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Found 3 results

  1. Please read the Drama Forum Rules and Soompi Forum Rules before posting. The Original Sassy Girl : Nation's Goddess and CF Queen JUN JI HYUN Name - Jeon Ji Hyun (전지현) Real Name - Wang Ji Hyun (왕지현) Chinese Name - Quan Zhi Xian (全智賢) English Name - Gianna Jun Agency : Culture Depot Co. Years Active - 1997- present Birthdate- October 30 1981 Status- Married to Choi Jin Hyuk (April 13, 2012) Height- 173 cm (5'7)Weight- 52 kg Education: Ulbuk Elementary School, Unju Middle School Jinsun High School, Dongguk University - Department of Theatre and Film B I O G R A P H Y Wang Ji-hyun was born in Seoul, South Korea. Her childhood dream was to become a flight attendant, but at the age of 16, she was discovered on the street by a fashion editor. Using the stage name Jun Ji-hyun, she began her career as a model for Ecole Magazine in 1997.Jun first became well known as a commercial model and as a TV actress. Although she made her film debut in the little-watched White Valentine in 1999, it was not until later in the year when she was featured in a commercial for Samsung My Jet Printer that she became a popular sensation. The dancing and attitude expressed in the ad made her into an icon for Koreans in their late teens and early twenties.After continuing her TV and modelling career, Jun made her first well-publicized film appearance in late 2000 with Il Mare.Jun's breakout film was comedy My Sassy Girl, which became a huge hit both in Korea and throughout Asia with its tale of a gullible college student and his slightly unhinged girlfriend. The film spent two weeks at No. 1 in Hong Kong, and turned her into Korea's most recognizable star in the Chinese-language market. She also won as Best Actress at the 2002 Grand Bell Awards.Two years then passed before she appeared in her next film, an "occult thriller" titled The Uninvited. 2004 saw her return to the big screen in the movie Windstruck, another film by Kwak Jae-yong, the director of My Sassy Girl. In April 13, 2012, more than 600 guests, including celebrities and close friends and family of the star, attended her wedding to banker Choi Jun-hyuk.Choi is the grandson of famed hanbok designer Lee Young-hee and the son of fashion designer Lee Jung-woo. 14 years after Happy Together in 1999, Jun made her highly anticipated return to television in fantasy romance You Who Came From the Stars. M O V I E S (2015) ASSASSINATION / Ahn Ok-Yoon (2013) THE BERLIN FILE / 베를린 : Ryun Jung Hee (2012) THE THIEVES / 도둑들 : Yenicall 2011 SNOW FLOWER AND THE SECRET FAN : Snow Flower / Sophie 2009 BLOOD THE LAST VAMPIRE / ラスト・ブラッド : Saya Otonashi 2008 A MAN WHO WAS SUPERMAN / 슈퍼맨이었던 사나이 : Song Soo Jung 2006 DAISY/ 데이지 : Hye Young 2004 WINDSTRUCK / 내 여자친구를 소개합니다 : Yeo Kyung Jin 2003 THE UNINVINTED / 인용 식탁 : Yeon 2001 MY SASSY GIRL / 엽기적인 그녀 : The Girl 2000 IL MARE / 시월애 : Eun Joo 1999 WHITE VALENTINE / 화이트 발렌타인 :Kim Jung Min ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS 1998 SBS INKIGAYO : MC D R A M A S 2013 SBS YOU WHO CAME FROM THE STARS / 별에서 온 그대 : Chun Song Yi 1999 SBS HAPPY TOGETHER / 해피 투게더 : Seo Yoon Joo 1998 SBS FASCINATE MY HEART : Ga-Young1997 MBC THE SEASON OF PUBERTY A W A R D S 2014 SBS DRAMA AWARDS : DAESANG (Grand Prize) (My Love From the Stars) 2014 SBS DRAMA AWARDS : Best Couple with Kim Soo Hyun (My Love From the Stars) 2014 SBS DRAMA AWARDS : Top Ten Star Awards (My Love From the Stars) 2014 SBS DRAMA AWARDS : PD Award (My Love From the Stars) 2014 3rd APAN STAR AWARDS : Hallyu Star Award (My Love From the Stars) 2014 41st KOREA BROADCASTING AWARD : Best Actor/Actress (My Love From the Stars) 2014 STAR OF KOREAN TOURISM AWARD 2014 50TH BAEKSANG ART AWARDS : DAESANG (Grand Prize) (My Love From the Stars) 2014 50TH BAEKSANG ART AWARDS : Instyle Fashionista Award 2013 PUCHON INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL : Producer's Choice Award (The Thieves, The Berlin File) 2007 REPUBLIC OF KOREA HALLYU STAR DIVISION : 1st Target 2002 GRAND BELL AWARDS : Popularity Awards (My Sassy Girl) 2002 GRAND BELL AWARDS : Best Actress (My Sassy Girl) 1999 BAEKSANG ART AWARDS : Best New Actress (White Valentine) 1999 SBS DRAMA AWARDS : Best New Actress (Happy Together) m u s i c . v i d e o s 'Hungry For Love' - Youme, Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 E n d o r s e m e n t s 2015 Gucci Accessories (Asia) Hstyle (Chinese Clothing Line) Didier Dubot Hanssem BHC Chicken Lotte's KLOUD Beer HERA ADIDAS NEPA UNIQLO ROUGE & LOUNGE SHESMISS PARIS BAGUETTE 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1997 M A G A Z I N E C O V E R S / S P R E A D S (2015) [MAY] ELLE (2014) (FEB) ELLE Korea, (MARCH) ALLURE, (MARCH) HMI, (APRIL) HARPER'S BAZAAR), (MAY) HARPER'S BAZAAR CHINA (MAY) HARPER'S BAZAAR VIETNAM, (MAY) HARPER'S BAZAAR INDONESIA, (MAY) HARPER'S BAZAAR TAIWAN(MAY) NEW MONDAY CHINA, (AUG) VOGUE KOREA (2013) (MAR) INSTYLE Korea, (MAY) SURE FIT, (SEPT) VOGUE Korea, (OCT) MARIE CLAIRE (2012) (MAY) ELLE Korea Wedding Issue, (JULY) 1st LOOK, (JULY) MOVIEWEEK, (AUG) CINE21 (2011) (MAY) HIGH CUT, (JULY) Trend Health, (NOV) Harper's Bazaar (2010 (NOV) COSMOPOLITAN HONGKONG (2009) (JULY) Harper's Bazaar Korea, (2006) (JAN) ELLE KOREA, (OCT) Fashion & Beauty Jeon Ji Hyun ─ Official Book 2006 Pictures (1) V I D E O C L I P S * for more check out youtube's cairoysabel, sushiboiii, jaeychloe, vkyosho, vlchubz13, josephbausas or simply search for 'jeon (jun) ji hyun' l i n k s* sites in EnglishGiannajun.comJun Ji Hyun.org * Jeon Ji Hyun Livejournal Community * Jeon Ji Hyun Online * Jeon Ji Hyun Fansites Board * Jun Ji Hyun Picture Cafe Aiselo Natural Elements please do not hotlink the images Thank you so much for who created this thread and soomp for allowing me to take over this thread.
  2. Name: Gong Seung Yeon formally Yu Seung Yeon (유승연) Date of Birth: February 27, 1993 Agency: BH Entertainment http://www.bhent.co.kr/ Filmography 2012 I Love Lee Tae Ri as Mimi 2014 My Lovely Girl as Seo Yoon Ji 2015 Heard It Through the Grapevine as Seo Noo Ri 2015 Six Flying Dragons as Min Da Kyung 2016 Master: God of Noodles as Kim Da Hae 2017 Introverted Boss / My Shy Boss as Eun Yi Soo 2017 Circle as Jeong Yeon Variety 2015 We Got Married CF 2012 White (feminine hygiene product) 2015 Beyond : www.beyond.co.kr Centerpole : centerpolekorea.com PLASTIC ISLAND : plasticisland.co.kr 2016 Cathy Cat: http://www.cathycat.com/ SNS Instagram: https://instagram.com/0seungyeon (@0seungyeon) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/0seungyeon BLOG http://m.blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=yukocompany&currentPage=1
  3. ♥ Nation's Little Sister has grown up! ♥ Title and Character Director & Writer / Distributor Release Date / Genre Soompi Thread If You Were Me 4 – ‘Reply’ Segment (Siseon 1318 /시선 1318) as Kim Hee-Soo June 11, 2009 LINK Our School's E.T. (Woolhakgyo ET / 울학교 이티) as Han Song-Yi Park Kwang-Chun / Lee Hyeon-Cheol, Choi Jin-Won, Lee Eun-Young (SK Telecom) September 11, 2008 (Comedy / Drama) LINK The ESP Couple (Chogam Kakkeopeul / 초감각 커플) as Hyun Jin Kim Hyeong-Ju November 27, 2008 (Romance / Supernatural / Mystery) LINK Speedy Scandal (Gwasok Seukaendeul / 과속스캔들) as Hwang Jung-Nam Kang Hyung-Chul / Lee Byeong-Hun (Lotte Entertainment) December 4, 2008 ( Comedy / Family / Music) LINK Rio (Animated) as Jewel July 28, 2011 N/A Don’t Click (Mihwakin Donghyeongsang: Jeoldaekeulrik Geumji / 미확인 동영상: 절대클릭금지) as Se-Hee Kim Tae-Kyeong / Hong Geon-Gook, Kim Tae-Hyoung (Showbox/Mediaplex) May 31, 2012 (Horror) LINK A Werewolf Boy (Neukdae Sonyeon / 늑대소년) as Soon-Yi Jo Sung-Hee (CJ Entertainment) October 31, 2012 (Romance / Fantasy) LINK Snow Queen (Animated) as Gerda February 7, 2013 N/A Hot Young Bloods (Pikkeulneun Chungchoon / 피끓는 청춘) as Young-Sook Lee Yeon-Woo (Lotte Entertainment) January 23, 2014 (Teen / Romance / Comedy) LINK Girl (Sonyeo / 소녀) as Joo Ran 2015 (Mystery, Suspense) LINK You Call That Passion (Yeoljung Gateun Sori Hago Itne / 열정 같은 소리 하고 있네) as Lee Ra Hee Jeong Ki Hun / Lee Hye Rin (novel) 2015 LINK Title and Character Director & Writer / Network Information Soompi Thread Secret Campus (Bimilui Kyojeong / 비밀의 교정) as Cha Ah-Rang Chang-yong Lee / Mi-jeong Yeon, Hae-jeong Lee (EBS) May 10 - July 27, 2006 (Teen / Comedy) LINK Witch Yoo Hee (Ma-nyeo Yuhee / 마녀유희) as Ma Yoo-Hee (young) Jun Ki Sang / Kim Won Jin, Kim Min Jun (SBS) March 21 – May 10, 2007 Wed & Thu at 21:55 KST Episodes: 16 (Romance / Comedy) LINK Mackerel Run (Dalryeora Godeungeo / 달려라 고등어) as Shim Chung-Ah Kim Yong-Jae, Choi Hyeong-Hun, Kim Hong-Sun / Baek Ji-Hyeon, Park Jae-Hyun (SBS) May 12 - June 30, 2007 Saturday at 16:40 KST Episodes: 8 (Teen / Comedy) LINK The King and I (Wanggwa Na / 왕과 나) as Yoon So-hwa (young) Kim Jae-hyung, Lee Jong-soo, Son Jae-sung / Yoo Dong-yoon (SBS) August 27, 2007 – April 1, 2008 Mon & Tue at 21:55 KST Episodes: 63 (Drama / Historical) LINK Jungle Fish (Jeonggeul Piswi / 정글피쉬) as Lee Eun Soo Choi Sung Bum / Seo Jae Won, Kim Kyung Min, Im Chae Joon (KBS2) May 5, 2008 Monday at 9:20 KST Episode: 1 (Drama / School) LINK Strongest Chil Woo (Choi Kang Chil U / 최강칠우) as Woo-young, Chil-woo's sister (cameo) Park Man-yeong / Baek Wun-cheol (KBS2) June 17 – August 19, 2008 Mon & Tue at 21:55 KST Episode: 20 (Drama / Historical) LINK Star's Lover (Seutaui Yeonin / 스타의 연인) as Lee Ma-ri (young) Boo Sung-chul / Oh Soo-yeon (SBS) Dec. 10, 2008 – Feb. 12, 2009 Wed & Thu at 21:55 KST Episode: 20 (Romance) LINK ★ (SBS) Running Man Episode 25 - January 9, 2011 ★ (SBS) Running Man Episode 118 - November 4, 2012 ★ (SBS) Running Man Episode 181 - January 19, 2014 ★ (SBS) Law of the Jungle (Season 3) Title: Law of the Jungle in New Zealand Theme: Return to First Intentions Location: New Zealand, Oceania Members: Park Bo Young, Kim Byung-man, Noh Woo-jin, Ricky Kim, Park Jung-chul, Lee Pil-mo Airdate: March 8 - May 10, 2013 at 22:00 KST ★ 2008 Film2.0 No. 217 (December) Cine21 No. 681 (December) ILovePC (December)★ 2009 Vogue Girl (February) Allure (February) Cine21 No. 693 (March) Uway (March) Movie Week No. 381 (June) Elle (December)★ 2011 Elle Girl (June) Nylon (October)★ 2012 Movie Week No. 531 (June) Cosmopolitan (June) Nylon (June) Uway (July) Vogue (October)★ 2013 InStyle (January) Esquire (January) Dazed (January) Bazaar (May) W (May) The Star (November) Elle (December)★ 2014 Bazaar (January) W (January) Big Issue (January) Cine21 No. 940 (January) KWave (February) MaxMovie (February) Vougue Girl (March) ★ Park Bo Young - Era of Freedom / Free Time 자유시대 (Speedy Scandal OST, November 28, 2008) ★ Park Bo Young - My Prince 나의 왕자님 (4:13) Music: Shin Hyun Jung | Lyrics: Jo Sung Hee (A Werewolf Boy OST, November 12, 2012) (cr to CJENMusic) ★ SPEED 스피드 feat. Park Bo Young - It's Over (3:56) Music & Lyrics: Shinsadong Tiger, Kim Tae Joo, Hyuwoo (Superior Speed Album, January 15, 2013) (cr to 1theK) ★ Park Bo Young - Boiling Youth 피끓는 청춘 (Hot Young Bloods OST, February 11, 2014) ★ Goo Jung Hyun 구정현 - Couldn't Help It 오죽했으면... (2007) cr to CJENMUSIC★ Fly To The Sky - Still Pretty Today 오늘도 이쁜걸 (2007) cr to Aihren81★ Yuri - 가슴아 제발 (2008) cr to 최준수★ Park Hye Kyung 박혜경 – Between Love and Friendship 사랑과 우정사이 (2008) cr to Warner Music Korea★ IU 아이유 - Only I Didn't Know 나만 몰랐던 이야기 (February 16, 2011) cr to LOEN MUSIC★ Beast - Fiction (May 16, 2011) cr to BEAST 비스트★ SPEED 스피드 - Sad Promise 슬픈약속 (January 7, 2013) cr to LOEN MUSIC★ SPEED 스피드 - It's Over (January 14, 2013) Drama Version: cr to 1theK Dance Version: cr to 1theK ★ 2009 - 'Happy Together' Lottery Commission Ministry of Strategy and Finance Promotional Ambassador ★ 2010 - Seoul G20 Summit Star Supporter ★ 2011 - 15th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan) Goodwill Ambassador ★ 2013 - EcoMobility World Festival Suwon Goodwill Ambassador ★ 2013 - Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Goodwill Ambassador ★ 2014 - Green Umbrella Child Fund Korea’s Campaign “Love, One More” ★ 2014 - CJ CGV Vietnam Toto's Workshop Honorary Ambassador ★ 2014 - National Police Hospital Honorary Ambassador ★ 2007 - SBS Drama Awards: Best Young Actress (The King and I) ★ 2009 - 6th Max Movie Awards: Best New Actress of the Year (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Popularity Award (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 45th Baeksang Arts Awards: Best New Actress (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 2nd Korea Junior Star Awards: Grand Prize, Film category (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 29th Korean Association of Film Critics Awards: Best New Actress (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 46th Grand Bell Awards: Popularity Award (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 4th Andre Kim Best Star Awards: Female Star Award (Speedy Scandal) ★ 2009 - 17th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards: Best New Actress (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 5th University Film Festival of Korea Awards: Best New Actress (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 30th Blue Dragon Film Awards: Best New Actress (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 32nd Golden Cinematography Awards: Best New Actress (Speedy Scandal)★ 2009 - 12th Director's Cut Awards: Best New Actress (Speedy Scandal)★ 2012 - 49th Savings Day: Financial Services Commission Chairman Commendations ★ 2012 - 4th Pierson Movie Festival: Best Actress Award (A Werewolf Boy) ★ 2013 - 11th Korea Jewelry Fair: Best Jewelry Lady ★ 2013 - Mnet 20's Choice Awards: 20's Movie Star - Female (A Werewolf Boy)★ 2014 - 22nd Korea Culture Entertainment Awards: Excellence Awards - Actress for Film Division (Hot Young Bloods) Source: Wikipedia ★ Park Bo Young's Official Website ★ Agency: Fides Spatium (피데스스파티윰) ★ Daum FanCafe: PBYLove `Dellaisy` (since 2006.05.21) ★ Wikipedia ★ Wikipedia (Korean) ★ Naver ★ DC Gallery★ HanCinema ★ DramaWiki ★ AsianWiki ★ MWave ★ Kpopstarz ★ Dramabeans ★ IMDb★ BoKi Couple (Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki) Soompi Thread Credits to lisante, the original starter of this thread~ ^^
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