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  1. Yup Falling for Innocence is a good one. If you like romcom, Need for Romance, also staring KSY in a noona romance is a fun one too.
  2. Thanks for sharing these Larus. As always, appreciate you keep this blog alive. <3
  3. I feel like I've been waiting for TJ to grow up and develop instead of relying on his wife and mother.... He's going to be the successor of Hansung some day and it seems like he still doesn't have a strong backbone against the evil step mother... I mean it's okay he's just going to be the emotional support role for mother and MR... but i wish there was some development to him too. Like... he didn't quit on purpose. He had some plan up his sleeve to reveal the evil step-mother family. It's a little pathetic that MR is back at work again, while being pregnant to protect and save her husband who should be a capable man on his own... This frustrates me a lot... MR is probably the strongest person in the family right now... she has the brains, the guts, and the cards to play. And now that she's pregnant it's like she has an immunity shield against all things bad from the chairman to the evil-step family. But I wish there was more... The step family really deserves something more then a stupid apology. Or maybe I am just expecting too much... On the other hand, I like how MR's hair is longer now... it suits her much more... maybe the ending will be TJ being a happy stay at home dad, and passing all work, succession, stock role to MR? I don't know... TJ's biggest accomplishment so far is marrying a strong woman who will help his family business thrive is the feeling I get...
  4. This is a side track.... but I wish So yeon unnie will also have babies soon. She and sangwoo are too pretty to not have babies....
  5. I read an article that MBC is reairing some old dramas, all about Eve is one of them. And it's one or soyeons best pieces, hopefully this time she gets the positive recognition that she deserves.
  6. @hushhh, I agree... the story-line was interesting until the last few episodes where it felt like they ran out of things to say. The writer needs to add more content to the characters, they are feeling 'flatter' and more 'illogical'. And the noble idiot thing is just plain stupid. I don't really watch weekend drama's and I am only watching it for Soyeon, but is it normal for it to be this 'makjang'??? Are we really going to see three more years of torture for MR just to have TJ find out she's IS's daughter and abandon her? Like this really doesn't make sense. With MR always helping TJ will it really help him grow a spine and be able to stand up to his father? The plot doesn't seem that interesting anymore, what's more to come? Here is my speculation: 1) A few episodes of MR getting tortured by TJ's step-mom ? and TJ telling on his step-mom to his dad 2) Then a few battles between the step-mom's family and TJ + MR + IS 3) His step-mom reveals MR's secret, which also causes TJ to loose favor from his dad (I think that's her motive, which would put her son as the successor) 4) IS some how comes back to take all the blame because of her guilt 5) TJ and MR separate after the incident, and MR goes away 6) TJ becomes a workaholic, who is also a capable, cold, and stoic businessman. Just like how his father wanted him to be. But on his own he's constantly longing for MR. 7) Truth of step-mom gets revealed, maybe even her son isn't the chairman's. Anyways, she and her family get kicked out. 8) Some time fast forwarding, we have MR and TJ reuniting coincidentally 9) Finale. We have everyone happy. Celebrating MH's new hit novel, which is about her family (her mother and 2 sisters). We also see MH ending up with the publisher, who finally get's over his past relationship scar. We'll also see JB finding new meaning to life besides MH, maybe one of his fans. MS and husband get over their differences after he matures, so they cancel the divorce. MS's mother-in-law gets back with her husband, who finally learns to see from his wife's point of view. The uncle performing with his band and maybe finds love. IS and MR get over their past and MR acknowledges that she has two moms, SJ and IS. And regarding MR and TJ there isn't a really clear happy ending. They get over the past, and look forward to the future. But the the drama would leave viewers hanging on whether they reunite or not. (Anyone else I've missed???) 10) The End.
  7. Hey! Just popping by to say hi. I just started this drama and am really loving it right now. The characters are so well written and acted, and the conversations are so witty yet genuine. I absolutely love it!!! It feels like an american tv show series almost. And it's so refreshing!! Super happy to be here sharing the love for and support for this show. And cheers to more episodes to come Best, ~
  8. Not sure if this is discussed already. This is a separate topic from the MR and TJ drama. I can see this drama coming full circle with MH is the writer and JB the screen writer writing out the drama script. MH is currently writing a novel about a mother and her 3 daughters, and JB is the famous screen writer. Their partnership as a family is what will bring together the ending. Kinda like a story within a story feel. If this drama ends well, with high ratings this will definitely be interesting to see. The characters MR, TJ, IS, SJ, etc aren't acting a drama, but are characters within a drama written by MH and JB. Just some thoughts
  9. If that's true from for next week, she's still wearing the ring TJ gave her... I really want to see TJ standing up against both his aunt and father. I know IS has not been a very likable character, but a part of me thinks perhaps she had a particular goal in mind. I don't see her wanting to take over HS group because TJ and his father would not allow that. But this series has so far conveniently left out SJ and IS's ex husbands. These brothers are assumed to be dead??? Perhaps there is a conspiracy with that and HS group that she wants to reveal? or maybe i am thinking too much... Only time would tell ...
  10. Lots of crying this next episode. I also didn't watch it with subs yet. But it's going to be an emotional one.... The writer is making this drama quite fast paced. I think most of us thought they would drag on the identity revelation until much later into the drama. But I have a feeling IS would know by next episode. It would be interesting to know what other hidden plots they have with nearly 30 episodes left. But so far I like how the plot is developing. We don't have any excessively intolerable characters. I have a feeling IS wouldn't bee as harsh to MR once she knows she's her daughter. But we don't know. will just have to see... will have more comments once i watch the subs
  11. Finally watched everything with subs. Despite the romance, this episode made me really sad. I can't imagine how much pain MR is going through. She had always hoped her mom would return. She kept every photo, every news article she could find about IS, but then realizing she was just a fool and IS will never come back for her... that hurts so much. And she has no other method but to burn everything she's collected about IS. Burn her biological mother away from her memory. To me that's just really sad. I hope IS makes up for this pain and hurt she caused later in the drama. She has a lot of repenting to do. I'm like MH a lot more lately, i think her character development is finally showing. I think the writer and director told her to act in an annoying way in the beginning to show some contrast. While MH is mean and says harsh words, I don't think she has ever done anything super bad to JB. JB just likes to tag along. I think MH probably is most like SJ of her daughters, saying things very harshly that she doesn't really mean. In contrast I am also getting a little annoyed with MS. She needs to get over her pride and figure out a way to either put her mother law in place and teach her husband a lesson. Perhaps, the writer is alternating between MH and MS to provide annoyance in the drama. haha. You need a bit of that and humour when MR's story is very sad. I had predicted the MR would leave, and in some ways I am glad she is. She doesn't need to take any of IS's richard simmons. Class or not, she's proven herself at the company with her hard work. Something IS has not done, despite having what she thinks is 'class'.... The old man TJ's dad is definitely up to something. I think he knows MR's identity, hence he would not have stopped the background check IS was doing on MR. And at the golf course, he said something like 'I like you IS' you're a smart woman. Perhaps he means it in a sarcastic manner. IS is definitely the dumb on here... especially if in her management a critical employee ends up resigning... it says a lot about her too...
  12. I just watched the raw, with lots of scenes skipped over. Will watch it over with subs more closely later. (I just couldn't wait). But just wanted to add that I really like how TJ accompanied MR to IS's house. And this time, despite the humiliation, she's not crying by herself any more. TJ is there to hug her and stay with her. Really love the story. Through this, TJ will see a very different side to the 'Mother' he adored so much and who thought also adored him as well.
  13. @ larus Thanks for sharing the old pics of soyeon! Love them. I haven't seen them before, but wanted to store them all. Soyeon is such a talented actress, having portrayed so many different faces and personalities. Some would argue she looks different or had surgery, but honestly this only shows beauty and extreme capabilities and acting to do this. <3 so much love <3
  14. The scene I find the most interesting this time is when MR said, if needed she will give up everything. She might be referencing to her biological mother but it could also foreshadow how she makes important decisions later on in the drama. For example, if the day comes when she gets fired or her resignation is the best way to resolve conflict. I think she might choose that route. Though TJ would likely be the one following her and finding her back. I also love the scene between MS and MR. We learn that SJ's husband died and that's why she had to raise her 3 daughters by herself. And MR's biological father also died and that's why IS remarried. (the scene where MR compared IS to SJ. And how unfortunate she feels that she carries IS's blood, the one who remarried and abandoned her daughter, instead of SJ who suffered through it raising 3 kids alone) Perhaps... SJ's first husband (MR's biological dad) and SJ's husband were good friends? or business pals? And both died from an unfortunate event? This is a pretty wild guess. I wonder what TJ would do having heard from his father that a romance is strongly prohibited because he is of a difference class. Would TJ try to not like MR a bit? or would he continue his own way and progress his relationship with MR. (he's been mostly just doing what he thinks is best for most of the show so far, not afraid to show his true feelings) but his father is very powerful and we haven't seen the side of him where it shows he's ready to take over yet. He sounds like someone who would want to protect the people that means a lot to him, this means IS and MR. But will he actually have the power to do that? It's still a big question mark.
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