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  1. Yes, how is this 60 episodes lol? The 2017 is far superior, but the fight scenes in this is actually pretty good.
  2. I legitly think the promotion is awful for this series They only putting out a 2-3 minutes trailer for 60 episodes show. And I expected yesterday to put out new trailer or something, but did not. And there are no MVs Won't be surprised the viewership is low, but NOT because Wuxia genre is dying, BECAUSE the don't promote this show very well! Doesn't matter if it's Star Wars, MCU, or whatever you have to promote it. 2-3 minutes trailer is too few of promotional content to get people hyped.
  3. I don't think this is official, weird to me they haven't released the MV to this show yet. The promotion of this series, sigh. https://youtu.be/z7Hl0rCEaxU?si=akb6sL2K4R-m3Q-m
  4. UGH PUT OUT a 10 minutes trailer to get people hyped!!! You got here a 60 whooping episodes TV series, and all we got is a 2-3 minutes trailer. That's not much. Need I to remind the showmakers this isn't even something you can be spoiled on... everyone knows the LOCH story, so how are we only seeing just a couple minutes footage? Dumb!
  5. Took me 3 views of this trailer to like it. Honestly, wish they put out a 10 minutes trailer. The TV series (60 episodes) will be huge and EPIC, a mere under 3 minutes trailer show so little lol.
  6. And, I know Jin Yong is Jin Yong like Star Wars the name it self will get people to watch... BUT the promotion is TERRIBLE TBH. Barely any posters, trailers and clips so far. Do much people beyond those of us looking in this thread know this is even coming out? Again, China operates so differently than how America operates and likely will release all of posters, trailers, clips within the same week. Whereas America spread the promotions out from months to a year with many releases. We shall find out if this approach of promotion is good or not for viewership numbers.
  7. China... So different than how America operates. In America, the release date is almost always the first thing you learn.
  8. I hope they have a beautiful soundtrack for this, many famous singers sing themes of this.
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