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  1. I'm afraid I'd have preferred a sad ending with his death indeed. That sense of loss would have lingered on more. Once again, he had to save the day and once again, they lost him. As it was at the beginning.
  2. Enjoyable show. More so at the beginning than at the end. I was hoping it would close with War’s death. To me, that would have made for a stronger ending. Many of these gods seem rather spoiled, willful. Even War at times. His swoon factor though. By a country mile superior to everyone else. I wish they would have cut down a bit on the comic relief.
  3. Finally caught up to Ep 25. I liked that even in his ailing state, the male lead could still have Xiao Yin sussed out and spot her vulnerabilities. Hopefully something intelligent will happen soon. I want to see more manipulations and hidden agendas disguised as acts of kindness. I want to see supposedly brilliant characters act brilliantly. Not inexplicably stupidly, which has been the case of late, unfortunately. Ok, on to Ep 26.
  4. This has me intrigued. I've gone ahead and ordered the book but I think I'm going to hold off reading it till the show has concluded. Thanks for the heads-up. Still at Ep 23. Bit distracted this past week, what with all the BTS excitement and appearances. I enjoyed the fight between the male lead and Jia Ruo Anyway, back to the show. But first, Nole vs Rafa.
  5. Many thanks for the vids and pics. Going to start on Ep 17 presently. There are 20 episodes (https://v.qq.com/detail/v/v8k7mfnyjfzj4rd.html) and hopefully I can catch up on them all today. Laters, the two leads were in the midst of a fight at the end of Ep 16 (apparently in the world of this show, a couple's tiff involves the girl slashing at the guy with her sword in a warm sunlit forest with dried leaves swirling beautifully around them).
  6. Ep 9. Ah Jing vs Hua Lian. The spirit demonstrated by the teen Ah Jing returned for a brief appearance and the character showed her mettle, albeit ever so briefly. The highlight though, was the battle between Hua Lian+Lieutenant+assorted minions and White Emperor. Even at half power or strength or whatever, White was good. Dude lived up to his name. Ok, on to Ep 10.
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