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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2021 天龙八部


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cr: wuxia


Chinese title: 天龙八部
English title: Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils

Genre: Wuxia

Episodes: 50 Episodes (Tencent WeTV), 41 Episodes (CCTV8) 

Director: Yu Rongguang

Broadcast Period: Aug 14, 2021 - Sep 4, 2021

Broadcast Network: WeTV, CCTV8


  • Tony Yang as Qiao Feng
  • Bai Shu as Duan Yu
  • Zhang Tian Yang as Xu Zhu
  • Janice Man as Wang Yuyan
  • Su Qing as Ah Zhu
  • He Hong Shan as Ah Zi
  • Liu Mei Tong as Mu Wanqing
  • Sun Ya Li as Zhong Ling
  • Shen Xiao Hai as Duan Zhengming
  • Cui Peng as Wu Yazi
  • Zeng Yi Xuan as Tianxian Laotong
  • Gao Tai Yu as Murong Fu
  • Wang Tong Hui as Murong Bo



Set under the reign of Emperor Zhe Zong of Song, the story revolves around the experiences of Qiao Feng, leader of the beggar clan, Duan Yu, a prince of Dali and Xu Zhu, a Shaolin monk. The three protagonists become sworn brothers during their journey in the pugilistic world.

Qiao Feng is the courageous leader of the beggar clan. Many look up to him as a hero for defending the people of Song. When Qiao Feng is accused of being of Khitan descent and labeled a traitor, he is shunned by his fellow martial artists. In Qiao Feng's quest to clear his name, he comes to learn the truth about his identity and meets the love of his life. He also crosses paths with Dali Prince Duan Yu and Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu.

Duan Yu is a cheerful and bright young prince of Dali. Because of his peace-loving tendencies, he runs away to avoid being forced to learn martial arts but ends up inadvertently mastering powerful martial arts techniques. Successively, he meets Mu Wan Qing, Zhong Ling and falls deeply in love with Wang Yu Yan and her godlike beauty. However, Wang Yu Yan only has eyes for her cousin Murong Fu which complicates their relationship.

Shaolin Monk Xu Zhu is innately pure. After being guided by a martial arts master, he also becomes a powerful martial artist. It starts the kind-hearted monk on an adventure he never imagined for himself. Caught in the conflict between Song and Liao, three intertwining stories are brought together in a story about their heroism.
(Source: ChineseDrama.info)


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cr: wuxia



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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2021 天龙八部

Two episodes in and sadly, I think this has been relegated to the run-in-the-background status. Too many fillers, and boring ones at that. I kept finding myself reaching for my phone and turning my attention to instagram or tiktok or twitter or some such distraction instead.


I have four more episodes to go and I hope things will improve, for I'm very fond of the story, and in particular, the Xiao/Qiao Feng character.

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Yeah this is a really fillery adaptation just like @impoppies said. The fight is bad, too many unnecessary close up scenes during fighting, they pretty much tell you all the mystery of the plot, too many army stuffs, which I don't care about, I want to watch about jianghu! Not imperial things! They add so many filler scenes that just slowed down the whole story :facepalm:

And the most disappointing things I really don't feel anything for Qiao feng so far, and he's my fave character in the series, which just make the whole watch not enjoyable at all. Sorry for being a downer, for other TLBB fans I hope you can enjoy it more than me, but yeah most likely I'll just stop watching or just put it in the background if I have nothing else to watch.

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Episode 13. The later half. The scene where Qiao Feng and Duan Yu met for the first time in the story. The pavilions. The way Qiao's clothes moved in the wind. The filter. The evening sun. The performances from both actors. I enjoyed that whole scene. Their brotherhood felt believable and natural.


For the very first time since starting the show, I didn't find it hard to get beyond a sigh of disappointment. Whee.


Xingzi Lin will soon follow then. I hope it'll be good. This is one of the key scenes of the story for me. Poor Qiao Feng.


There's something about the filter this show uses. Or perhaps it's the angles. Can't quite pinpoint where or what it stems from but for some reason sometimes the beautiful people don't look beautiful.


Back to finish up episode 13 and then I think I have another two waiting as well. Looks like 杏子林 has started. I'm excited. 


Wang Yuyan looks cute in that little hat.

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How many times do we need to see Mrs Ma and her sly smirk...


And enough with the fillers already. Especially those of Murong Fu.


Still, for me, the Xingzi Lin scenes thus far have not disappointed. Some nits to pick here and there, but they've left me wanting more. The very watchable character and plot certainly played a part, but it's also a testament to the actor's performance that the scenes left me feeling bad for Qiao Feng. And now I'm looking forward to his grieving scenes to come.

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Sadly, by the beginning of episode 16 the (by now familiar) disappointed sensations were back.


Unfortunately, I think I'm not too fond of this adaptation's priorities. And the treatment and interpretation of some of the fights and scenes, and characters.


Oh well.


I won't abandon the show just yet, but that's only because it's TLBB. Sadly, it's going back to the run-in-the-background list.


I'm midway through episode 19. Qiao Feng and the injured Ah Zhu have just left Shaolin and are at the inn. Which means Juxian Manor is coming up. Please let it be good.


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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2021] Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 2021 天龙八部

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