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[OFFICIAL] Leeteuk (Suju) & Sora Couple We Got Married


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Guest gauri92

so yeah just watched a lil bit since my internet is acting all wonky and crazy...

but yeah...'newayz...these 2 are adoable...i didn't understand a word but leeteuk was so freaking flustered...and kang sora seems genuine and very very cute as well....

eagerly waiting for translations and subs!!!

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Guest SeLeNe_Alai07

Hello jnj unnie nice to "bump" into you as well...

Lol I didn't realize I was the first to reply on this thread what a honor. 

To be honest I haven't watch WGM since the end of YongSeo but I decide to check it out last night when I hear of Suju possibly been involve. After all it was because Super Junior that I discover the wonderful world of Kpop and it's variety show like WGM a my beloved YongSeo.

Well so far so good I just hope that this couple would have a good run and have a short but good life as a virtual couple.

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Guest smallnana

the one opened this thread, you are cc-er right?:wub: I came here just because of your name!

The girl looks quite older than her age, at first sight i didnt think she was born in 90. Teukie is a funny host, but in marriage life, i hope he can be honest while being funny as he usually is :D Do hope a happy life for the two, and how busy teukie is, please be nice to your wife, dont be like Kangin, i really feel bad for Yunji:sweatingbullets:

By the way, i'm woojung shipper, they've got their first kiss :X

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Guest ShiroChii

is their 1st eps subbed yet? wondering what will happen with this couple... :blink: i saw this article:

On October 6th, actress Kang Sora, the heroine of the hit movie ‘Sunny‘, arrived at the opening of the Busan International Film Festifal (BIFF) in style. She was accompanied by 'Top Gear Korea' host Kim Jin Pyo in a ‘Ferrari California’ worth about $350,000 USD.

Looking like she came straight out of a wedding in a long white  luxurious dress, Kang Sora got into Kim Jin Pyo’s waiting Ferrari and  enjoyed the nightscape of Busan as they enjoyed a date on their own  while on their way to the event.  Cameramen of XTM’s ‘Top Gear Korea’  followed the two to get a first hand glimpse behind the wheel.

A representative of XTM stated, “Our program will take you  behind-the-scenes with one of the hottest stars at the event that day –  actress Kang Sora.  Viewers will also be able to enjoy the beautiful  nightscape of Busan as they cruise down the road in an outstanding  Ferrari with Kang Sora.”

The full episode can be seen through the upcoming broadcast of ‘Top Gear Korea’.

Source + Photos: Star N News via Nate

- cr. allkpop

im not a fan of either of them... but will definitely watch their eps ^_^ i see fellow gogumas here :w00t: hellow!

Leeteuk-oppa is so cute handing in the wedding invitation hahaha :D

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Guest cole.cole

omo!!!!! i've watched their meet up @allkpop. sad thing is.... i didn;t get to understand what they were saying, hahaha. poor in hangeul here. hehehe. i hoped subbed episodes will come out soon! i love them. after the GOGUMA couple (can i hear a yeah! from GOGUMA fans here????) i think this couple will get also get my attention. yehessss! :P and leeteuk was so cute when he shyly showed off his dance moves to his wife, hahaha. they are really cute couple, their age gap of what? almost seven years? is not that evident at all. i think they are called dimple couple? am i correct? hahaha. anyway, i can;t wait for next saturday. :P

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yes, why not call them the dimple couple, since both of them spot a cute dimple!

hers is soo deep! v attractive!

but erm...what do the MCs or the K fans call them?

she is 21 yrs old but she looks matured...while he is 28 but is still shy and idk..

i love seeing his reactions like that...

giving out his wedding invitations looks real! haha

and i think it won't be the last time we'll be seeing the rest of suju dropping by... :phew:

@campuscouple - tks for opening this thread

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Guest bezbezbez

I just got home a few hours ago and the first thing I did was to check this thread.

I'm waiting for the entire episode to finish downloading.

I look forward to watch this couple!

annyeong everyone!!! ^__^

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Hello everyone.

This is my 1st posts here.... ;)

I found a Goguma fans, Adam fans & Khutorians here...

And I already feel like it's my 'home' here.

I just got to watch it today & fortunately with ENG SUBS... YAY to me.

After hearing the rumors he will be in WGM, I feel happy..

He got a baby but with '4' wifey is not in the picture before.

Now he got 'real' wifey....

1st announced to ELF's is a great step for his fans not to bashing his wife....

But, of course it's hard to accept. hihihihi..

Can't imagine if he really are announcing his real marriage... The studio will be flooding for sure.

And what make me laugh hard is, seeing the members peeking so hard at their hyung..

And their comments is sooooo SUJU... kekeke

But seriously, this is the 1st time seeing the leader lost for words.

How awkward can they be.

And he seems can't stop to take a glimpse/watch his wife.

& of course she's so beautiful.

I like her dimple. Her smile....

Thanks also to the members to make an appearance for them to ease the awkwardness.

Also, Leeteuk must feel much relieve for that.

And for both of them to be 'A' type couple, surely they wanna make their 'marriage' success in the future.


Now I'm sure to watch more of this couple.

Kudos to all.


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Guest vivaciousvixen

Finally got to watch their first meeting with Eng subs and man, I just couldn't stop laughing!!! :lol: I swear, these two were just sooo hilariously awkward. :lol: I've never seen a couple act this awkward to the point that they were unconsciously bowing and uttering "nice to meet you" over and over. Nonetheless, it's very refreshing to see Leeteuk act awkward for once. I've always thought of him as confident and self-assured so seeing him nervous and jittery is something. ^_^ I can't believe it took him that long to ask her to come up and take a seat. The guy must be THAT nervous that he forgot what he was supposed to do. The SuJu mems were so freakin' hilarious as well, especially Eunhyuk. Haha I remember how bothered they were when he still hadn't ask her to sit down.

Though their first meeting was unmistakably awkward, I see a potential chemistry between them. :wub: I just wish that it wouldn't take that long for them to warm up to each other. I think they are also quite uncomfortable with the 7-year age gap (though 7 years is not much of a big deal to me and it's not that obvious as Kang Sora looks mature and womanly while Leeteuk still looks very young).

It seems like I'm getting hooked on WGM couples lately. First Khuntoria, then WooJung, and now there's TeukSora (okay, I obviously made that up since there hasn't been an official name for this couple yet). I'm really looking forward to seeing more of this couple. :P

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First i have to admit that when the news confirming Leeteuk on the show i was disapointend for two reasons. Number one because Leeteuk now is over expose, i prefer another member of SJ, Yesung was my choice. Number two, like everyone knows, he schedule is packed. Super Junior will start a world tour in november and he is on Hello Baby with SISTAR wich already gives a WGM kind of fell, on Strong Heart and the new MC for Star King. For the going to the army next year part i think is ok, most couples last only for a little bit more than 1 year. Leaving for the army could have a nice dramatic feel for the couple ending.

After i watched the show i was glad to see Jungsu(his real name) the quiet guy and not Leeteuk the over the top super junior member.

So i can say, after watching with subs, that i like this couple. The vibe was great and i'm hoping they forme a nice bound with each other. My concerns were washed away and i'm glad to see this couple and hope for nice moments ^^

Dimple Couple Fighting ^^

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Guest milesedi

For the going to the army next year part i think is ok, most couples last only for a little bit more than 1 year. Leaving for the army could have a nice dramatic feel for the couple ending.

Sorry to cut your post but I wanted to clear something. ;)

Most of the WGM couples (Season 1, 2 and 3) last ONLY about 6-8 months (the Ant couple arrives at 10 months) but ONLY Adam couple and Khuntoria arrived at 1 year and 3 months and Yongseo at 1 year, so it's possible that Leeteuk only appears for several months, he doesn't have to be 1 year (but if his schedule it's ok and people likes the couple maybe he will).

I think this couple will be very funny and I'm looking forward to see how they develop their relationship and if she will call him by his real name. :wub:

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Halo everyone smile.gif

I've heard about WGM long ago but I just watched couple episodes of Goguma couple, but now i'll definitely watch The Dimple Couple wub.gifwub.gif Even it's only 1st episode but I see that Leeteuk already falls for his wife, he always looking and admiring Kang Sora's pretty face, love2!! Could the administrator post a link where I could watch it streaming? And please tell me the airing time of WGM (sorry I'm totally new for WGM) 

I'm so happy coz after PTB finished I still couldn't find any drama to watch, but then I got The Dimple Couple, it's so good laugh.gif

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Yes milesedi that's what i was trying to say, thank you for explaining better. My english tends to fail me sometimes XD

A couple does not have to be on the show for more than a couple of episodes to be memorable, Alex and Shinae are the perfect example.

Fans are moving quite fast, dimples couple already has a fan blog: http://wgmleeteukandkangsora.wordpress.com/

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