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[OFFICIAL] Leeteuk (Suju) & Sora Couple We Got Married


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Fighting Dimples presents....

...couple who will make your cheekbones ascend to heavens...


(by: xianlie90)

(wording by: sqd66, 33ru_mieru, xianlie90)

         Leeteuk - Popular Leader of Super Junior who are unquestionably one of the top Idol groups in Korea.
         Kang Sora - A young new beautiful actress who caught the eye of the public with her role in the movie "Sunny".
         Leeteuk and Sora had their first fateful meeting on the show Strong Heart. There she was near Leeteuk a veteran in the industry who kindly helped her with her jacket..a fateful encounter which would later be a sweet memory for the couple as they reminisced about the show and their first meeting.

         At the end of September 2011, the show "We Got Married" selected Leeteuk and Kang Sora as one of their new couples. As MBC stated this was a match of a mismatched pair. Right from the start these two had sparks fly and their chemistry was apparent to the viewers.Their shyness and awkwardness engrossed the viewers who were seeking to witness more interaction between the two, week after week.           Around February till May 2012, their appearance on the show was interrupted unfortunately due to a strike by MBC which caused their taping to stop. After the strike Sora aware of the fact that Leeteuk would revert  to his shyness mode took the lead. She showed Leeteuk her interest in him, especially loving his new body. A birthday surprise, a photoshoot, and meeting Sora's parents, Sora being Leeteuk's manager for a day, a road trip, all showed evidence the couple was happy to be together. Leeteuk and Sora now grew more comfortable around each other. DC fans had their cheeks ascending to the heavens watching these two.           They bid farewell to their virtual marriage after almost a year together. They had a beautiful good bye, letting the other know how much love they had for the other. Hugs and kisses came along with tears as they expressed their feeling about separation and their future.
          To us fans...
          "Although the show is over, the love between TeukSora will last forever in the hearts of Fighting Dimples everywhere. We hope all the best for them and hope that someday, destiny would bring them together in real life."

Dimple Couple and Fighting Dimples
..Our story is NOT an END.. it's just a new "AND"


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2011-09-28 ‘We Got Married’ PD confirms they’ve locked down new couples

11-09-28 Lee Teuk and Kang So Ra Chosen as the Third Couple of We Got Married?11-09-28 ‘We Got Married’ denies that Leeteuk and Kang Sora are one of the new couples11-09-29 ‘We Got Married’ PD confirms that there will be an idol in the new couple

11-10-01 ‘We Got Married’ reveals a preview… featuring Super Junior??11-10-06 Leeteuk and Kang Sora began filming for ‘We Got Married’?11-10-06 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang Sora shoot their second episode of We Got Married11-10-07 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang Sora confirmed for ‘We Got Married’11-10-07 ‘We Got Married’ PD explains his casting decision behind Leeteuk and Kang Sora ♥11-10-08 Super Junior's Leeteuk sends his wedding invitations, "To the pretty actress, the pretty bride"11-10-08 Super Junior Leeteuk shared a cute picture with Kang Sora ♥11-10-08 Leeteuk and Kang Sora meet for the first time on ‘We Got Married’11-10-15 Leeteuk and Kang Sora reveal their embarrassing pet names on We Got Married11-10-15 Leeteuk and Kang So Ra have the same thinking. “Understand each other and be honest.”11-10-22 We Got Married’s Leeteuk and Kang Sora spotted on a school uniform date11-10-22 Leeteuk shows his romantic side on his first date with Kang Sora

11-11-05 Kang Sora’s co-star, Choi Min Song, makes Leeteuk feel jealous
11-11-06 f(x)’s Krystal didn’t know about Leeteuk’s marriage
11-11-06 Super Junior’s Leeteuk makes a cameo appearance on a series
11-11-12 Super Junior’s Leeteuk is proved to be the best husband
11-11-13 We Got Married presents Leeteuk, the most romantic gentleman after Alex
11-11-19 Kang Sora plays the piano for Leeteuk on ‘We Got Married’

11-11-20 Leeteuk serenades Kang Sora at ‘Super Show 4 Concert’ ♥11-11-21 Leeteuk proposes to Kang Sora with a ring during the Super Show 411-11-26 Super Junior's Lee Teuk Reveals Middle School Picture and Report Card11-11-28 Leeteuk and Kang Sora is a romantic couple off-screen too 11-11-28 Kang So Ra reveals her affection for Super Junior’s Lee Teuk ♥

11-12-03 Is Leeteuk really in love with Kang So Ra? ♥
11-12-10 Leeteuk brags about his close relationship with Kang Sora11-12-10 We Got Married, Leeteuk laces his fingers with lovely Kang So Ra
11-12-16 All the couples from ‘We Got Married’ to appear on ‘MBC Gayo Daejeon’11-12-17 WGM, Leeteuk gets on his knees to propose to Kang So Ra
11-12-17 Leeteuk serenades Kang Sora at ‘Super Show 411-12-17 We Got Married, Kang So Ra’s special performance with SuJu for Leeteuk
11-12-24 MBC’s We Got Married airs their Holiday special program11-12-24 ‘We Got Married’ couples play the Pepero kissing game11-12-25 Leeteuk confesses, “I had secret dates” on We Got Married11-12-31 We Got Married, Leeteuk’s sweet secret message to Kang So Ra
11-12-31 We Got Married awards ‘Best Couple’ of 2011

12-01-05 More Super Junior members to join ‘We Got Married’ (TeukSora depart from WGM?)
12-01-06 Lee Teuk Upset about Rumors of Leaving MBC "We Got Married"12-01-07 Leeteuk + Kang Sora move in together on We Got Married12-01-14 Kang Sora transforms into a ‘master Tteokbokki chef’ on ‘We Got Married’12-01-20 Leeteuk thanks fans for supporting the 100th day of his ‘marriage’ ♥12-01-21 Kang So Ra sets up a group blind date for Super Junior members12-01-25 Leeteuk deletes tweets involving actress Lee Min Jung12-01-29 Suju's Eunhyuk and Leeteuk Disappointed After Recent Airing of "WGM"

12-02-03 MBC will air repeats of ‘Infinity Challenge’ & ‘We Got Married’ due to strike
12-02-11 MBC's "We Got Married" didn't air a new episode this week, again!12-02-18 Kang So Ra dismisses all rumors regarding her dropout of We Got Married 12-02-18 ‘We Got Married’ and ‘Infinity Challenge’ will not air again this week12-02-24 MBC to air Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ this week due to continuing strike

12-03-02 ‘We Got Married’ to air first broadcast after month-long strike12-03-03 WGM Kang Sora and Leeteuk Want to Kiss?12-03-13 Lee Teuk: "My Wife Kang So Ra and I Are on Strike"12-03-24 WGM, Leeteuk wants a 50,000 guest wedding at Jamshil Stadium

12-03-31 Leeteuk expresses his jealousy of 2AM’s Jinwoon on ‘We Got Married’

12-03-31 Leeteuk wants to “throw away his clothes” with Kang Sora on their honeymoon?

12-03-31 Leeteuk sends a loving video message to Kang So Ra

2012-04-01 We Got Married: Leeteuk wipes his wife’s tears and gives her a hug2012-04-12 ‘We Got Married’ is cancelled, to be replaced by ‘Music and Lyrics’2012-04-12 Super Junior’s Leeteuk Expresses Opposition to WGM’s Cancellation ♥2012-04-13 ‘We Got Married’ Looks At Adding a Couple, But Not Cancelling

2012-04-18 Dimple Couple and We Got Married’s PD

12-06-05 We Got Married 3 to broadcast again after two months
12-06-06 MBC to resume airing ‘We Got Married’
12-06-16 Leeteuk removes his shirt for Kang Sora on ‘We Got Married’
12-06-16 Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple in sexy dancesport costumes
12-06-22 Super Junior’s Leeteuk rubs Kang So Ra’s feet
12-06-23 Kang So Ra, “My heart raced during the kiss performance with Leeteuk”
12-06-23 "We Got Married" Leeteuk And Kang Sora In The Same Bed?!
12-06-30 Leeteuk is jealous of Sungmin for his friendship with Kang So Ra
12-06-30 SJ’s Leeteuk expresses his jealousy towards Sungmin over KangSora on WGM

12-07-01 Kang Sora says, “I have long legs” (including "Leeteuk loves to hold special events for just two of us")
12-07-01 Kang So Ra’s happy with Leeteuk but mother advises marriage isn’t fantasy
12-07-06 Kang Sora Surprises SJ’s Leeteuk with a Spontaneous Kiss on “We Got Married”
12-07-07 Kang So Ra and Super Junior’s Leeteuk finally shares a kiss
12-07-07 WGM, Leeteuk demands skinship with Kang So Ra threatening divorce
12-07-07 Leeteuk Thanks “We Got Married” Staff
12-07-10 Leeteuk announces he will marry the woman who waits for him to return from the military ♥ (FD speculation the girl is Sora, perhaps? ^^)
12-07-14 Leeteuk kisses Kang So Ra on her forehead ♥
12-07-14 WGM’s dimple couple, Leeteuk and Kang So Ra appear in a wedding photo shoot
12-07-21 Super Junior’s Leeteuk kisses Kang So Ra in front of his in-laws
12-07-21 WooJung couple set their sights on Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple’s home
12-07-21 Kang So Ra’s first love makes Leeteuk burn in jealousy

12-08-18 Leeteuk receives flower arrangement gift from the ‘We Got Married’ production team
12-08-18 Kang Sora, SJ’s Leeteuk and Sungmin have lunch on ‘We Got Married’
12-08-18 WooJung couple dance for the ‘dimple house’ (TeukSora house) on WGM
12-08-21 MBC "'WGM' Eeteuk.Kang Sora exiting..Not confirmed"
12-08-21 'WGM' Eeteuk.Kang Sora exiting? "They recorded today too"
12-08-21 Leeteuk and Kang Sora to resume filming ‘We Got Married’ until Leeteuk’s military enlistment
12-08-24 WGM - Has SJ’s Leeteuk had white toe nails since birth?
12-08-25 ‘WGM’, Skinship becomes natural for Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple at the water park
12-08-26 'We Got Married' Leeteuk & Kang Sora Couple, Overflowing Skinship at Pool
12-08-26 Kang Sora impressed by Leeteuk’s body on ‘We Got Married’

12-09-01 ‘WGM’, Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple’s fans are angry for the couple’s brief air-time
12-09-01 Leeteuk and Kang So Ra show off their fancy outfit on We Got Married
12-09-01 Leeteuk and Kang Sora get comfortable on ‘We Got Married’
12-09-01 Super Junior Leeteuk to Announce Military Enlistment Date Next Week!?
12-09-03 Super Junior Leeteuk Films Last Episode of "We Got Married"
12-09-04 'WGM’ releases unseen photos and footage of Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang Sora
12-09-04 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang So Ra release unbroadcast episode of We Got Married
12-09-05 Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo to replace Leeteuk and Kang Sora on ‘We Got Married’
12-09-06 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang So Ra complete We Got Married appearances
12-09-07 Super Junior’s Leeteuk shares his thoughts on ending ‘We Got Married’
12-09-08 Kang Sora shares her thoughts on ending ‘We Got Married’ ♥
12-09-08 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang So Ra share a last kiss ♥
12-09-08 Leeteuk-Kang So Ra couple say goodbye with a kiss ♥
12-09-08 Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Kang Sora share their first and last kiss on ‘We Got Married’ ♥
12-09-09 Super Junior’s Leeteuk sheds tears on ‘We Got Married’ ♥
12-09-22 Fans of WGM Couple Super Junior Leeteuk and Kang Sora Make Noble Gift of 1.25 Tons of Rice
                  (TeukSora 1st Year Anniversary Project between Fighting Dimples, TeukSora Worldwide, Dimple Couple International and TSL Korea)
12-09-27 Leeteuk’s “WGM” Wife Kang Sora Channels Old Hollywood Glamour for “InStyle”

12-10-30 Leeteuk, Sangchu, and Ryu Sang Wook enter military service
                  (From October 30,2012 Leeteuk will do his military service for 21 months and will finish in July 29,2014)

12-11-08 Various text messages from celebrities on Leeteuk’s enlistment revealed on ‘Strong Heart’ (Sora's picture is in picture1, the 2nd from left)

12-12-07 Super Junior’s Leeteuk receives accolades for perfect marks in shooting
                   (On December 7th,2012 Leeteuk finished 5 weeks of basic training, and then he will serve in the military for 21 months with the first division)
12-12-29 Popularity Award - MBC Entertainment Award. Leeteuk: "Kang Sora come visit me" - Kang Sora: "I'll write letters" ♥ (trans cr: hiedi/@nbh19 at Twitter)
12-12-29 SJ’s Leeteuk and KangSora receives ‘Popularity Award’ at ‘MBC Entertainment Awards’ (Teuk sends a special greeting video)
12-12-31 Visiting Leeteuk: Kang sora " He's in Private 2nd Class rank (now), I surely go visit him after he pass through the Private 1st Class rank"♥ (trans cr: hiedi/@nbh19 at Twitter)


(cr: newsen,joynews, mydaily, daily sports, allkpop, kpopfever, enkorea, dramahaven, WGMLeeteukandKangsora at wordpress)

11-11-22 Kang Sora interview with ‘Asia Today' ♥ (talk about WGM & Leeteuk)
(cr: hellokittymao)

12-01-17 Kang Sora's interview at DH2 PressCon: Sora and Leeteuk exchange text messages in real life ♥

12-03-26 Kang Sora's interview with StarNews, talk about WGM, “A written script? No way” ♥
12-03-28 Kang Sora's interview with JoyNews, “My Ideal Person is Leeteuk” ♥
12-03-28 Kang Sora's interview with NewSen, “Since MBC’s strike, I haven’t seen Teuk Oppa” ♥
12-03-30 Kang Sora's interview with SportSeoul, talks about ‘DH 2', ‘We Got Married’ & Leeteuk ♥
12-03-30 Kang Sora's interview with TVDaily, Doubt on Kang So Ra’s Acting Hurtful while Fictional Husband is Gentleman ♥

May 2012 [iNTERVIEW] Kang Sora in SURE Magazine (about honeymoon plan)

12-09-17 Kang Sora's interview with Newsen "Cried so much because I became close to him".♥ (KOREAN article)

        Rough trans of Sora's interview about LeeTeuk : (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)
           (rough trans cr: Hanyissi, nbh19, Luvallkorea, TSL08 & NKSubs at Twitter)
12-09-19 Kang Sora's interview with JoyNews (KOREAN article)
        Part of Sora's interview about LeeTeuk : Trans by Hiedi  (trans cr: nbh19 at Twitter)
12-09-20 Kang Sora's interview with CityDaily (KOREAN article)
        Part of Sora's interview about LeeTeuk : Trans by Hiedi  (trans cr: nbh19 at Twitter)
12-09-21 Kang Sora's interview with MyDaily (KOREAN article)
        Part of Sora's interview about LeeTeuk : Trans by Hiedi  (trans cr: nbh19 at Twitter)
12-09-24 Kang Sora's interview with DailySports (KOREAN article)
        Part of Sora's interview about LeeTeuk : Trans by Hiedi  (trans cr: nbh19 at Twitter)
12-09-24 Kang Sora's interview with SportsKorea (KOREAN article)
        Part of Sora's interview about LeeTeuk : Trans by Hiedi  (trans cr: nbh19 at Twitter)
12-10-23 Kang Sora's interview with SportsChosun (KOREAN article)
        Part of Sora's interview about LeeTeuk : Trans by luvallkorea  (trans cr: luvallkorea at Twitter)

(by: ary1004, Lallinachan, monmon16 & 33ru_mieru)




(Raw Video credits: MBC WGM Official site, comrang91, kshownow_ at dailymotion and semi-fly at soompi) (Subs credits: AngelSubs, KSHOWNOWSubs, FDSubs, Hanyi) (worrding by: Hanyi)

111001 WGM Preview with Suju:
EngSUB: AngelSubs-DailyMotion

111008 Ep01. We are just married♡
Leeteuk, leader of Super Junior, finally got married. Without knowing who his bride will be, Leeteuk announced the happy news to his fans at "Show! Music Core". He also distributed a specially-designed wedding invitation to his colleagues. Leeteuk finally met his bride in the theater because his wife is the talented actress, Kang Sora. Teuk was so astonished by Sora’s beauty that he could only greet her again and again.
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: AngelSubs-Vimeo and KSNSubs

111015 Ep02. Your are my Prince/Princess♡
The SJ members could not stand the awkwardness between the new couple and gave the newly-wed their first mission ~ to decide on their pet names. Based on his first impression, Teuk named Sora As "Baby Princess" and Sora reciprocated by calling him "Prince". At the request of the "Fighting Junior" (FJ), the couple danced and exchanged their anticipation for their marriage. Thanks to FJ, the couple was less awkward.
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: AngelSubs-Vimeo and KSNSubs

111022 Ep03. The Song for You Only♪
Teuk drove Sora to the restaurant that he had reserved for their first date. The two were still awkward and so they tried to talk on the way to Namshan. Teuk took his wife to the rooftop to admire the magnificent scenery of Seoul under the starry night. He sang his dedicated song to Sora and also tried to impress her with a special event. The couple also accomplished a task which would increase the chance of falling in love.
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: AngelSubs-Vimeo and KSNSubs

111105 Ep04. The Man Behind A Successful Actress

Teuk visited the set to surprise his wife, who was busy in the shooting of a daily drama. He was so timid to approach Sora until the crew had to move to another location. Teuk introduced himself as Sora's husband and gave out health drinks to the crew hoping for their better support to Sora. Teuk also asked the Director's permission to be a cameo
EngSub: AngelSubs-Vimeo and KSNSubs

111112 Ep05. 
EngSub: AngelSubs-Vimeo and KSNSubs

111119 Ep06.  
EngSub: AngelSubs-Vimeo and KSNSubs

111126 Ep07.  
EngSub: AngelSubs-Vimeo and KSNSubs

111203 Ep08.  
EngSub: AngelSubs-Dailymotion and KSNSubs

111210 Ep09.  

Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

111217 Ep10.  
EngSub:  KSNSubs

111224 Ep11. Christmas Ep Special - Part 1 
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

111231 Ep12. Christmas Ep Special - Part 2 
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

120107 Ep13.  
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

120114 Ep14.  

Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs and FDSubs

120121 Ep15.  
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs and FDSubs

120128 Ep16.  
Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs and FDSubs~> part1  part2  part3  part4  part5

120303 Ep17.  

Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

120310 Ep18.  

Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

120317 Ep19.  

Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

120324 Ep20.  

Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion~> part1  part2
EngSub: KSNSubs

120331 Ep21.  

Raw-Vid: comrang91@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

120616 Ep22.  
Raw-Vid: kshownow_@dailymotion~> part1  part2
EngSub: KSNSubs

120623 Ep23.  
Raw-Vid: semi-fly@soompi
EngSub: KSNSubs

120630 Ep24.  
Raw-Vid: kshownow_@dailymotion~> part1  part2
EngSub: KSNSubs

120706 Ep25.  
Raw-Vid: kshownow_@dailymotion
EngSub: KSNSubs

120714 Ep26. Wedding Day
Raw-Vid: semi-fly@soompi
EngSub: KSNSubs

120721 Ep27. +
WooJung Ep50 (Jangwoo-Eunjung visit Dimple House)
Raw-Vid TeukSo Ep27: kshownow_@dailymotion
Raw-Vid WooJung Ep50: kshownnow_@dailymotion

120818 Ep28. + WooJung Ep51 (Jangwoo-Eunjung visit Dimple House)
Raw-Vid (TeukSora+WooJung):
EngSub (TeukSora+WooJung): KSNSubs

120818 Ep29.
Raw-Vid: semi-fly@soompi
EngSub: KSNSubs

120901 Ep30.
Raw-Vid: semi-fly@soompi
EngSub: KSNSubs

120903 UNSEEN CLIP of TeukSora in Dimple House
Raw-Vid: MBC's We Got Married Official Site
(PLEASE CLICK the link ABOVE before you watch the EngSub ver - to increase its number of hits in MBC site)
Translation: by Hanyi

EngSub: by Lallinachan (Download link under the video)

120908 Ep31. LeeTeuk♡Sora: Goodbye, Dimple House
Raw-Vid: Semi-fly@soompi
EngSub: KSNSubs
Translation of SORA's message: by Hanyi
Translation of LEETEUK's message: by Heidi & Hanyi and by wingsforleeteuk.com

120910 UNSEEN CLIP of TeukSora visit local market
Raw-Vid: MBC's We Got Married Official Site
(PLEASE CLICK the link ABOVE before you watch the EngSub ver - to increase its number of hits in MBC site)
Translation: by Hanyi

EngSub: by Lallinachan (Download link under the video)


 (by: dzudzu, Lil_V, Lallinachan & 33ru_mieru)

♥Episode 01♥      ♥Episode 02♥      ♥Episode 03♥
♥Episode 04♥      ♥Episode 05♥      ♥Episode 06♥
♥Episode 07♥      ♥Episode 08♥      ♥Episode 09♥
♥Ep10(Part1)♥      ♥Ep10(Part2)♥

♥Episode 11 (Christmas Spe1)♥
♥Episode 12 (Christmas Spe2)♥
♥Episode 13♥      ♥Episode 14♥      ♥Episode 15♥
♥Episode 16♥      ♥Episode 17♥      ♥Episode 18♥
♥Episode 19♥      ♥Episode 20♥

♥Episode 21♥      ♥Episode 22♥      ♥Episode 23♥
♥Episode 24♥      ♥Episode 25♥      ♥Episode 26♥
♥Episode 27♥      ♥Episode 28♥      ♥Episode 29♥
♥Episode 30♥      ♥Episode 31♥

(cr: MBC-WGM Official Site, 2011 MBC Korean Music Festival at Facebook,  MBCKOREANMUSICFEST at Youtube, withMBC at Twitter) 
MBC Korean Music Festival 2011

TeukSora's Camping Photos

Link♥1    Link♥2    Link♥3
Unseen Clip at Dimple House (Teuk make pasta for Sora)
♥photo and ►video
Unseen Clip of TeukSora visit local market
♥photo and ►video

(cr: MBC-WGM Official Site, sup3rjunior.com)


      ♥  ♥  ♥

TeukSora (Dimple Couple) WGM - Compilation Songs
(cr: youtube) (search by:  VinniE at WGMLeeteukandKangsora Wordpress,  xianlie90 & lennycsn)
PART 1 (Ep 1 - 14)
PART 2 (Ep 15 - 31/END)

TeukSora (Dimple Couple) WGM - Lyrics
(by:  Lil_V)
~ Sexy, Free & Couple ~
SFC Cover1
SFC Cover2
SFC Cover3

(Picture, FanTaken, FanCam & FanAccount, Others)
(search by: xianlie90)

2011-10-01 MBC Music Core Recording (LeeTeuk)
- WGM Ep1

~TeukSora airport date - Kimhae Airport, Busan - WGM Ep5
     News Picture:      
~Sora do V-sign mission at The 16th BIFF 2011
- WGM Ep6
     News Picture:

2011-10-17 Sora do another V-sign mission at Daejong Awards 2011
- WGM Ep6
  News Picture:

2011-10-20 TeukSora school date - Soongsil High School
- WGM Ep6-7

2011-11-02 TeukSora walk around KBS Building (where Teuk do KTR)
- WGM Ep8

2011-11-20 Sora at Super Junior Concert - SS4Seoul (Day 2) at Olympic Gymnastics Arena
- WGM Ep10

  FanTaken (cr: as tagged):                           

  FanCam (Teuk propose Sora): 

  FanCam (Sungmin's mission from Sora - wipe Teuk's sweats w/ pink handkerchief): 

2011-12-18 TeukSora visits realtor (looking for a house) - WGM Ep13
  Picture : 

~TeukSora in a bakery during FJ blindates
- WGM Ep15
~TeukSora visits Fortune Teller - Apgujeong Sotdae Fortune Café
- WGM Ep17
~TeukSora having dinner at a restaurant
- WGM Ep17
     FanTaken (at restaurant):       ,Teuk draw smiley on a car:  

2012-01-18 TeukSora double date with Donghae&Eunseo - Everland Theme Park, Yongin
- WGM Ep18-19
   Video (from APink News): 

2012-02-07 TeukSora date at Sheep Café - HongDae - WGM Ep21
   TeukSora messages for Sheep Café:    

2012-04-03 Leeteuk self-cam - Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris - WGM Ep22(self-cam)

2012-04-07 Sora make "LeeTeuk" sign before throwing the first pitch for Lotte Giants Baseball Match Opening - WGM Ep22(self-cam)

2012-04-26 Sora received Popularity Award (for movie: Sunny) at 48th Baeksang Art Awards - WGM Ep22(self-cam)

2012-06-06 TeukSora practicing Tango Dance - WGM Ep23
   Park Minha tweets:   (Minha tweet this in June11-Monday, but the recording probably taken on June6-Wednesday because Teuk statement on KBS2 - "Do Dream" that usually WGM recording schedule is Wednesday)

2012-06-20 TeukSora trip to Nami Island
- WGM Ep24-25

2012-07-12 MNet "MCountdown" Recording (DC WGM filming in front of CJ E&M building) -
WGM Ep28

~TeukSora camping car
- WGM Ep29
      MBC WGM Official Picture:
Link♥1   Link♥2   Link♥3
~TeukSora visit local market - Geumcheon - not shown in WGM, but MBC uploaded the unseen clip at 12-09-10
      MBC WGM Official Video:

(cr: as tagged, MBC WGM Official Site, xportnews, hyuktoyou.net, WGM DC Pantip@FB, sneezes@tumblr, sschj@blog.me, jjun999999, b_mouche@naver, jaein75, 타잔마눌님, tmfl777, 까망콩 하양콩님 at TSL, _YEon妍, at weibo, sup3rjunior, WGMLeeteukandKangsora, Kangsora at Wordpress, luna.tique, jinayafer, emmy_khomeme_1, szillion, natali, Ms.Jikam, akane_tran, janetv, koreaTSL, robinblue91, Lil_V, peishi0408 at Soompi, janniiez_Z, HAEMING_, rena931015, SJFever, thedangol, 3vonn3looi, superandyyy, freeaio, analogirl_, Fuchoin_, Pure_Minha, 2teuk, xianxian90, KSora_IFC, DCLover100045, _19860101, heequeenTing, haehyuk8693, LCYocco, teukQk at Twitter,  sjissj, leegoldie GirlsinCity, DEBBY YE, MareNubiumSOSO, ECLova, TheChrissouu, pinkunoshow03, dclover10045 at Youtube)


(search by: xianlie90)


2011-10-14 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Teuk said he appeared in Sora's drama "Woman in Our House" & talked bout Sora with Clazziquai's Alex )
  Fan Account:

2011-10-16 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Teuk said KTR writer asked him 'You seem to like WGM alot?' + human's heart become strange while filming WGM)
  SUBS for Radio: ►EpheuParkSubs

2011-10-20 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Teuk said he just comeback from school date with Sora):  ☻Trans

2011-10-21 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Teuk-Hyuk talk about asking ladies phone number + Hyuk said Teuk's ideal type is Sora)

2011-11-03 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Hyuk said Teuk is using the computer to look at Sora's picture)
+ Leeteuk followed(?) Sora’s dorky dance in [111103]Style Icon Awards:    (cr: @k_nanny)

~♥ 2011-11-06 KBS - Turn the Volume Up (Sora as special DJ) ♥~
(Sora: "Leeteuk-ssi,  thank you so much (for encouragement & support). Fighting for the broadcast later.")
  Fan Account: 

~♥ 2011-11-06 KBS - Kiss The Radio ♥~
(Teuk: "Actually I want to tell Sora-ssi something through broadcast that I miss you~")

2011-11-08 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Teuk said if Sora comes on Sukira, he will sing Huh Gak's "Hello" the MV which Sora participated in)
  Fan Account:

2011-11-11 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Hyuk: "LeeTeuk-ssi, do you prefer WG or Girl's Day?" , Teuk: "Kang Sora ssi~")

2011-11-21 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Hyuk ask Teuk about why he do that (propose Sora) in his solo performance during SS4Seoul day2)

2011-11-22 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Min-Wook: "TeukDJ leaving because WGM? for honeymoon?" Teuk: "No, haven't plan it yet~")

~♥ 2011-12-22 MBC - ShimShimTaPa ♥~
(Teuk came to ShinDong's radio show and Sora called in!)
  Fan Account:
  Transcript:    + ☻FanInsight
  Video: ►RadioBora(1)  , 

  SUBS for Radio:

2012-01-02 KBS - Kiss The Radio
(Min said Sora sis-in-law gave him a cake in his birthday, but then Teuk use it to 'caking' him ;p )
  Fan Account:

  Picture (from 120101 via SJ's Siwon twitter):

(cr: epheupark@blogspot, hyuktoyou, sup3rjunior, sapphirebluehearts, nkh62, sulph, iezzyice, yiyi6788, DALMINATION02, aciresoh, lovejc321,o0GybZz0o, at Youtube, jinayafer, bulkgoguma, stars4u, hellokittymao, firnia, hanyi at Soompi)


2011-07-05 SBS - Strong Heart (Ep85)
(TeukSora first meeting before WGM):
Kang Sora’s comical dance and sexy dance learned at JYP
►Cut by kshowloveholic (Sora's dance + Teuk help her with her jacket)
  ENGsub: ►Cut by Sup3rSubs (SJ cuts + Sora's old picture)

2011-11-08 MBC - Show! Music Core
  LeeTeuk do V-sign mission(Ep6) but not shown in WGM: ♥Screencap  +  ♥Gif 
(cr: Lallinachan)

2012-12-25 MBC - Yonhap News
  Leeteuk talk about We Got Married:  ►Video(EngSub)

2012-03-13 SBS Strong Heart Ep121
(Teuk: "Me and Sora didn't break off our engagement. We  didn’t mean to, but we are currently separated.”):   <♥> + <♥>
   ENGsub SH-ep121: ►KSNSubs

2012-03-20 SBS Strong Heart Ep122
(Teuk: "For me and the woman who loves me, it would be better if I am her last one" and JangWoo said because of WGM, he feel that he is really married & must keep to his promise not to look at other girl as a husband. Leeteuk commented: "This promise must be kept..."): <♥> +
   ENGsub SH-ep122: ►DaebakSubs

2012-04-27 MBC - Super Junior "Dreams of a K-POP Legend"
Teuk drink tea from "The 100th Day of Teuk&Sora" Mug (which given by fans) in SUJU dorm

2012-05-11 [ V ] Channel - I Love JK
Interview with Teuk's mom in KonaBeans: "Teuk drinks Americano"
Explanation: "Americano" is KangSora's favorite coffee

2012-07-01 MBC - Section TV (Rising Star)
Sora talks about WGM, she likes Teuk events for her & her imagination about marriage becomes higher:

2012-07-07 KBS 2 - Do Dream
Leeteuk talk about his whole week is filled with schedule and Wednesday is for WGM filming
   Trans: ☻Trans

2012-07-10 SBS Strong Heart Ep138
(Teuk: I will 100% find a girlfriend before I leave for enlistment this year. If that girl waits for me for two years, I will marry her within 5 years”)
FD speculation: The girl is Sora perhaps??



2012-08-21 SBS Strong Heart Ep142
(MC Dongwook
asked: "Seems like LeeTeuk go to date in Han River quite often?" and Boom said "I told you he(LT) got a new van"
    EngSub: ►DaebakSubs
Explanation: Previously on 12-07-12, TeukSora went for a date at Han River (with Bro-In-Law No1' SungMin) and later, at the same day, they won a van (camping car) from WooJung Couple who come to make a bet of Dimple House

SBS Strong Heart Ep148
(Teuk said he gave his girlfriend birthday gifts according to her age. MC Dongwook asked: "If she's 23years old, you gave her 23 gifts?" and Teuk said yes)
FD speculation: MC Dong Wook asked about Sora?? Because based on Korean age, Sora's age is 23 years old right now (in 2012)
   Trans: ☻Trans

2012-11-06 SBS Strong Heart Ep153 (Special Goodbye Leeteuk Part1)
Leeteuk sent a text message saying, “I’m going to miss you” to his 100 celebrity friends. (One of them is KangSora)
    News: (Sora's picture is in picture1, the 2nd from left)
    ENGsub: ►KSNSubs

2012-12-29 MBC Entertainment Awards 2012 (Dimple Couple WON the Popularity Award ^O^)
     News: ☻(Translated by Hiedi/@nbh19)
     ENGsub: ►FDSub
- Leeteuk’s message to Sora at MBC Entertainment Awards 2012 (VCR):
     EngSub: (Spoiler) TEUK: "Sora-ya, you are doing well right? You will come for visits right?"
     Video: by dilarizn
- Sora's message to Leeteuk at MBC Entertainment Awards 2012:
     EngSub: (Spoiler) SORA: " I am considering to visit you when you have been promoted to a corporal."
- Bro-In-Law No.4 (Kyuhyun) attended same event: 

(cr: 13monkeyshouse.com, WGMLeeteukandKangsora, dimplesmiles at wordpress, kshownow, strongheartsub, epheupark at Blogspot, youku.com, arienblurr, 33ru_mieru, xianlie90, kopi_c_st, Mukkys1004, wahahalala, hanyi, EpheuPark-LadyEpheu.Aii.JS, k_craze, pinnavinna at Soompi, viragis, HeleChui, arienblurr, teukables, ELF_thoughts, honeydewname, SweetLoveDc at twitter,TSL China , breadDH, iezzyice, kindlett, MBCkpop, KoreaBillboard, manto033, MBCentertainment, Nayaonewluv2, 00SuperGeneration, 1nath90, dilarizn at Youtube, daebaksubskora at dailymotion, xianlie90 at vimeo)


2011-10-06 The 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2011
(Sora wears bracelet from LeeTeuk)
  News Pic:       

2011-10-07 (Sora wears bracelet from LeeTeuk)
~Sunny - Director's Cut GV (Guest Visit) in BIFF 2011


~The 16th Busan International Film Festival (APAN 2011)
     News Pic:  

2011-10-17 The 48th Grand Bell Awards (Daejong Awards) 2011
(Sora wears bracelet from LeeTeuk)
  News Pic:
  Interview - Sora likes SuJu's A-CHA & Mr.Simple: 

2011-11-25 Blue Dragon Awards 2011
  Interview - Sora prepared dress specially for LeeTeuk:

2011-11-26 Super Junior at MOA Concert - Taiwan
  Leeteuk do his Double V-sign mission from Ep8(?):

~2011-11-29 MNet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) at Singapore~♥
- Interview - SuJu Red Carpet (Teuk: "Sora ssi, are you watching now?"): http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&amp;v=3CPadNoQhJUhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=3CPadNoQhJU + ☻Trans
- Sora watch SuJu performance and Teuk thanking her: ►Vid  +  ☻Trans  + 


♥~2012-01-17 KBS ‘Dream High 2′ Press Conference at Imperial Palace Hotel - Seoul~♥
(Sora: "When we are not filming he sends me text messages rooting me on to do well and he shows concerns for me")

2011-12-31 MBC Gayo Daejun 2011 (MBC Korean Music Festival) - Gwangmeong Speedom
TeukSora as MBC Gayo Daejun 2011's MCs
along with other WGM couples
(cr: as tagged, sup3junior@wordpress, 19860404, witheunhae, HAEMING_ & MiCongMiCong at Twitter, SJFeatELF HongKong)

(cr: sjissj, 888bananaman, narae6, kangteukjp, SIRO880203, icecap2344, hankiyoung951011, CleanWater7m, TeukBar, pjsdotcom, kangteukjp at YouTube)
  MBC Gayo Daejun 2011 (MC Cuts): FDSubs

2012-02-03 SuperShow4 Concert in Taiwan Day 2
(Teuk took Sora mini board from fans)
  Fan Account:     


2012-04-14 SuperShow4 Concert in ShangHai
(DongHae pass embroidery TeukSo cushion from fans to LeeTeuk)
(cr: shdingzhenjie@blog.sina, BaiduTeukBar of China)

~2012-07-03 SuJu 6th Album (Sexy, Free & Single) Press Conference~♥
Teuk talk about WGM, he said he treat Sora wholeheartedly & wish her would come to see him off on his military enlistment day
   Korean News:   
   English Trans: ☻Trans
and Trans+Insight

2012-09-03 SBS - Star King (Recording)
Teuk said he had finished filming WGM and this week's episode will be the last episode

~2012-09-12 "Princess Merida and Magical Forest" Press Conference~♥
Sora talk about WGM. Sora said that when she's beside LeeTeuk, Sora can see the pain he goes through. That's why she's so natural while taking care of him and won't feel their age difference.

   Trans: ☻Trans

2012-10-05 The 17th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) 2012 - Blue Carpet (APAN)
SuJu (Leeteuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Siwon, and Yesung) and
KangSora attended this event.
   Event update:
by enewsWorld
   Video - Suju at Blue Carpet:

   Pictures - Leeteuk (and Suju members) at Blue Carpet:  
   Pictures - Sora at Blue Carpet:

(cr: newsen, hankyung, artnews, yonhap.sstv, tvdaily, asiatoday, etoday, allkpop, kpopfever, enewsWorld, 77cnc, 13monkeyshouse.com, WGMLeeteukandKangsora, dimplesmiles, kangsora, sup3rjunior at wordpress, kshownow, jiminpapa, strongheartsub, epheupark at Blogspot, arienblurr, 33ru_mieru, xianlie90, kopi_c_st, Mukkys1004, wahahalala, hanyi, EpheuPark-LadyEpheu.Aii.JS, k_craze at Soompi, viragis, HeleChui, arienblurr, teukables, ELF_thoughts, honeydewname at twitter,TSL China 娜娜, breadDH, iezzyice, kindlett, MBCkpop, KoreaBillboard, manto033, MBCentertainment, Nayaonewluv2, 00SuperGeneration, 1nath90, TSLforever, sjissj2012 at Youtube, daebaksubskora at dailymotion, xianlie90 at vimeo)

~ TWITTER - CyWorld - BLOG ~

2011-10-07 SungMin's Blog Update("Leeteuk is getting married~"): ☻Full Trans

2011-10-08 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(@special1004: "WGM..Please give many love & support!!"): ☻Full Trans

LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(@special1004 : "I also miss WGM"):  ☻Full Trans 

2011-11-08 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update via sdongenter at Twitter
(Teuk answered fans question via Sports Donga Twitter Account)
FULL Trans by Sujuism:  ☻Part(1) + ☻Part(2) + ☻Part(3)

2011-11-14 Sora's Twitter Update
(@reveramess replied fans tweets about Teuk):  ♥Screencap

2011-11-20 Twitter Trending
("Kang Sora" & "#SS4Seoul2" become World Wide Top Trending at twitter): ♥Screencap

~2011-11-26 LeeTeuk and Sora Twitter Update~♥
(TeukSora Twitter conversation): ♥Screencap+Trans

♥~2011-11-29 LeeTeuk and Sora Twitter Update ~♥
(TeukSora Twitter conversation): ♥Screencap+Trans

2011-11-30 LeeTeuk and Sora Twitter Update ~♥
(TeukSora following each other twitter): ♥Screencap+Trans

2011-12-16 Sora's Twitter Update (Tweet to Teuk)
(Sora said that DH-EH's "Oppa Has Risen" is daebak):  ♥Screencap

LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(@special1004 : "Will practice drink Americano"
: ☻Full Trans
Explanation: "Americano" is KangSora's favorite coffee

2012-01-07 Twitter Trending and Naver Search: ♥Screencap

2011-01-07 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
Teuk uploaded pictures with "Fighting Junior"
(@special1004: "Fighting Junior together having a dinner to ate ramen" and "With full of fighting spirit, Fighting Junior^^"): ☻Full Trans
Explanation: "Fighting Junior" is a group formed by 4 of SuJu member (Sungmin,Eunhyuk,Donghae,Kyuhyun) who make their appearance in TeukSo WGM from Ep2, their aim is to lessen the awkwardness between TeukSora,

2012-01-08 LeeTeuk's Cyworld Update
(Teuk changed his cyworld's background at TeukSora 100th Day Anniversary): ♥Screencap

2011-01-20 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
Teuk uploaded the almost-pepero-kiss picture during WGM Christmas Special
(@special1004: "Thank you for your support for our 100th day anniversary!") :
☻Full Trans

2012-02-08 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(@special1004: (filming) “WGM!! I’m cold~ but healthy!!! ^^):  ☻Full Trans

2012-03-28,29,30,31 Sora's Twitter Update via sdongenter at Twitter
(Sora answered fans question via Sports Donga Twitter Account)
Sora's answer related to Suju songs and about love
: ☻Screencap
FULL Trans by : ☻Kangsora wordpress

2012-03-31 Twitter Follow
(Teuk unfollow Sora, but then following her again):

2012-04-15 Twitter Follow (Teuk unfollow Sora): ♥Screencap

2012-04-17 LeeTeuk's Cyworld Update
(Teuk changed his cyworld's background at TeukSora 200th Day Anniversary): ♥Screencap

2012-06-30 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(Teuk tweeted a screencap of WGM Ep24, saying he'll smile like that while listening to their latest single): ♥Full Trans

2012-07-08 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
Teuk uploaded a picture of flower arrangement from the WGM production team, LeeTeuk: "Thanks WGM production team"): ♥Full Trans

2012-07-12 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(LeeTeuk talk about he also has long legs, only that he wear his pants abit lower)
(FD speculation: He was referring to the news about Sora's beautiful long legs)
     LT's Tweet + trans:
     News: [120702] Kang Sora attracts attention with her long legs

2012-08-18 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(Teuk uploaded a picture of flower arrangement from the WGM production team, LeeTeuk: 'Teuk husband will perform well!!"
): ♥Full Trans

2012-08-25 "Leeteuk KangSora" ranked 1st at Naver Search: ♥Screencap

2012-09-03 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
(@special1004: I have to get the part I filmed separately for my personal collection ㅋㅋ Where did all those that I did go ㅋㅋㅋ": ♥ Full Trans
(FD speculation: He was referring to the unseen clips of TeukSora in We Got Married, which MBC released few hours before his tweet)
Explanation: WGM TeukSo Ep30 that broadcasted on 12-09-01 prompting mass complaints on MBC ‘We Got Married’ homepage viewer's board because of the short air time (only 8minutes long)  (NEWS) so that to lessen viewers anger, MBC released official Dimple Couple's camping photos on 12-09-02 (link1, link2, link3) and unseen clips of TeukSora in Dimple House on 12-09-03.

♥~2012-09-07 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update~♥
Teuk uploaded the almost-pepero-kiss picture during WGM Christmas Special
(@special1004: "The filming for Sora and my WGM parts comes to a close this week..You all worked hard!! Sora too..^^" ):
Full Trans

2012-09-08 Twiter Update
♥~Sora's Update~♥~
      (@reveramess: "For about 1 year, the ones who worked hard PDnim & Teuk oppa! I’ve learnt and gained a lot… Thank you!!"): Full Trans
♥~LeeTeuk's Update~♥
       Leeteuk re-tweeted Sora's tweet (above): ♥Screencap

2012-09-08 "Leeteuk KangSora" ranked 1st at Naver Search: ♥Screencap

2012-09-15 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
Leeteuk talk about "Guy No.3" (남자3호 - Namja SamHo): Full Trans
Explanation: "Guy No.3" is DongHae's nickname he got from WGM TeukSora, because he once appeared in another pairing program and always become the number 3 guy

2012-09-24 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
Teuk thanked WGM DC world fans and uploaded a picture of DC world fans' charity project (Rice Wreaths)
(@special1004: I’m happy because everyone continues giving love even though WGM has ended~) :
Full Trans

2012-10-12 Sora's Twitter Update
(@reveramess : "I love White T-Shirt": ☻Full Trans
Explanation: "White" is Leeteuk's favorite color

2012-10-29 LeeTeuk's Twitter Update
Teuk uploaded a picture of his bedroom (A white clock next to his bed captured FD's eyes, because it looks like the same white clock which Sora gave him for his birthday present in WGM Ep25): ♥Screencap+Trans

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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
(by: dzudzu)

(by: Lil_V)

(by: Lallinachan)
(by: PrettyNoona)
~JUST4FUN TeukSora Comic Strip~
(by: Lazyme2day)

 Lazyme2day - youtube + vimeo

Lallinachan - youtube
(cr: youtube)


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Fans Insight + Recaps:
Dimple Smiles by Arienblurr@soompi
Did I say that out loud?

WGM Leeteuk and Sora


Episode 04
     Teuk's iPhone case by Mark Jacobs
     Teuk give tonic drinks to Sora & drama staffs -- Vita500 (SNSD Special Edition)
     Teuk give SJ album to director -- Super Junior Vol.5 Mr.Simple Repackage (A-cha)
Episode 05
     Teuk give his jacket to Sora -- Yonsei University "Super Junior" Jacket

     Teuk's gift (bracelet) for Sora in airplane -- STONEHENgE - White Gold Bracelet

Episode 06-07
     Sora's sweater -- by
Tommy Hilfiger
     Sora's Backpack(by 49N) + Headbands(by RossaBella)
     TeukSora eat snacks at school rooftop -- Banana Milk and Ferrero Rocher
Episode 08
     Sora's jacket by --
MAG_Multi Way Layer Jacket
     Sora's gifts for Teuk's NY trip -- Ottogi Jin Ramen Cup(hot) and Rilakkuma Neck Cushion (yellow ver)
     Teuk's gift for Sora after he return from NewYork -- Milkcow S Wall Clock
Episode 09
     Sora give ginseng drinks to bro-in-laws (FJ) -- Cheong Kwanjang Red Ginseng Tonic Mild
     TeukSora drinks "YooBong" (Grape Juice "Bong Bong" + "YooBong" sticker)
Episode 10
     Sora's sweater -- La Prima  (type: Loveable 65_Warm Wool Sweater)
     Teuk propose Sora at SS4 -- STONEHENgE Couple Ring: ♥Male and ♥Female

Episode 11
     WGM Christmas Special Part1: Lie Detector
Episode 13
     Sora's bag -- by Mandarina Duck

     TeukSora ♥DIMPLE HOUSE♥ in GangNam (furnitures from previous owner)
Episode 16
     Fighting Junior blindates: Retro Phone Handset for Cellphones
Episode 18-19
     Teuk's backpack -- Bustinut: G-35 backpack
     Sora's backpack -- Kipling: Kangra backpack
     Sora's hoodie -- Pancoat: Pop Duck Fleece Zipper (Sunkist Orange)
     Keyboard in Dimple House -- Yamaha Motif7
     Sora bring cushion to Dimple House -- IKEA Famnig Hjärta (Heart Pillow with Arms)
     Sora bring gifts from fans -- Tokyo Disney Sea Duffy Pouch: ♥Duffy and ♥Shellie May

Episode 21
     TeukSora receive gifts from fans -- TeukSora 100th Day (fake) Cake
     Polaroid camera -- Fujifilm Cheki Instax Mini 50S Camera (Piano Black)
     Sora's Birthday present from Teuk: L'INOUI bag
Episode 22
     Polaroid camera -- Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 (White) Instant Photo Camera
     Teuk's clothes for backroom interview - Sponsor update

Episode 24-25
     Sora's shoes -- by Castaner (type: Carina blanco)
     Sora's accessories -- by Mouche

     Teuk's watch -- by Ingersoll
     TeukSora drink wine in Ep24 -- Korean Black Raspberry Wine 'Myungjak Bokbunja'
     Sora's clothes (at backroom interview) -- by G_Cut
Episode 26-27
     Sora's wedding dress (mini) -- by PrimaVera
     Sora's wedding dress (long) -- by PrimaVera
     Sora's earing -- by The Rex (type: Brise)
     Wedding photoshot photographer by L Studio -- (1)  (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)
Episode 27

     Sora's clothes -- by Lucky Chouette
     Sora's bag - by Joseph & Stacey
     Teuk give SJ album to Sora's parents -- Super Junior Vol. 6 - Sexy, Free & Single (Type A)
     TeukSora drink wine with Sora's parents -- Korean black raspberry wine (Bok Bun Ja)
     WooJung Ep50 (WooJung couple visit Dimple House)
          Penguin Ice Maker on counter
Episode 28
     Sora's (illusion) skirt -- by MAG N MAG
     TeukSora and Sungmin get their lunch at -- PAUL Bakery Yeouido
     Sora's bracelet -- by Kate Irene
Episode 29
     Sora applying tanning oil on Teuk's arm -- Hawaiian Tropic Dark Tanning Oil
     Sora's clothes (swim wear/bikini) -- by Roxy (록시)
Episode 30
     Sora's clothe
s -- by LEWITT
     Sora's backpack -- by Mandarina Duck
Episode 31
     Sora's clothes -- by Comme Des Garcons Play
     Teuk's gift for Sora (couple shoes) -- by Feiyue

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WHO are Fighting Dimples?
Fighting Dimples are Leeteuk and Sora WGM couple fans.
FD was formed in January4 2012 by a voting held by TeukSora fans in this thread.
The word
"Fighting" was inspired from "Fighting" Junior (SJ members appearance from Ep2) and the word "Dimples" inspired from "Dimple" Couple.
       We may call ourselves various titles: Fighting Dimples, Dimple Couple Lovers, Teuksora fans, but the fact is we are Leeteuk and Sora couple fans from all over the world,different ages,and ethnicity who gathered in Soompi and became one big welcoming family.
♥ Our cheeks ascend to the heavens with the mention of the Dimple Couple
♥ We believe fate has brought Leeteuk and Sora together.
♥ Our wish is happiness for both Leeteuk and Sora individually,and as a couple.

Fighting Dimples SUBBING TEAM (FDSubs)
FDSubs member
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      - SSTP Call: part1   part2

Fighting Dimples DETECTIVE
        FD Detective may exist because Fighting Dimples find something odd (FD call it "mystery") while watching TeukSora WGM that might overlooked by others. FD discuss the case together in positive way and FD do not have any bad intention for doing this.
FD Detective's mystery cases (Download link by: Lallinachan :
   +Mystery Case Ep1 - First Meeting, 30Sept or 1stOct? (discussion from page 200 till 204)

         Summary: Part1   Part2   Part3   Part4
         Download (PDF file): LINK

      (Finally at Teukso WGM last ep (ep31), TeukSo revealed they had their first meeting on midnight between 30Sept - 1stOct, which justifies FD Detective's investigation)
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  +Mystery Case Ep5 - Notes on Jacket
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Guest SeLeNe_Alai07

wow this was fast....0_o

Oh well best of luck to the new couple although is going to be a short one because Leeteuk is going to join the military soon next year. 

They look cute but super awakered.....

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Guest Adam-love

I'm looking forward for this couple :)  Anyone know were I can find Youtube link of this episode ?

And do you know if someone will sub them ? :)

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Guest gauri92

yeah well...i cant download anything either...ill have to wait for subbed cuts on youtube...

but from what i heard...they seem to b super duper cute!!!

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anneyeong :)

obviously i am a goguma :wub: and since the time my fave couple left the show i've been following WGM on an on and off basis but when I read that Leeteuk will be joining the show i decided to try watching it again.  I may not be an avid follower of his but I definitely enjoyed watching him on some of his shows cause i find him funny and a good host.  As for his buin, honestly this is the first time I've heard of her and after watching their first episode I'm thankful to see that this new couple has a thread already for that would mean I have you all to spazz with ;) I've just finished watching the raw vid and I think I would be making another emotional investment on this pair, really hope to watch the episode with english sub soon blush.gif

I'm looking forward for this couple :)  Anyone know were I can find Youtube link of this episode ?

And do you know if someone will sub them ? :)

Try start watching it here....

(thanks to the16rain for this)
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Guest 08trip08

Hello everyone. i'm very excited with this couple, how we should call this couple??

1st episode is very funny. Not only for the couple, but for SuJu members. they totally made this 1st episode more interesting. i hope Leeteuk and Sora Couple will receive a lot of love. fighting! smile.gif

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i saw some gogumas here!

hi selene! hi shawie! nice to 'bump' onto u guys here!

yup, after yongseo ended, i gave wgm a miss.

but with teukie, i got to see it!

with a 7yrs gap btwn them, it'll be interesting! :D


i'm liking the first episode already!

tks for the link shawie!

- the groom shocked his fans by announcing his marriage (i see some elfs not so into this)

- he also shocked the other idols by distributing the wedding invitations

haha.. got to love teukie and the suju boys!

they keep guessing and then keep saying "aniyo" to all the actresses showed on the screen..

so dorky!

look at those dimples - the dimple couple :lol:


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Guest Adam-love

Allkpop just made a news about our new couple ^^

Leeteuk and Kang Sora meet for the first time on ‘We Got Married’


Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and Kang Sora had their first awkward encounter as the new couple of the popular show, ‘We Got Married‘.

On the episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married’ that aired on October 8th, Leeteuk and Kang Sora had met for the first time after much anticipation from the fans.

When they finally met in the empty movie theater, Leeteuk blushed and frantically looked around, garnering much laughter from the audience. Leeteuk then finally said, “Are you going to be my wife? Thank you.” To which Kang Sora confessed, “I woke up from my sleep a several times last night” while blushing.

Kang Sora also added, “I read the articles but there were a few other girls that were on the news as well so I wasn’t too sure“. Leeteuk, not knowing what to do or say, blurted out “You’re very pretty” in order to express his feelings, but the awkward tension still prevailed.

During the interview after their meeting, Leetuek commented, “I had prepared some stuff before the meeting but as soon as I saw her, my mind went blank“.

The members of Super Junior also expressed their languish as they monitored their leader struggle through the first date.



Source & Photo: Nate

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Guest mdpierrette

Hello everyone, im a khuntorians & i will always do; like i said i some others khuntoria i love LOVE, the spark & stare between two people, so since my khuntoria is over i didn't watch wgm, but today i decide to take a look a this couple & i find the same kind of stare that khun had for vic, & i said to myself im gonna watch this two, they can bring the same magic & love that i find with my khuntoria. & i already like them not love yet, still need some time. 

this is the HD version


it's begin at 6:11 part 1, go to the channel to find all the part

you can see both of them are so shy & nervous but the most important is no matter how nervous leeteuk is, he continue to stare to sora, & i find that reely impportant hehehe

ok im gone Nice to meet you all

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Guest lucky_moon

I stopped watching after the Adam couple left bt now l will get back to watch it cuz of Teuk cuz l know he is gonna make it so much fun to watch.

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Guest ena123

I really want adam couple back XD But this couple looks nice I like Leeteuk very much so this couple will be mine new couple to watch .

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Guest mediumpurple

i haven't streamed live since goguma ended,but being a leeteuk+super junior fan myself how can i not watch WGM?it's nice to see leader so shy and speechless,but i'm loving this couple already!^^

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Guest moony8705

Woot! New couple! Let's do this! I can't wait for what comes along with watching WGM. The couple name, the skinship, the omg moments, and of course the fans!!!!! :D

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