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  1. LOCH in 2017 for some reason with the same director is actually much better with the action thru out the series!
  2. On 4/20/2019 at 1:36 AM, LaurenPanna said: Sad, to me, that majority of current Chinese shows are NOT very good with fighting scenes/Wuxia/KungFu, even with the JinYong adaptations they are toned way down! Not that I mind all these rehashings/remakes but please give them GOOD action!!!
  3. Aside from poorer action, this is a very well-done version. YOU Guys who are into Romance more probably think it's much better. Now sadly that it's over. What else should I watch? Another series out with actually some good Wuxia?
  4. NO. I was basing it entirely off the previous versions of LOCH, ROCH, and HSDS with MORE/LONGER (just) Wuxia/Fighting scenes!! Compared to them, this one is definitely VERY lacking! OK maybe 5-10 extra episodes I mentioned is exaggerated, but perhaps 2-4 is more justified!
  5. Just to be clear, NO more drama (talking, crying, yelling, politics, brotherhood, sisterhood, romance, etc) scenes at ALL. ONLY add more Action, Kung Fu, Wuxia scenes!!!
  6. This is honestly a 55 or 60 episodes type of show. Actions/Fight scenes are cut ridiculously SHORT! I wonder they even have them filmed, or cut?
  7. GOD I LOVE Episode 46!!! But wish the fighting is longer though! They are way TOO short, and going by like nothing happened!
  8. LOVE that ZWJ said "It's all my fault" on ZZR turning evil/bad but Yang Xiao says "Everyone chooses their own path!"
  9. Zhou Zirou being mean to ErMei's Ding Minjun in Episode 44 is actually really AWESOME!!!
  10. Instrumental music... BEAUTIFUL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LI1DNBA_fIhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWCNkSS4v6Yhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CKRbzbby8aU&t=606s
  11. Hey I am NOT defending ZZR is a character you should love instead of ZM at all, that's not what I am saying. Which maybe what you all been thinking, but no. That's NOT up for debate, ZM is clearly a better character, at the end of the day. Only am getting at how evil she (ZZR) is from the start and thru out the plot so far, that's all! DON'T misunderstand. And I think her master MeiJue would definitely have APPROVED her way of execution, on the island. Not only that, probably go even further and quickly KILL Wuji and ZM but ZZR actually allowed them to live! So that would have likely disappointed MeiJue, despite she did good on the sword and saber part.
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