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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping

[MBC] Chun Jung Myung, Han Ji Hye, Lee Sang Yoon, Seo Hyun Jin
Date of airing : Mon~Tue - 9:55 p.m korean time (7th feb'11 ~ )

Official MBC site : http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/mate/index.html

Official MBC English site : http://content.mbc.co.kr/english/drama/11/1786615_39131.html

Eps: 32

Scriptwriter:김운경 Kim Woo Kyung

PD:임태우 Lim Tae Woo, 김근홍 Kim Geun Hong

Main Leads : Chun Jung Myung, Han Ji Hye, Lee Sang Yoon, Seo Hyun Jin

Supporting Cast :Gong Hyung Jin, Yoon Yoo Seon, Jung Kyung Ho, Lim Dae Ho, Jo Yeon Jin, Kim Kyung Jin, Oh Jung Tae, Kang Ji Sub, Kwon Oh Jung, Lee Moon Shik, Lim Hyun Sik, Kim Ki Bang

Special appearances : Ahn Nae Sang, Noh Young Hak, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Hong Bin, Kim So Hyun, Yang Mi Kyung

Story :Chun Dung (Chun Jung Myung) who is actually of noble birth was switched with the son of a slave (Lee Sang Yoon) who was also born on the same day. The drama will be focusing on the lives of the men who were switched at birth and the path they choose to walk on upon knowing their real identities and their encounters with the same woman (Han Ji Hye) that both of them are destined to fall in love with.



Relation Chart





Chun Dung (Chun Jung Myung)

He grew up as a beggar before he became known as a great hero of his time.

It was known that if a baby was to be born crying at night, he will die as a legend at the end of his life.

On that same day comes the birth of Chun Dung and Gwi Dong.

For Chun Dung who is known for his good looks and well manners although he lives among the beggars, no one dares to even mention that his name "Thunder" doesn't fit him. He keeps coming around crazily to the Gwi Dong's place as she seems he thinks that Mak Soon is his real mother. It doesn't matter if he has to learn to write or settle accounts as long as he is able to see that woman "Mak Soon" who works as Gwi Dong's nanny will get angry and start hitting him, screaming that she isn't his mother. His heart is so deeply hurt at her rejection that he feels that he is unable to be loved.

This is a world of power and money..

Beggar Chun Dung has a strong desire to overthrow such a world.


Sung Dong Nyeo(Han Ji Hye)

She is the daughter of the village school's teacher.

Her father carries a deep grudge towards Officer Kim, the father of Gwi Dong.

Dong Nyeo has done so much studying that she is qualified to be a teacher and she is more elegant and talented than the scholars around.

Dong Nyeo's heart begins to shake when Chun Dung appears in front of her again ten years later since their last meeting which seems so unreal that he would return as such a big tall man.

How is she going to love Chun Dung who has never been loved even once in his life?


Kim Gwi Dong(Lee Sang Yoon)

His real given name is Dae Gil and he is currently the chief of constables.

Born in the same town, night and time as Chun Dung, his fate was changed when he was switched at birth with the nobleman's baby. He is known as a trouble maker who like to use his fists to attack since his village school days. He hates to lose and thinks that he'll be able to have everything he wants in the world since he have both money and power. But why isn't the heart of Dong Nyeo leaning toward him?

The more he notices the unusual kindness and consideration that she has been giving to that guy 'Chun Dung', the more his heart will be feeling hatred, that he can't endure.

But still without 'Chun Dung' his other half, he will feel empty and hollow inside. These conflicting feelings are making him hesitant in his planing.


Dal Yi (Seo Hyun Jin)

She is the tomboy daughter of the village shoe maker and lives with her grandfather ever since her parents died at an early age.

She has been in love with Gwi Dong since she was really young and grew up to become a successful buiness woman because of her shoe-making skills and guts.

Beggar clan


Beggar Jang / Jang Kkot Ji (Lee Moon Shik)

He is the ignorant tough boss of the beggar clan and who directs dozens of beggars and people living under his orders. He owns two huts and have two wives as well.


Keun Nyeo (Seo Lee Suk) - One of Jang Kkot Ji's wives

She is the first wife of Beggar Jang who now lives with Soe Dol, her business partner.


Ja Geum Nyeo (Ahn Yun Hong) - One of Jang Kkot Ji's wives

The 2nd wife of Beggar Jang who has a son with him and is known for being selfish and greedy


Kkul Ddeok (Jung Kyung Ho)

He is one of Beggar Jang's men who is only interested in food and women.


Jin Deuk - Chun Dung's best friend

He grew up in the mud huts with Chun Dung and became one of the right hand man of the beggar leader. He is not easily sway from anything once he set his heart on it.


Do Kap (Lee Sin Sung)

He is Beggar Jang and Ja Geum Nyeo only son.

He treats Chun Dung like his own elder brother and loves to follow him around since he was young.


Gom Chi (Kim Ki Bang)

He may seems dense but actually thinks faster than the people around him


Poong Jae (Cho Chang Gun)

Lazy and dense.


Mal Son (Kim Kyung Jin)

One of Beggar Jang's men.

Officer Kim's household


Kim Jin Sa (Choi Jong Hwan)

Chun Dung's real father, Gwi Dong's fake dad


Madam Kwon (Lim Chae Won)

Chun Dung's step-mom, Gwi Dong's fake mom


Kim Geum Ok (Lee Seo Ah)

Gwi Dong's younger fake sister, Chun Dung's half sister


Hyun Kam (Kim Myung Soo)

Officer Kim's brother in-law. His official post was bought with money.


Servant Park (Jung Han Heon)

He follows Officer Kim around and acts as through as he is his right hand man.


Eop Deuk Nye (Ra Mi Ran)

Officer Kim's head house maid


Sam Wul (Lee Ji Soo)

Officer Kim's house maid


Chun Dung's mom (Yang Mi Kyung)

Village school


Sung Soo Chan (Kang Sin Il) - Dong Nyeo's father : Village Teacher

He carries a grudge against Officer Kim and hopes to reform the corrupted world


Yoo Seon Dal (Baek Jong Hak)

He is a respected scholar at the school who dreams of reforming the world, has a mysterious background and is seems like he is skilled in martial arts.

Food traven


Mak Soon (Yoon Yoo Sun)

Chun Dung's fake mom, Gwi Dong's real mom : Slave class

As someone who is strong and compassionate but selfish, she wasn't sorry towards Chun Dung for changing his fate and throwing him to the beggars to raise. And every time when Chun Dung appears in front of her, she will undergo extreme fear that what she did will be disclose and will do anything to keep Chun Dung away from knowing his real identity to protect her own son.


Soe Dol (Jung In Gi)

The person who switched Chun Dung and Gwi Dong after Chun Dung's mother died during childbirth and Mak Soo was employed as the baby's nanny. He and Mak Soon are both runaway slaves from the same house and he is willing to do everything for the love of Mak Soon. In all those years he spends with Chun Dung, he comes to love Chun Dung as his own son. He is a knd-hearted man who often regretted his past actions and tried to make it up to Chun Dung.


Chun Bo (Yoon Yong Hyun)

He came to catch Soe Dol and Mak Soon back to the slave house

Dal Yi's relations


Hwang No In / Old Man Hwang (Lim Hyun Sik)

Dal Yi's grandfather who takes care of her after her parents died


Constable Kang (Kwon Oh Jung)

He is Hwang No In's cousin. A good tempered man who is well-informed and is known as a sharp shooter.

He often dreams of a world revolution that can liberate slaves.



Chief Constable (Gong Hyung Jin)

Part of Gwi Dong's constable group


Pan Sul(Kim Yong Hee)

Part of Gwi Dong's constable group


But Deul's father (Lim Dae Ho)


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Guest yeohweping


Actress Han Ji-hye to star in new historical drama


Actress Han Ji-hye will star in a historical drama set to go on air next year, according to her management staff on Wednesday.

An official in charge of Han’s career confirmed today that Han has been cast in a new MBC historical drama named “Jiakpae (translated into “mate”)" which will go on air every Mondays and Tuesdays starting February of next year.

The official added however that basic terms of the contract have been agreed on verbally and additional details have yet to be coordinated.

In the new drama, Han will play the daughter of a village school teacher who has deep interest in education and is smart enough to influence other people in the story.

Set in the late Joseon period (1392-1910), the show, also starring actor Chun Jung-myung, will tell of two boys whose identities get swapped.

Han, 27, whose real name is Lee Ji-hye, made her debut as a supermodel in 2001 and has since appeared in many dramas such as “Summer Scent (2003),” “Sweet 18 (2004),” and “East of Eden (2008)" and films “My Boyfriend in Type B (2005)” and “Blades of Blood (2010)”

After getting married in September 2009, she signaled her comeback to the small screen in October this year with a role in “KBS Drama Special: Pianist,” a single-episode drama she starred with Lee Min-ho from the popular boy band SHINee.

Lee Moon Shik will be playing an evil role



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Guest yeohweping

First script reading







Larger pics - Click to view






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Guest yeohweping







The Duo opens offical site Teaser. Site will be officially open and updated on 25th Jan'11



News update vids on Daum



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An intro clip and first stills from The Duo

by javabeans | January 19, 2011 | 5 Comments

Here’s our first look at MBC’s new fusion sageuk drama The Duo, which has released a few stills from the set of its poster shoot (at bottom). Above, we have character shots of our four main leads, taken from the drama’s first teaser video, which was also just released. (Watch below.)

Dressed in black and wearing a weapon strapped to his back is our hero Chun-doong, played by Chun Jung-myung, who’s a righteous bandit. Always a fun kind of character; the heroic bandit is principled, but operates on his own standards of ethics, and that should make for some (hopefully) interesting character development.

We’ve seen this familiar archetype in characters like Hong Gil-dong and Iljimae, to name the most famous examples. Chun-doong is the nobleman’s son who is switched at birth and instead grows up a poor man.

His identity-swapped counterpart, Gwi-dong, is played by Lee Sang-yoon and grows up a nobleman despite his origins as a slave. As an adult, he’s a police chief — oh, har, get it? The man who should’ve been the lawman is the outlaw, and the outlaw should’ve been the officer… (groan…)

K-dramas, you’ve surely never met a poetic reversal you didn’t like to beat into the ground, have you? It’s like Sandglass crossed with East of Eden, but with a dash more cheese. (That doesn’t mean it’s bad — you just can’t out-epic Sandglass, which practically defines the term. Or Eden, for that matter, which gathers all its story, logic, and acting chips and cashes ‘em in at the epic table.)

But no, we’re not done with the symbolic contrasts just yet, because then there are the ladies to contend with: Han Ji-hye is Dong-nyeo, the woman who gets caught in a love triangle between the two men. She’s the daughter of a village schoolteacher — pretty, bright and clever. Seo Hyun-jin, on the other hand, is the neighborhood tomboy Dal-yi who pines after Gwi-dong and later becomes a gisaeng.

So we have one man on either side of the law, and one woman on either side of the social divide and perhaps — since we’re talking about Korean dramas with their obsession with purity — also on the virtue divide.

(click here to see intro clip)

Above is a clip with some of the cast members, which will probably take a moment to load. (The songs, you may recognize, are Humming Urban Stereo’s “Insomnia” and “Salad Day.”) In the clip, the actors introduce their roles and make silly puns on the title to describe what the drama is about.

Below are the stills from the drama’s recent poster shoot, which featured approximately 100 extras.

The drama will be a Monday-Tuesday series airing after Queen of Reversals, and premieres on February 7.

Via Sports Chosun

Article courtesy of dramabeans: http://www.dramabeans.com/2011/01/an-intro-clip-and-first-stills-from-the-duo/

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Guest Yunho_Jaejoong

Lee Sang Yoon! <3

I love him from HTTG and Life is Beautiful, such a handsome person and sweet too.

Saeguk dramas are always interesting so this is something I'll look forward to.

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Guest yeohweping







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Guest alicechen

I really cannot wait for this drama. Been missing Chun Jung Myung too much these days. Also can't wait for the bromance between him and Kang Ji Sup character, since they're best buddies. 

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Guest yeohweping

Mal Son (Kim Kyung Jin)'s day in life as a crazy beggar








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Preview 2: Youtube sourced

Wow, I had goosebumps when I watched this preview. This drama will be intense! Can't wait for it!! So for the native Koreans out there, how is CJM's sageuk intonation or whatever you call it. Is it good? passable? not believable?

Anyhow, thanks to yeohweping for always posting updates here and updating the first post. The character descriptions are out and it looks like Cheon Doong and Gwi Dong will form some kind of a bond? His character description says that w/o CD he feels empty and hollow inside, and will have a "conflicting" feeling. And after all, this drama is called "The Duo." Or is he just a pure antagonist that dislikes CD? And I think I will like Dal Yi because she looks like she's a badass girl!

Btw who is this girl?


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Guest alicechen

Thanks for the preview Cricket! Agree with Raiven (nice to see you here!), it looks intense! The boy who is screaming in the end, is he the same rich boy child actor (Min Woo) from Giant? I remember his scowl!!

Raiven, I don't know who the girl is, but she looks spunky and I like! Perhaps, she's the female second lead? In love with CD?

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I'm wondering who she is because the 2nd female lead is Seo Hyun Jin(Dal Yi), she's described as a tomboy but will grow up to be a gisaeng and she's the one who's in love with CD since childhood. But this unknown girl too looks like a tomboy herself. And yeah, she looks like she's a badass girl too, maybe she's a female antagonist? Anyhow, rarely do you have those type of female characters in k-dramas that's why I like them. Hopefully Han Ji Hye's character won't be the typical weak, clumsy, damsel-in-distress lead or else I'm gonna root for the other female lead(s).

Nice to see you too here, alicechen. Hopefully more people will post here so we'll have a healthy and lively discussion because The Duo will air already next week, right? For CJM and HJH fans, come aboard already! For the lurkers, don't be shy to post and air your opinions! And for everyone here, thank you for the updates and keep them up! I'm so excited for this drama.

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Guest yeohweping

Press conf.pics





























Chun Jung-myung says nervous and excited for 1st historical drama role

Korean actor Chun Jung-myung has said he was nervous and excited to take on a role in a historical drama for the first time.

Chun made the remark on Monday during a press conference for upcoming MBC TV series "The Duo" as he explained to reporters on how he felt about playing his first historical drama role during his 11-year acting career.

"This was a whole different challenge for me. The show is currently focused on the early years of our characters with the child actors but it'll be hard to fill in their shoes because they are doing such a great job," Chun said.

He further added, "I went to an action school to practice the action sequences. We learned various things like kendo which will help with my acting. I also learned how to ride a horse which I think is a great sport."

"The Duo," written by scenarist Kim Woon-kyun and helmed by director Im Tae-woo, breaks away from other historical series that revolve around occurences in the palace and instead focuses on the everyday life of a slave, panhandler, shoemaker, butcher, thief and passerby who led an elite lifestyle in the past.

The show, which also stars actress Han Ji-hye and Lee Sang-yoon, will air on the Monday and Tuesday primetime slot starting February 7 after current series "Queen of Reversals" ends its run.

Chun, 29, made his break into the entertainment industry with his role in KBS's drama "School 2" (1999). He has appeared in other small screen roles such as SBS' "Fashion 70s" and most recently in KBS' "Sister of Cinderella" with Korean actress Moon Geun-young.

He also starred in Korean films "The Aggressives" (2005), "Les Formidables" (2006) and "Hansel and Gretel" (2007).


[PREVIEW] MBC TV series "The Duo"

Around the time of late-Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) when hierarchy between nobles and slaves started to fall apart and riots were common among peasants, two men were born on the same day and at the same time. Chun-dung (played by Chun Jung-myung) who grew up in a beggar’s quarters with no knowledge of his parents, dreams of “making this world a better place” by taking part in the peasants’ riot while rich, young noble Gwi-dong (Lee Sang-yoon) who serves as a police official, fights against corruption within the government and speaks for the weak. Although both give their hearts to the same woman (Han Ji-hye) they become the greatest duo ever in order to reform the problematic world. The background of this drama is not set in a grand palace but an everyday market and talks not of the success of a great hero but the agony of common people. MBC’s “The Duo,” at a glance, is closer to previous KBS drama “The Slave Hunters” (2010) that portrayed the lives of those who made a living by capturing runaway slaves and in that sense, this upcoming drama is also a historical series about common people.

“The Prince and the Pauper” plus story of lowly lives of Joseon

However, what sets this drama apart from “The Slave Hunters” is that first and foremost, while it added the new plot of the two men’s fate being switched, it took out the fancy action scenes. Joseon’s version of “The Prince and the Pauper” begins with beggar woman Mak-soon (Yoon Yoo-sun) who, for the sake of her son Gwi-dong’s future, switches the two babies. The plot is then combined with the depiction of various characters starting with Chun-dung himself, who pretends to be a merchant during the day but turns into a so-called 'righteous thief' who steals from the rich to give to the poor, all the way down to street beggars, gamblers and others living lowly lives during those times.

The responsibility of how well such pains of common people of those times are portrayed, falls squarely on the shoulders of scenarist Kim Woon-kyung who is famous for the past series “Moon of Seoul” (MBC, 1994) which has well-described the people living in the poor hillside area in the early 90s and “There Is A Blue Bird,” (KBS, 1997) that also gave vivid description of the sad lives in the corners of the city: namely nightclub showmen, nameless singers, swindlers and so forth. “Scenarist Kim Woon-kyung is particularly keen in writing about the inner pains of people rather than their bright side and did a great job in making the characters real according to the times they live,” said Director Im Tae-woo.

Of course, it is worrisome that aside from Han Ji-hye who appeared in film “Blades of Blood” (2010), none of the main characters -- even director himself -- have ever worked on historical drama before. However, director Im stressed with confidence, “The actors as well as I shall take on the task with a great bravado." The stiff language commonly used in historical dramas have been refined into more conversational Korean to help the first-time actors in such dramas to get used to their roles faster and Chun Jung-myung has been showing quite a passion in his new role, learning to do sword fights and horse-back riding from actor Jang Hyuk and seeking advice from actor Oh Ji-ho with the proper mindset for appearing in the historical drama about the country and its people -- both who were the main leads for “The Slave Hunters.”

Above all, it should be noted that “The Duo” is a drama that focuses on the solid story itself rather than on fancy details. Thus the key point of the drama will lie in how well writer Kim Un-kyung will be able to resolve the weak elements the drama holds through her storyline. Will “The Duo” succeed in becoming a drama that viewers can relate to for the first time in a while, like director Im said? Its first episode will be aired on February 7 at 9:55 p.m.

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Guest alicechen

Thanks for the pictures yeohweping!! The cast members look dashing at the press conference!!

Raiven, I reread the profile, Dal Yi is a gisaeng who's in love with Gwi Dong (the rich brother). That questions the spunky girl's role. Maybe she's a gangster/follower under CD? Better yet, on the opposing team? Han Ji Hye is a school teacher...so I'm hoping she won't fall into the typical lead role. Prove me wrong writers!

Gah, I cannot wait for this!

It's airing next week, Feb. 7th if the info remains the same!

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Oh yeah, it's Gwi Dong and not Chun Dung who's Dal Yi is in love with. Thanks for the correction alicechen! So the love line would be CD X DN X GD and DY X GD. This is much better because it sets up a possibility of GD realizing DY unending love for him towards the end of the drama and settle for her. Then we'll have a happy ending for the 4 leads. :)

I'm excited for the premise because both CD and GD have a same goal and that is to fight corruption and help the poor, that's why they are called "The Duo." Hopefully the writers won't totally destroy the pair by turning GD into a really evil person just because DN is set to be with CD.

Thanks for the new preview CricketVK! I saw the unknown girl once again and this time she's shooting a gun! She can't be a police official because girls can't become one during that time right? I wonder what or who she is.

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