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[drama 2009] Heading To The Ground 맨땅에 헤딩

Guest Q_Park

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Guest yoyo_yoyo

BongGoon's Caps...


























credit: SYC


Thasa thanks so much for clip BongGoon&DongHo

he's wonderful ...When he kneel and cried, my heart is hurt T.T ...I'm very proud of you ...Yunnie ahhh Hwaiting!!!!

thank kyu so much for trans....

I enjoyed the talk of BongHae... especially when Bg asked HB like or dislike ...His voice is very emotional

I love kiss scene of BongHae <3333

I also love to Ep 12, it's perfect...

Thanks everyone for link, pics ...

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Guest KimYongAh

omggg. the kiss scene was short and sweet! lol , ive only watched when they kissed. mysoju have not yet to upload episode 12....i really do hope they'll have another kissss though xDD


thanks for the translation of the kissing part! haha , how sweet~~

HAHA , the slow motion kiss you've shown us was so FUUUNNNY. Heh.

by the way , do you watch HTTG without subs?

&& bleh , yunho looks so hot ~~ and goara is a prettttayee as usual xD

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Guest kinkie_lass

i'm really happy with yesterday's episode. of course i'm watching it without the aid of subs, but still the acting from the casts was amazing. if i am a little doubtful of Yunho's acting chop before this, right now i believe he will do fine in the future if he keeps growing like this. the growing process he went through as an actor is a joy to watch. he can definitely be a bona fide, triple-threat starlet in the future.

the kiss... it wasn't really as romantic as i imagine it will be, but it is enough to make my heart flutters... it is their first kiss after all so they should be a little awkward. anyways yunho sure can kiss and i have this hunch that he's doing this often :unsure: *gets shot*

i need to rant though.... WHERE THE HELL IS MAXIM???? i fcukin' miss his interaction with BongGoon!

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im glad that the kiss did lure some viewers at least the ratings went up a little...

and episode 12's highlight for me was DH...poor guy breaks my heart...but im happy that he and BG are on better terms now...

poor YY....i feel that BG will break her heart in tonite's epi...oh well...i hope she runs to DH im sure he'll be happy to lend his shoulders and comfort ^_^ i think these unfortunate events on both of their lives will be the bridge for them to be together....and move forward into the future with each other....

on the other hand..i still feel that the scripting was so bad for this drama -poor plot and character development in my opinion...it could have been better but oh well...

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Guest forevertw0

YES.. i'm watching ..

so cute .. after the kiss, HB kept hiccuping non-stop ... then BG came into her house to give her something .. wanted to kiss her again but he just left .. that moment was really cute ^^

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^ Missed that part, dang. XD

Episode 13 Spoilers

I only just got connected, idk how much I missed

-Coach talking to soccer team about DH

-BG & YY... BG telling YY he doesn't like her more than a friend ):

-Coach yelling and Hong, HB and BG about Japan

-AJ & Byul scene (AJ cooking food, etc. XD)

-J-League guy & BG... BG brought him to the coach, but he J-League guy is saying something else ><

(Man that J-League guy is irritating D: )

-YY goes to hospital.... I think DH tries to jump off the building! D:

LOL My connection got lost for like a few seconds, YY is walking with DH now, idk what happened, but it's okay now XD

-Coach, SW and HB's father's scene, don't really know what they're saying, but HB's father is angry

-SW & BG meet in the hallway, (man SW is annoying ><), SW said something important, i wish i knew

-BG punches SW, but everyone sees it D: ... UGH i feel so bad for BG

-Hong tells HB what happened, then HB runs to SW to explain things i think

-BG meets with the coach, he's trying to apologize, I think he's begging the coach now ):

-omg, BG is still on his knees (begging) until the next morning ):

-Hong is in front of BG's house, Byul and her mom are leaving, Hong is following them lol

-BG is still on his knees ):

-YY is talking (about SW) to BG while he's on his knees, BG isn't saying anything

-SW is talking to BG (he's still on his knees)... (lol i think i want to slap SW now XD)

-YY is making SW leave... please make him leave ugh god irritating guy XD

(and YY just called BG a fool)

-Hong pretends to run into Byul & her mom by accident XD

(and then Hong buys them pizza XP)

-YY's mom & AJ talking

-BG is STILL on his knees and it's already night again >< he body looks weak now ><

-HB's father & coach talking about BG

-HB talking to Myung Kil

-HB running to BG and telling him to stop

-HB ran to get a water bottle for BG, HB puts clothing on him

-BG tries to walk to HB but falls... it's just a nice scene. <3 (too much to type lol I was enjoying the scene XD)

-BG goes to SW's office D:, SW is telling BG to get on his knees in front of him but BG doesn't 8D

-BG & SW are talking about other things, but idk what they're saying ><

-HB is crying for BG ): She also tries to deny that she likes BG. I think BG is calling HB now

-YY & YY's mom scene, YY saying her heart hurts because of BG

-BG running back & forth in soccer field

-HB meets up with BG and idk what they're really talking about XD

-HB running together with BG and playing soccer together. <3

-Next day: Coach & DH talking, idk but seems like a nice convo xD

-Aw, a little boy who's a fan of DH gets his autograph

-BG giving himself a pep talk

- =O HB goes to her father's house

-BG tells Byul, Byul's mom and AJ that he has something to say

-HB is begging (about BG to) her father now D:

-Ugh, her father said something, IDK WHAT HE SAID D: then the episode ends

Preview ~ HB leaving her father's house

-BG at press confrence for something

-YY & BG are talking (lol idk the preview is fast XD)

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Guest skyelee21

My heart just suddenly broke into little pieces... ;_;


Episode starts with last night's kiss (which was awkward for me because GODDAMNIT HB why didn't you kiss back? You look like you're disgusted with BG! Ok... just my opinion... sorry.)

HB goes home and starts hiccuping. BG calls her on her mobile, and a couple of seconds later he's ringing the doorbell. He brings something for HB, not sure what it is... but before he leaves, he "threatens" her with another kiss.

It's soccer practice... the coach seems to be announcing something to the team.

And oh crap my heart. BG tells YY he doesn't love her. >_< *heart breaks* They have a little talk, and YY walks away. As soon as she gets to the center of the field, the sprinklers go off and she stops in her tracks. BG runs after her and offers his jacket to her but she refuses and walks away.

Goalie (Kyungrae?) is sweeping the floor of their sleeping quarters... and he sees some documents which involve Japan I think?

BG is summoned to the coach's office and he's being scolded. Not sure why. >_<

Coach must've said something shocking. Not sure if it's about BG's participation in the team.

Byul and Aeja are eating ttkbokki in a resto... they end up at the house with Aeja cooking something for Byul. ^^ Byul says it's delicious and tells her mom to try it. Byul's mom likes it too. ^^

There's a confrontation involving BG, the coach and the J League guy. BG seems upset in the middle of the conversation.

YY goes to visit DH in the hospital. She finds his room empty, but sees a note on the bed. On the next scene, DH is up on the hospital roof, looking down below.

YY is looking for DH in the halls and finds DH on the rooftop. She approaches him. I think she thought DH will jump and kill himself...

The coach is met with HB's father and his legal team (not sure... SW is there). Are they talking about BG?

SW receives a call and takes it at the hallway where BG is walking. SW confronts him, and he says something that upsets BG. BG gets too upset and punches SW. The coach and HB's father (with the rest of the legal team?) sees it. >_<

HB goes to meet SW. They talk about something... >_<

BG approaches the coach. I think he's negotiating about something, and the coach says something about lies.

It's the following day (?), and he's kneeling in front of the FC Soul building. The coach goes out and just passes him. BG's other three roommates are talking about him.

SangMan I think headed to BG's house to talk to Byul's mom. But Byul and Byul's mom are headed for the hospital...

YY sees BG kneeling in front of the building. She approaches him and talks to him... (I don't know what she tells him, but I heard her mention SW)

SW sees BG as well and talks to him (he seems like he's insulting BG). YY comes to the rescue and tells him to go away. (OMG I really want to hit SW in the face now.) SW leaves.

SangMan follows Byul and Byul's mom to the hospital. I think he asks them why they're there... and Byul's mom said (I think) that BG doesn't know they went there because he didn't want him to worry. (Not very sure.)

SM treats Byul and Byul's mom to pizza. LOL he's able to hold her hands and he seems very awkward. :P

AJ is eating by herself at the Cha household. YY's mom comes looking for Byul but ends up talking to AJ. She asks AJ if she doesn't have a family...

BG is still kneeling in front of the building... and he's already feeling cold. (He's looking pale now... oh my heart breaks.)

The coach and HB's dad are talking about BG. Meanwhile HB and the coach's assistant (? I forgot her name sorry!) are also talking... I think she mentions about BG's act in front of the FC Soul building. She runs over to get him out of there but BG refuses to leave.

HB leaves to get BG some water to drink instead. He refuses to take it. HB takes her sweater off and puts it over BG's shoulders to keep him warm. As she walks away, BG calls out to her and stands up... he tries to walk towards her but falls down. HB helps him up.

BG just returns HB's sweater... and he goes to SW's office. SW tells him to kneel in front of him... at first he was about to... but he stands back up again. (OH GOD I HATE THAT SMIRK SW MAKES.)

YY is crying in her room and her mother sees her. She thought YY is sick, but then YY mentions BG. (Did she say she's crying over BG?)

BG is running furiously in the field... HB comes. They talk for a while, and then they start running together. Now they're playing soccer.

DH and the coach are talking in the hospital.

DH meets a little boy in a wheelchair. I think he's a fan?

He asks DH to sign his soccer ball.

BG is back in his house, and talking by himself... I think he's encouraging himself or something.

HB goes to meet his dad. (Is she bargaining for BG to stay in the team???) >_<

Will be editing as I go along...

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Guest yiyi0312

oh crap i rushed home n missed the first few mins.

den my connection failed badly on me... finally gets connected at Byul n mom part...

Arghhh i want to see the hiccup part lol.

omg~! dun DH andwae!!!!!!!!!! don't commit suicide .... aissshhhh

CHEY!!! i thot wat .... scare me >.<

What is SW trying to do to my BG-shii ???!!!! Evil behind the smile ....

Nice punch >.< but feel so sorry for BG ... >.< Caught by the coach n HB's dad ...

I'm thinking hong will noe abt Byul's health cos he's following the mom n byul secretly.

haiz... my BG on his knees >.< poor knees ... hope he got some padding on the knees tt kind of ground is painful to kneel on.

Did HB's dad ask HB to quit as an agent? If not BG will have to leave the team ? hmmm

Whooo ~ BG gets into the team as official player (dunno wat is the right term).


!@#@$%^&*()*&%^$%$%^&*()*&(*^%&^$#@ CSW!!!! He finds it interesting to pick on BG!@$#%^%&^*&^%$$

lolz at BG he was limping in one scene n the other (went to SW's office) walking so smartly. GOOD ! Don't kneel in front of SW!

HB LIKE BG!!! (but she kindda denies it... anw she feels sad when BG is in pain >.< )

Omo BG n HB at the goalpost ... BG holding on tightly onto HB's shoulders... eye contacts!


HB n BG playing around the soccer field ^^ I heard Yunho's trademark laughter "Hahaha!"

Did HB's Dad ask HB to quit as an agent? If not, BG will be out of the team???

Whoo~ BG will be an official player next episode ? ^^

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Guest forevertw0

yea .. and now ..

his room mates apparently found the letter that BG received from that J-League guy.. and seems he's off the team ?? not sure about what his coach said but it seems serious ..

i think that the J-league guy is from Jang Seung Woo and his plot to get rid of BG

poor BG .. everyone seems to dislike/hate him alot >.<

SW really hates BG alot .. considering the way he kinda lied in front of the coach and the director of k-league ??

I don't see why HB doesn't see the motive of SW in trying to get rid of BG .. feel so sorry for BG :(

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