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[drama 2009] Heading To The Ground 맨땅에 헤딩

Guest Q_Park

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Guest forevertw0

it was just a small peck .. it's really a good kiss though .. haha...

i didn't actually feel something after watching the kissing scene .. after all, it's just acting ..

i can't wait for next episode, i think BG and HB became a couple after watching the preview ..

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Guest withoutadoubt2

AHH! my heart was pounding so bad before the kiss. Looks like there's another kiss tomorrow. Ahh! lol

I so cried when BG cried when he was kneeling. Feel so sorry for DH


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Guest Steorie




It seems like Yunho is a soft and good kisser....XD But it was a one-sided kiss, HB didnt kiss him back!!!!! Im so sorry for Yeon Yi though. :(

I have to admit, after all my worries about the kissing scene, that Yunho did an awesome job and it looked good and he acted well!!! :D

Cant wait for tomorrows ep, seems like BG AND HB MAYBE KISS AGAIN!!!! GAHHH!!! (im still for Yeon Yi lol)

Man, my hands are still cold and sweaty and my heartbeat is mega fast. rofl I was so excited when i saw the kissing scene. lmao

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wahhhhhh....i heard about Heading To The Ground but i didn't know that Yun Ho acts in this drama.

all i know is that Sunny and Tae Yeon from SNSD sang one of the OST ._.

awesome! now i feel like watching it especially after seeing the screencaps in the previous post


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Guest withoutadoubt2

Watch HTTG Episode 12 Online

HTTG Ep12 Pt 1/7

HTTG Ep12 Pt 2/7

HTTG Ep12 Pt 3/7

HTTG Ep12 Pt 4/7

HTTG Ep12 Pt 5/7

HTTG Ep12 Pt 6/7

HTTG Ep12 Pt 7/7 <--- Kiss scene

I LOVE reading fans spazzing about the kiss tonite in so many blogs/sites. The comments can make me smile and laugh all day. Especially on dnbn, there's dramatic music and everything in the background like its the end of the world lmao!

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Guest thasaranaki

Hahaha.. even it just a small kissed.. lots of fans are going crazy and fainting already.. lmao... (included myself :lol: ) .. how about once BG and HB develop their feeling later on, then they gonna have a more passionate kiss than this.. Can you imagine how fans gonna respond to this?? Dies.. hehehe..

Here is a more closer cap of the kissing..


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Guest lovelyunho

Ayame-chan: Thank you for the pics of the ost. I ordered mine from yesasia and I'm patiently waiting for mine. Looking at your pics is making me anticipate it even more :)

withoutadoubt2: hehe I saw comments in dnbn with the dramatic music and couple of the pics is just hilarious. I think I like reading the fans' reactions more than the kiss itself (not really but almost :P )

I know most people are only thinking about the kiss scene which was very tender (too short though) but episode 12 had a lot of well acted tear jerker scenes today. I feel so bad for DH. He was one of the highlights for me in episode 12.

DH's heartbreak over possibly not being able to ever play soccer again was really well acted and the scene of BG kneeling to apologize and DH not blaming BG for his injury was really heartwarming. The best scene in episode 12 for me. Both of them acted really well.

One of my favorite parts was when BG's fangirls asked BG what his favorite color was, he said red. As a DBSK fan, that made me really happy :)

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