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  1. If that's true from for next week, she's still wearing the ring TJ gave her... I really want to see TJ standing up against both his aunt and father. I know IS has not been a very likable character, but a part of me thinks perhaps she had a particular goal in mind. I don't see her wanting to take over HS group because TJ and his father would not allow that. But this series has so far conveniently left out SJ and IS's ex husbands. These brothers are assumed to be dead??? Perhaps there is a conspiracy with that and HS group that she wants to reveal? or maybe i am thinking too much... Only time would tell ...
  2. Lots of crying this next episode. I also didn't watch it with subs yet. But it's going to be an emotional one.... The writer is making this drama quite fast paced. I think most of us thought they would drag on the identity revelation until much later into the drama. But I have a feeling IS would know by next episode. It would be interesting to know what other hidden plots they have with nearly 30 episodes left. But so far I like how the plot is developing. We don't have any excessively intolerable characters. I have a feeling IS wouldn't bee as harsh to MR once she knows she's her daughter. But we don't know. will just have to see... will have more comments once i watch the subs
  3. Finally watched everything with subs. Despite the romance, this episode made me really sad. I can't imagine how much pain MR is going through. She had always hoped her mom would return. She kept every photo, every news article she could find about IS, but then realizing she was just a fool and IS will never come back for her... that hurts so much. And she has no other method but to burn everything she's collected about IS. Burn her biological mother away from her memory. To me that's just really sad. I hope IS makes up for this pain and hurt she caused later in the drama. She has a lot of repenting to do. I'm like MH a lot more lately, i think her character development is finally showing. I think the writer and director told her to act in an annoying way in the beginning to show some contrast. While MH is mean and says harsh words, I don't think she has ever done anything super bad to JB. JB just likes to tag along. I think MH probably is most like SJ of her daughters, saying things very harshly that she doesn't really mean. In contrast I am also getting a little annoyed with MS. She needs to get over her pride and figure out a way to either put her mother law in place and teach her husband a lesson. Perhaps, the writer is alternating between MH and MS to provide annoyance in the drama. haha. You need a bit of that and humour when MR's story is very sad. I had predicted the MR would leave, and in some ways I am glad she is. She doesn't need to take any of IS's richard simmons. Class or not, she's proven herself at the company with her hard work. Something IS has not done, despite having what she thinks is 'class'.... The old man TJ's dad is definitely up to something. I think he knows MR's identity, hence he would not have stopped the background check IS was doing on MR. And at the golf course, he said something like 'I like you IS' you're a smart woman. Perhaps he means it in a sarcastic manner. IS is definitely the dumb on here... especially if in her management a critical employee ends up resigning... it says a lot about her too...
  4. I just watched the raw, with lots of scenes skipped over. Will watch it over with subs more closely later. (I just couldn't wait). But just wanted to add that I really like how TJ accompanied MR to IS's house. And this time, despite the humiliation, she's not crying by herself any more. TJ is there to hug her and stay with her. Really love the story. Through this, TJ will see a very different side to the 'Mother' he adored so much and who thought also adored him as well.
  5. @ larus Thanks for sharing the old pics of soyeon! Love them. I haven't seen them before, but wanted to store them all. Soyeon is such a talented actress, having portrayed so many different faces and personalities. Some would argue she looks different or had surgery, but honestly this only shows beauty and extreme capabilities and acting to do this. <3 so much love <3
  6. The scene I find the most interesting this time is when MR said, if needed she will give up everything. She might be referencing to her biological mother but it could also foreshadow how she makes important decisions later on in the drama. For example, if the day comes when she gets fired or her resignation is the best way to resolve conflict. I think she might choose that route. Though TJ would likely be the one following her and finding her back. I also love the scene between MS and MR. We learn that SJ's husband died and that's why she had to raise her 3 daughters by herself. And MR's biological father also died and that's why IS remarried. (the scene where MR compared IS to SJ. And how unfortunate she feels that she carries IS's blood, the one who remarried and abandoned her daughter, instead of SJ who suffered through it raising 3 kids alone) Perhaps... SJ's first husband (MR's biological dad) and SJ's husband were good friends? or business pals? And both died from an unfortunate event? This is a pretty wild guess. I wonder what TJ would do having heard from his father that a romance is strongly prohibited because he is of a difference class. Would TJ try to not like MR a bit? or would he continue his own way and progress his relationship with MR. (he's been mostly just doing what he thinks is best for most of the show so far, not afraid to show his true feelings) but his father is very powerful and we haven't seen the side of him where it shows he's ready to take over yet. He sounds like someone who would want to protect the people that means a lot to him, this means IS and MR. But will he actually have the power to do that? It's still a big question mark.
  7. I am loving this drama as well. But I feel like for NYJ, the fight has only just begun. Dr. Seon was never his match, since from the beginning he has set up a net to catch him. Now NYJ is facing LJW, who is his real opponent. The battle of wits is going to be a lot more competitive. Perhaps we will see more moments of NYJ not in so much control, and that can be more interesting and thrilling. But he also has made a lot of allies. He's done a lot of bad things, but in doing them he really won over their hearts. So many people, including prosecutor Jung, the psychiatrist, the prisoner leader. They are super willing to serve him, in ways that threats and black mailing can't do.
  8. On a different note. And probably something too far down the future. In the case MR and TJ can't end up together because the scars just cut too deep for MR. Maybe... she'll finally go on that blind date, and we see her ending up with Lee Sang Woo as cameo again? Hahaha just a thought since SoYoeon appeared as cameo for sangwoo and ended up as the crush for him in a drama he did last year.
  9. Yeah that's very true. I was more guided by emotions earlier. But depending on how evil TJ's father is, the daughter taking down mother IS, is a much more entertaining version for him. Even without such evil intentions, I don't think the chariman is guilt free. He likely contributed to the reason why IS abandoned MR. And it wouldn't be unlikely for him to know who MR is, giving his paranoid behavior towards IS. I am saying it's possible that he doesn't know who MR is, and the current situation is a bad coincidence. But it's also possible that he does and so, the motive is probably something quite bad.
  10. I just finished watching the entire 2 episodes. My... I think TaeJoo's dad is the mastermind behind this current situation. He definitely knows who MR is. It's despicable that he still tracks IS every single where about. So he probably knows IS went to SJ. And he's also the one preventing IS to do a full background check on MR so she doesn't know that she's her daughter. He's such a terrible man... Pitting the daughter against the mother. He probably despises all women of power and wants to get rid of both of them together. When he said MR is 'consumable' that was really disgusting... and speaks of his character. I don't think he plans to promote MR to executive at all. He's just using her to take IS down. And poor MR, thinking she's getting in favor of the chairmen, where in stead she's just a tool... I almost wish she'd leave the company ASAP. It's too toxic there. Any how, if it does come to that stage, I hope TJ has the power and will to right his father's wrongs. I have a feeling he will be the first to know about the mother, daughter relationship. Since he cares for both of them deeply. Sorry, the second half made me quite furious and this is an emotional dump. SJ cried so hard this episode. Despite seeming harsh, she's the most kind hearted character, who truly loves every one in her family. She would be devastated when she finds out IS is MR's boss. And that they are fighting each other at the company. Also props to MS this episode. It also shows how loving and caring a daughter she is. She's always the first to respond when there's something wrong with mom and she understands her mom very well. This also captures the eldest's responsibility in the family. When time comes, she's the one checking on everyone else to make sure things are going well. I am excited for next episode where we see MR bringing MH out for a girls night. She's like the responsible older sister for MH. Perhaps after that episode we will also grow to like MH's character more..
  11. I agree IS is a bit over bearing, but it's not like she lied to MR when she said her daughter's in the US. She thought that's what SJ did with the money she gave her. I guess SJ took the money and raised her in the family instead. But it was very insensitive for IS to say that. Why does it have to stay that way? If that's really what she thinks then it's good the MR is giving her a taste of her own medicine. Perhaps MR will never call out to her, and that would be IS biggest punishment... Okay i am only half-way through. gonna continue watching
  12. Hi @stroppyse, Thanks for the recap! that's super super cute. I am loving the TJ / MR scenes right now. Can't wait to see the full subbed version. I really like how TJ allows MR to put down her hard shell she has around her. She gives the impression she's really strong, but TJ knows there's this very human side to her. I find I relate to this situation quite well, in a tech profession where it's dominated by men in order to stay strong you really have to put up a wall sometime. But it's nice to be able to be yourself too. It's going to be interesting how IS and MR roles play out. I wonder what MR did to anger her so much? Also, MR has such good work ethics all around, I think it wouldn't be impossible for her to find another VP position at some other company. Though I really wish this not being the case, MR does have that potential. IS might be the one crying for her to stay then... Anyways I'll patiently wait for the subs...
  13. Wow ratings went up to 30% this weekend!!! I am also loving the MR , TJ chemistry that's going on. I know agree, that In sook didn't know MR is her daughter. It's going to be interesting how this roles out. It might be a stretch and maybe my mind is going a bit too wild. But perhaps, there's a possibility that SunJa used to be part of the Han family? and she couldn't take it anymore so she divorced and started on her own? I am really curious about her past and how she ended up raising 3 daughters all by herself... such a strong woman and role model to all.
  14. The picture with Soyoen in a high pony tail. She really like like Jennifer Lopez there. Her face structure can be quite European which is really pretty.
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