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  1. Thanks everyone for the updates. It does look like SU has finally taken off his mask - back to his old ways. So, did JA tell SU in her letter she is pregnant? I hope she did but how would she do it when the evil mom is watching?
  2. @jayakris- just coming back from mourning and here you are already getting us updated. Your efforts are very much appreciated. SH's tongue keeps on getting entangled - she is not consistent with her words - she seem to be forgetting that there is a lawyer in front of her every time she opens her mouth and seem to be studying every word she says. I am also getting confused on the SU character - will he continue to be played on or blinded by his love for JA or will he turn around and follow his mother. One thing I noticed tho' is how come SU's feeling for his mother is not deep as how a son would be to his real parent?
  3. @sava2sava- OT - glad I'm not alone - ep 1-50 - MingLan. Wow! I see that SU has moved in with JinAh????? For real!!!
  4. @jayakris- my sincere condolences on your recent loss - I hope the happy development in this drama brings you some comfort. I haven't been watching but often come here to read - and honestly, I am loving the transformation of the SU character. What if -------- SU is not even SH son?
  5. What happened to this forum? Has the story become boring? Seems like most of us are getting annoyed at how the plot is going, Reading from how SU has become lately with JA, I am pleased. Didn't expect him to turn around this early in the drama. I might start rooting for him instead of NJ.
  6. @jayakrissorry to hear about family health concerns - hope everything goes well and safe travels for you. We wish you and family good health. @sava2savamy butt landed on the icy road so skiing is out of the question. Thought about tubing but that didn't work either. Last year's family holiday on a cruise was better 'coz I got to do some zip-lining. BTW, you are right about SU being consistent with his attitude - but I think it is so early for him in this drama to show some good deeds. He has the attitude but he seem to be going the right direction.
  7. @Ameera Ali- it's always fun spending vacations with family - I get to experience a lot of things I never thought I would at my age. Yeah! NJ's character seem too nice - there is no 'wrong' situation for or with him - I know he is sane but seems like the only solution he knows is to make the other person happy even if the other person was in the wrong. As for MS - SJ should get a Raid cockroach repellant and spray it in her father's head to get rid of the cockroaches nesting in his brain. He gets taken easily by YS's actions. Did she. maybe use the 'bibimbap' strategy on him again? BTW - how big is G'pa's house anyway that every person that walks in is welcomed to live there??? We will now find out if SH has something to do with NJ getting kidnapped if she comes face to face with the kidnapper (our suspect) who will now be sharing the house with her.
  8. I stayed away from this forum and tried to enjoy my 2-week vacation upnorth (No Cal) - luckily, there was a huge snow storm in Lake Tahoe which made me stay away some days more. And coming back, this is what I got - finding too many idiots in a drama. I guess all the males in this drama are the ones initiating idiocy. I thought it would be Ahjussi - but then it turned out to be NJ - and then MS - and SU is a 'soon-to-be'. DS is now the non-idiot - and would probably be the one saying 'Move Over Fate - It's My Life'!!! From being a lollipop boy to a Café Owner.
  9. @cp23thanks for the heads up on the drama that replaced the END drama. I hope I don't get encouraged to watch it. HERE'S HOPING EVERYONE A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!!!!
  10. thanks for the recap @lu09and @jayakris. why do I feel like this drama is developing too fast? The 2 male lead characters may either turn to be good friends or eternal enemies (as long as NJ don't continue to butt in SU's life with JA). I can't wait to see the disastrous face of SH - seeing her fall at this time is also too early for the drama. Also, let us not have too many idiots in a drama please!!! NJ was also a bit of that but what is YSJ doing at the police station? Did she take the word 'murderer' seriously? Did DS pass on that stupid character to her?
  11. @angelwingssf- good idea but at the same time painful!!! Imagine remembering those writers who made us pull our own hair while watching and eagerly awaiting for great developments in their dramas but never came? Let's put in our list the writer of this drama - whose name I don't know or refuse to know!!!
  12. BTW - many thanks to Jilla (this name appears each time) for always editing my posts with images - I know it is against soompi rules to quote images but I keep doing it - I already forgot how to post without quoting images - THANK YOU!!!
  13. The highlighted part was actually the funniest of all - GY wants to befriend the person who was the cause of her brother's death!!!! And I agree on the acting - there wasn't acting at all. All she did was throw stuff everywhere or to people next to her; glare, smirk, etc. Left-handed wife - the title is giving us lots of hints already. Who is the writer? This writer of "Dumbness Until the End' better not have a pen-name so she can write again. BTW - SN finally got the best attire at the end - the jail clothes - color fits her too.
  14. The writer's brain got drained in a sewer - can't and didn't explain how this story ended this way. Was there a time-jump? How did JB get pregnant? Did they get married? Obviously they did, but there was not even a short preview. Did GY and JH re-marry? Who knows!!! Where is SongYi? In the last episode, they put flashbacks of DY to fill in the gaps - for what????? What business was started by JungHan again? They should have at least shown a big mall where most of the characters were in. Oh well, I hope I don't fall for another drama by this writer.
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