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  2. Yahhh @joonminfan thank you dear . Let’s hope he read our greetings . But the admin of KJS HK is one lucky gal. .
  3. BLACKPINK - SAMSUNG Jennie IG Update Rosé IG Update LISA IG Update Jisoo IG Update
  4. Singapore is always slower in airing drama. At least few months to a year or two before we started seeing HSDS I am so looking forward to your Chapter 2!!!
  5. SEUNGYOON Twitter Update
  6. I noticed the same. Each TVB episode is around 43:30 min, which is ~3 min shorter than each Mainland episode. They are saving ~1:30 min by using shorter opening/ending songs, and snipping ~1:30 min of content from each episode. Seems that TVB's intention is just to keep pace with the Mainland version, not necessarily to restore cut scenes.
  7. Tsk tsk @Lawyerh the hard sell not working on sushi ... lol! No numbers Coming to think of it are there any dramas of girls serving in the army ? I think SK is such a male dominated society, so rare to hear girls wanting to do that
  8. Thank you to all the chinggus who have been posting excerpts of yesterday's episode and preview. Kamsahanida Don't know how to survive through another week though with that preview hanging over my head especially the couch scene...hehehe...For yesterday's episode, apart from the sudden kissu scene, I literally skip a heartbeat over the drunk scene, especially after DM sang in RG's ear and he gazed at her as if he wanted to kiss her. Seriously KJW, where have you been all my life? He should be given more roles like this apart from the antagonist/priest role. His gazed and his moments were heart-fluttering intense that I literally had to fan myself for its hotness..hahaha. I kept on thinking too that he could also fit certain lead roles of certain previously successful rom-com dramas but he chose to play antagonist roles in other dramas instead. Dont ask me which ones though as I dont want to risk the anger of the dramas's hardcore fans...hehehe..I hope KJW will take more lead roles like this. i want to see him in melodrama next... Anyway, @Kasmic..you are right, this is the 6th episode that PMY and KJW were "brickering" about in press conference..hehhe..and despite KJW "assurance", it was not tone down at all (referring to the drunk bed scene)..if any, the pace was rather quick towards mature romance...hehehe As for the plot, @classyviews @sal2 and @greezlybee, thank you for the insights. I think I have some ideas now. My biggest concern was the whole premise of this drama - fangirling and how this would affect RG/DM even after they are together and even if RG knows. I guess I was worried that they might be bickering for very small and petty misunderstanding for the next 10 episodes since figuratively there were actually no secrets between them. BUT, I think I got it now thanks to you guys (factoring the fact that I did not read the manhwa yet, this is just a theory). I guess the biggest threat later would be the choice DM has to make between RG and SA. I mean once RG knew about SA (and most of us guess SA would turn out to be his half brother), RG might resent SA since SA might be associated to the reason why his mother left him (if not SA directly, SA's father would be). This is the point of dilemma for DM, probably. She has to choose between her love for RG, or her obsession for SA. In a way, she had to choose to continue her fangirling way or become a normal fan who has a boyfriend who loves her to death (I said to death because up till yesterday episode, we could see that RG would do literally anything for her even if he was not aware of his feelings for her yet at that time). I know DM loves RG too (even if up till yesterday she was still not sure but she sure felt jealousy when that Da In girl swoop in a hug for Ryan) but DM would have a hard time to shake off her addiction to SA fangirling for RG's sake. And this might be the biggest threat, I supposed. And the second threat might be Director Uemm and Sindy as someone mentioned this. Based on how that lady seemed to react rather harshly towards even petty issues and how she loved her daughter very much even if she hated her daughter's fangirling way, I guess she is capable to scheme up outrageous plans to ensure her daughter wins the "fangirling" race. And I think RG would sacrifice something here to ensure DM is literally safe from them. If this is also the case, I am rather worried too as the Director is really conniving in the most annoying way and RG would definitely do anything for DM, even to give up his directorship. Whatever it is, I hope the ending would allow for us to see RG's talent as an artist i.e he finally painting something, either about DM and DM would be the one helping him. If possible, they can create a painting together..ala "Ghost", I mean as hot as "Ghost"...hehehe..damn RG/KJW and DM/PMY, you guys make my imagination goes wild...hehehe...*need a fan..need a fan Anyway, this is just a theory..meanwhile, I need to repeat the drunk and kissu scenes again....hehehehe
  9. No, the scene was not PSJ's idea. The scene where she fell on top of PSJ was copied from WWWSK webtoon. Around 80% of the drama was exactly copied from Secretary Kim webtoon which I think helped made it a hit drama as the webtoon itself has so many fans. The idea of PSJ was only that he hug her tight while saying his line (PMY not looking at him) because in the webtoon, Young Joon was looking deeply at Mi So's eyes while saying that he is falling in love blah blah (while she was on top of him). They tried to exactly copy the webtoon but PMY's hair kept falling on PSJ's face that made them laugh and have NGs so PSJ suggested a modification from the webtoon.
  10. Ooh la la..... Lets repeat the 7 minutes kiss again https://www.bilibili.com/video/av48934338/?spm_id_from=333.788.videocard.4
  11. Not yet, hopefully it will a movie since it is the sequel from the movie version. But i dont mind if the drama version has the sequel though Yes yes his hair in MBS (military style) is similar hairstyle in EN press con. No news from LoA. Yes this is what i like from him, he is so busy with jobs quite full pack of schedule in 2017-2019 right after secret fruit, ever night, my best summer, legend of awakening, and motherland film, not to mention the photoshoot and brand event2, but yeah like you said, he rarely post his weibo n ig with photos and videos except his current event, the rest is random photo, without his own photo LOL, hate him but love him LOL.
  12. VIXX’s Hyuk has been cast in a new tvN drama called “The Great Show” (literal title). The drama stars Song Seung Heon in the role of former Assemblyman Wi Dae Han, who takes in four troublemaker siblings while trying to reenter the Assembly. Hyuk will be taking on the role of an idol trainee named […] The post VIXX’s Hyuk Joins Song Seung Heon, Lee Sun Bin, And More In Upcoming tvN Drama appeared first on Soompi View the full article
  13. NCT 127 Japan 1st Full Album ‘Awaken’ Jacket Making #MARK
  14. Have you watched Lookout. The actress is a former amateur boxer & does all the action scenes herself. She’s pretty amazing & was doing the action scenes right into the 1st trimester of her pregnancy. The story is great too . Kim Young Kwang is the ML. You should watch it . Also Life on Mars . FL can also kick butt . Yes , yes !! Whoppeeeeee. I am counting down . @Ameera Ali the angling of the kiss is no good . Bad bad PD. He kept using their heads to block view ! 708
  15. Engsub Cr.uploader Happy camp?PXR there @pad-hari me too love his laugh He looks like a little kid there
  16. Same here. I also have seen ji min first in rooftop prince. And i loved her there and i started following her from that drama. So bad that those she worked with are already retired. Well it's their own wrong doing so they should face the consequences of their actions. I still have that drama saved since i plan to watch it from time to time. I will just look at ji min lol
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