting to read the various posts and I'm glad people are understanding it more. I think it is important to appreciate the fact that the bulk of the things actors do for a drama are in relation to promoting the drama to viewers. This includes BTS videos, posts, photos, etc, where actors are in character for a lot of the things they do.
  22. Pretty sure Kim Jae-wook is done with being Ryan and has moved on. He's a method actor, and needs to shed his character quickly because otherwise it can be detrimental to health. Skilled actors know when to compartmentalise their acting and roles. He was exhausted at the wrap party, and I think his Instagram posts are pretty clear. I can't speak for Park Min-young, but it seems she is ready to let go too. Maybe we should stop reading too much into their posts or we'll become like the other shipper thread.
  23. Exactly. I hate it when absent parents come crawling back expecting their child's forgiveness, as though it's a natural thing just because they're of the same blood. I mean, seriously? That woman didn't even ask about Ryan's life! The whole mother storyline was so badly dealt with and her sob story was crap. Ryan was so shortchanged by it all.
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