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[Drama 2020] Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, 도도솔솔라라솔

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Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook’s Relationship Is Put To The Test Due To CLC’s Eunbin In “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”


Nov 19, 2020
by S. P

KBS 2TV’s “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” has released new stills ahead of the upcoming episode!

The drama is about an energetic pianist named Goo La La (Go Ara) and an expert part-timer named Sun Woo Joon (Lee Jae Wook) who meet at a piano academy called La La Land in a small countryside village.


For the sake of their futures, Goo La La and Sun Woo Joon decided to put their relationship on hold. After the suspicious wedding in which Sun Woo Joon whisked her away, the couple were able to reaffirm their feelings for each other and eagerly await the day when they could be reunited. However, just when everything was settling down, the sudden appearance of Jung Ga Young (CLC’s Eunbin) threw yet another wrench in their plans.

The new stills picture Sun Woo Joon, who once only had eyes for Goo La La, enjoying a date with Jung Ga Young. In the previous episode, Jung Ga Young had approached him, asking, “Did you not miss me after all this time?” After Sun Woo Joon spent time picking out a ring for Goo La La, viewers are left wondering how he could now be holding hands with Jung Ga Young.



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Yeah, thinking back about it, there were some hints that he might be younger. Not sure how the writer thinks this will benefit the plot - I find it weird and would have preferred him being the same ag

Jesus Christ. That episode was filled to the brim !   Okay first off, even if the last bit of the episode happened, I like Jun’s mom. She’s loud and embarrassing, no wonder Jun wanted to run

Credit to @fan-number20000425 on Tumblr Somebody cast these two in a period drama!! I mean look at them!!  Go Ara is such a classic beauty, and Lee Jae Wook has that innocent yet charismatic

4 hours ago, inaho101 said:



I don’t know but I feel so hurt for both and I’m here working still in disbelief that they are going this route when they could’ve just go a different way of tying things together instead of being typical. I’m hoping we get some good explanation next week and hopefully jun isn’t sick, sigh~ my heart! 


I felt the same way. The way the story turns out at this stage (we're at end already!) totally throw the drama concept offguard and really frustrating.  The drama has always been dramatic from the start with all the plot twist but with fluff, now we're just going melo. Definitely not what i signed up for in my already melo life. Sigh.


I am hoping we'll get ep 14 backstory on ep 15, not on ep 16 or worse, half way past ep 16 because i dont know if i can watch the episodes  peacefully then. I feel the new girl kind of get a sense Jun is totally taken, probably just go along with the flow. Jun looks so void at the airport. How could any parents be okay to see their children being solemn.


At first thought, I think he might be sick. He caught the tough guy spying him and he planned for him to give the fake date pictures. But now Dad is definitely involved. I hope the nose bleed is just red herring.


This week eps to me are just fillers to wrap up loose end on side stories and neighbourhood characters i.e. meeting Sec Moon, Ms Jin raising up HY, TWD ahjummas, Dr Cha "terminal illness" (those are really are vitamins! Lol).. I am not even satisfied with the beach scene. Sigh.


Praying next week we'll be rewarded with good episodes to wrap up the series.




Just remembered from the final film picture with the crew. There was one taken in front of the piano and one outside Lalaland. I didnt see Lee Jae Wook in the on in front of piano, Jae min was there. Only see Lee Jae Wook on the picture at outside Lalaland, GoAra linked her arm with his. I know last filming scene does not always mean the last scene in the drama, but hoping there werent gonna be anymore heartbreak for us.

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Just finished Episode 14 ... what a mess.


I was peeking at this thread at work, hoping for hints at a happier ending than the preview alluded to, but no.


After seeing the preview for the next episode, Ra-ra will obviously find out about Jun saving La-la land and start putting the pieces together on what really happened, and it looks like she will go after him - but that break up - flat out cruel, and entirely unnecessary. 


Like alot of you here have already posted, the writers seem to have forgotten this is a Rom-Com not a Melo.  I don't like ridiculous dark turns like this.


All I gotta say is, if they get back together, Juns apology to Ra-ra better be fricken EPIC!



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I just want a happy spoiler crumb. I checked Instagram fan pages and Go Ara’s page but can’t find any happy spoiler to hang out too. The only thing is that Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara both had posted the last day pics on 8th so am hoping they were shooting together and it was the last scene (though not necessary) and it’s a happy ending. 

I am going with the theory of Jun being sick for now but it could also be the dad (but doesn’t sound convincing to me considering he’s stood up to his dad before by running away and he should know that Rara is In love with him and not LaLa land) and I don’t understand why did he say she doesn’t deserve to be with someone like him? 

also it’s just so melodramatic that :

- Harabojee definitely can guide Rara or tell her something she needs to know but he’s sick

- the first meeting is still not revealed to Rara. So she’s still in the dark about that though she forgave him once already for hiding the meeting at her graduation and about his age.

- if there’s a time jump and Jun comes back after a few years it’s so bad that Rara will be living in agony till then and all this just to basically cover the age gap o what? Clearly the way Rara is she won’t be able to move on and her suffering alone is so unfair. I wonder if she moves back to Seoul with her music teacher or stays back in Eunpo and has more people for support.


also for the viewers who signed up for a rom com and stayed so far due to the fun element it’s been quite a few episodes of angst now and melo mode and if the happy ending just lasts like half of episode 16 it’s really gonna be so not fair :bawling:

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KBS post apologised to viewers who have been as sick as Rara and Jun. and talks about grandpas quote and a happy ending as per Insta translation. 

@JenL yes I agree toyed with our feelings completely. Moreover being blackmailed by his parents seems so uncharacteristic of Jun considering he already has managed to live alone . And if he’s sick at this point of the drama is also not fair! And don’t call it a light hearted rom com then. This was way more stressful than a suspense or thriller or melo since that’s clearly not what we signed up for. And mainly it’s just not true to the storyline so far. 

On a fun note if he’s gone to Stanford to study for 4 years is he gonna be back to take Rara away from another wedding! The I want you song from the hospital when Rara spoke about it she said that the lady who the song was written for had a ‘few’ weddings.

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50 minutes ago, Raynaa said:

KBS post apologised to viewers who have been as sick as Rara and Jun. and talks about grandpas quote and a happy ending as per Insta translation. 

@JenL yes I agree toyed with our feelings completely. Moreover being blackmailed by his parents seems so uncharacteristic of Jun considering he already has managed to live alone . And if he’s sick at this point of the drama is also not fair! And don’t call it a light hearted rom com then. This was way more stressful than a suspense or thriller or melo since that’s clearly not what we signed up for. And mainly it’s just not true to the storyline so far. 

On a fun note if he’s gone to Stanford to study for 4 years is he gonna be back to take Rara away from another wedding!

Like what you had point out, it uncharacteristic for jun to blackmailed by his parents....but i think it made sense.

Before this jun run from the house to show his protest to his father...now he cannot do that as he had rara now and want to protect her at all cost.

rara also would not be agree if jun do something like that to his parents

i kind of understand that, but i still want more jun n rara scene together


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@JenL thank you for sharing these! That pic might just be my favorite photo of Jun and RaRa ever (hopefully they top it for the finale). Your website has helped me get through the past few weeks while waiting for the new episodes. :wub:

@Raynaa It looks like they are giving us less hints about the final week. I like some angst, but it is way too late in the show’s run to separate our otp like this. It stresses me out because there’s only 2 episodes left to fit everything. How will they handle the reconciliation, DoDoSolSolLaLaSol’s identity, grandpa waking up, and the cafe scene when RaRa lost her wallet? It also feels like Jaemin’s story is unfinished. As much as I love the side characters, I hope they don’t sacrifice precious Jun/RaRa screen-time to close out other stories.

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I'm gonna be honest with you guys... I was completely in love with this drama in the firsts episodes but now I feel like the writing quality is falling apart more and more. 


It all started for me when Jun was revealed to be a minor, I know most of people didn't really care about that but I did. Call me old-fashioned and stuff but I find a romance between an adult and a minor very disturbing. I didn't care about the age gap but the adult-minor thing is what I find problematic. Anyway, we passed that, and it looks like Jun is considered an adult now because now he can drive. Okay, but then I saw the preview of episode 14 and I lost all the will and pleasure of watching it. I didn't see it yet, and honestly don't know when I'll watch it, but looking at all the comments, it looks like it was as bad as I imagined it would be. I really hate this kind of excuse to break up the main couple in dramas, I find it forced and unnecessary. 


I don't know what happened to the writer of this drama, Terius Behind Me was such a good drama, very funny and pleasing to watch, now I personally find that DDSSLLS writing is missing a lot of good things and could have been so much better... it's sad because we're in the final straight of the drama. Well... I think I'll just wait for the final episodes and hope that she'll fix all this mess in a good way.

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Before the sad episodes happened as a run up to episode 12, I was rewatching the previous episodes and noticed the following :


Jun seems to be Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol:

-just before he runs to Eunpo he is thinking of Rara and if she will be okay.

-as DDSSLLS he initially asks her if she ate and slept well and Rara says he’s such a nag which she tells Jun also later.

-he stopped writing for a month with travelling for business as an excuse, so till the piano arrived there Were no messages.

- when Rara mentioned on the arrival of the piano that there’s no message from DDSSLLS, Jun steps out of LaLa Land asks the people questions as an excuse and suddenly RaRa mentions that a message arrived as well.

- Rara told DDSSLLS that she broke up with Jun and she wasn’t sure that if she will meet him again, Because of which Jun knew what she actually felt so he was more willing to wait post the letter break up?

- on the day of the date the background song says ‘you are my star’ 

- He did tell her that he is DDSSLLS driven by jealousy when she says Dr Cha is DDSSLLS and his expression is earnest when he says it. But Rara thinks hes joking and the topic gets over.

- he keeps looking at the stars when he’s upset and he says he’s sending her the stars.

- he played do do sol sol la la sol when he was upset after he understood that Dr Cha likes her after Dr Cha Played ‘I want you’ for Rara.

- He always gets startled whenever Rara mentions about DDSSLLS.

- I think Harabojee was supposed to meet RaRa on Juns request as DDSSLLS but that day he couldn’t. 

another interesting thing I noticed is that he was not willing to drop the bouquet but suddenly something struck him when the person said that it’s a particular hotel and the bride is waiting for the bouquet after which he ran like a maniac. He seemed to remember that it’s RaRa’s wedding and probably saw the wedding invitation as his mom was invited? He later tells her that he was jealous of her early marriage. Also he went very close to Rara and it seemed like he wanted to have a closer look at her eyes? May be he was just besotted cos they were pretty or some other reason he goes very close to her?

RaRas tiara fell down during the wedding. She was like a Princess and suddenly becomes poor and so it might be symbolic. The tiara is with Dr Cha and he will return it And maybe that will coincide with her getting Back Rara cosmetics too and return of her Princess days? May be her dad was cheated by someone and the fraudster is caught? RaRas knowledge of fashion and make up is good and maybe she can look after the company with Ha Yeoung (who also tells the secretary she has taken his place) with other professional help of course. She can then pay back her debts maybe by helping everyone also as she always said that she will pack back her borrowings confidently. She told her piano teacher that she can have other dreams and not to limit her to piano.

Go Ara had mentioned that her character is like Rupanzel and there are a few references to the story:

In Rupanzel the prince hears the princess singing from Her tower, while Jun hears Rara playing the piano. He needed closure and to say goodbye to his friend while Rara was saying goodbye to her father so it was shared consolation.

rupanzel is named after salad leaves and Jun grew salad leaves and calls them ‘special’ instead of Rara. Rara also tells him not to leave her cause he has to take care of the salad leaves. Jun tells Ajhumma also that the salad leaves are precious to him. Dr also says he takes to much care of his salad leaves.
also I think Rupanzel has some reference to the crown which is returned to her at the end and Rara drops her tiara. There is some version of Rupanzel where the Prince is sick and is healed by the princesses tears. Rara keeps crying all the time even when she’s happy to see Jun curing Juns loneliness? 

the French version of the song twinkle twinkle little star is about a girl with a dog telling her mom that she fell in love. So DDSSLLS is as much about her father as it is about Rara falling in love with Jun? The KBS Insta page also mentions May everyone be someone’s star. Or may every Rara find her Jun?


Jun struggles to earn money alone and Rara also told him that it’s difficult being poor. He goes for that event to earn money which is a Ponzi scheme. And of course he lends money to Rara and jokes that he wants to become a money lender. So maybe he will become a banker after his maths major and give loans and reach out to people who really need it and are deserving? Inclusive banking across classes and save people from loan sharks. Maybe he thought of this after Rara encouraged him to dream.

he avoids wearing spectacles around Rara because it might remind her of their meeting at the cafe when her wallet was stolen which is linked to him being DDSSLLS. He is buying spectacles only with the other girl I think? Now that Rara saw him with glasses at the airport I think it will tease her memory about the cafe meet.
He also did not expect Rara to come to Eunpo he just wanted to keep

contact with her. But she comes and he also tells her thanks for coming to him during the confession.

Jun tells her that learning the piano for 20 Years is an integral part of who she is and those memories define her. And she says the exact same thing about Juns memories. After all Who are we but the sum total of our memories? 


Jun was always keen on a happy ending and is almost superstitious about sad ending and he’s worries about choosing the Pleasure of Love song and tells her that he takes it back, he feels sad about the I want you song when she tells him that it was one sided love for a women by the person who wrote it. He takes the cup cos he thinks it’s his and he desperately wants that happy ending with her. He calls himself her husband and is offended when she opposes the store person calling then newly weds. He is crazy jealous of Dr Cha on many occasions. On the beach also he tells her to think that she got married to him and of course he bought them rings later So Him now breaking up is very weird. Either Jun is sick or his father threatened him, his mom had mentioned that his father will teach Rara a lesson. Also there will be a time jump like Harabojees story. But Rara will be so miserable while waiting that’s not fairrr. I think they will be 23 and 28 when they meet again after his college. I wonder if there will be a cameo by someone playing her groom and Jun crashes her wedding again. She mentioned there was one classmate of hers who always stood first in piano competition. Or maybe her ex groom apologises and this time she runs? Also if there’s a song like Harabojee’s story I wonder what their song will be? DDSSLLS or maybe the beach happy one or the welcome song? 

I wonder why he tells Rara that she doesn’t deserve a jerk like him and while did he stage the photos with the girl later he denied to Rara that the break up isn’t about that girl. Is he guilty again that Ji Hun also liked Rara and he doesn’t deserve her? Or he thinks that he will harm Her like he harmed Ji Hun? JiHun and Rara have similar personalities both are happy and confident and the only strength and warmth in his sad life. Why doesn’t he think he deserves to be happy? 

also she And Ha Yeung are soul sisters their moms heard classical music while expecting. Rara loves her and keeps patience with her even when she’s angry and shows her attitude. Ha yeung protects Rara fiercely and was ready to catch Juns collar. The Ahjumma also mentions that they are like two peas in a pod. Their relationship is of typical elder and younger sister who might fight but can’t live without each other. And the younger sister is fiesty while the elder sister heard the single parent story and was sensitive to the ajhumma  and found the CD and is a mature support to her. They both were also told when they were kids that they should become Miss Korea. They were just meant to be sisters separated by city and backgrounds.

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On 11/20/2020 at 2:35 AM, Rilabear said:

Yes, I know it’s all because he asked his parents for money to purchase LaLa Land, but did he really have to go so far as to hurt RaRa like that? I loved this show because it was different from all the other kdramas. I hadn’t watched a drama in over a year until I stumbled on this show. Suddenly the writer is pulling all these makjang storylines with a conveniently unconscious harabeoji, fake dating, breakups, and forced separation. A story can be good with interesting characters and relationships (ie Let’s Eat 2, Reply 1988). The writer didn’t need to pull these things just to keep the viewers interested. In fact, it’s making me less invested in the show. I have been waiting for a Jun and RaRa reunion but they keep getting pulled apart. 


Yep, totally agree. I feel like by pulling these conventional story lines it's actually going against what the show was - fun and predictable. Now I feel like everyone can guess what is happening (Eg. Jun breaking up with Lala to "protect" her) and it's wasting time trying to hide it (ie. not letting the viewers in on Jun's behaviour) and just putting lots of filler side character scenes (Eg. Dr Cha's pills - I probably was curious ages ago, but now the story has gone past that point since Dr Cha said he was fine and just depressed/burntout before he moved to Eunpo). 


Unfortunately I feel like writers/TV stations feel they need to pull these stunts because episode 14's rating were very high due to lots of people tuning in to see why Jun was acting weird:




But this feels like a cheap way of getting viewers because they don't think the story is actually good, they've just been tricked into watching the episode. If I'd known the episode wasn't going to reveal any new information but just be angst on high, I think I would have just skipped it to be honest. I love this show a lot, but Ep 14 felt like the writers did a dirty on us.




As for Jun, if they really had to go down the noble idiocy route, I wish he hadn't looked her in the eyes and said he didn't like her! What was the point of that part when he was crying later? There were many ways he could have acted: He could have just walked off or said "No, not doing this." At least it wouldn't have been so unlike his character. I think now there's so much for Jun to make up for in just 2 episodes :bawling:


On 11/20/2020 at 2:53 AM, Wendy123 said:

Jun's father definitely demanded something from him in order to buy Lalaland. Jun went to meet his dad in this episode, and I'm guessing we'll find out what the conversation was in episode 15, because we see him in the same outfit again for next week's preview. Plus, it doesn't seem like Jun left with Gayoung. She's probably the one that's going back, and Jun was there to send her off. He only had one suitcase, Gayoung was the only one holding a passport and a ticket, and she was only in Korea due to visa issues. Jun's dad probably demanded for Jun to break up with Rara, and by the looks of the preview, their entire family is moving somewhere. Jun's still young, and has no choice on these matters, but I was crying for our Jun and Rara the entire episode. I really hope the writer can make up for all this pain in the last 2 episodes. :bawling:


Yep, totally agree. I'm wondering if it's more than just the purchase of Lala Land, which seemed very obvious as soon as they went down this track. Maybe he also threatened to hurt or remove Rara because I feel like Jun's actions were very unlike his own and that he wouldn't be so determined to break up with her if it wasn't absolutely necessary. When he missed the dinner with the tutor, I remember his father saying he would do something to "that woman" (referring to Rara) and the mother looked scared? (although I don't know if it was for herself!) Seems so extreme though considering he's not a gangster, but meant to be a doctor! :no_mouth:


Ugh hated the additional Gayoung storyline and glad she's going :rage: I think your theory makes sense about her being the only one travelling! 


On 11/20/2020 at 3:04 AM, Raynaa said:

I think he’s sick and he doesn’t want RaRa to go through heartbreak again after her dad and I think Rara did win over the mom with her maturity and the fact that they did break up and actually stay away for his studies and she did not meet him when he was a minor. 

I wonder if the friend helped him getting tested hence the coffee drugging. Or maybe she did it on the moms instructions since Jun had been missing his medical tests. I don’t think the girl is a negative character just like the secretary wasn’t. Her reaction was not negative when Rara said no to break up she was almost pleasantly surprised with RaRas conviction. 


Yep, this is the other route they could go down. If it's not Rara being threatened, then it's Jun being sick since he seems to be getting nosebleeds so often and he clearly missed a medical test to rescue Rara from her wedding. I do think the coffee drugging was interesting - if he's not sick, I'm not sure why that scene would happen. As for Gayoung, I don't think she's a positive character either though. She could have at least not said those words to Rara in the first place, especially if she was just doing a favour for Jun's mum. :neutral:


On 11/20/2020 at 3:04 AM, Raynaa said:

Juns foreshadow on the beach  and from the bike scene I think after the movie is according to me from this point in time from the bridge where he also adds that he did not want Rara to remember but she did. I think he reminiscing because he still doesn’t know if he will recover. The beach scene except for the photo but when Rara is running on the sand doesn’t count for a happy scene for me this week the foreshadow ruined it for me plus when Jun hugs Rara before the kiss he’s kind of pensive not sure why.


I’m so affected and in a bad mood almost teary eyed but not able to cry due to dry weather eyes, I’ve pretty much never experienced so much attachment to fictional characters and never cry during movies. I hope I manage to distract myself till next week. 


Yesssss, I felt the same!! when I look at the stills and the behind the scenes for the beach scene I like it because Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook look like they're having fun and the stills are super dreamy :love: But the actual scene in the drama was not as wonderful as I wanted it to be due to the foreshadowing. And I agree...the hug looked sweet, but sad. The kiss was sweeter than the first, not as wonderful as the Manbok-Sanja one though!


I was also super sad after watching it and in the same boat...I don't normally get so attached to drama characters. But I really liked these ones and I've been feeling so on edge after watching ep 14!


On 11/20/2020 at 3:22 AM, multiloverssss said:

p/s: we did not get many scene between rara n jun....hope writer would compensate us next week.


Oh God, we better. It's the finale, there's no excuses to keep separating them!! Unless they want to end on a sad note. Hopefully not!!



On 11/20/2020 at 5:17 AM, Mapleoaks5 said:

I just feel like they threw the most stereotypical korean plot lines at the end of the episode, when the dramas been really good about subverting stereotypical plot lines. I think that’s why most of us are upset with the way the show is going. It just seems so out of character for Jun to be going around holding hands with that girl and such... what reason does he have to do that? I can’t think of Anything that justifies his actions.


What made this drama so lovable is the characters and warmth that filled it. This last episode was just frustrating. Really hope they fix course next episode, so I can just pretend this past episode didn’t happen. Or they have some really clever writing to explain this past episode. 


Yes totally agree with everything you've said - I hate makjang twists that come out of nowhere and don't make sense, especially since this one was doing sooooo well with twisting the conventional plot tropes. And yes, the hand-holding and the looking Rara in the eyes and saying those words hurt like hell.



Well, the only way I can "justify" it is if it's something like Jun's dad has been spying on Jun and is determined for him to break up with Rara or he'll hurt her. Jun wants to fight him on it, but his father pulls out some bigger threat. Jun can't win so he complies. He sees Gayoung talking to Rara on the night and she says she won't give up on Jun so easily so Jun feels like he has to find a way to cut it off and makes sure the security guy sees him "going on dates." I'm not saying this is ideal, but I guess I'd be a little less mad if it's about Rara's safety, rather than Jun dealing with his own problems (ie. don't wait for me while I study abroad or recover from illness). If he's protecting her, and being monitored....hmmm, I would give a concession


With all this angst, I can't even enjoy the warmth of the side characters anymore. HY and SK's cute confession was totally lost with what happened to Jun and Rara. Barely anyone has talked about it because everyone is so upset for the main pair. 


On 11/20/2020 at 5:24 AM, inaho101 said:

I don’t know but I feel so hurt for both and I’m here working still in disbelief that they are going this route when they could’ve just go a different way of tying things together instead of being typical. I’m hoping we get some good explanation next week and hopefully jun isn’t sick, sigh~ my heart! 


Yeah, it's the shock and hurt combined!! :bawling:


On 11/20/2020 at 6:37 AM, Nodame said:

DANG granted I am not fluent in Korean but I wanted to share a rough outline.


Thanks so much @Nodame for this summary!! It's so nice that you typed out all these points for us and so cool that you understand Korean...so talented! I really appreciate it since I don't. I've only been able to sub Korean videos because a friend translates and I do the timings!


On 11/20/2020 at 7:12 AM, emmafaye said:

Very unsatisfied with where the drama is going. I hate noble idiocy. 

So stupid.... So unrealistic. 


Agreed. Noble idiocy is my least favourite trope!! Why can't people in Kdramas just be honest with each other and communicate openly about their problems?? :confounded: That's how you solve problems instead of create bigger ones!!

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53 minutes ago, JenL said:

Yep, totally agree. I feel like by pulling these conventional story lines it's actually going against what the show was - fun and predictable.


I think you all have said it all. But based on the text preview Jun secrets gonna be reviled in next episode so I think it is gonna explain his action in ep 14. Frankly I do not mind break up as long as writer have explained it so we understand where character are coming from. Do no know if you have watched Do you like brhams? but there was a break up in that. writer had prepared in a way so we understand why it happens. even if it was sad I also could follow emotionally characters action. So yeah I think the fact that we do not know what is going on with Jun make us all going why is this happening. therefor I am gonna hang on a little and hope writer lett us really enter Jun mental stage and understand his action next episode. Maybe this gonna change how we look at ep.14. Let us really judge when we have the whole picture and can see what writer wanted to tell with this two episodes and how it comes together final week. :) 

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Apparently angst is still there in Episode 15 and the description reads as follows (Spoiler from Twitter):


Episode 15 #Chopin Etude Op.10-3,'Tristesse' (a song of farewell) Lara reunites with Misuk Gong and is comforted by her sad heart.  Another secret of Jun, which Lara doesn't know yet, is gradually revealed, and the two break up..


I guess we just have one happy episode then -16th


there is also another spoiler with Jun in a black suit and different hair cut (likely time jump) and it seems like Eunpo (edit : pic now deleted!)


and another one saying that in The IG update on Nov 6th Go Ara is wearing the diamond band ring in one pic with a red coat. It does legit looks like the same ring and it’s on the left hand ring finger.


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@Raynaa why couldn't they pack all the sadness this week so we can get all the happy moments next week? The title pretty much confirms a sad episode. :criesariver:


I can’t believe it’s the last week already. Anyone else planning their days for next Wednesday/Thursday already? Based on what Raynaa found, I think I will wait until an hour before netflix uploads episode 16 to watch episode 15. I don’t think I can take any more sadness after this week.  I will probably bringe episodes 1-14 on Wednesday instead.:hooray:

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55 minutes ago, Rilabear said:

I can’t believe it’s the last week already. Anyone else planning their days for next Wednesday/Thursday already? Based on what Raynaa found, I think I will wait until an hour before netflix uploads episode 16 to watch episode 15. I don’t think I can take any more sadness after this week.  I will probably bringe episodes 1-14 on Wednesday instead.

i decided to watch live streaming even i did not understand....i just can' t wait what going happen to them.this drama would be last drama for this year that i watch ongoing, so i will just enjoy it.:elated:

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This is definitely one of the best dramas of 2020. But why the heartbreak? Just when we thought it would a different , a feel good drama, you get our tear ducts working! This was such a refreshing story! Why do you have to add a break-up and separation?  


All the characters are absolutely wonderful! Jun better do a lot of grovelling if he wants Ra-Ra back! She should not forgive me easily for putting her through the ringer! But knowing, Rara, she would be her sweet, gentle self and would welcome him back with open arms.


The break-up scene weighs too heavily on my heart. It was like a deja-vu moment, similar to the grandfather's break-up scene. :tears: I wasn't ready for a double onslaught of my heart.

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There is a fan visit  pic from Nov 4th on Instagram that shows Jun shooting on a hospital set.

- Either the date is misleading and this is from one of RaRa’s hospital stays - 3 so far! (Car accident, stalker incident, bike accident) and this is complete wrong. Or 

- Jun is sick now. or

- Jun decided to become a doctor (he had saved Harabojees life). 

there is also another fan theory from Twitter that says Go Aras pic from 8th Nov at the airport points to a happy ending in Jeju . They finally took that cruise to Jeju! Go Ara said that she’s 99 percent like Rara. May be Go Ara is helping us reduce some anxiety!! :wow1:



I’m too invested now to not watch episode 15 on Wednesday but any other drama I wouldn’t have! But yes the angst and anxiety has been extreme  and I’m not gonna watch an ongoing drama for a long time for sure!

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2020] Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, 도도솔솔라라솔

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