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  1. heize and punch ost topped the chart (before it was taeyeon ost, dylb ost which topped the chart) https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/312/0000458607 And you can read knetz reactions of aired episode in this blog too
  2. I found gif source that I mentioned back then haha And all their videos (accumulated) got 10million views for real? https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/382/0000857326
  3. @gracebkk I think they cut the scene I quote above too because I saw a glimpse of joonyoung playing piano for that talk concert in previous preview. Looking at some unreleased scenes, no wonder they started Blu-ray survey this soon (after 2nd week of broadcast)? Taeyeon ost kiss me reached #1 in music chart it seemed from this article https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/241/0003053382 And also spoiler pic from namoo(?) or it's just me who haven't seen songah with that red clothes Some sbs posts of our trio piano performer
  4. Awww y'all so sweet Minjae cover for punch ost album cover ^^ they're labelmate And are we gonna see minjae plays piano by himself for taeyeon ost? Dylb osts and videos often got trending. Next release maybe.. 10cm turn Anyway I really like their emotional acting, name it from our otp or others ㅠㅠ to me they nailed it..
  5. New fmv Looking at new still cut of joonyoung, I think we will get new flashback of him also more from highlight/ 1st episode teaser New ost
  6. OMG THEY STARTED BLURAY SURVEY ALREADY! Now I imagine those cut scenes and their unreleased behind the scenes ㅠㅠ Hopefully they reach the target so we can see more updates from them even after drama ends.
  7. Thank y'all for your thoughts ^^ It's nice to see various responses of this drama I saw one of parallel scene(?) gif about red and green traffic light, maybe @Jillia knows? Hihihi when joonyoung received jungkyung message after he had dinner together with songah, he faced red light. But when he met songah the next day after philharmonic concert, the light turned green (?) such a good detail Our otp journey in 4 episodes (fanmade) For behind the scene engsubbed, you can go to blukimchi and forurfeels ig ^^ www.instagram.com/tv/CE-TZ4HA3p6/?igshid
  8. My pleasure ^^ Thank you for still managing his thread. I appreciate your efforts! The drama just suits my mood also my preference. I like the cast on and off screen interactions too so it says much? (I share their subbed videos by fans that I found on twitter in drama thread) Hehe Yup! The day is coming
  9. Woa thank you for this info haha eagle eyes indeed New sub video from fan I like their interactions ^^
  10. Welcoming Hopefully intl fans also can gather and make a project someday ^^ Upcoming show She's really working hard these days ㅠㅠ But still her smile hehe.. Here's cut of her ig live yesterday
  11. Thank you @mademoisellesia for reminding me. Ive known the rule because moderator told me bout it in the past but guess I made a mistake again accidentally, I'm sorry..
  12. @Jillia yes yes, I saw teasers and first script reading has been subbed tho. I wonder if they don't accept fansub anymore because there is fan who uploaded her subtitle file but didn't accepted by them.. Yoon Chan-young cameo, the actor acted in writer-pd combo before, everything and nothing
  13. Dylb trending on twitter because of Chen ost hehe Kocowa upload some scenes also in engsub Minho support truck for sungcheol And I just realized the name of this thread. Cmiiw but if I'm not mistaken, dylb airing time back to 10.00 p.m? As same as before rdtk2
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