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Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]


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5 hours ago, syntyche said:

Lee Min-ho, Hallyu fans' favorite actor for 4 years in a row


Actor Lee Min-ho has proved his popularity by taking the top spot for foreigners' favorite actors for 4 years in a row.

In the '2022 Overseas Korean Wave Survey' conducted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism from November 5 to December 8 last year, targeting 8,500 Korean Wave cultural contents from 18 countries, Lee Min-ho ranked first as the best Korean actor in 2021. 

Lee Min-ho, who rose from KBS2's 'Boys Over Flowers' to 'Hallyu Star', which he appeared in when he was a rookie, has maintained his 'Korean Wave presence' for 4 years from 2018 to 2019, 2020, and 2021.

Meanwhile, the survey was conducted in China, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Australia, the United States, Brazil, Argentina, France, United Kingdom, Russia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and South Africa.




@syntyche thanks for sharing this. While BTS was voted as the most favored K-Pop singer. Ohhh....4-years in a row. I thought all along, and as far as I can recall, Lee Min Ho was voted here in this government report as the most favored Korean actor for two years in a row. So, I stand corrected. Aside from Ministry of Culture, it was also conducted by Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE). This report is published annually. Lee Min Ho once again topped the list with 9.3%. (Hyun Bin followed with 3.1% Gong Yoo came in third with 2.8%, followed by Song Hye Kyo (2.2%) and Song Joong Ki (2.1%). Lee Jong Suk (1.7%) and Jun Ji Hyun (1.6%) came in next.) Just like LMH, BTS does it again, too.   :heart3:






source : https://mcst.go.kr/kor/s_policy/dept/deptView.jsp?pCurrentPage=1&pType=08&pTab=01&pSeq=1578&pDataCD=0417000000&pSearchType=01&pSearchWord=




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Lee Min Ho Remains the Undefeated Most ‘Favorite Korean Star’


BY Geca Wills Feb 14, 2022

Lee Min Ho joins BTS as the most beloved South Korean celebrity voted by the public.


Based on the 2022 Overseas Hallyu Report, Korea's Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korean Foundation for International Culture Exchange (KOFICE) released an annual survey, gauging the public's interest in the K-entertainment industry.


As conducted through an online survey dated November 5 to December 8, 2021, 8,500 respondents aged 15 to 59 from 18 countries were asked various questions about the Hallyu, varying from Kpop to Kdrama.


Lee Min Ho Outshines Hyun Bin as Most Favorite Kdrama Star




(Photo : Lee Min Ho Official Instagram)


With this, "The King: Eternal Monarch" star ranked first with 9.3 percent, which is quite distant to Hyun Bin's rating of 3.1 percent.

According to the report, this is Lee Min Ho's second time to top the annual list, defeating his crown as the most beloved South Korean actor.

Interestingly, fellow Hallyu star Gong Yoo came in at third place with 2.8 percent while "Descendant of the Sun" and former couple Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki joined at fourth and fifth place with 2.2 percent and 2.1percent.

As for the Kpop industry, BTS remained the most favored group with 26.7 percent while the girl group BLACKPINK landed second place with 10.4 percent.

Singer-actress IU came in third place with 2.8 percent.

Meanwhile, the only BLACKPINK member who made it to the list is Lisa, with 2.4 percent. She was followed by Psy and TWICE in the fifth spot with 2.2 percent, while EXO landed as sixth with 1.7 percent.

As mentioned, this is not the first time that Lee Min Ho took the highly coveted spot.

In 2021, the Global Hallyu Trend hailed the 34-year-old A-lister as the most popular Korean actor after garnering a whopping 9.6 percent.




(Photo : MYM Entertainment Instagram) Lee Min Ho | The King Eternal Monarch still

He defeated fellow Hallyu stars Hyun Bin, who was still in second place, as well as Gong Yoo, Song Hye Kyo and more.


Lee Min Ho Update: South Korea's A-Lister Stars in Apple TV+'s 'Pachinko'




(Photo : Apple TV+) Pachinko still

The long wait is over as the much-awaited comeback of Lee Min Ho is set to hit the small screen this March 25.

After a series of delays during their filming due to the COVID-19 restrictions, the streaming platform unveils the still cuts of the upcoming series "Pachinko."

Based on the epic historical fiction novel released in 2017, it follows the story of a Korean family that immigrated to Japan.

Joining the beloved actor is a roster of brilliant stars, including the Oscar winner Youn Yuh Jung, Japanese-New Zealander actress Anna Sawai, model turned actress Jung Eun Chae, who is also Lee Min Ho's co-star in "the King: Eternal Monarch."

Apart from it, he is also rumored to headline a project with award-winning actress Gong Hyo Jin.



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Lee Min-ho, handsome from any angle... Perfect shirt fit + premium presence






Actor Lee Min-ho revealed a shining visual.

On the 14th, Lee Min-ho posted a picture on his Instagram with a witty comment, "Yongji-yong."

In the published photo, Lee Min-ho is wearing a white shirt and taking a mirror shot in the waiting room. He has a special presence and is staring at the camera with a distinctive bright smile, raising the fans' hearts.

On the other hand, it is also seen that the picture was taken at a slightly oblique angle. Lee Min-ho's sculptural visual that perfectly digests any angle is particularly eye-catching.


Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho will appear in Apple's original series 'Pachinko', which will be released on March 25. 



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[Culture Plaza] The rise of Korean Wave overseas... Who is your #1 favorite actor?






The most popular Korean actors abroad have been revealed. It was also announced how much the status of Hallyu has grown since the outbreak of Corona 19.

Let's see the news.

The Korean actor most loved by foreigners was Lee Min Ho. This is the conclusion of the study "Korean Wave", conducted

Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism among 8,500 Hallyu consumers in 18 countries.

From 2018 to last year, Lee Min Ho held the top spot among Korean actors in the poll for four consecutive years from 2018 to last year, followed by runner-up Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, Song Hye Kyo, and Song Joong Ki. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism reported that as a result of this investigation, the consumption of video content such as Korean dramas, films and entertainment programs has especially increased overseas due to the 19 epidemic.


Translation from Korean google





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Lovestruck: Why Lee Min-Ho, Jun Ji-Hyun's The Legend of the Blue Sea must be on your Valentine's Day watchlist


The K-drama is indeed one of the best shows across the world and you should watch it with your significant other on a date night.




Sunidhi Prajapat
Feb 14, 2022


The Legend of the Blue Sea


K-dramas have been gathering immense traction and lauds across the world. South Korean shows and films are known for their unique concepts, such as fantasy, romance and more.

The Legend of the Blue Sea is among those romantic series that are based on a fantasy world. The 2016 show follows the life of an intelligent and handsome con artist, who falls in love with a mermaid. Lee Min-ho and Jun Ji-hyun are the two superstars of the Korean industry, who can be seen as the leading couple in the series.

The show begins with Lee Min-ho's character Heo Joon-jae who goes on a holiday to Spain and stays at a lavish property beside the seashore. After a few days, he finds a girl with no name (played by Jun Ji-hyun) in the closet of his hotel room, wearing his clothes and eating his food. He hands her over to the police as soon as he catches her red handed, however, a bangle that she's wearing doesn't let him forget her after knowing that it's worth millions. He goes to the police station to set her free.

The story becomes as adorable as cruel it sounds right now. The hero who is only about the money suddenly starts to care about this girl with whom he was only for the bangle. However, after an uninvited mishappening, they both jump in the sea. After waking up at a beach, Joon-Jae finds himself alone with the bangle in his wrist. Although, he completely forgets the girl he was with a few days ago.

The story of the show had me so mesmerised that I can pen it down scene by scene and it won't let you move away from the screen for a second. The above-mentioned 'synopsis' is just the beginning as the girl, who has no name, was actually a mermaid and landed in that hotel room by mistake. 

The 16 episode long series talks about the power of love and how strong is it to make a mermaid actually swim across continents for humans that she has fallen in love with. As the story progresses, it unveils how the two have been connected from their past life and how they are destined to meet in the current one.

With one of the epic and unique love story, The Legend of The Blue Sea showcases a lot of great locations of both the land and the water world. The stylish avatars and great costumes of the actors will definitely attract you and up your fashion game too. The writers have very intelligently curated the two parallel timelines running at the same time in the show.

Towards the end, the series becomes serious, however, the best part is that it doesn't end as a tragedy. As impossible as it might seem, the human and the mermaid find out their way to live happily ever after.

The Legend of The Blue Sea is indeed one of the best shows across the world and as it is Valentine's Week, the Netflix's series must be on your watch list to watch it with your significant other.




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Dear Oppa: A fan writes about 'Boys Over Flowers’ stars Lee Min Ho & Kim Bum being in their heart




‘Boys Over Flowers’ is a 2009 South Korean television series, based on starring the Japanese manga series, ‘Hana Yori Dang’. Starring Ku Hye Sun, Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, and Kim So Eun, the series earned high viewership ratings in South Korea and became a cultural phenomenon throughout Asia. ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is often viewed as a pioneer for Korean high school series, and earned immense international popularity for its lead actors.


Today’s letter in our Dear Oppa series has been penned by a fan from India, to ‘Boys Over Flowers’ stars Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum. Read their letter below.


Dear Oppa (Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum),

As ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan’ went off-air I started to cry badly because I wasn't able to move on from it. After a lot of research, I accidentally found ‘Boys Over Flowers’ somewhere or the other and I knew that it was going to be the right decision. 


The screen displayed a group, F4, with all the members having an attractive face and fit body that perfectly matched with branded suits and luxurious cars. I started falling in love with Lee Min Ho and Kim Bum’s characters. Gu Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) taught me that true love really exists if both are willing to put equal efforts to maintain their relationship, and how important friendship and love are in one's life, neither one can replace each other. Whereas on the other hand, So Yi Jung (Kim Bum) who used to always stand up for his friends and helped Gu Jun Pyo to regain his first love, touched my heart. And his chemistry with Chu Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) made me believe that you don't have to be in a relationship to feel the essence of love.


Gu Jun Pyo, you taught me how important parents can be for children especially at the time of their growing stage, how badly wrong and forceful decisions of parents can impact one mentally and while growing, but the ending gave me hope in the dasction of my imaginary world in the drama, from you both I discovered that jealousy isn't creepy and I re-introduced myself to my imaginary world of a K-drama fan, a world of ‘saranghae’ & ‘oppa’, ‘ramen’ & ‘kimchi’ & to a world without an exit from K-dramas.


I wanna say that I'll not miss you as you are always gonna be in my heart.


Your fan from India,


I wish you all a happy and healthy future.

I purple you all.




source : Pinkvilla




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15 Korean Celebrities Who Have Become Indonesian Local Food Ambassadors


February 16, 2022


At present, celebrity Korea is more and more popular with fans in Indonesia. They are getting more and more popular because their projects like songs, dramas and movies are always popular in Indonesia.

As a result of the popularity of these Korean celebrities, several local Indonesian brands have implemented a marketing strategy using these celebrities to become brand ambassadors. This is being used to capture the attention of many targeted consumers in Indonesia.

Not just one or two celebrities, but over time, the list of celebrities appointed as local brand ambassadors is also growing.
Here are the idols of South Korean actors who become ambassadors for local Indonesian brands:


Lee Min Ho






The actor, who starred in the popular Korean drama "Boys Over Flowers," became the brand ambassador for Luwak White Koffie in 2015. Lee Min Ho's face also adorned the place where this brand's coffee was sold.


Translation from indonesian google


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Lee Min Ho Is A Great Ambassador For Korea And He Has Shown It




February 16, 2022


The impact of Lee Min Ho is simply amazing, this actor has spread his popularity around the world and has worked as an ambassador for Korea on multiple occasions, with institutions such as UNICEF and different transnational brands.

Lee Minho is one of the most popular Korean stars in South Korea, his work as actor It has conquered hearts all over the world, making it a benchmark for its country of origin and also a source of great pride for the local authorities.

With millions of followers and an extensive fan club, min ho has an amazing impact, leading him to work with brands that ensure their success thanks to the drama actor appearing in their ads or in a campaign, giving great sales to different brands.


But Lee Min Ho not only uses his popularity and great influence to sell products, he also does it in bells very important, to raise awareness or expand more of the Korean culture through his work as an ambassador.

Do you want to know more about the way Lee Min Ho works as ambassador? Here we leave you all the brands and institutions with which the actor has allied himself.


Lee Min Ho Has Worked As An Ambassador For These Brands And Campaigns.


Lee Minho has been selected as an ambassador for countless brands, both in his country and worldwide, some of the brands with which he has worked are:

louis voitton
Kia Motors
Lotte Duty Free

Lee Min Ho as Louis Vuitton Ambassador | Twitter: @leeminhotrends

This is how Lee Min Ho has worked with these brands, being a success for different companies that have decided to work with the drama and movie actor.


Lee Min Ho as ambassador of Korea and its culture

But, Lee Min Ho has also been culture ambassador and represents his country in different institutions with great importance at the international level, here we have some of the most important participations of the Korean actor.

UNICEF’s Love Net campaign against malaria

Public Relations for Konkuk University

Public Relations for the Korean Public Prosecutor

Korean tourism campaign in 2015

Reforestemos Patagonia campaign organized by its fans in Chile

Ambassador at the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

Public Relations for the Visit to Korea Year 2016–2019

Lee Min Ho at UNICEF | Twitter: @theminozph

Did you know this about Lee Min Ho? His fans are always proud to support the actor in all his projects, with brands and to help the culture of their country or those who need it most.

In others lee min ho newsthe actor confessed what habit he has had since he was a child and he has not been able to leave it, what will it be about?



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4 months free Apple TV + with Target Circle!  The offer is good until mid June.  I'm going to sign up after my apple TV+ subscription is up in May!  All you need to do is sign up with Target Circle (it's free).  My favorite word FREE!

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5 hours ago, CarolynH said:

4 months free Apple TV + with Target Circle!  The offer is good until mid June.  I'm going to sign up after my apple TV+ subscription is up in May!  All you need to do is sign up with Target Circle (it's free).  My favorite word FREE!


@CarolynH, Thanks for the tip. Hope I get to sign up for Apple TV+ with Target Circle too!




LBB achieves billions in sales through collaboration with beauty creator "Leo J".




[E-Daily Reporter Yoon-Jeong Lee] High quality home care brand LBB (LBB), modeled by Lee Min Ho, has achieved billions in sales thanks to Leo Jay, a beauty creator belonging to the beauty and lifestyle industry. influential business group Leferi and Leo J, shopping channel Leoplix.




Lee Min Ho works as an LBB model (photo courtesy of LBB)

LBB is a new beauty brand based on Swiss Perfection Spa's current know-how, which is provided to only 1% of local VIP clients, and offers skin solutions that provide systematic home care at home.

LBB became a hot topic last year when it appeared in major Japanese department stores, Daimaru Tokyo and Matsuzakaya Nagoya. In January of this year, the LBB showroom opened at the Banyan Tree Members Lounge, and the show will run until the end of June.




LBB products in this market are "Cellular Intensive Soothing Ampoule" and "Cellular Intensive Care in Cream", both of which have received the French EVE VEGAN certification. This is a product whose aesthetic effect you can quickly and easily experience at home. This market, which was conducted in various configurations from single pieces to kits, sold out a limited number of special components in 10 seconds from the beginning of the broadcast, sold all products prepared in about 20 minutes, and sold more than 100 million pieces.


Translation from Korean google






boss IG story update with Minomi!
“Unlikely style star: turns out #LeeMinho mascot Minomi was in the desert with us too”
Minomi is a famous star now.


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Woooooo Friday again and in the US, a 3 day weekend for some, but sadly, not for me. :bawling:  Last couple of episode of BOF to rewatch before we watch Pachinko!  I think we are in ep 19--at least I don't think we've watched this scene.

cr:  as tagged

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Happy Family Day From KGC Canada!
LEEMINHO:May your day filled with love and wellness!

Lee Min Ho is about to dominate China too
Lee Minho's ad for BOSS is also found at 上海商城 Shanghai Centre! this one is also big omg imagine walked by the downcity and see LMH's big face


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6 Pairs Of Korean Celebs Who Actually Dated


It’s always big news in South Korea whenever a Korean celebrity couple is revealed to be dating. Their relationship is either confirmed by their respective agencies or sometimes, they announce it themselves. Fans would rejoice once a new pair is born but once their breakup is declared, it’s a truly devastating moment for them.



5. Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young




Thanks to the high-rating K-drama City Hunter, Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young grew fond of each other! Their relationship was officially announced in August 2011 by Min Ho’s former agency, StarHaus Entertainment. As written by Soompi, a person who’s close to them stated that they didn’t want to make their relationship public so they had to be *very* careful whenever they go on dates. At the same time, they would often bring a mutual friend with them. By 2012, the couple parted ways and were “back to just being friends.”



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://lovekpop95.com/2022/02/18/6-pairs-of-korean-celebs-who-actually-dated/

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What a fabulous week it has been for Minho. Fourth year as favourite actor around the world (including the UK which I was pleased about) 

Then the Boss recognition of him as a great asset for their ad campaign and his picture being everywhere,

and thirdly LBB being so successful.

Onwards and upwards!


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I don't know about you guys, but I think LMH looks kinda sexy with glasses.  I hope next time Boss releases an ad, they will let LMH talk.  they can pitch it--Boss caters to all or something like that.  

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  • CarolynH changed the title to Lee Min Ho ♥ 이민호 ♥ ィミンホ ♥ 李敏鎬 Upcoming Drama 2023: Ask the Stars; [Completed drama on Apple TV+: Pachinko]

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