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  1. any thought on perhaps a season 2? Do you think there would be one, or the current ending should be left untouched?
  2. anyone else hoping for more yoonki scenes? They really made it seem like he was a bad guy during the earlier episodes and teaming up with BK. But it's clear now that he truly does care about SW and wants the best for her. He respects her and gives her space. Would be a great psychologist for JY to get over his stealing habits too... But it doesn't seem like the show will give him many more scenes. Even YR and JK have more scenes than he does now. I just kinda feel like his character and story arch will be left left dangling while the writer is too busy wrapping up other people's story lines...
  3. Thank you for these tips @larus and @lebeaucouple. I'm finally getting notifications for this thread now! Will be keeping it to this thread i think... other ones might be a little too much to handle haha and yes i hope for a a good drama for Soyeon, whether it's good or painful, i'll still watch it for her.
  4. Actually, I'd like some advice too! haha I didn't know there were email notifications, I have been logging in to soompi every time to check on updates!!! It would be much easier for me to follow the forums i am interested in if there was a mailing list i can subscribe too. maybe @larus would know?
  5. Oh gosh! Sorry I missed so much here! And sorry i didn't reply sooner Laurus, I was too focused on the 'World of the Married' drama. Just saw an update on instagram relating to Soyeon today and thought I pop by. I like romcoms, i must admit. But I am also getting tired of the typical kdrama style romcoms, the storylines are getting really tiring and increasingly are played by good looking people who can't really act. I am actually quite excited about these new dramas with more senior actors, because they show more depth to the characters. But the writing needs to be good too for these actors to demonstrate those complex emotions and the plot needs to be interesting enough to keep me watching. And lately the lighter shows seems to have less of that, or maybe my taste is changing. I am liking shows with strong character development over superficial romance more. My ideal is for Kimsoyeon to play a role like Kim hee ae in 'world of married' a woman who's strong, intelligent, and independent, and not overly emotional, or manipulative for petty reasons. Or Im Soo-jung's character in Search WWW (another fav of mine recently) Even Gong Hyo-jin 's When the camillia blooms is good too. TBH I didn't really like Soyeon's characters in the last 2 family dramas she was in, Happy Home and Prettiest daughter... maybe because it was a family drama and there's many subplots and characters but neither felt like there was a lot of depth.. I am also not a fan of Kim Sun Ok's writing, I tried to get through 'the last empress' like you Laurus but couldn't get myself to do it. I think the general taste in korea is changing too, writers who were popular like Kim Eun Sook, is not doing as well anymore. I think many viewers, including myself is getting tired of the fantasies and want more reality and logic. I am hoping and praying Soyeon's character has more depth. It would be very difficult for me to support her drama if it's just a petty inferiority complex... I also wish she was paired with Uhm Ki Joon. I loved him in The Defendent, he played a villian there, but played it so well! Ugh.. Anyways, I'll be visiting more often leading up to October. Will be watching the drama with you guys! <3
  6. I agree with both of your points here... But with JH I think he is despicable but better than TO... at least he apologized for his behavior. Whereas TO to this day believes what he did was right, and innocent. And to add to this, it wasn't just the cheating that made SW wanted to divorce him, i think if it was she might have just batted an eye and try to work it out. It was also the loans he took on their house, their son's insurance that made it impossible to forgive because it would have left them homeless. And the only way for SW to keep her assets was to divorce him. I think that is extremely despicable. TO really doesn't seem to think too much into the future and consider the consequences.. (the same when he hired the abusive bf) I also agree with you on YK's character. I believe his feelings to SW are genuine. The parking lot scene when the son was scratching the Chairmen's car proves that YK was treating him before he got to know the chairman. But I want to learn more about him and his past. So far whenever he's on screen it's always been about SW and SW's problems. He seems like a man with a lot of stories too... maybe he experienced something similar in Seoul, and so he moved away? this could be a wild guess. I don't know about the medical supplies guy... it seemed to me that character was introduced as a helper for MS, the snake friend. She seemed to have plans giving his company some sales benefits when she becomes the VP, but now that dream is gone she might pursue some sort of revenge with this guy. maybe they will team up against SW and YK? The last bit of ep 10 really keeps you on the edge.. who died?? I would love to know that. In the preview it seem HS and IK were both alive and talking about escaping... and the way the preview was cut, it seemed like the chairmen knew something about it too so he instructed that DK should never find out? I am curious to know what is it that DK should never find out? Also I recall, someone posted an interview with the female lead, and she mentioned that the story will shift toward the more positive after episode 12? so after next week's episode we will finally see something more optimistic? Btw i also wanted to point out that i do like how the writers are blatantly addressing the issue around gender discrimination. The notion that a divorced woman is somehow frowned upon by the society, they lose their status and reputation just because they are divorced is so unfair. While the men who caused the trouble seem to be treated better.
  7. Falling for Innocence, I need romance and Dr Champ are my favourites! I have only seen clips of Secret Mother. Been saving it for myself as a treat to get through this crisis haha And good to hear from you too! It has been a while, I am sorry. I took a bit of a break from forums but started to see you posting in dramas I am following too. I think we do have similar taste in kdramas! Hope you are well and healthy too!
  8. Hey friends, This drama is so fascinating, I'd like to share some of my thoughts too. And that's on Jae Hyuk character. I know he is written as an irresponsible husband who cheats on his wife consistently, but I have a feeling he does that because he actually truly loves SW, and can't see her suffer. Whenever he knows SW is being mistreated or undeserved, it seems like he's also suffering and goes back to his old ways. I'd be curious to know how he got to know SW, perhaps he had a crush on her first but TO asked her out before him? But he was a very important character in helping SW divorce her husband, although it did come with a price... Would he have helped her if she didn't sleep with him? We wouldn't know... SW was basically throwing herself on him too to spite TO too... But just some of my thoughts... On a different note, I love how female centric this drama is. 2019 to 2020 has seen a series of more pro feminist productions in kdrama.. and I am loving all of them. Search WWW, when the Camilla blooms, and this one have been some of my favourites so far!
  9. Hpi family! Haven't been that active, only recently getting back into this. Hope everyone is well Thank you @larus for keeping this forum alive. I've been missing SoYeon and she hasn't been that active on social media... so it's nice to see these old archives of her. Cheers, and my most well wishes to everyone! Stay healthy and well!
  10. In terms of heirarchy, I was wondering if someone more familiar with Korean can help me out. Is STD ladys husband more powerful than DK's dad? What was the relationship between the two again?
  11. Hi Chingus! Glad to see so many familiar names here. Just popping in to say I am also following this drama. And love all that's happened cheers! stay safe too!
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