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  1. Li Qin! <3 Note: please be reminded of Rule 10. DO NOT CIRCUMVENT MINIMUM POST LENGTH OF 20 CHARACTERSThis is to ensure that the content that does get posted is worth members' time to read.
  2. Why? The series starring Li Yi Tong was so much BETTER! Is this a movie? Not sure how can you do Jin Yong justice in movie format.
  3. WUXIA!!!!! China lately is missing the memo that Wuxia is still popular, among MANY fans of Chinese shows. Looking forward to this most, because there aren't any other Wuxia series.
  4. When there are fights it's better than most of other TV series these days, so it is Wuxia but it sadly doesn't have that much fight except for every 3-4 episodes. I always rather watch Wuxia.
  5. Li Qin - Song Of Glory
  6. I don't mean bad acting. I just mean that Yang Mi is not giving any award-worthy performances.
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