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Found 5 results

  1. Revenge: A Dish Best Served Cold..... It's time to kick off the next re-watch event chingus! Our last re-watch event was focused on sageuks, this round is dedicated to revenge.... Many people (myself included) wanted the next re-watch event to include Innocent Man, and we all know what that is about. So we thought why not show case dramas that back in the day became well know for revenge and handsome oppas! Below is a description of each drama including a synopsis from mydramalist. If you want to see Jang Hyuk and Park Se Young, Money Flower it is! (2017)
  2. 10. The Undateables, SBS [2018, Wed & Thu] 2.1% Leads: Nam Goong-min, Hwang Jung-eum 9. Risky Romance, MBC [2018, Mon & Tue] 2.05% Leads: Ji Hyun-woo, Lee Si-young 8. My Heart Twinkle-Twinkle, SBS [2015, Weekend family slot] 2% Leads: Bae Soo-bin, Jang Shin-young 7. Children of the 20th Century, MBC [2015, Mon & Tue] 1.95% Leads: Han Ye-seul, Kim Ji-suk 6. Six Martyred Ministers, KBS [2007] 1.9% (Produced and led by North Koreans) 5. Fo
  3. Hiya guys and gals, I've always wondered how people first became interested in Korea and learning Korean. After living here in Seoul for seven years, I met a lot of foreigners and always wondered why they moved to Korea. And after asking a lot of people, I found that the vast majority of people became interested in Korea for one reason. So I created a video called "How did you first become interested in Korea and learning Korean?" (video link) ----- I'm interested in other people's journey in getting into Korea, so I have two questions: 1. How did you first become int
  4. Hi I have a topic to discus but before that I'd like to know how much Korean dramas care for historic accuracy? Like do they have some creative liberties? Also Is there historic Korea dramas where they clash with another culture? (beyond Japan)
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