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[OFFICIAL] Leeteuk (Suju) & Sora Couple We Got Married



  • HanyiHanyi Rational supporter of Dimple Couple Posts: 303Member


    33ru_mieru wrote on 03 March 2012 - 01:35 PM:

    @hanyi....haha thanks so much dear... *HUGS* KYAAAA!!!!! THIS THREAD IS JUST SO AMAZING!!!!! are in HK and now is 6AM!!!
    Hanyi, can I go up and put some remark to refer to yours? (I will do it anyway, to refer to your translation cause I need to re-edit some too after Kaelstorm correction)

    Sure, please. Hope the translation is ok.
    Yes, it's 6 now, still too excited to sleep.
  • teuksoraloverteuksoralover Posts: 308Member


    edited March 2012
    Kyak! I miss our couple. I can't seem to stop smiling seeing them talk about skinship like that. :)

    tumblr_m0bm4yeB8a1qdcel5o1_250.gif tumblr_m0bm4yeB8a1qdcel5o2_r2_250.gif

    I like how Sora expresses her feelings too for LT. :) Soooooo cute.

    BTW, does anyone remember the pic LT tweeted before during the filming of  this? He tweeted a car and he drew a smiley face in a car and said he was happy. They did not show that.
    TeukSora   200th Day Project
  • xianlie90xianlie90 Posts: 257Member


    edited March 2012
    @hanyi hanyi.. XD *speechless* you even delaying your bedtime for this... thx so much dear!!!!  I'm wow-ing reading about the tarot you share.. WOW! SUPER good card...  super happy coz the card keep appears.. XD  it means they deserve all  the happiness since both of them have been worked so hard all the  time... Sora for dramas, endorsement, etc... Teukie for concerts,  varieties, etc.. they deserve the success... and a happy marriage life.... and kids (after LT done his enlistment)... *delusional* and thx for the translation also.. ^^ hv good sleep ^^

    yes, we can be their twins~ so that we  can beg them: "eomma appa, we want dongsaeng twin" kkk.. why say sorry?  mine even silly than yours xD but aren't we to old to be their kids? XP  LOL
    yes, i noticed that also (will give you the screen cap below this~ kk)

    thx for the gif~~ look at  Teukie expression on the last gif~ no wonder he even draw smiles on  other people car... he was too happy... I'm not surprised if he shouted  his happiness loudly on the streets so other people would know his  happiness.. too bad he is an idol~ he doesn't need to shout to get  others attention...

    thx for the link <33 download it right away :P
    Last night, when i watch the preview, i can't help my self to do this...

    Let's explore the Dimple House! <3
    wanna take a ride with me?? gogo sing~~~

    Lets start from the living room....

    From what shown in the preview, they've put curtains on the window, sofa and a table there.. (@mieru couple mic on the table!!)

    Now lets move to the bedroom <3 (pay attention to the stairs)

    This two love birds put the dressing table and their bed to this  place... but i feel that the room was too small.. they didn't used  dressing table chair coz they couldn't find a space to put it since the  bed takes (almost) all over the place.. where's the blanket anyway? hm...
    they also put some ornaments such as a place to store magazines/newspapers infront of the bedroom & and a place to hang jackets (?) at the kitchen (pay attention on the picture below... near Sora's head..)

    And lastly the kitchen...
    thinking about the space (and coz they still newlyweds), i guess they choose to used small dining table  in front of the kitchen.. (i think the dining table used to be for 2  people.. 3 is the limit.... thinking about that... I guess FJ &  other bro-in-laws will complaining about having house warming party sitting on the ground XD)

    Something catch my eyes at the kitchen... what is that on the pic below??

    is that "10 Rules of Dimple House" ? whether they may re-write it.. coz from the previous ep, they used green on the rules...
    btw, we only knew some rules, right? i wonder whats the other rules.. hm....

    Well, if we join all of this 3 together.. this is what we get...



    I guess the toilet & bathroom are behind the kitchen... coz the MC once said: "The house design is unique. The bathroom right at entrance door..."
    My opinion about the house is..
    *sigh* I'm sorry, Sora... lets forget about the grandpiano... XD you'll  seriously end up eating on the piano.. that even means you need to move  your home theater (that placed infront of the kitchen).. but where?  LOL...
    The landlord were right.. this house made only for newlyweds~ i  think thats why the previous owner moved after having babies.. they need  place to put baby box and other baby stuff.. i hope Teukie has mind to move into a bigger house after having babies with Sora *sorry guys, delusional mood still ON*

    I'm sorry guys.. I know i need to stop, but somehow i can't... T__T
    at the fortune teller scenes, we only get the tarot parts right? but remember this pic? 
    i  wonder what is that on the table... hm.... Teukie's journal also  there... Can it be that besides the tarot, the fortune teller also do  other things like he did for HeeChul & Kangin?? coz looks like he  used same properties (laptop, pens & papers)
    btw this is the first time i saw a fortune teller with lappie XD LOL

    okay, thats all.. sorry for the long post.. >.<
       I've finished downloading and need to go now for work XD yes, i'm working in Sunday.. T__T

    bye now FD~ hv good Sunday <3 enjoy the subs ^^

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    May your cheekbones ascend to heavens~!
  • teuksoraloverteuksoralover Posts: 308Member


    edited March 2012
    Hi Fellow FDs, Did you enjoy the last episode of our dear TEUKSO as much as I did? It might be short but it was simply so CUTE and SWEET. The quality of what was shown is enough to make my cheeks ascend to heaven. I like seeing them like this – talking so straightforward and just saying what is on their mind.

    My thoughts about the episode’s fortune telling part

    First, who doesn’t like seeing them holding hands like this in the cold? LT putting Sora’s hand inside his pocket is just “Awwww….”


    LT seems happy hearing that the Tarot card reader thinks that just by looking at them, they look compatible already. Haha. :)

    I like what I am seeing from LT. While Sora was picking her cards, I can see that he is MORE CURIOUS than SORA herself. You can see from him that he wants good results from it.

    I don’t know what exactly the fortune teller is saying when he said, “IT STARTED AS A LOVE WITHOUT A CONCEPT.” Maybe what he means by that Sora doesn’t really have a concept of what kind of man she wants but just falls naturally.

    And I like the fact that SORA picked a card that symbolizes BOSS, AUTHORITY & LEADER. Haha. It matches very well. Fortune teller thinks that SORA is the kind of woman who wants her MAN to SUCCEED no matter what. I honestly think that someone LT needs in his life since he loves to work so much.

    Anyone Who loves the part when the FORTUNE TELLER was giving LT advice to grab SORA tightly? Haha.


    SORA: Yes.

    Look at LT’s face hearing this… LOL.


    FORTUNE TELLER: They don’t catch your eye, they seem like children or just seem younger than you. But this man is different. He feels like someone at your level.

    After hearing this, LT looks so interested and Sora seems shy about this. Haha. It seems like it is true Sora-sshi? Why so shy?


    I like what MC JAKE said after Sora said she is getting goosebumps.

    MC JAKE: If she got goosebumps, it means the results were close to what she’s been thinking about herself.

    Is it true Sora-sshi? You think LT as a man? Haha.:)

    During LT’s turn, the fortune teller said that it seems like LT really wants to have a real marriage and start a family. I believe he is in the right age already. Haha. It could be accurate.

    FORTUNE TELLER: At this rate, you might get her pregnant by just holding her hand.

    LOL. I think what he meant by that is LT is so eager about this marriage. He wants this and that and if he could get Sora pregnant by just looking at her then SHE could be probably PREGNANT by now. Haha.

    Another interesting part for me was when Fortune teller said that LT will not cheat on HER. She seems so happy to hear that. Not that I think LT will cheat but she might be worried about LT being surrounded by beautiful girls.

    Also, I like the part when LT rest his HEAD on Sora’s SHOULDERS. They look closer. This small gesture makes me love them together even more.


    Then, LT’s being overworked was brought up. LT needs to stop being workaholic and Sora want to take care of him.:)

    The two pick up cards together…

    And boom… LT picks the PREGNANCY CARD again… LOL.

    I am surprised too that this card keeps showing up.


    FORTUNE TELLER: He must be really in love with you. This must be true love. Haha. We all want that.

    Even the MCs can’t believe it b saying, “Maybe the card was planted.” LOL.

    Hearing Sora’s good fortune for this year made LT clapped. He seems genuinely happy for Sora if she becomes bigger as an actress. I like that. That is how a couple is supposed to be. Being genuinely happy for each other’s success…

    Then the fortune teller turns to LT telling him he must really like Sora because he keeps picking the same card and the marriage card. It is really interesting to see this.



    Yes. Get married for REAL. LOL.

    The fortune teller continues by saying that they could have kids right away. LT even jokingly said,”Twins even if the marriage isn’t registered yet?” LOL. The fortune teller even said, you are so greedy. LOL.

    Talking about kids. LT turns to SORA and said, “FIGHTING!”


    LOL. Even the MCs are saying, “Fighting for what?” You are very naughty LT.

    MC Misun: If that card came out twice then it must be true.

    I have so many thoughts about this episode. The next part of them is a “BOBO” special. LOL.

    My TEUKSO heart. I miss this couple.
    TeukSora   200th Day Project
  • HanyiHanyi Rational supporter of Dimple Couple Posts: 303Member



    Here is the Chines-subbed version on Tudou:

  • chikumachikuma Posts: 82Member, New Member
    Yesterday's episode was the best ever.I cant give my opinion right now but i'm sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happyrolleyes.gif
  • 0timelost0timelost Posts: 548Member


    Thank you, sqd66, for providing the link to the English sub: it made my day. And thank you, everyone for explaining what ELF means.

    This episode made all the wait worth it. It's short, but it is sweet. I wonder, after LT finish watching this and saw Sora's backroom interview, will he take the initiative now that heard how she felt about him asking for her permission. Lol...LT is such a gentleman that he wants to make sure that Sora agrees to the kiss before he kiss her. He did that in the Christmas Special (with the peppero challenge) and now he is doing the same thing. Although he wants to kiss her, he still respects her...even though he unsuccessfully tries to trick her.

    And this episodes remind me of the first episode when SJ said that LT doesn't know when to say or not say things. Lol...he tries to trick his wife but ends up messing up himself. He should know his wife is good that these games and he never wins: she got him when he, 1. the couple mic interview and his wife made him promise to do the batman pose during the mock interview 2. Sora's (I can't help but normally write "his wife") drunk act in which he has to toss in the white flag because he can't continue on with his acting 3. and the rice cake acting. Lol...he can't win over his wife...she catches everything that he says and understands his intention. And...I like the fact the fortune teller said that LT won't cheat on her. It also goes to show how observant Sora is because she always catches LT's little slip ups (the secret dates...his usage of formal language) and always points it out to him: the prime example is during the blind date, LT agree with Kyuhyun when he said "secret date" and Sora calls him on it. Ha. She even points out his whole intention of the game...LT really got himself a smart and caring "wife."
  • 33ru_mieru33ru_mieru Posts: 356Member


    Thanks so much for the sharing all FDs..I am still waiting for more other FDs to share.
    I am also too happy I don't know what to say and I can only say I agree to this:  this episode is a big revelation

  • teuksoraloverteuksoralover Posts: 308Member


    Why is our couple always associated with twins? First, they got a house whose previous owner had twins and now this fortune teller. LOL.

    @xianlie90 – First, I laughed when you said that your dad’s car turned on – the song “Kiss Me” started playing. Hahaha. I would laugh too if that happens to me.

    You always have DEABAK eyes. Can I ask you, the gift that Donghae was carrying, you think he really brought that? It seems like a gift that fans will give to the couple. Do you think he went there without bringing anything and then TEUKSO made him come with that atleast with that? Lol.

    And I completely agree with the kiss thing… If a guy doesn’t have the urgency to kiss his woman then there must something wrong with the relationship.

    Thank you also for the tour of the house. You don’t know how much I appreciate your eagle eyes. Did you notice too the heart pillow behind LT when he was talking to Donghae over the phone? The couple mic is DAEBAK too. Haha. Memories of them together.

    As for the DIMPLE HOUSE RULES… Haha. I think that is also the Dimple House rules so that they will not forget. Remember, they have to grant each other’s wishes?

    And LOL about the fortune teller having a laptop. You are so funny. They seem happy and contented in that picture with the fortune teller.

    @monmon -  THANK YOU SO MUCH for finishing the calendars. *CLAP CLAP* Let us all thank mon mon for that. We can see the progress of our couple more. I will go to photobucket now and download the new version of November and December and check it out.   

    @natali – Maybe you should try this. But I went to look at the video but it doesn’t play.

    @ary – I agree with rish 1109’s explanation about the translation for our calendar. I think that he did himself or the staff gave it to him. Maybe it was the translation that was wrong.

    @Hanyi – Thank you for that TAROT CARD information. After reading it thoroughly, I think I will say the same thing that you said… “SOMEBODY TURN OFF MY DELUSION MODE TOO.” LOL.

    @kd_fan1 – Nope. Sora didn’t have any kissing scenes there yet but she has “jealousy/cute quarrel” scenes with her leading men. I say leading men because she seems to be involve in a love triangle. LOL.  And I agree with what you said, they are just a couple in WGM so no need to know the compatibility in real life but they still did it. Why? They are making our delusional radar high right now.

    @33ru_mieru – I am waiting too. Hehe. I watched it like 5times already and still counting.

    TeukSora   200th Day Project
  • pibolspibols Posts: 75Member


    I love all your posts.. go fighting dimples!!
    even though it was only 10 minutes.. all your posts which pointed out every little bit of the 10 minutes made up my day.. and my week!!! 
    I'm watching dimple couple again from EP1-17.. falling in love  with them again and again!! 
    "Sometimes your nearness takes my breath away; and all the things I want to say can find no voice.
    Then, in silence, I can only hope my eyes will speak my heart."
  • hiedihiedi Posts: 185Member


    Ahhh... this episode is just DAEBAK!!!!! I couldn't reply here sooner since internet server in my country is so sucks yesterday.. :fury: .. It still not fully good today but i'm trying hard to reply here despite the internet slowness. Anyway glad that many fans are actively participating here... :D Need to see the subs vid now. Bye!!!

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  • kaelstormkaelstorm Posts: 98Member


    edited March 2012
    WGM Chinese Sub (Mediafire)

    For all those who want a clearer (HD) version of the episode or those who understand chinese, i've uploaded baidu's chinese version on mediafire. it's really clear for all you guys to sniff out more mysteries to solve haha. 

    file format is in .rmvb (use realplayer or vlc)
  • bulkgogumabulkgoguma Posts: 152Member


    edited March 2012
    how about yesterday episode? DAEBAK right????

    About the kissing, this is my opinion....

    1) why LT asked sora about kissing? why he need to ask her permission to kiss ( he also asked sora when he wanted to hold sora's hand)
        - he really respects sora. he don't want to make any skinship or move that makes sora uncomfortable
        - he really unsecured about sora's feeling.. i think he anxious and afraid that sora didn't has any feeling for him like he do

    2) why sora wanted Lt just kiss her spontaneous, not told her in advence...
        - because her feeling for LT already there... she admit that she saw LT as a man, and i believe she already has a space for LT in her heart ( too romantic right??? bear with me FD)

    3) again, LT asked her before they left.. "so, you don't want to kiss me?" i laughed when LT asked again.... we can see how happy LT was when sora answered him she really want to kiss him (with shake and nod her head only). aigoo Leeteuk-shii.. now he confirm that sora really has a feeling for him. Like sora said earlier that she will kiss the man that she love, who be her man and her love... 

    sorry, if my english not really good, but i believe our FD understand... 
  • 33ru_mieru33ru_mieru Posts: 356Member


    edited March 2012
    @All Fighting Dimples
    Once again, It's difficult to thank everyone personally cause everyone's opinion is so important. Thanks for the GIFs, the comments, the pics, the opinions....much much appreciated
    Have many thoughts after reading all of it but for now, just a quick one

    Kembaran yg superb!! ;)
    You are awesome twin...I love it that you take all of us to visit the house!!

    Phiuhh....I slipped that one, instead of translating exactly as per the word Sora used, I was translating what  I think she really meant...
    very dangerous way of translating but lucky you stick to your opinion.

    Oh are like my savior!!
    Did you have all of the past episodes uploaded to mediafire like what you did to this episode?
    I have lost all my files and now I don't know why sometimes I can access tudou sometimes I can't. If you have (for past episodes), can share the link? thanks a bunch!!

    And I just wanna say, the great thing about WGM is there is a black room interview.
    Sora is good to let us/Leeteuk knows via the black room interview that she wants it to be spontaneous/natural, but like what bulkgoguma said , Leeteuk really respects, watching what Sora has said in black room interview does play part in how Leeteuk gonna react later.

    I really hope in the future there will be more Sora's black room interview...I bet one of the main thing Leeteuk is excited to watch WGM is  the black room interview, cause the rest of other scene, Leeteuk was there with Sora, only the black room interview part...when Sora reveals a lot what is in her mind.


    I just realised that when I said Leeteuk.....I actually referring to myself...I am the one who needs the black room interview....
    I am the one who needs Sora to be in black room interview more...
    Darn, Leeteuk so lucky he can ask Sora whatever he is curious about....and Sora is so honest (in/out WGM)
    But for us, we need to count on Leeteuk's questions to Sora (we're lucky if he asks her on screen)....and the other one will be the black room interview....

  • chikumachikuma Posts: 82Member, New Member
    Yes bulkgoguma,totaally agree with you.
    The most important part of this episode (after suffering 1 month without them)  is about confirmation and revealation about their true feeling essp on Sora's side..Now i can 99.9999% sure that Sora begin to develop feeling toward Leetuk.Maybe it will take a certain  time for us to see their first bobo(or not at all) but what make me happy i feel assured now about Sora's feeling.Remember she dont have much experience in relationship ,so we can understand this is new for her essp after all events that Leetuk have made for her make her wonder is it for real or for the sake of the show.
    I'm very grateful that her first experience in love relationship,dating or even fake marriage is with someone like  Leetuk .He is a such gentleman and good guy.Thank you PD nim for your wise decision.
    Love is in the air...........cant wait for their honeymoon tripsmile.gif
  • dzudzudzudzu DC FB & Twitter Admin Dimple LandPosts: 150Member


    edited March 2012
    Sora: "The first time I saw you, actually it was in front of an audience. But then you were the one who caught my attention. When I heard that we can be together alone I was happy" (Sora's first impression about Leeteuk (episode 2)

    FT : "Most men won't keep her satiesfied but it seems you do" (to teukie)

    FT : "Most men don't catch your eyes, do they?? They don't catch your eyes, they like children or juat seem younger than you. But this man is different. He feels like someone at your level." (to sora)

    conclusion : MATCH VERY WELL :wub:
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