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  1. Finally caught up to Ep 25. I liked that even in his ailing state, the male lead could still have Xiao Yin sussed out and spot her vulnerabilities. Hopefully something intelligent will happen soon. I want to see more manipulations and hidden agendas disguised as acts of kindness. I want to see supposedly brilliant characters act brilliantly. Not inexplicably stupidly, which has been the case of late, unfortunately. Ok, on to Ep 26.
  2. This has me intrigued. I've gone ahead and ordered the book but I think I'm going to hold off reading it till the show has concluded. Thanks for the heads-up. Still at Ep 23. Bit distracted this past week, what with all the BTS excitement and appearances. I enjoyed the fight between the male lead and Jia Ruo Anyway, back to the show. But first, Nole vs Rafa.
  3. Many thanks for the vids and pics. Going to start on Ep 17 presently. There are 20 episodes (https://v.qq.com/detail/v/v8k7mfnyjfzj4rd.html) and hopefully I can catch up on them all today. Laters, the two leads were in the midst of a fight at the end of Ep 16 (apparently in the world of this show, a couple's tiff involves the girl slashing at the guy with her sword in a warm sunlit forest with dried leaves swirling beautifully around them).
  4. Ep 9. Ah Jing vs Hua Lian. The spirit demonstrated by the teen Ah Jing returned for a brief appearance and the character showed her mettle, albeit ever so briefly. The highlight though, was the battle between Hua Lian+Lieutenant+assorted minions and White Emperor. Even at half power or strength or whatever, White was good. Dude lived up to his name. Ok, on to Ep 10.
  5. Oh. We're getting 19 and 20 in a few hours so that's fine, but till the end of 30? Yeah. The maid thing was brewing for quite a bit too.
  6. Epi 18 was good. Some excitement, finally. Can't wait for Ruyi to hit back big time.
  7. I’m enjoying the show. The current episode is 42, I think? I’m only at 34. The alien symbiote inside me is gleefully going "so many episodes, so little time". And also it appears Ruyi will begin in the coming week as well. Anyway. 虐 turn of events I had no idea I’d been enjoying the couple this much. Charmaine Sheh is doing well. She makes a natural villain. There’s something sinister, understatedly sinister, about her Xian Fei/Hoifa Nara Shusheng. I like the reason for Xian Fei crossing over to the dark side (so to speak). Believable. Wei Yingluo is not on her radar yet. Right now she’s only going after those she holds responsible for the plight of her family. Her machinations are subtle and she’s established a good reputation from her principled days. It seems to me she’s going to be a hard villain to suss out, let alone take out. I’m liking this first empress. Kind. And wise. And she has a beautiful way of speaking: soft, gentle, and serene. Subdued yet warm. And above all, naturally so, as though this is the way the actress normally speaks in real life. She looks the part too. And her clothes fit well and the palette suits her coloring. I’m enjoying having her on my screen. I hope it’ll be good, on a par with how Zhen Huan took care of An Lingrong in Zhen Huan Zhuan. She seems to me to be of the same age as the empress. More of an elder sister than potential other half, unfortunately. And the same goes for Chun Fei, I might add. The bodyguard makes a better catch and is more sought-after than the emperor himself lol. Er Qin’s story is sad though. So a woman with her background and heritage in those days could only be a high-ranking maid in the palace or one of the emperor’s many wives? Until or unless the emperor gave her away? Poor thing if so. Makes me think middle class is not a good station to be in even in days of yore. The Ah Man sister story. Wow. The injustice of it all. I'm afraid the Brother Yan or Yuan character rather bores me. Why is he relevant? His story is sad too though. He’s probably the most unfortunate, the most wretched, character in the entire show, come to think of it. Thus far at least. Did Wei Yingluo really fall asleep while the poor chap was telling her about all the terrible things in his life? So he’s that guy that bore the brunt of Xian Fei trying to sell her jewelry back in the early episodes. Dude had utterly slipped my mind till now. So you have the sad characters. Quite a few of them in the show. And then there are the emperor and empress, right at the top of the totem pole, whining about having a tough job or having lost her true self or how no one understands their pain. Right in front of people whose job is to scrub and lug buckets of night soil. People destined to never be able to lead their own lives till freed. People forced or tricked into becoming eunuchs. Seriously. I’m liking the color palette. The sets too. The rooms and sub-rooms. The divider and blind that rolled down to reveal a map, the incense burner on the table, the lower sub-table in front of the main table and other articles. Much thought must have gone into them. The costumes too though someone in the ironing department clearly dropped the ball.
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