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Guest Q_Park

[drama 2009] Heading To The Ground 맨땅에 헤딩

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Guest alchocoholic

EPISODE 13 (ENTAL - MU link) is up in the AM-ADDICTION forum :)

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Guest nXHn87

Thanks so much, cute girl!!

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Guest thasaranaki

Yunho And Ara's Caps From Ep 13....









Credits to uknowbar!

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Guest LoveYunhO

OMG :o I'm soooo behind watching this drama but I couldn't help but spoil myself watching the caps... Aaah so lucky Ara, kissing Yunho like that *jealousy starts creeping up on me*

There's so much going on right now (the drama ratings, the episode cutting) but I don't feel like voicing out my opinion just yet, I'll wait until I finish watching (I stopped around chapter 4).

Hmm as for BG's ringtone, it was posted several pages ago, it's

. I have the mp3 file stored somewhere in my laptop, u can PM me for a d/l link. Thanks for posting HB's ringtone too, my friend and I also thought it was Crazy Love, cause the tune is very similar. Anyway, I want it for my phone too :P

Thanks to everyone for posting the caps, translations and links. Keep the spoilers coming lol

thank you soo much!!! i love his ringtone

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Guest yiyi0312

haha just watched on youtube the starting which i missed, that teasing kiss was just to stop HB's hiccups . lol~

the moment HB starts to hiccup, I can't stop luffing... I wonder if there are any NGs while taking this scene lol!

Oh btw recently there isn't any NGs clips shown in this morning show? dunno if u guys know which show i'm referring to or not ... hmmm

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Guest flydolesqueue

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Guest jerryyan

wow, another nice ep., it was so cute how yunho almost kiss ara again, and she did look a lil dissappointed to me

when he didn't :). Thanks for all the spoilers, will go watch the whole ep. now.

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Guest withoutadoubt2

Rating for Episode 13

5.6% - 5.9% *moving on up*

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Guest jerryyan

oh yeah, the rating is gradually going up again, slowly but surely. As long as it doesn't go in the opposite direction.

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Guest thasaranaki

Wow.. I was surprised to see the rating went up on Thursday for the first time..

because normally the rating seem to went up on Wednesday and drop abit on Thursday..

Is it because of the game last night? Anyway.. I am glad that its above 5%..

It seem like after the kissing scene.. more people get more interest in the drama hehehe..

HTTG Hwaiting!!

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Guest lovelyunho

Poor BG :( He does a lot of kneeling in this episode. Felt bad for YY when BG tells her he likes her but it's not love. From the short preview of next episode, it looks like she's trying to move on and accept BG's decision which is good.

Seung Woo is very bad but Lee Sang Yoon is very good :D I hope he has more scenes in the remaining episodes.

Loved BG and HB playing soccer. It was a lovely scene and very natural looking.

HB's dad is very selfish. HB goes to see her dad at the end of ep. 13 to ask him for a favor. She asks him to stop BG from being kicked out of FC Soul. He tells her he will IF she quits being an agent. Not very nice of her dad :angry: In episode 14, he's still on the team so either she accepted his terms or something else happened. Can't wait to see.

Glad to see the ratings went up a little bit :)

Drama's almost over :(

HTTG Hwaiting!!!

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Guest Q_Park

Did a lot of translating. X_X

Episode 12: BongHae Eating Together

HB: What's wrong? Are you worried about Lee Dong Ho?

BG: He has always had a weak knee . . .

HB: I'm sure he is all right. Hurry up and eat, okay? . . . I thought my heart was going to burst when we made eye contact after you made the goal. Do you know that I was really touched?

BG: 'Heart was going to burst' 'Really touched', you use those words too loosely.

HB: Then how am I supposed to say them?

BG: Were you really touched?

HB: Yes, my heart felt like it was going to burst! When you held out the two thumbs up from the field and made eye contact with me, I thought, "So this is really what an agent is." I was very very happy.

BG: Why are you an agent? You said you would tell me when I make a goal.

HB: It's probably going to be hard for you to understand because it's a little complicated.

BG: I'm smart.

HB: No, you're an idiot, remember?

BG: This woman really . . . !

HB: This is the first reason. The only good memory I have is at a soccer field.

BG: Soccer field?

HB: This is the second reason. My mother fell off a high area in front of me, I don't even know if it was an accident or on purpose. She was my mother, the person I loved the most and I was very scared. I was scared of my dreams and thoughts. At that time, there was nobody to comfort me and I think there was the World Cup going on. After my mother died, I was walking past the soccer stadium. It was when Korea lost 0-1 remember? All of the fans were crying, "It's okay. It's okay," at the same time and without knowing it myself, I started to say, "It's okay. It's okay."

BG: How can you say this as if it doesn't matter?

HB: This is my third reason. Right after my mother passed away, my dad got remarried and he wanted me to stop being an agent. So I am going to get revenge on him. (finishes making the wrap) Shoot! Goaaaaaaaal~

BG: (eats the wrap)

HB: Goal in.

BG: You don't look like it but you must have lived a hard life.

I love how BG is so touched after hearing about HB's life and what happened with her.

Episode 12: BongHae Walking Together After Dinner

BG: You said that you would do anything for me if I made a goal.

HB: Me?

BG: Yeah, before I entered the game.

HB: Did I? I bought you dinner!

BG: Huh, this woman really is a thief.

HB: Well, do you want anything? Tell me.

BG: When you meet me . . . don't wear heels.

HB: Huh?

BG: When you are with me, don't wear heels, wear sneakers.

HB: Why?

BG: Just because.

HB: What?

BG: I don't care if it's grass or asphalt, when you're with me, wear sneakers.

HB: So, this is your wish?

BG: Yes.

HB: Fine, that's not so difficult.

BG: You said that high heels were a woman's pride. You sure throw that away quickly. Your pride.


Sometimes, HaeBin can be so stupid. She doesn't remember what she has said before. Haha

Episode 12: BongHae Fight Because of YeonYi

HB: Why did you call me?

BG: Because I have something to tell you.

HB: I have something to tell you also.

BG: What is it?

HB: Are you going to go to the J-League? Do you want to go?

BG: How did you find out? Who did you hear that from?

HB: Why didn't you tell me first?

BG: It's not that I wasn't going to tell you first . . .

HB: You should have just told me that you wanted to go! Why did you hide it from me?

BG: What do you mean hide it from you?

HB: You hid it from me.

BG: Hey, look . . .

HB: Go. It's a good oppurtunity, so just go.

BG: Kang Hae Bin! Why won't you hear me out? Why are you telling me to go without even hearing what I have to say?

HB: Go if you want to. You don't have to be sorry to me. Have Byul's test results come in? Even if it's not for Byul, you should think of your family.

BG: Kang hae Bin. Don't worry about those things.

HB: How can I not worry?! You and I both know that this is a good oppurtunity.

BG: Did you receive money to do this?

HB: Money?

BG: I don't understand why you are doing this all of a sudden. Did you receive money to trade me off?

HB: Cha Bong Goon!

BG: You like money.

HB: (sighs) Fine! I received money to do this! Happy now?

Gah! To think that this is because YY lied to HB about BG wanting to join soccer. I think HB was just running high on emotions and started accusing him of wanting to go and stuff because really doesn't want him to. =( BG looked really heartbroken and was about to cry when HB told him to just go. And at the end when just gives up and says that she received money to do this when she really didn't . . .

Episode 12: BongGoon Refuses the Offer

Man: I knew you would come to your senses. The faster you make the decision, the faster we can get the ball rolling.

BG: I came to return this. I sorry. Thank you for giving me an AMAZING offer but I'm afraid I have to refuse.

Man: Do you know what you are doing right now? You are going to regret it tomorrow.

BG: I don't do things like regret. It's my decision so I shouldn't be regretting it. I should believe myself no matter what.

Man: Since you are too young, I'm sure that you don't understand the situation. First let's talk to each other like human being to another human being, not agent to player.

BG: Hey! Look.

Man: Hey, look?

BG: I can succeed here too. I have a lot of things to accomplish. I have to make it to the playoffs and score goals. Anyways, thank you very much.

Man: Cha Bong Goon!

BG: Oh! And one last thing, my agent is a very capable person. If you happen to meet her by chance, don't underestimate her because she is young or is a female.

Gah! I love the way he defends his agent, HaeBin.

Episode 12: Shooting Star Fanclub Meeting

BG: Is anyone here? (HB comes in) Who are you?

HB: Oh! Cha Cha Cha Bong Goon?

BG: Kang Hae Bin?

(sounds of cheering)

HB: a;ldfkja;lkdjfa;lskdjf

AR: Greatest player in the 21st century!

DW: He is finally here!

NR: Cha Bong Goon's first ever fanclub, Shooting Star is here~!

SS: (cheers)

BG: Fanclub?

SS: Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

SS: Oppa! Oppa! Try some of this and this and this. (starts naming a bunch of chicken)

NR: One, two, three (takes picture) OMG! You are so handsome!

BG: (to HaeBin) Try some of this.

SS: (angry)

HB: No thanks, you eat it.

DW: Oppa! What is your favorite color?

BG: Red.

NR: Your most important treasure?

BG: Byul.

SS: Byul?! (angry)

BG: No no! She's my younger sister!!!

SS: Ah~

DW: Your ideal type of girl?

AR: Ideal style!

BG: Ideal type? A girl who likes to laugh a lot . . .

NR: A girl who likes to laugh?

SS: (all start laughing)

AR: Who laughed the best out of us?

BG: Uh . . . all three of you were good!

- Kyu

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Guest thasaranaki

Yah.. Kyu... You are the best.. I was about to ask you to translate the shooting star fan meeting..But I could not believe you already did it.. hehehe..Thanks a lot!

lovelyunho: I felt sad too when thinking the drama is almost over.. only 2 or 3 more weeks to go.. The plot is getting good already...

More Pics From High Cut Magazine..




Credit to uknowbar!

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Guest jerryyan

Kyu: thanks so much for your time and effort put in translating so many different scenes.

WOW! yunho looks stunningly handsome in the high cut magazine pics.

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Guest Q_Park

You guys are welcome!!

Episode 13: HaeBin Realizes Her Feelings For BongGoon

MK: Hae Bin ah~! I told you to come into the house.

HB: It's because my heart hurts.

MK: Did you meet Cha Bong Goon?

HB: (nods)

MK: When things like this happen, you need to have the stronger heart.

HB: (nods)

MK: Think of how sad Cha Bong Goon is right now. First you need to focus.

HB: (starts crying)

MK: Are you crying?

HB: My heart hurts so much because of Cha Bong Goon. I can't do anything because of Cha Bong Goon.

MK: Kang Hae Bin! Do you like Cha Bong Goon?!

HB: (shakes head)

MK: Omo, omo, what are we going to do with you?

HB: I don't . . .

MK: Of course you do!

HB: I don't know.

MK: You! What about Lawyer Jang? You are crazy!!!

HB: (phone call from BG)

MK: Is it Cha Bong Goon?

Episode 13: BongGoon Rejects YeonYi

BG: I thought about what you said.

YY: What? Tell me.

BG: I like you too but . . . I don't think it's love.

YY: You answered sooner than I thought. I told you to think over it again and again.

BG: If you have to think about it, then it's not love. When you think of that person, you feel like smiling and you're happy.

YY: I understand. I'll leave first.

- Kyu

PS. Yunho, Ara, Yunho's guard, and Yunho's friend all went on another date on Thursday. They all went to the movies.

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Kyu - thank you so much - greatly appreciate all the translations - really help all the "non-Korean's" out there. :D

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