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[Drama 2019-2020] Black Dog, 블랙독


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Seo Hyun Jin, Ha Joon, And More Take On The College Admissions War In “Black Dog”

Dec 5, 2019
by S. Park



Viewers got a glimpse of the dynamic everyday lives of the leads in “Black Dog”!

On December 5, the upcoming tvN series about teachers and their efforts to help students through the admissions process released new stills of its cast.

In the photos, Go Ha Neul (played by Seo Hyun Jin), Park Sung Soon (played by Ra Mi Ran), Do Yeon Woo (played by Ha Joon), and Bae Myung Soo (played by Lee Chang Hoon) transform into ordinary teachers devoting all 24 hours of their day to their work.

Rookie teacher Go Ha Neul looks surprised as she talks on the phone and looks awkward at doing her job, making viewers look forward to her entry into the private high school. Department head Park Sung Soon will use her experience to come to her rescue. Do Yeon Woo looks at Go Ha Neul with a poker face and makes viewers wonder if Go Ha Neul will be successful as a faculty member.

In the stills, Go Ha Neul looks timid at her first admissions information session in a room full of passionate parents asking questions on behalf of their children who are seniors in high school. This department has a lot of power and competition inside of the school because it decides the school’s reputation and popularity depending on its students’ entrance rate into prestigious universities.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1369834wpp/seo-hyun-jin-ha-joon-and-more-take-on-the-college-admissions-war-in-black-dog



December 5 2019

Teaser trailer #3 & new still images for tvN drama series “Black Dog”


Teaser trailer #3 for tvN drama series “Black Dog” starring Seo Hyun-Jin & Ra Mi-Ran. Meanwhile, above and below are new still images from the drama series. The scene has Seo Hyun-Jin, Ra Mi-Ran, Ha-Joon and Lee Chang-Hoon, who are all high school teachers. They are on the same team that helps students get accepted to universities.

“Black Dog” first airs December 16, 2019 in South Korea.




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Teachers Seo Hyun-jin, Ra Mi-ran prep for school in new Black Dog teaser

by tccolb


Another video teaser has been released for tvN’s upcoming drama Black Dog featuring the main quartet of the drama: Seo Hyun-jin (Beauty Inside), Ra Mi-ran (Melting Me Softly), Ha Joon (Arthdal Chronicles), and Lee Chang-hoon (One Spring Night).

The drama takes place at a private high school, delving deeply into the world of teachers and highlighting the challenge of chasing dreams within a competitive field while also dealing with the reality that life can be harsh and unyielding. At the center of this story is Seo Hyun-jin, who plays a rookie teacher and temporary hire at the private high school. She joins the faculty team headed by veteran teacher Ra Mi-ran. Ra quickly becomes a much-needed support for Seo along with with fellow teachers Ha Joon and Lee Chang-hoon.


The new teaser is a preview of the first episodes and introduces the four main characters on Ra Mi-ran’s team. It starts with the group attending a college admissions seminar where Ra Mi-ran gives a talk about strategies and tips. The caption introduces her as “Park Sung-soon / Head of Faculty, Guidance Counseling.” Cut to a flustered Lee Chang-hoon who rants, “I’m going crazy. Who’s going to defend the guidance counseling team?” But he immediately softens when Seo hesitantly admits, “I…want to eat lunch with you” and he quickly agrees, “Oh, okay.” Text appears on the screen explaining that he is “Bae Myung-soo / Second-in-command, Guidance Counseling.” We then switch to Ha Joon who walks by Seo Hyun-jin teaching in her classroom and he gives a small smile. The scene is captioned with, “Do Yeon-woo / Third in rank, Guidance Counseling.” In voice-over, we hear him say, “It’s because I think that teachers should find joy in teaching students rather than spend time politicking.”

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/12/teachers-seo-hyun-jin-ra-mi-ran-prep-for-school-in-new-black-dog-teaser/



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Seo Hyun Jin Transforms Into A Determined Teacher With A Traumatic Past In “Black Dog”

Dec 10, 2019
by S. Park



Seo Hyun Jin gave viewers a glimpse at her character’s history in “Black Dog.”

This upcoming tvN drama is about Go Ha Neul (played by Seo Hyun Jin), who gets hired as a short-term teacher and struggles as she tries to keep her dreams alive despite the harsh reality of the classroom. Unlike other school dramas in the past, “Black Dog” will focus on telling the stories of teachers as they try to help students through the admissions process.

In the stills, Go Ha Neul revisits the site of a tragic accident, which marks the turning point in her life and the point from which another teacher named Kim Young Ha (played by Tae In Ho) starts to help her see a different world where tragedy exists. As Go Ha Neul stands and looks at something with tear-filled eyes, she gives viewers a glimpse at her pain. The second still shows Kim Young Ha trying to save students inside of a tunnel.



more https://www.soompi.com/article/1370539wpp/seo-hyun-jin-transforms-into-a-determined-teacher-with-a-traumatic-past-in-black-dog


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Watch: Seo Hyun Jin And Ra Mi Ran Define What It Means To Be A Real Teacher In “Black Dog”

Dec 13, 2019
by C. Hong



tvN’s upcoming drama “Black Dog” released a highlight video ahead of its premiere next week.

“Black Dog” stars Seo Hyun Jin as Go Ha Neul, a short-term teacher who struggles to keep her dreams alive in the harsh reality of the classroom. Unlike other dramas, “Black Dog” focuses on the hardships of teachers as they battle a flawed educational system and try to help their students through the university admissions process.

The highlight video begins with a reference to Go Ha Neul’s traumatic past. When she was in high school, she went on a trip that injured several students and killed one of her teachers. His family was unable to get compensation because he had only been a short-term teacher, meaning he was not a “real” teacher.

Go Ha Neul becomes a teacher with the goal of finding out what a “real” teacher means. She is hired on a short-term basis at a school, but soon encounters prejudice against “short-term” teachers, being told again and again that she isn’t a “real” teacher. Her inexperience is thrown in her face repeatedly, with other teachers scolding her for not knowing how things are done.

Ra Mi Ran plays Park Sung Soon, the department head of the admissions department, who isn’t afraid to speak her mind to other teachers. She has a different definition of what “real” teacher means, saying that teachers who give up on their students don’t deserve to be called teachers. Ha Joon plays one of Go Ha Neul’s fellow teachers, Do Yeon Woo, who seems to have given up on fixing the educational system and coldly tells Go Ha Neul that the school is a different place from when she was a student.




more https://www.soompi.com/article/1371373wpp/watch-seo-hyun-jin-and-ra-mi-ran-define-what-it-means-to-be-a-real-teacher-in-black-dog

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“Black Dog” Cast Shares Key Points To Look Forward To Ahead Of Premiere

Dec 15, 2019
by P. Lee




The characters of tvN’s “Black Dog” will soon begin their growth through their search for justice.

Ahead of the premiere, Seo Hyun Jin, Ra Mi Ran, Ha Joon, and Lee Chang Hoon featured in new photos and revealed key points to look forward to in “Black Dog.”

“Black Dog” is about Go Ha Neul (Seo Hyun Jin), a short-term teacher who struggles to keep her dreams alive. The drama looks through the eyes of a short-term teacher who experiences the bitter reality and struggles of the job and portrays the world of educators. Viewers will be able to relate and laugh as they watch ordinary teachers agonize and grow.



The actors, who realistically portray the ordinary teachers, are what makes “Black Dog” stand out. Seo Hyun Jin played relatable characters that touched viewers’ hearts in the past. In “Black Dog,” Seo Hyun Jin will play Go Ha Neul, a short-term teacher at a private high school. Seo Hyun Jin shared, “It’s a unique project. I liked it because it was a type of drama I have never done before. I discovered the various aspects of teachers who are fiercely agonizing for the students and have a sense of responsibility. Viewers can look forward to not only seeing what goes on in schools that they didn’t know as students, but also seeing from the different teachers’ points of view as they face the structural issues.” She added, “It is a project of high quality. I hope the viewers will compliment the drama. If you are curious about what happens in the classroom, then don’t miss the premiere of ‘Black Dog.'”


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1371629wpp/black-dog-cast-shares-key-points-to-look-forward-to-ahead-of-premiere

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