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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] Shining Just For You 星河长明


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Chinese title:  星河长明 Xing He Chang Ming
English title: Shining Just For You

Genre: Historical, fantasy, romance

Episodes: 25

Director: Zhong Shu Jia, Kong Li Da, Zhang Jun Hao (张峻豪)
Screenwriter: Su Bing (苏冰), Zhao Xi Yu (赵曦玉), Tian Ping (天平), Wan Yan (完颜), Shui Pao (水泡)
Producer: Cong Xue Feng (丛雪峰), Zhao Xi Yu (赵曦玉)

Broadcast Period: Nov 30, 2022 - Dec 23, 2023

Broadcast network: Youku



Main Cast
Feng Shao Feng as Yu Xiuming, Emperor Chao Gao (voiced by Wei Chao)
Peng Xiao Ran as Ye Lingshuang / Bai Lu (voiced by Xu Jia Qi)
Ling Cen as Ye Lingshuang (young)
Zhu Zheng Ting as Yi Wuyou (voiced by Su Shang Qing)
Cheng Xiao Meng as Qihai Lian (voiced by Li Shi Meng)
Jin Ze Hao as Jie Chuying (voiced by Wang Bao Shun (王保顺))
Liu Meng Rui as Qihai Rui (voiced by Nie Xi Ying)
Song Wan Qing (宋碗晴) as Qihai Rui (young)


Supporting Cast


Xu Qi as Leng Tianxi
Zhang Tie Lin as Jie Haitian
Gao Shu Guang as Qihai Zhen Yu
Li Yu as Fan Ruhai
Bian Cheng as Yun Wen
Liu Meng Meng as Xue Lanwei
Wang Mao Lei as Ye Jing Qing
Yang Ming Na as Mi Lan
Cheng Shuo Nan as Ling Yun
Feng Li Jun as Feng Yin
Fan Yi Ning as Xie Yuan
Wa Er as Chu Ye
Chen Zheng Yang as Qing Zhan
Su Chen as Qing Su
Tian Jun Cheng as Di Sanzhang
Ma Zhao Zhuang as Cheng Niu
Tang Xin as Guan Yi
Xu Hao Jie as Duan Muyan
Fu Jia as Fan Ping
Wen Sheng as Fan Zheng
Ren Yi Xuan as He Jin
Wang Fei Fei (王飞斐) as Tian Ying
Liu Zhen You as Xue Xuanjing
Sun Zheng Yu as Cheng Yuantao
Yang Jun (杨汮) as Zuo Jintian
Zhang Hai Feng as Cai Can
Shen Bao Ping as Que Gong
Zhang Gong as Nan Nan
Qi Pei Xin as Lu Yan
Yao Qing Jun as Yu Shining
Zeng Zhen (曾真) as Zi Nian
Chu Han as Han Sheng
Zhu Yong Teng as Yu Xiang
Yu Zi Kuan as Yao Song
He Fei as Cao Si
Zhao Lian Jun (赵连军) as Luo Wuyi
Xu Jia Man as Sang Ran
Xu Min as A Mo
Zhang Yin Long as Tao Liang
Chen Yue (陈岳) as Qiu Yang
Fang Lu Qi as Tao Hua A Guan
Song Yan Li (宋妍郦) as Xiao Xie
Shen Ying as Consort Yu
Xue Ming (薛明) as Guo Jie Yu
Liu Yi Dan as He Cai Nu
Yan Yan as Gu Zhao Rong
Wang Lian Lian (王莲莲) as Song Cai Ren
Zhou Luo Yi as Rui Shu Yuan
Jiang Yi Han (江易晗) as Qi Mei Ren
Yan Jia Yi (严佳怡) as Consort Jia
Zhang Ting Xin as Consort Xin
Dai Yi as Wei Qi
Yang Chun Rui as Censor
Zhao Yong Zhan as Zhou Er
Jia Ze as Zuo Shengnan
He Zhi Tao as Fan Yu
Ma Qian Qian (马牵牵) as Fan Chun
Chen Wan Bing as Fan Chang
Zhang Heng Yu (张恒俞) as Miao Li
Xu Zhi Chen (徐知尘) as Yan Qian
Meng En as Yu Jingan
Wang Xing Yi as Huo Lu
Guo Qi Cheng as Cai Shen
Jian Dai Li as Jing Zhi
Ha Ni as Xiao Lang
Ding Yi (丁毅) as Teng Shuanglu
Zhang Jing Feng (张景峰) as Yan Shejian
Yu Xuan Ying (余宣颖) as Fang Hen
Qiu Wen Bin (邱文斌) as Yu Jingxing
Xue Bin as Qing Zhan's father
Lu Yi Ran (卢奕然) as Fan Tianshou
Wang Kuang Yu as A Huan (teen)
Chen Yi Nuo (陈一诺) as A Huan (young)
Zhu Chun Jing as Madame Jie
Man Ya Li as Cui Ping
Lin Yo Wei as Gu Wangran


Ye Ling Shuang is a young woman who can foresee great tragedies and disasters before they happen. Although she is pure of heart, her gift has become a curse – and she has been shunned by those who think she brings bad luck. Only a young and beautiful princess shows her kindness. But that same princess is given a deadly choice by the dastardly Emperor Gao of the Chao Kingdom. She must either marry him – or die. She refuses to give in to him, which gives him the excuse he needed to attack her people.

A conflict breaks out, whereby Ye Ling Shuang is taken prisoner. But she has now vowed to take revenge on the Emperor. And, using her talents, she wins freedom – and then promotion. Soon, she finds she has caught the Emperor’s eye. But he is not the only one who wants to win her heart: Wu Yu, a surviving prince of a clan that was all but wiped out by the Emperor, also loves Ye Ling Shuang. Although he finds it hard to express his love, he springs into action when he sees that the Emperor has fallen for the woman he loves. Will love cause the cruel Emperor to change his ways? Or is Ye Ling Shuang destined to be with the angelic Wu Yu?


credit: MDL | Dramawiki






Additional Links:

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Yessss I love both leads!! Especially seeing PXR again!!!


I’m a little confused, so did the plot summary just tell us the main lead dies in the end?? I haven’t watched a novoland drama before but understand they’re based on novels am I right? So the main lead maybe dies in the novel and not the drama??


I’m all in for the angst but would really love a happy ending haha 

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10 hours ago, J13 said:

I haven’t watched a novoland drama before but understand they’re based on novels am I right? So the main lead maybe dies in the novel and not the drama??



you dont really need to watch other novolands, as they are independent, not related to each other.

There are hundreds novoland novels, 7 original authors, with extension a total of hundreds authors. This one is based on novel by Zhan An. 

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama] Novoland: The Princess From Plateau 九州·朱颜记
  • 11 months later...

had a hard time finding this forum thread as they changed the title and wasn't searchable until i realize i could google the old name + soompi


currently my favourite show in second half of 2022

production quality maybe 7/10 , but it's my favourite type of genre with super fighter & energetic lady , i personally rate it 9/10 because i love it


shows with similar plot in the past were lan-ling-wang , 龙珠传奇 , 招摇 , novoland castle in the sky 2




































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Ah, You found the thread! I was wondering the same myself when I saw the drama on YouTube and it is called Shining Just For You there. The Chinese name sounds like a mash up of the names of 2 other dramas. How not very innovative, I thought.  


Just watched the first episode - PXR is acting like herself. I’ve only watched her one other drama, Jun Jiu Ling, and she acts like character there. Not a fan of Feng Shao Feng, but I may watch one or two more episode then see if it appeals to me. 

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so far ep 18/25

i rate it 7.0/10

production quality and plot is around 6.5 to 7.0 , average
some illogical plot

a hundred palace troops unable to handle 6 grassland people , the troops are in the background hopping around
around ep15 , nice music combo at the scene when leading them to the well for jumping , note the actress's shock expression
a little slow progress at the middle around epi 4 to 16
stereotype bad guy :thumbsdown: with that annoying short old actor who appear in many drama
when 1vs1 fight at the hill temple , the lead female actress was "zero risk" in acting the swordfight with "stop motion animation" at the sword clashing and using body double when crashing onto the floor

good part are my favourite lead actor actress , good music
25 episodes is too short

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama] Shining Just For You 星河长明, premiered Nov 30 starring Feng Shao Feng & Peng Xiao Ran
On 12/16/2022 at 2:48 PM, 杨过是大哥哥 said:

so far ep 18/25

i rate it 7.0/10

production quality and plot is around 6.5 to 7.0 , average
some illogical plot

to be honest, the editing doesn't make sense so that they could reduce the number of episodes, probably to placate the authorities

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  • SC2019 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2022] Shining Just For You 星河长明










last episode 25
front half coup , good fight scenes at king-vs-king , i rate it 8.5/10
second half , bad ending simplified and rushed , rate it 5/10

the dark magician evolved too fast , only 2 scenes with his brother and he became the strongest magician in the world , the lack of experience and overconfidence caused him to be attacked by the general from behind
that guy who got magic strangled by him , survived so long :s13:
his brother who ambushed the top guard , didn't participate in final battle and not shown any punishment

final rating 7.0/10
a good short story of my favourite genre
front 8 episodes the 2 leads have funny interaction but it lost momentum quick with the female lead occupied with official duties
in the total 25 episodes .... good episodes are 2 , 3 , 18 , 21 , 25 (front half)

good that the female guard turned concubine didn't turn evil due to jealousy
strong subliminal message about the inland canal promote trade , it's also the only big policy the king does , it dominated the second half of the final episode
last scene of the new king accending throne at 16 yr old , lead male and female nowhere to be seen , scene jump to a "flourish trade activity" , too rushed that's why i deduct points

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It’s not too bad- up until the writer couldn’t make up their mind on which plot to follow, or forgot what they were building up the original plot to and made a mess of things. They missed out BIG with the story of the second ML which ultimately just ruined it for me. The whole time travel arc also had sooo much potential and they did their best to screw it up to the best of their abilities by extremely poor writing/directing. I would say this has been one of the very few and potentially great dramas that was destroyed by its production team. I was so mad with how it ended it made 0 sense.

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