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[Drama 2011] The Duo 짝패

Guest yeohweping

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Guest yeohweping


Hyun Kam instructed his men to follow the blood tracks of the escaped man as they couldn't find anything at all on Teacher Sung's body. But Constable Kang made Chun Dung & Dal Yi covered up the blood tracks to leading their house as he carried the dead body of Seon Dal away to abandon it out in the woods.

Officer Kim cried when he discovered that Hyun Kam had killed his friend and hit out at him and his assistant although Hyun Kam tried to defend his actions by saying that Teacher Sung must be killed for the investigations to carry on smoothly. Hyun Kam later went against Officer Kim again when the latter instructed him to let Dong Nyeo go, by sending her away to the gisaeng house.

Chun Dung who finally realized that his Teacher was already killed by Hyun Kam when he discovered another patch of blood and the shoes that he had made for him. Swearing revenge for his Teacher, he started practicing his sword skills although Constable Kang told him to take care of his family when he is away. Hyun Kam's men came to Dal Yi's place to arrest Constable Kang but ended up taking Grandpa away when he begged them to let the children go while he tells them everything he knows.

Meanwhile, Gwi Dong began his search for Dong Nyeo by asking his father for her whereabouts when he arrived drunk back home. But he told him to ask his uncle instead while he throws his temper at Madam Kwon.

Chun Dung strikes a deal with Beggar Jang to have his Teacher buried with a funeral and started practicing for his revenge.He carried Geum Ok who had twisted her ankle home after he had paid a visit to Soe Dol to tell him that he will be going somewhere faraway. Along their way back to the Kim house,Geum Ok discovered that both of them have the same red mark on their necks just like Officer Kim while Gwi Dong doesn't have the mark at all. Chun Dung had a strange thought that he might be related to the Kim family but he brushed it off instead.

Meanwhile, Gwi Dong received news that Dong Nyeo had been sent to the Gisaeng House and he was stopped by Pan Sul when he wanted to rush over there. Mak Soon was overjoyed when she heard that Chun Dung will be leaving from Soe Dol.

Dal Yi who had learned of Chun Dung's revenge plans, was a step faster than him when she took a shot at Hyun Kam's neck with her gun before Chun Dung could rush out with his knife. The guards began to hit out a man carrying a stick after mistaken it for a rifle instead of thinking that the shooter could be a girl as they knocked Dal Yi out of the way. As Dal Yi escaped the guards, someone held on to her shoulders as she ran away.









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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 7th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 12.6 (5th)/ Seoul: 14.9 (4th)

After thoughts of Ep.7

Who will Chun Dung be choosing?

The girl who cries for the same reasons with him


Or the girl who tries to protect him by being one step ahead of him



Dong Nyeo now realizes that fate will always changing



Gwi Dong goes undercover as a woman





Will Chun Dung be killing his real father?


K-drama rule

The reversal of fate

01.Dong Nyeo who is haughty towards Dal Yi because of her upper class status finds herself being sent to the Gisaeng House after her father's death. Although she will revert back to her upper class status after the uprising, she also learned a lesson to be nicer to people.

02.Mak Soon who hopes that Gwi Dong gets a better life after the boys were switched, will have karma biting back at her as the Kim family falls after the uprising.



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Guest yeohweping


Dal Yi lies to Gwi Dong that she is going home when he noticed the commotion around them. Dal Yi and Chun Dung have already left their home by the time the guards arrive at their place to arrest them. Hyun Kam's men turned their attention to Beggar Jang as Chun Dung is one of his beggar boys and Beggar Jang can't do anything but to go with them as he has just returned with a bag of stolen chickens with Geum Nyeo and his son.

But Deul's mom took both Dal Yi and Chun Dung for a hideout at the medicine hut and told it's owner to take care of them until Constable Kang returns.

Gwi Dong decided to disguise as a Gisaeng to investigate Dong Nyeo's whereabouts after hearing where she had been sent to. He immediately set up his mind to save her with the help of his friends when he heard that she will be starting to serve her first customer that night.

Hyun Kam's men starts torturing the people that might know how to use the short gun to find out the identity of the shooter. Grandpa who is grateful to the hunter for not disclosing about Dal Yi, massages the hunter's injured legs while the rebel officers locked up with them reveals that they'll be freed tonight.

Officer Kim tells that Madam Kwon they have to pack up and leave the village as trouble is coming their way after he was assaulted by a group of men on his way home.

Constable Kang who finally came back, scolded Dal Yi for the mis-using of her gun.

Gwi Dong managed to save Dong Nyeo with the help of his best friend and Chun Dung. Mak Soon promised to take care of Dong Nyeo when he sent her to the Food tavern. Chun Dung in turn sent him safely home just before the start of the uprising began. The court house and Officer Kim's place were taken over and looted by the rebels.

Because of Gwi Dong's lateness, Gwi Dong,Officer Kim and Servant Park couldn't escape on time. Officer Kim tried to protect Gwi Dong and instructed him to run away while he delays them when they were sighted by the rebels after they parted ways with Servant Park. He ended up having a face-off alone with Chun Dung after all the other rebels went after Gwi Dong.






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Guest yeohweping

Rating for 8th ep.(TNS)

Nationwide : 16.3(4th)/ Seoul: 19.7 (4th)

After thoughts of Ep.8

01.Friendships that aren't affected by class



02.Will life be better after the uprising?


03.Gwi Dong looking better as a woman


04.Will Chun Dung end up killing his own father?



The adult leads will be coming out from ep.9



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yeohweping, thanks so much.

Gwi Dong really looks "pretty" searching for Dong Nyeo :)

WOW on the ratings! steadily rising since epi 1!

excited to see adult cast. after watching Cinderella Sisters, I also looked forward to CJM's projects and its a plus that he's working with my fave Jihye.

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I just finished Ep.5 and this is getting so good!!!!!!!!! Such a wonderful sageuk in years! Quick question though, the "uncle" who lived with Dalyi (played by Kwonohjoong). Is he really her uncle by blood, or is that a disguise? I can't figure it out.

If they are not, I'm looking forward to some romance between them when she becomes an adult. =) I mean, since we know that she won't be getting any love from either of the male protagonists....

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Guest yeohweping



Jung Chan to make his Saguk comeback after 6 years

Jung Chan joins 'The Duo' as a playboy, 조선달 Jo Seon Dal who will be involve in a triangular love relationship between Mak Soon and Soe Dol after making his first appearance from ep.10 of the duo

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Guest Greenrose934

Even without subs,This drama 's really interesting...

Gwi Dong's so cute with woman's dress

all characters 're playing very well..love them all ....It's funny ...epi 8 -> Beggar Jang 's family ,he 's in jail because of stolen chickens

I would like to thanks Darksmurfsub so much ....

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