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  1. Haneuls students They did post drama interview together too. They're in the same agency [단독] #이은샘 #정택현 '#블랙독'으로 진짜 선생님 만난 것 같아요 [SS인터뷰] http://m.sportsseoul.com/news/read/883767
  2. In the special episode, jinkyung mentioned about her past acting as hsk wife Rdtk 1 and 2 mash up Some fans seem want season 3 so they can see completed doldam fam "finally last episode script"
  3. Lee changhoon interview trans below One article also mentioned seo hyunjin because there's rdtk2 scene showing seojung called Kim sabu. Although we can't hear her voice
  4. they were in same drama before Time flies
  5. Hot topic I've seen her on trending topic even since the first episode. There's a lot articles already talking bout her rising popularity
  6. ^^ Op met her and bd staffs? https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/014/0004359002 ‘블랙독’ 서현진 ‘심쿵’ 눈맞춤부터 ‘케미요정’ 등극 라미란까지 Heart fluttering gaze(?)
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