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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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Guest shyangz

liking this drama... i can't help but find many 'opposites' in the drama, there are so many possibilities how the drama will develop..

firstly gwidong. so far he's the source of slapstick comedy in the drama. i'm glad that he isn't portrayed as the 'undeserving swopped beggar kid' in the drama even as chundoong is showing all the inherited traits of his real identity. in fact gwidong is sort of like a neighborhood kid gang leader, having wierd ideas, wanting to win, and curious. and the fun part about him being a rich kid is when he reveals how cowardly and loser-ish he actually is, and i especially loved the scene where dalyi tried to gun him. lol

chundoong is the hero-in-making. firstly yeah he looks cute. :P as his (real) sister noted, how can there be a beggar that looks so good? i was quite touched at the part where he received his brush and ink from his teacher, all his expressions from disbelief, to elation, to grief at his own lowly status, to ambition at the thought that he can overcome all these, and then some kind of disbelief again that this can happen to him (those series of scenes leading to the leafless tree at moonlight scene)

as in many dramas of unknown birth secrets, there's the stereotypical notion that no matter what kind of circumstances you are brought up in, your 'real blood' will show, like how chundoong loves studying and has a sense of uprightness (a beggar that is dead against stealing), vs gwidong where he is manipulative (though still innocently manipulative at this age) and prefers strength to studying.

however, the twists are that chundoong's real dad is not exactly that great, he will probably be the big bad guy later in the drama and i wonder how the two guys will deal with it... and the many kind-hearted ahjusshi's in the village, they will probably help the two boys grow up well.. ^^ of course maksoon, one moment i hate her but the next moment i kind of pity her. and the great drama that will ensue when the guys find out what she did.

and there are the many types of 'mothering' in the episodes, aside from maksoon's .. there's the rivalry between the beggar leader's #1 wife and #2 wife, #1 wife being surrogate mum to cheondoong while #2 wife spoiling her chubby son (the most normal loving mother and child relationship in the drama), and the 2nd wife of gwidong's yangban dad, always jealous and resentful of nanny maksoon. in the parts when i find the kid actor scenes predictable (boring), the older characters are refreshing and i'm just hoping no one dies too soon.

the girls - so far dong nyeo to me is 1) pretty 2) looks smart, but that's about it. i guess her character should be admired for being so appreciative of a poor beggar, but then again, all the viewers know that chundoong is not an ordinary beggar kind of beggar... i actually like dalyi's character, but superficial me is bothered by the looks of the child actress acting as her -- she looks too 'upper class'. if only they can get someone like ha ji won, ha, 'cos dalyi reminds me a little of gil ra im..

anyway looking forward to ep 5, think that's when cheondoong and gwidong becomes partners / comrades-in-arms!

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Guest happipplrock

I'm going to watch this because Han Ji Hye is in it. But overall I'm a sucker for historical dramas.

Can't wait to see how the story progresses.

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Guest yeohweping


Chun Dung was carried back to Dal Yi's home where he was being treated for his injuries.Constable Kang stopped him from leaving when he tried to make it for his lessons despite of his pains.

Dong Nyeo became worried when she doesn't see Chun Dung.

Geum Ok happily showed off her new shoes but Mak Soon began to shake a lot when she heard that it was Chun Dung who got back them from the thief. Gwi Dong sadly tells her that no one in the family actually cares for him and now his parents are going to send his nanny away as well when Mak Soon tells him to go into the house to greet his father.

Beggar Jang who wants revenge on Constable Kang gathers his men and seeks help from two other clans to do so but they start fighting among themselves and Beggar Jang was the only man left standing after Constable Kang and But Deul's father appear. Beggar Jang ran away like the coward he always was.

Constable Kang who sensed that Chun Dung who is not an ordinary beggar asks his cousin to take in Chun Dung as his apprentice as he feels that Chun Dung can no longer go back to the beggars after his incident. Soe Dol allows Chun Dung to stay with them as well but Beggar Jang insisted that he must be paid 200 nyang for raising the boy for 15 years before he lets him go (Note: Mak Soon's retrenchment money is also 200 nyang)

Pan Sul upon discovering Dong Nyeo's secret when he follows her, tells Gwi Dong that the ghosts were actually Dong Nyeo and another person. Gwi Dong was filled jealousy when he hears her calling out for Chun Dong when he gives her the ghost masks and her note left to Chun Dong at the forest house.

Chun Dung returns to his studying place only to find all his books and writing materials gone. After running to Dong Nyeo's place, both Chun Dung & Dong Nyeo guessed out that Gwi Dong must be the one who did so. Chun Dung seeks Gwi Dong out to make him return his books although Dong Nyeo had already told him not to. Both of them eventually came up with the agreement that Gwi Dong is to return his books the day Chun Dung manage to win him in their fighting matches. Both boys began to bond through their fights and finally, Gwi Dong agrees to return all his books under the condition that both of them become Jjak Pae and pledge brotherhood to each other.






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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 5th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 11.0 (11th)/ Seoul: 13.2 (6th)

After thoughts of Ep.5

Fate is really starting to "bite back" at Mak Soon.

01.Geum Ok likes Chun Dung better than Gwi Dong

02.Dong Nyeo likes Chun Dung better than Gwi Dong.

03.Gwi Dong & Chun Dung are bonding like brothers.

04.Mak Soon has to leave Gwi Dong despite wanting to stay near him all her life

05.All the money that she gets for her 'retirement' will have to be use in exchange for Chun Dung's freedom from Beggar Jang if she wants him to go somewhere else.



K-drama rule

Pride will be the downfall for all fathers.

01.Beggar Jang gets 'beaten' each time he wanted to take revenge.

02.Teacher Sung will have a death warrant on his head in the next ep.

03.Officer Kim has a distant relationship with Gwi Dong when his pride is hurt with an 'useless' son

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Guest yeohweping






Okay, the ep.7 preview got me excited always but I am not going to give spoilers for it as you have to watch it next week or the end of ep.6 to show why :phew:


Teacher Kang instructs Dong Nyeo to burn all his letters he had received from the secret organization and his personal journal as well when he feels that someone is onto his tracks. Dong Nyeo shows her displeasure at the nobleman who kept showing up at their place, citing that he is going to get her father into trouble but Teacher Sung shuts her up before she complains even more about why the nobleman doesn't seek another person for the tasks instead. She meets up with Gwi Dong outside her home when Seon Dal asked her to keep a look-out for them. Gwi Dong asks her to return the books to Chun Dung and even told her that he may have lost her heart but he earned a best friend instead.

Constable Kang gets a beating from his cousin when he was teaching Chun Dung martial arts when the boy should be working on his shoe making internship. Dal Yi takes the chance to criticize all his shortcomings when he was trying his best to learn. Meanwhile Beggar Jang who refused to give up on Chun Dung, finds that he is unable to adjust to life without Chun Dung.

Soe Dol gets really disappointed when Mak Soon refused to keep her promise of living with him after leaving the Kim family, using the excuse that she won't be able to explain her situation to Gwi Dong whenever he comes visiting. Gwi Dong chose to drown his sadness in sorrow when Mak Soon leaves, shouting that he won't be able to send her away.

Sparks fly when Dong Nyeo came to Dal Yi's place to give Chun Dung his books and a request for a pair of shoes to be made for her father within three days (The day Teacher Sung has to leave for his mission).Dal Yi retorts that it's impossible for them to do so because of her dislike for Dong Nyeo but Chun Dung ensures Dong Nyeo that Grandpa will be able to do so and proceed outside to talk with her ignoring Dal Yi's orders to stay behind. Chun Dung holds Dal Yi back when she was going to strike him with her hammer after Dong Nyeo leaves for talking down at her the same way Dong Nyeo does, they stop their fighting only when But Deul's mom came running seeking Grandpa as But Deul's dad was arrested for a crime he didn't commit.

Gwi Dong's efforts turned out to be fruitless when his uncle refused to let But Deul's dad go. Dal Yi discovered Gwi Dong and Chun Dung are friends when he walked her back to the shoe stall. Chun Dung got his heart hurt once again when he meets Mak Soon at the food tavern while Mak Soon tried to break up Gwi Dong's friendship with Chun Dung. Officer Kim rebukes Gwi Dong for seeking his uncle at court and Gwi Dong ran out of the house after being hit by his father, screaming that he hates his world and family background.

But Deul's dad was returned as a corpse to the village after he was tortured to death.

Hyun Kam promised Officer Kim that he'll right all his wrongdoings when the latter threw his top at him for killing But Deul's dad.

Chun Dung presents Teacher Sung with his new shoes and tells him how thankful he is towards him.

The secret organization gets betrayed by the nobleman who often visit Teacher Sung and everyone in it including Dong Nyeo are captured by the guards. Hyun Kam even sends his own secret men after Teacher Sung and Seon Dal who escaped, hoping to find evidences against them, so that he can get into his brother in-law's good books but he found nothing on Teacher Sung after killing him and escaped alone after all his men were beaten by Seon Dal. The badly injured Seon Dal requested that Chun Dung helps him hand a letter to Constable Kang before he collapsed in front of Dal Yi's home.








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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 6th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 12.8 (5th)/ Seoul: 15.2 (4th)

After thoughts of Ep.6

01.Purple is the most common color that appears in this ep.


02.How would you like something that you done wrong staring back in your face?



03.How is Dong Nyeo going to live on without her father?


04.Women's cat fight began at a really young age


K-drama rule

When both of you are born at the same time, you both share the common fate of losing someone whom you love/respect at around the same time.



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Guest DarkSmurf

Hi Everyone,

The Duo Episode 5 & 6 English Soft-Sub Subtitle is out.

The Duo 1-6 English Subtitle can be found Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project:-

URL: http://www.darksmurf...11-episode-1-5/

Please visit the link for more information about the Community Translated Subtitle (CTS) Project. CTS Project is about FANS helping FANS for FAST SUBTITLE RELEASE! Enjoy!

Warmest Regards


PS: Sorry soompi fans, for a couple of weeks, I have not been updating the soompi site FANS on latest release. This is because the CTS project grew so rapidly in the short 2 months since it's launched, that I been kept busy with the server upgrades, making many enhancements at the site while keeping all the latest releases up-to-date. To bring about not just faster subs but also better QC edited version of the subtitle:)

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