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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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Guest lucky_moon

I think this drama deserve to have at least a short recap for the ending, it might be helpful for some people who ware watching it.

I have mixed feeling about the ending, CD was killed by officer gong; leaving his baby and his wife DY.

lord kim move back and live together with GD and his wife DN, who is teaching girls on her school.

CD & DY marriage, they didnt have time to spend it together as a newly wed also he didnt get the chance to have the dinner cooked by his wife on their first night.

93738485.png CD was killed by officer gong, CD & GD changed their outfit to help CD ran away after he got injured bt officer gong got him and was killed, officer gong was killed too by GD later. 20307839.png after a year DY brought lord kim grandson and they were surprised that she still alive and back with CD baby too. 82342409.png they were happy to see CD baby specially lord kim, as he notice the same birthmark that he and CD has now even his grandson too. 74379237.png95583544.png

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Guest mylinh

I watched this drama in 3 days and I loved it.

But I don't like the 1st female lead , i'd prefer the second female lead.

it's a sad ending.

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Guest thunderbolt

A group (panel) review of The Duo:


Enjoy! ;)

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I recently finished the series, I love every characters except DN; most episodes she pisses me off whatever she does. <_< Throughout the series, I always have been rooting for CD/DY and I'm glad they did get together even though it was bittersweet ending. Like everyone said, it sure felt like rushed ending... I kinda wish they focus more on CD instead of DN's unnecessary scenes like school... :rolleyes: Nonetheless, overall it's interestingly good and I don't think I'd be able to watch it again - one time is good enough. :sweatingbullets:

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Episode 3. Choon Dong hungry for knowledge, begging for knowledge really strikes a chord. People blessed with the opportunity to attain education yet lack the passion and interest setting it aside as something insignificant in their lives versus people who are willing to work themselves to death to pay for the learning opportunity but may never earn enough for it even if they work their whole lifetime through. 

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I loved this. Some did not because they were sad at the ending.


I too could not STAND Dong Nyeo. I hated her with anyone, lol



To me, if Gwi Dong and Chun Doong had not switched, they would have both been dead. And that would have been worse.




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