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  1. Took me 3 views of this trailer to like it. Honestly, wish they put out a 10 minutes trailer. The TV series (60 episodes) will be huge and EPIC, a mere under 3 minutes trailer show so little lol.
  2. And, I know Jin Yong is Jin Yong like Star Wars the name it self will get people to watch... BUT the promotion is TERRIBLE TBH. Barely any posters, trailers and clips so far. Do much people beyond those of us looking in this thread know this is even coming out? Again, China operates so differently than how America operates and likely will release all of posters, trailers, clips within the same week. Whereas America spread the promotions out from months to a year with many releases. We shall find out if this approach of promotion is good or not for viewership numbers.
  3. China... So different than how America operates. In America, the release date is almost always the first thing you learn.
  4. I hope they have a beautiful soundtrack for this, many famous singers sing themes of this.
  5. Bad trailer. way too much comedy elements but I guess that appeals to some viewers. A lot of these new Chinese series now days seem to have these silly comedy in front focus! So, I think I get the Chinese viewers these days are most into romance and comedy more than anything else... huh?
  6. Yeah sadly more wait for a quality Chinese show. I don't know what's up with the new Chinese shows lately. I couldn't get into any of them.
  7. https://m.weibo.cn/p/index?extparam=系列剧金庸武侠世界&containerid=100808022f355d9fc485e21504e809e0cdcc0a&luicode=20000061&lfid=4915228921301454#&video
  8. Goodness, they are doing promotions for this TV series, but still we don't even have a release date. China is so different than how America operates, SMH They just say it will be released next week after all is done jeez and all the sudden we have the show airing after announcement of release date. China is STRANGE, to an American Chinese like me! I gotta say I absolutely prefer how America does it, release date known LONG before it comes out. Before any trailers, and promotions..
  9. There are some of Jin Yong/LOCH conferences does anyone know if there is a video of this conference?
  10. Happy Jin Yong 100th Birthday week I just read something on Weibo gives me the impression this will air on March 18th. My Chinese (reading skills) isn't good, see if you all can also verify, please.
  11. Yeah looks like it's not this month now. Last day is today Anyone heard air date rumors?
  12. On Youtube https://www.youtube.com/@youhug Not sure how many FREE episodes are for people that don't spend to watch. Elsewhere, you probably will have some people sharing videos they recorded, which is where a lot of them are seen for me. It will be 60 Episodes!
  13. New trailer released on Weibo Trailer on Weibo Ok here on YouTube
  14. HYPED!!!!! This looks like it may be one of my MOST anticipated Chinese shows upcoming!! How much fighting/Wuxia will this have? I wonder, but this BTS showed a lot!
  15. The problem isn't that Jin Yong franchise has gotten old (it is TIMELESS), nor do I only want to watch Jin Yong franchise nonstop. I would rather watch new and original stuff! No, the problem is that Chinese don't have writers anymore that's good as Jin Yong. And, also the problem that China lately is NOT trying hard to make good Wuxia anymore other than Jin Yong stuff. The problem is that most of what comes out in China nowadays aren't anything close to these Wuxia series! The reason that Jin Yong's works has been rehashed like 100x times is because his work is SUPER QUALITY Wuxia Storytelling with both the plot and the Action wonderful to watch! Problem is that China can't figure out how to create NEW materials that's as good as Jin Yong stuff, anything that tried to came up fails in comparison by a lot! Mediocre Wuxia plot, with terrible fighting choreography! All these love-centered plot with some fights aren't considered true Wuxia, but I have seen many of these labeled as Wuxia. Nah!!!! Only one cool fight scene in 10 episodes is laughable calling it Wuxia series. China is joking themselves with a lot of these fake-Wuxia series that pretends to be Wuxia. Jin Yong based shows are to me, the true Wuxia. A fight scene is in almost each episode, accompanied by interesting plot! So, until there are new writers in China that has the Jin Yong talents, I am afraid that Jin Yong franchise CAN'T be let go, because Wuxia has to thrive!!!
  16. Wouldn't be surprised to see trailer soon, Chinese New Year would be a good time for release.
  17. Unlike the Joy Of Life trailer, this is such a RIDICULOUSLY uninteresting rushed, short trailer that showed absolutely near nothing. I LOVE Wuxia the MOST though, and might rewatch the Legend of Condor Heroes came out 7 years ago again. Here is it's 1st trailer, compare to this movie trailer. For something that comes out in 10 days, you only release a 30 seconds teaser. Are you kidding me? Makes me wonder if it's actually going to be any good, cuz when they don't want to show a lot to viewers, maybe it's trying to hide something?
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