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[drama 2009] Heading To The Ground 맨땅에 헤딩

Guest Q_Park

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Guest yoyo_yoyo

ASTA TV Yunho Heading To The ground Nov.




















Credits: dnbn + yongmong

thanks Kyu for pic HQ... Ara really pretty...I like the eyes and her smile

face small and very bright...and with Yunho I always love his smile

it’s gentle, sometimes very boyish....but his eyes always warm...<3

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Guest thasaranaki

Thanks Kyu for the spoiler of ep 13...

Why HB always fell down?

And BG always the one there to help her.. :lol:

Poor Yeon Yi, I hope she and Dong Ho can make up after this..

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Guest jerryyan

yoyo_yoyo: thanks so very much for such amazing quality magazine scans, esp. of yunho. Also, the pics of him and ara from the press conference is so beautiful, they really look quite a dazzling matching couple imo.

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Guest KimYongAh


heyhey xD Thanks for the ep 13 preview. Actually , im really happy that bg rejected yy! haha. im mean yeah. and haha , thanks for the wonder pictures again (:

by the way , episode 12 will be upload in almost all sites ( that provides HTTG) right? I really want to catch the anticipating kiss scene! wonder how will it be~~~ xD

I LOVE YUNRA. I hope the ratings will go up. Actually , is the channel that plays HTTG on tv a ' popular channel ' in korea?

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I bought the OST. This is scanned by me, so if you take out please credit me. I was about to tag/watermark the images, but decided not to, I mean why not enjoy this? (: But geez, this took forever to scan for something, since I haven't scanned anything in a while... xD If anyone wants like one download file (like a .zip download) for all the scans for the OST, just reply and I'll PM you the link.


Heading to the Ground OST [sCANS]
























credits; [scanned by] ayame-chan [at] soompi

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^ Maybe a couple of weeks to a couple of months after the drama ends? It kind of depends, some DVDs release faster than others, from what I've seen. >< I have a korean store like 10 minutes from my house that sells official OSTs, CDs, DVDs, posters, etc. so that's why I just got the OST today. XP


Episode 12 Spoilers~

-Start w/scene from end of ep 11, DH hurt, BG made goal

-DH at hospital... i think Agent Hong said DH can't play soccer again? not sure...

-BG & HB eating together <3

-BG asking why HB is an agent... and HB is talking about her birth mom & HB fed BG ^^

-BG & HB are walking together

-HB is asking what BG wants, but i don't understand what BG said back lol

-DH at hospital, looks pretty bad

-that J-league person... who wants BG to play in Japan, the J-League guy said something about HB

-I think BG was trying to refuse the offer, but that j-league guy is saying something else

-HB's father visits HB at the office, starts disagreeing with her father

-BG telling YY about J-League, and YY saying he should go, and YY told him to think about what she said before (her confession i think)

-SW scene... which i'm not really paying attention to, since I don't like SW that much LOL

-HB talking to the J-league guy, he's telling her about J-league

-YY meet up with HB and telling her to go to Japan w/BG... i think. lol

- J-league guy goes to BG's house... Byul's mom seems uncomfortable ><

-HB & Agent hong saying something in the office, idk

-Byul & Byul's mom talking about BG (it's so cute. <3)

-BG texting HB to come outside i think

-HB & BG talking about him leaving... it's an emotional scene ><

-BG, AJ, Byul, Byul's mom scene... Byul telling BG to go to Japan if he wants

-Coach finds out about DH's condition

-BG running to hospital

-DH crying, BG going to DH's room, DH telling him to get out, but BG trying to talk to him ><

-BG is now blaming himself for DH's condition ><

-BG & SW scene. I'm not liking SW right now, i wish i knew what SW was saying, but it seems irritating. XD

-DH by himself crying... i feel so bad for him ):

-Agent Hong drinking with the coach & talking about DH & BG

-YY & her mom talking about DH i guess

-Agent Hong is drunk and he goes to BG's house lol

-Seems like Agent Hong is saying something meaningful and BG happens to listen to it

-BG looks emotional from listening from what Agent Hong said... I want to cry too ><

-AJ & BG talking at the playground

-DH @ hospital again... sigh he looks sad

-BG is on his knees in front of DH, he's apologizing ><

-BG is crying while on his knees ): and DH is offering to help him up ^^, it's such a sad, happy scene... they're on better terms now ^^

--oh geez i just lost my connection-- *prays that i will get back on*

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Guest thasaranaki

Wow.. lucky you.. you got korean store near your house..

so no doubt why you got the OST so fast.. hehe..

*pouts*.. there is no any korean store here..

thus if I wanna buy the HTTG DVD,

I need to order it online later on, and it take time to ship as well..

I hope they gonna release it soon..

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Guest yiyi0312

Starting soon :) Full spoilers will leave to Ayame-chan to do it :)

lol~ I will just discuss around... lol

Going to start soon ^^

Dongho's injured, everybody's worried >.< BG n HB arrives at the hospital.

HB n BG having meals, n was talking about why HB want to work as Agent. CUTE! HB feeds BG!

Argh... I always cannot stand when BG looks directly into HB eyes... ELECTRIC CURRENT FLOWING THRU ^^

DH looking sad in the hospital... den next scene in the dorm... I think tt Yuri's boy kindda broke up with her??? mullayo hahaha.... Awww... that guy is crying ... Weird scene transition.

A FC scouts from Japan approach BG

HB's dad went to look for HB in the office... Hong saw the dad but still dunno who's tt.

BG showed YY the J-League contract. I heard sth wonderplay or sth kept repeating... dunno wat's tt lol!

BG did not tell HB abt the J-league contract... HB finds out from the scout... YY meets up with HB

I think byul's mom ask byul to go hospital to go for checkup, but dun tell BG abt it. Keep it as a secret. (dunno if i heard properly, Byul wants BG to go to Japan, cos its BG's life... sth liddat) tell me if I wrote wrongly :))

Wow! BG climbed the gate and chased after HB :)

LOL! BG keeps snatching the fruit from Byul! lol

BG n HB rushes to the hospital, I think they found out DH couldn't play football anymore.

Awww.... BG felt bad because it was his fault that caused DH's injury >.<

Evilish SW met BG! (Seriously Yunho's acting getting so much better! The emotions are there.)

DH crying badly T_____T feel so bad for him >.<

hmmm wonder why Hong needs to go to Byul's mom there ... hmmm....

BG's received forgiveness from DH... Did DH advise BG for the future? hmm

I shall helped Ayame-chan abit over here^^

-LOL's Shooting Star here again! lol. Managed to get BG's no. from HB's hp =D (PLEASE GIVE ME TOO! ) joking

-Sangman met up with DH.

-BG rejects J-league's offer

-HB n SW in coffee house.... (BG kissing scene soon! same clothes!) SW received a call ...

AHHH!!! I know already (rmb reading previous spoilers) - SW contacted the scout to approach BG.

- SHOOTING STAR gals called HB n BG to a School (w/o permission). Surprise fanclub meeting celebration, the gals prepared foods and mini dance for BG Lol he got scared by the 3 gals lol~ shock! LUCKY GIRLS ! i'm so willing to trade places with them!

-The guard came n all ran away lol ... BG n HB hugging tightly! Pillar scene~

-BG n HB walking back home... kissing scene coming soon ^^

AHHH i love it !!! love the kiss (not very passionate but good enufff)

Seems like next ep also got another kissing scene!

BG n HB running around in the field! :)

Ermmmm APOLOGISE HERE~ i din't manage to screencap.... the most impt part...

(90 degree bow) SORRY!!! >.<

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i hope the publicity that they did for the bonghae kiss will lure viewers into tuning in tonite...i don't want this drama to beat Dream to be the lowest-rated drama of 2009....i think yunho have had enough unfortunate events for the past couple of months....

btw thanks in advance for the summaries..

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Guest KimYongAh

Whoa , COOOOOOL! The OST! I want one too!!! xDD But sadly I don't think the CD/VCD/DVD shops near my house will sell HTTG's OST so fast! bleh , Singapore don't have this time of things , do they? haha. But I really want to get the OST & DVD! xDD

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