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  1. Another far cry from the Jin Yong works. I can swear, besides what Jin Yong himself wrote, nobody else in China have a clue how to write proper Wuxia world. Any other better Wuxia series airing right now or is this the best Wuxia series right now? Episode 20 for paying people? I believe it's only up to 11, on the official Youtube channel which I watch from. Share a link for the 12-20th if it's also Free/ allowed.
  2. Does anyone have a spotify link to Jolin Tsai's love ending theme (NOT the opening song)?
  3. Happy birthday Yang Mi!!! I need more compilation videos of her to watch...
  4. cr mydramalist Details: Chinese title: 锦绣长歌 English title: The Song of Glory Genre: Historical, Romance, Revenge & Wuxia Episodes: 53 Director: Li Hui Zhu, Deng Wei En Broadcast Period: July 1st - August 12th, 2020 Cast: Li Qin Qin Hao Jason Koo Qi Ji Synopsis: Set in Nan Song, a young emperor Liu Yilong works hand-in-hand with his true love, a woman named Changge, to bring back a prosperous nation. The nation has plummeted into chaos and the emperor, Liu Yilong vows to enact reforms to better
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