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  1. JKH attended the 50th anniversary of Solid Homme at Coex center..he sure takes fashion risks..cute In Singles magazine
  2. http://www.allkpop.com/2013/02/more-details-on-how-sooyoung-jung-kyung-ho-fell-in-love-revealed Apparently JHK is dating Soohyun from SNSD...Their management hasn't confirmed so take the news as gossip for now.. Credit:allkpop
  3. love the look JKH! Too bad we will not get to see this movie until the end of 2013...
  4. http://star.ohmynews.com/NWS_Web/OhmyStar/at_pg.aspx?CNTN_CD=A0001806527 Credit Naver JKH with Director and friend
  5. Nice to see his pics..I'm not loving the outfit because if you can't make this cutie pie look awesome..then it's the clothes... He looks okay not as great as he can. The only picture he looks amazing in is when he is seated and watching the show...he has an aura about him that is very "macho"....for those who have followed JKH we used macho a lot to describe him in the Smile You days
  6. No news from their trip? or any news in general from JKH? It's too quiet...guess have to wait until he has some project out
  7. That's so nice the three smile You guys still together...need LMJ too and I'll be very happy.
  8. Sports clothing pictorial of JKH..very manly http://etv.sbs.co.kr/news/news_content.jsp?article_id=E10001213090 credit:Naver
  9. Just a note everyone..please do not quote photos it is against soompi rules...you can take the image out of your response... It's great we'll get to see JKH in a new show doing something great. He's not acting for the publicity...and he really shys away from it...
  10. Thanks The Girl Who! for posting the pics He had 21 pages of pics on naver and he justcame out...hopefully that's a good sign that the public will want to support his future projects... Here's a pic that looks like Hyun Soo from Smile You got discharged LOL credit:as tagged/naver
  11. Happy Birthday JKH! On August 31st he had his birthday..29th(Korean 30th) Thanks lavenderhana for reminding me...
  12. http://www2.enewstoday.co.kr/sub_read.html?uid=267819&section=sc1 credit naver The article says(google translate)..JKH will be out at 10am September 4th. He will meet fans. His agency is saying he has alot of offers or love calls for projects and he will consider them and discuss possibilities with his agency.
  13. JKH back on Tuesday! Looking forward to seeinghim and I hope he celebrates and some drinks with LMJ!
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