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  2. @ktcjdrama ~ am not surprised. netflix is frustratingly strange. I never find anything I look for. everything to watch there is super random viewing. so I watched this drama also by accident. am not sure if there is another name but it seems to be called tango even in arabic. 502
  3. Bereau of Marriage sounds right. Some countries may have other names ~ Marriage Registrar Office, Registry of Marriage. But there is one word that wasn't included, which is "International" so it should be International Bereau of Marriage. Scratching my head why would he needs to be in contact with the head of such office.... Yes, I wonder what happened to the psychologist...
  4. If you pay closed attention after he saw the hair of his Yifu, that only one of the reason he want to break away and another reason he didn’t want to marry ZZR. He didn’t even said sorry to ZZR right there but just rush to go after MInMin. After he knocked ZZR he right away go to MinMin and help her to get up. You can tell he care for MinMin. After that he even thanks MinMin for breaking the marriage.
  5. I intend to save all the short clips of my favourite scene of WJ min min on my YouTube account for rewatching pleasure Can't get enough!!!
  6. Yeah, ASC is very entertaining. I'm re-watching my favourite scenes in ASC.... love this scene to death, Kim Jung Hye (LYW's character) is a cunning intellectual Looking at her expressionless and unamused face when fooling her husband around makes me satisfied
  7. Helloooo guys long time huh!!.I missed you all . Things happened in my real life that's why I had to abruptly leave this thread (bad one's first then good lol)well anyway good thing was that I cleared my iv, had been training for few months n finally came back home last week for 15 days(student life was better!).Lots of things to discuss but let me share what I wanted to tell hehehe. Ok this incident happened on 3rd march which I am not sure whether it's 100% true coz that tweet got deleted (wish I had taken a ss)while I was just seeing my TL on Twitter I saw ji won fansite master(I guess you guys know who)tweeted saying ji won attended SS7 show in Seoul(super junior)on 3rd March (I was kinda happy considering minhyuk closeness to them coz didn't knew she was a fan as far as I know she liked big bang and bts in boys grp. please correct if I am wrong )and then next day I found this tweet posted on 4th march where minhyuk hastag is mentioned, earlier I didn't paid attention coz have seen posts regarding donghae n minhyuk friendship so I thought a fan must have posted but when i rechecked it she was stylist not any fan lol.About this stylist she worked with cnblue in earlier days of their debut (9 years back you can see her saying in her post with shini)and she had worked with lotssss of artist (literally a lot lol )including actors too like song jae rim, yoo seung ho,Lee Jong suk etc.So I doubt she would randomly put minhyuk hastag without seeing him on that day.Then I went back to check ji won fan tweet but it wasn't there lol I even thought of asking her but eventually didn't coz first language barrier n second I am kinda scared of fansite masters lol.But I as you know me I would be last person here who likes to be in delulu i just wish the best for them, so that's why I said I am not 100% sure but I did saw the tweet lol I checked twice.It's just nice to think about it hahahaha them being at concert on the same day(n this reminded me of tae joon n shinye when their dating news was out some fan shared that she saw them during exp concert). Few more things to talk about about the recent incident regarding jh and yesssss finally ji won is coming back that too with two projects.And she started vlog hahahaha I didn't watched them on YouTube but thanks to nay on insta I knew the contents. Will post later today
  8. I don't think like you. I couldn't see the chemistry between PMY & KJW. A little bit, I don't. And This place is ParkPark couple not your place!!!!! If you enjoy what you say and the drama, come back to where you came.
  9. @Lmangla I can't find it on my Netflix, unless it is by other name. Yes, they like to change the titles. Found out that "Because It's My First Love" will be on, but it's called "My First First Love". I tried to search for it too on google, but can't find the Eng subs. Anyway, thanks for sharing the summary of the series, I love that it also has the crime investigation element, my fave genre. 504
  10. BLACKPINK with James Corden LISA IG Update JENNIE IG Update JISOO IG Update
  11. Back from my hiatus! I've been waiting for this drama since the leads were announced and I absolutely adore it KJW and PMY were literally heating up my screen! There was so much sexual tension in this episode and I AM HERE FOR ALL OF IT!!! Apart from the wall scene, I think SDM's flashback about their pics was even worse for my heart where it showed Ryan literally nuzzling DM's forehead with his nose. Their date, especially the cotton candy scene made everything for me and I can't stop rewatching it ugh. And I just love how quickly Ryan finds comfort with DM. It's been only a month (?) since he's met her but he sure is opening up real quick. And he's so protective of DM??? DM and Ryan complement each other and my heart is so soft. I feel like after watching today's episode, I just felt the need to share my thoughts about Eun Gi. We all knew he was going to end up being the second lead, and I love him as part of their friend group but I just can't have SLS with him this time around. He's too much of a brother to her and that's why he falls so short. I hope he doesn't become an overbearing second lead (Seon Joo would knock some sense into him) and start making moves on DM to confuse her (though I don't think DM will be anywhere near confused between Ryan and DM). Like dude, YOU HAD 33 YEARS! Considering that they've known each other practically since birth, he had ALL that time. And I could understand why he would hold himself back from doing so like being afraid to lose their friendship maybe? And it makes his character have so much pride (or am I interpreting him incorrectly???), and I'll give him the benefit of the doubt until they flesh out the character more. I say pride because I think he feels like that DM would never get taken away from him because she's always fangirling, and I think it's been mentioned that DM's never had a bf because she's busy with her job and her fangirling, and that he's the only one who will understand and accept her...And how he asked "why wasn't it me?" DM was right that they would have never believed her if Eun Gi was her fake bf. Am I looking too much into this? ALSO would it be too much to ask for an ending where Ryan and DM will have a child of their own? Seeing Ryan holding the lost kid's hand made my heart hurt ahhhhhhhhhh!!! And it would come full circle as him overcoming all that pain of being reminded what it's like to be abandoned? Finally, THANK YOU CINDY. Your sudden appearance has just made everything better (that preview tho). I'm really excited to see how they handle being exposed that they're a fake relationship later hehehehe
  12. What event that ldw attend? @ihynne His first pic was kiyowoo.. Still no post on ldw official insta right?
  13. I hope Ryota will be successful. He deserves all. I will support him forever even when he won't be with Tao. And Generations, LDH artists too, I really like them. I think there are many close scenes, we should accept it. Honestly I feel jealous a little bit. I don't hate other actresses, they're too young and too beautiful. I can't hate those girls. I'm sad since I feel too difficult to see RyoTao again. Maybe never? I just hope people won't forget that they used to work together. Talk about Kanna Hashimoto, she has the same birthday with Tao. I'm quite surprised. So I think Tao and Kanna will have the same characters (Aquarius girls) so Ryota and Kanna will make a nice couple. I will wait to see it.
  14. I think it's also because ZM was berating WJ for being so predictable when he hold him back from chasing ZR. She pretty much implied that ZR will fake crying/despair/anger while WJ will hold her close and then try to appease her, which shocked WJ since it is what he's been doing ever since they got back from snake island. I have to go back and rewatch some WJ-ZR scene to confirm. Hahaha no wonder WJ face is so comical it's like "How the hell she knows?!"
  15. So far, for HSDS I love the 2019 followed by 1986 For LOCH I love 1984 followed by 2017 The rest of other adaptations to me, are like not too bad but no deep impression You know what i love the most hahaha I love that ZR threatened to void the marriage agreement and WJ kept quiet lol, its like, "ok she wants to void it herself, even better, i better keep quiet in order to protect myself"
  16. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4292566553831286
  17. https://www.instagram.com/p/BwasSx7heYVQZhDtOAc4wDhcp5PqqPncF6bHBk0/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=zefj5z389pw9 Hello! I saw this clip and see how joongkook and jihyo look to each other. This a bts fr ep 446. Credit spartace matchmade instagram
  18. Yep I hate the fake suicide trope, thats why I kinda happy that WJ stay silent and did not defend ZR, on top of it the first thing he did the next morning was to look for his MM
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