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  1. That was quick! Thank you! Next question: do you know how the drama is aired in Japan? I mean – is it subtitled in Japanese? Or dubbed? And, more generally: are Korean dramas often aired this soon in Japan after being shown in Korea?
  2. Ha! That's Kazune Kawahara's classic (in my view) manga Sensei! that was published 1996-2007. Took the Japanese a while to come out with a live-action version.
  3. That's seven dramas, and I have only seen three of them. I don't know whether there was any fuss about those, but if there wasn't, I would presume it was because of clear differences from My Ajusshi. As in: in both My Spring Days and Marriage Contract, the Young Woman was dying, which made it all right for the Older Man to take care of her. Even fall in love with her – it would never last, anyhow. In Prime Minister and I there was no hint of a romance during the first half, or at least, I didn't see any. Maybe there could have been in the latter half, but by then, the very weird arc with the Older Man's wife had taken over (IIRC, the wife was supposed to be dead, but then she wasn't). Also, the Young Woman in PM&I was played by Yoona. While she is easy on the eyes (at least mine), she seems never to project much emotion. Quite a difference from MA's IU. Then again, in both MSD and MC, the Older Man was rich; in PM&I, he had a position of great power. In MA, he has neither much money nor great power; he is just a rather normal salaryman. So the three earlier dramas looked very much like fairy tales, whereas MA has a very realistic feel – things like this could really happen, or even be happening right now. Even if I found age gaps to be a problem, I would probably not mind them much if they occurred in fantasies – but would react to them if they occurred in reality, or in a drama that seems as real, and intense, as MA.
  4. Someone else posted about the possibility of a Japanese remake (of MA) 50 or 100 pages ago, and I remember having the same idea. Now I find it even more probable – witness the Japanese remake of Signal airing right now: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Signal_(2018)
  5. I just finished my rewatch, and... What can I say? This drama is magic. Anyway... I wonder about the translation of what Ki Hoon starts writing in the last episode: "They are at the Grand Canyon." What on earth could that mean? I'm sure there must be a mistake. Isn't "Grand Canyon" the nickname of Yoo Ra, a.k.a. Dorky Actress? OK. Tomorrow, I shall have a look at Yoona's Street...
  6. My rewatch has progressed to E13. Regarding the oft-quoted OhmyStar article, I strongly disagree about the drama's supposed portrayal of Yoon Hee – Cheating Wife – as supremely bad (and of Dong Hoon, as supremely good.) Even before Dong Hoon learns about the adultery, there is ample evidence of the insensitive way he treats his wife, of how he essentially has given up on the marriage. I think I have said this before... My explanation for the breakdown of their relationship is the decision to send the son off to school and the resulting emptiness of the "new" family home – which leads to Dong Hoon returning to his "old" home. But I admit, this is never spelled out in the drama. Is it just my non-Korean imagination? Does this point ever come up in the DC Inside discussion? What little Korean I know is not enough to find out for myself...
  7. If you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, may I suggest I Am Sam from 2007 with Park Min Young and Yang Dong Geun (not Jang Dong Gun)? There is an age gap and an OTP and lots of other seriously fun stuff. You want K-Pop? There is T.O.P from Big Bang – with a wig, right? You want Hallyu star? There is Lee Min Ho. You want Miss Korea? There is Son Tae Young. The ending isn't too shabby, either.
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