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  1. MyDramaList says this is Dec 31, 2019 is that accurate?
  2. This certainly isn't airing anytime in August. Not even sure what about this month?
  3. That's fine. Just a lot of contact that is all I like
  4. In the novel, are there much of hand to hand/feet combat?
  5. Except it's ALL LOVE when Li Yi Tong is starring LOL she is SO pretty!!! <3 <3 <3 Which other good Wuxia series are you watching now, this year or looking forward to?
  6. Watching this one like a hawk... NO one talks about this! Man, wish Wuxia is most popular on this forum! Video - https://m.weibo.cn/status/4405531768880071#&video
  7. Three episodes are out. On the audiobook https://youtu.be/SVT2IAvr8fk https://youtu.be/G3rvtQU438w
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