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  1. I think the expectations are also high from people watching, we expect movement and pace in every episode but I guess we all forget it’s a slice of life drama. The movement in story lines will vary some weeks will be fast paced and others slow. but yeah hope ShinLee makes it less sad. It’s too sad now even the always happy Ujju was sad today even the camping scene seemed incomplete with no real convo between Ujju and SongHwa. And IkJuns last expression transitioning in seconds from deep longing (if only I could be with her) to teary eyed sadness (why can’t I be with her)
  2. Misleading it may be but I love how upbeat the preview is ♥️All the trailers before airing also have always been refreshing!
  3. While watching the latest episode I felt that IkJun arguing with the GPS seemed to be purposely shown rather than just IkJun being IkJun. Especially as it was followed by his Insta buddy coffee shop girl telling him he’s late today. I looked up if anyone has any theories but no one seemed to. So here’s my take. It depends on the assumption that IkJun and Song Hwa have a past history. IkJun and SongHwa have a clear clash of personalities, highlighted again by the car plastic scene. opposites attract? Maybe! SongHwa wore the same shoes for ten years! I know of some rare
  4. If the theory that Gyeouls dad is rich and domestic violence is also true. Gyeouls dad almost sounds like the Run On KDrama Dad. Even in that Im Siwan ans His sisters character turned out to be good despite their dad being a scum bag. Also their mom was an actress and a good person. In that series the father did not get along with his children’s gf or bf. If domestic violence is involved then Jeong Won is going to hate Gyeouls dad too. Yep then he’s finally gonna get angry, way more angry than he got over IkJuns prank.
  5. Hahaha lol @triplesung I also did imagine them sitting together. Will Jeong Won finally order a meal then? Also the number of times Gyeoul is eating in twos the two coffees two rameons I’m also leaning toward the theory of twins for them. But aren’t kids in season 2 too soon? Or will we have a time skip again? im going with the twins theory cause I think the three piglets X 2 dolls signify 3 sets of twins in Hosp Play. One being the interns and 2nd being Mone and Mane and third the Ahn babies. With so many twins around, what do twins signify?
  6. I think the person walking into meet Gyeoul and team is a celeb. Because later the two people sitting for a meal next to SongHwa team and IkJun seem like body guards/security people ?
  7. I read this view point on Twitter that Jeong Won didn’t have the crab meal nor the chicken with the other four. I think it’s kind of natural right as someone else comes into your life your time being split between them and your existing friends. In this scene time was spent on the phone. However I think this is a temporary phase. The people eating together may reduce initially as they find their better halves but after the intial honeymoon/dating phases I think it will be the better halves joining them at the table! So the table will get bigger by the end of the series and I wouldn’t rule out
  8. #TeamPotatoBoy . I hope Nabi realises she can be loved and be with a nice guy and doesn’t have to have a life like her mother.
  9. I hope after the mid season break we get a bidulgi patch up ♥️. Sad jun wan has gone on for too long now. I also have a feeling after the smoke break run away that IkJun did in Ep6 he will finally do something now seeing Jun Wan’s plight. Gyeoul will have to meet mama Rosa before the proposal as a matter of protocol especially since Jeong Won doesn’t know about their secret meet up. Will they ever come clean about it? My guess is it be one of the many secrets women have that keeps the world ticking and sets it right, hahaha. Moms know best, I guess? I think between all this
  10. One thing that will always stand out for me for Hospital Playlist is that it’s so so personal and yet so so generic for the audience. In the sense that you will always find some part of the episode that you will relate to the on a personal level. And yet some parts like today’s sound track is so applicable to everyone. It talks about hope and holding out and believing in yourself and that everything will be eventually okay. Irrespective of what everyone’s struggles are it’s pacifying to all. It’s like being an audience and yet a part of the story. I especially felt today’s soundtr
  11. it’s a non rude/offensive way of calling her out (knowing very well that she’s not the mother) and making her realise that she’s being prejudiced as she’s her daughter in law and not her daughter. Had the situation been reversed she wouldn’t blame her daughter. Also he reminded her that her daughter in law tried holding it out and she’s not to blame and as a mother she is as much pained with her child’s suffering. I don’t know why mother in laws are the focus suddenly lol. first the mother in law that Min Ha and Seok Hyung encountered, then Seok Hyung’s mother and now this
  12. For all the people like me who have found all the episodes too loaded with content this weeks episode gives some solace that ‘everything’s gonna be okay’ through the song! Seeing Iksun and Junwan so miserable we all needed to hear that. The camp site shot from far looks suspicious to me. I think instead of the much awaited Song Hwa- IkJun - Ujju weekend it’s possibly Jeong Won and Gyeoul who could have gone camping too! Jeong won has a different hobby for every season nah I think a Song Hwa Ujju meaningful scene where Ujju is not sleeping, sick or eating will be closer to t
  13. I think Easter eggs are a way of making the writing interactive and open for conversation. It’s fun for the writer as it is a way of connecting the writing world they have made for themselves to the real world. Also it’s a tactic to keep the audience engrossed and invested in the series. Overall I think it’s fun! I agree Some of it may be over analysing and misinterpretation by the audience but some of it does have a lot of effort going into it. I do think the effort pays off in the overall quality of the series.
  14. Thanks @__jesse both your posts are super. I also read that snow crabs are especially eaten on New Year’s Day. All local food is tied to climate and availability and what we consider detox and cleansing and other modern healthy diet buzz words is also built into our local diets. Snow crabs are eaten on New Year’s Day as they are available during that time but New Years is reset for the mind - a psychological trick to make us feel refreshed and believe in hope and new chances and opportunities. And snow crabs are known for their liver detox properties hence having snow crabs is a re
  15. Im just worried if Gyeoul herself was abused like the twin boys in the last season. It would be bad enough if her mother was subject to DV. But If she’s a victim directly she’s gonna be one of the most atypical female leads and it would make total sense of the fact that Shin Lee wanted to keep her away from the limelight in season 1 first half as mentioned in her audition initial reading videos. I mean revealing such a back story of an underrated character would be a different level of story writing. inability to express empathy, being numb about situations (blank face expressions)
  16. I think IkJun is gonna play Cupid for MinHa as he did for Gyeoul but where his sister is concerned he is too focused on her health and doesn’t want to intervene in her now dysfunctional relationship with Junwan. I think SongHwa will advise Junwan. Maybe not to mend his relationship directly but to take off some of the pressure and to support him through the suffering that he has been going through alone now for a year. She’s had a one on one very deep and frank convo with all of them except Junwan. I love her conversation with IkJun where he said that having coffee with h
  17. about Min Ha she’s really a fighter and knows her rights and duties. She has a backbone and she knows righteousness and women’s rights. She also has an innate quality of bouncing back from lows and very stressful times. Also she’s still an effortless and un-obvious charmer. She can make Seok Hyeong talk, answer questions and have a warm coffee voluntarily and without realising. She’s one of those people who can make things work. Moreover she can’t keep quiet she will express her happiness and discomfort both. so where Seok Hyungs mom is concerned I think the mom is learning her mistakes thanks
  18. About Seok Hyung Min Ha: I think SongHwa told Seok Hyung to speak anything with people he is close because that is a starting point for him to be expressive. One of the main reasons why his marriage did not work is that though he tried to work things out they were always methods that drove his wife away rather than closer- sending her to her parents house or sending her to study abroad. He not only avoided the situation he drew into his shell and refused to communicate. She wasn’t aware that he cared about her. She wouldn’t have been driven to so much paranoia/the stealing episode if she
  19. From my perspective, I think the hints towards marriage rather than a foreshadow are to show that they are already married in their heads where commitment is concerned and another person definitely can’t disrupt the loyalty and commitment they feel towards each other. Their bond is already that intense and deep and the next phases in their relationship will be similar to making a marriage work. Any screen time dedicated to their marriage after this is only fan service in real life and for their families in the series. I think giving up his lifelong goal of becoming a prie
  20. I hope they tell Junwan about Iksun sooner than later. Hiding from him while she is hospitalised would be very very immature.
  21. Hehe the way their hands are so tightly held back to themselves it seems like they are very keen not to be shipped in real life.
  22. For Gyeoul : I think it’s another job offer. I hope it’s not much else. For Song Hwa: it possibly means that she will be coming to Seoul less? I don’t think IkJun and JunWan will have a rift, the only thing Ikjun is gonna think about is his sisters health I’m sure. He will pull his leg and tease him later when his sister gets better. And IkSun and Junwan will be able to make up I’m sure and I think she will choose to stay back in Korea. if IkSun needs a transplant I wonder if IkJun will donate his liver. Was the other doctors siblings surgery that IkJun perfor
  23. I feel bad for IkJun. Song hwa wants a break, his sister is not well (impacting Junwan also) and something is going on with Gyeoul (impacting Jeung Won also) his entire support system is kind of crumbling. I love his confidence and the way he told Song Hwa in season 1 that he will fix her and in Season 2 to IkSun that he will fix her. So Him sitting alone and having coffee is whatever is wrong with Gyeoul I hope it’s nothing to do with having kids that would be absolutely cruel on part of ShinLee. I think I should stop watching the previews to keep my anxi
  24. @1ouise thank you for the info about the actor. also for MinHa and Seokhyung I think she fills up a void in his life that he’s not aware of himself. The amount he does for his patients and for his mother I think his life in some way like IkJun is full of responsibilities and as much music nourishes his soul there’s still a void that only a companion can fill. Bear represents Seokhyungs introvert personality as bears hibernate during winter but human beings irrespective of their personalities need a companion. Companionship and emotional support have nothing to do with him
  25. @leftphalange oh that’s great that ShinLee usually have a happy ending. Kdramas in general and hospital playlist in particular has been a happy place for many in the past 15 months ♥️ And thanks for answering the question about the series still being filmed. I haven’t seen Prison Playbook but I read comments saying that Looney did not have a happy ending and people were glad to see him happy in an alternate universe. Having said that though I’m not aware of Looney’s character I was happy to see the actor in HP as he had a very calming presence on screen and he addressed the
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