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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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Would anybody know where they shoot in Korea? is it in Seoul or in their province?

hi! Lee Sang Yun's management said in his fancafe, mostly the shooting locations are in Yongin (Gyeonggi-do) for outdoor filming and in Ilsan. :)

I can't wait to see the adult cast appear xD

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Guest yeohweping

Gong Hyung Jin's drama images for the duo is reveal










The duo's teenage stars go on section tv



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Guest yeohweping


Chun Dung lets Officer Kim leaves with Gwi Dong at the place where Servant Park had found a boat for them to escape as he doesn't want Gwi Dong to be sad.

Ten years passes after Gwi Dong and Chun Dung bid farewell to each other promising to meet again. Gwi Dong who is now a police officer continues to give trouble to his supervisor and captain who have to clear the mess he creates after he gave his skills practice a miss after he became too drunk to even stand up properly. Officer Gong laments to the captain that Gwi Dong would have been kicked out already if it wasn't for his father's court position. Madam Kwon was upset to hear from Gwi Dong the poor state that Hyun Kam had gotten into after he was chased out of the family seven years ago and got angrier when she heard Officer Kim expressing more concern for Chun Dung than her brother but Officer Kim insisted that he has to repay Chun Dung since he saved his life thus the family as well.

Chun Dung returns home after being off on another trip importing goods for Dong Nyeo who is now making a living as a trader and both of them are now living under the same roof along with the people working under them.

Dong Nyeo angrily tells Servant Park off that it won't bring her father back to life when he tells her that Officer Kim already convince the king to reinstate her dead father's officer post as a special service.

Chun Dung starts his round of visiting his friends after he stopped a group of men trying to extort his silk cloths as protection payment.

He was given a pair of shoes that Dal Yi made for him although he rejected it at first. He gave the new shoes and some money to a pair of young beggars as they reminded him of his younger days with Jin Deok.

While Chun Dung was having his drinks with Gwi Dong, Jin Deok appears at the traders office to return the silk that Chun Dung had given to his men back to Dong Nyeo. Meanwhile Officer Gong appears at the Gisaeng house telling Gwi Dong that a murder had occurred and he is to leave with them.

Gwi Dong was shocked when he saw that the man was the one who tried to molest Dong Nyeo at the Gisaeng house 10 years ago.

Dong Nyeo treats Chun Dung coldly after she scolded him for returning too late when he reached home.

Officer Gong enlists the help of Beggar Jang to open the wooden case at the crime scene while Gwi Dong began to think that the murder could have some connections with the missing Constable Kang but he began to think of something else as well when he saw the words left behind. "I'm here"








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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 9th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 13.8 (4th) / Seoul: 17.6 (3rd)

After thoughts of Ep.9

The kids are grown up already but there are some mysteries that must be solve during the 10 years leap.



01.When did Gwi Dong and family moved back home after the uprising?

02.Why is Dong Nyeo working as a trader and how did she became one?

03.When did Chun Dung started to work with Dong Nyeo and stays at the same place with her instead of living together with Dal Yi and grandfather?

04.How long did Chun Dung left his hometown for his trading job for everyone to miss him so much?


05.Who is the murderer and who is going to be frame for it?


K-drama rule - Love line

It's obvious that Chun Dung is aware that both Geum Ok and Dal Yi are interested in him but he is trying to keep a distant from them like rejecting Geum Ok's hand in marriage and Dal Yi's shoes. But the woman that he love (Dong Nyeo) is blowing hot and cold at him all the time although she likes him as well, she still can't get over the fact that he had let Officer Kim go 10 years ago.

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Guest DarkSmurf

Hi Everyone,

The Duo Episode 7 & 8 English Soft-Sub Subtitle is out.

The Duo 1-8 English Subtitle can be found Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-

URL: http://www.darksmurfsub.com/forum/index.php?/topic/418-the-duo-2011-episode-1-8/

Please visit the link for more information about the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project. CTS Project is about FANS helping FANS for FAST SUBTITLE RELEASE! Enjoy!

Warmest Regards


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Guest yeohweping


Geum Ok visits Chun Dung at the trading post to thank him for the gift but immediately gets jealous when she heard that he has given a better version of the gift to Dong Nyeo. She snatches away the gift that Chun Dung had given Dong Nyeo after comparing it with hers when she asked Dong Nyeo if she can see it. Dong Nyeo who is shocked and unhappy at first when Geum Ok asks her to give it to her, gave in to her request due to her gratitude debts to the Kim family. Dong Nyeo tried to appease the unhappy Chun Dung by telling him to give her a better gift next time when he returns from another outside trading trip.

Madam Kwon's happiness was short-lived when Officer Kim rejected the marriage match she had gotten for Geum Ok. Meanwhile trouble blew at the trading office after Geum Ok left when another merchant who got his goods at a lower price because he was Chun Dung's friend's father got into the bad books of a corrupted officer, got arrested after he started hitting out at the guards for burning his goods.

Gang leader Hwang who finds a warning message struck on his door with a knife after his meeting with Officer Gong and the corrupted officer, orders Jin Deuk to find out the origins of the knife who in turns seeks help from Beggar Jang and Do Kap about it.

Keun Nyeo lied to drag Sun Dal home to Mak Soon after she found him at the gambling den. Sun Dal ended up running away again after fighting with Mak Soon over Keun Nyeo and Soe Dol ran after Mak Soon when she ran after Sun Dal. Mak Soon screamed at Keun Nyeo to stop staying at her home and return to the beggars' hut in her anger while Soe Dol follows her back home like a puppy to heat the tavern. Deuk Ne mistaken Soe Dol and Keun Nyeo when she saw Keun Nyeo hugging a crying Soe Dol.

Chun Dung strongly states that nothing happened between him and Dong Nyeo when he went drinking at Dal Yi's place when Grandfather questions him when they were alone as Grandfather sensed Chun Dung's strong liking for Dong Nyeo.

Chun Dung feel insulted once again when Officer Kim's servants talked bad about his beggar's background and hits at them to teach them a lesson.

Officer Gong who was supposed to have a meeting with Officer Kim had to leave the trading post as news came by that the corrupted Officer was murdered by 5 men in black.

Chun Dung openly shows his frustrations to Dong Nyeo after Officer Kim and Gwi Dong left the trading post after dinner. But Dong Nyeo just coldly asks him if he wants her to betray his friend, Gwi Dong.








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Guest yeohweping

The duo cast's Good morning pics






Rating for 10th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 14.6 (3rd) / Seoul: 16.6 (3rd)

After thoughts of Ep.10

Debts of graditude vs Love.

01.Younger generation : Although Dong Nyeo knows that Chun Dung loves her but because of her gratitude debts towards Gwi Dong, she forces herself to keep a distance from Chun Dung although she likes him as well as she doesn't want to betray nor cause a dent in their friendship by actually choosing between both of them openly.




02.Older Generation : Mak Soon throws Soe Dol away in place of another man without thinking of the things Soe Dol had done for her.


K-drama rule for ep.10

I know that you love me and I love you too but I can't go to you because I owed another person too much to break his/her heart.


"The Duo" emerges the new winner on TV charts

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