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  2. I'll try and do some recaps, not super detailed though... Starts off with the night of the fire like usual. JI's father watches something strange on the security camera - a strange vehicle? SM and his mom arrive home. His mom looks frightened. SM takes her hand to reassure her about whatever it is that's got her worried. Present day now. SM standing with his dark clothes, flashing back to the past and being locked up. He is placing post it notes with words and pictures in front of him, like he is trying to solve a puzzle. Then he throws away his pills bottle. Oooh the one in all black that JI and An saw in the abandoned subway station...the person runs away and they chase them down...it is SM's mom. She had a wrapped up knife on her it seems. I'm all kinds of confused without subs. So what's going on with SM and the bad guy?
  3. It was posted only today but I saw "Tokkebi Special," I am going to disclaim the freshness of that article I just want to understand those articles and I also hope that they will come out in public once again for TYH's Japan promotion.
  4. @pad-hari I can try but am taking a flight in a bit...perhaps while I wait caught the the first bit... Lin Yi (LY) introduces himself and the character he plays in the drama. Q: Snail noodles was introduced in the show. It is known to be a pungent dish. Would you have it as a regular meal? What pungent dishes have you had? LY: Snail noodles seem rather tasty. I have had my share of pungent food like durians and stinky tofu.
  5. Same here... I have a crappy job just to pay my bills...
  6. Another part of back stage interview of these two.. the translation is underneath the video. Cr: as tagged
  7. You are right! Lol Bong Shik and Bong Tak lollllll. I ship them! JUSTTTT KIDDING! Or am I? I just love animals lol 908 @triplem I love this one too!
  8. yup.....but you know ...I am going down with this ship ... My fave is this one, sushi 910
  9. @sushilicious omg end of ep 6. Heo Bong Tak entered.... Me die... GoT game of throne right? Took me couple of mins to figure out too. As my rules applied no oppa no watch lol 908
  10. Just watch it in support of Deng Lun hehehe. His evil character is quite interesting based on the few epis that had English subs. He plays it well. And just look at his visuals LOL
  11. SAMEEEEEE HIgh five! BTW they promised E-News that if they hit 20% they will come on their set and lie down on their bed or something. And they did hahahaha. Tmr they will air that episode hahhahahha 906 @Lawyerh are you referring to the hyolyn ost?
  12. @triplemits hot but also it rains quite a lot nowadays. Hoho. Have fun FP cast! I'm curious to see the crowd at KK airport. I keep remembering the huge crowd Running Man members got when they arrived in a foreign country. Hahaha
  13. 904. @triplem ya recipe for heartbreak right, after watch the last eps. I think i will need OST LUTYN soon haha...
  14. Thank you so much for the feedback and encouragment!! I will add the hairpin in!!!
  15. April 21, 2019 SBS Drama "The Fiery Priest" Likely to Come Out With Season 2 Source: Sports Donga via HanCinema.net It looks like there will be a second season of the SBS drama "The Fiery Priest". According to sources, the success of the first season led to the decision of the second season. "The Fiery Priest" ended on the 20th with a viewing rate of 22%. The final episode also sent out writing saying 'We will be back'. "The Fiery Priest" starring Kim Nam-gil, Lee Honey and others was well supported for its story of fighting evil.
  16. https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/三生三世枕上书 Girls, look what is written here. 12 june, airing date. It's the same date that was circulating around a month ago, but it wasn't published thenon wikipedia. It also doesn't appear on weibo, douban or baidu. You think it's true?
  17. @katakwasabi Let's hope they can stand the heat...I'm dying here...blasting the aircond and fan... Anyway a warm welcome to them to my sunny homeland @Ameera Ali Mr Hwang is a joker What is this ? Some talk show?
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