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[Drama 2019-2020] Black Dog, 블랙독


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I just finished the last episode, and I couldn’t ask for anything else. Everything was finished beautifully.


First of all I want to take back my comment before that ep11&12 should have been the final eps. Lol!!! Eps15&16 showed us that it’s not always having good and bright students. 

The writers are just awesome. PSS going away I think is the best way for them to be more independent and believe more on themselves. 

For me, the most memorable moment of the final ep was when HN saw her previous colleague on her new school. That was just so heartwarming to watch.


This is an extraordinary drama, not just because SHJ is in it, LOL, but also, it’s was a different kind of love story. A love for her work, her colleagues and the passion was undeniable. It’s really very seldom that I cried over a drama, and this is one of them. 


Lastly, thank you to all who contributed their time for this thread. See you all next time!!!

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Yes it was a good choice to adress the Icarus Club again and not end on that not in episode 11/12.

We got a lot in the last few episodes and they found a beautiful ending. 

The stuff with the the former principal who we get to know more as a person. The slump that Mr Do goes through. Mrs Parks journey and a little closer look into her family. The conclusion with the widow. I love that they stayed in contact but there was still a sense of moving on (for both actually). 

I think we could all sense that Mr Bae would be great at that position even if he didnt want it. Or maybe exactly because he didnt want it.

The drama was a lot about growth but you are right it is also a different kind of love story.


One of the best written dramas in the last year. An interesting side note how they went from showing a single work day in episode 2 to a time frame of multiple years in the last episode. I think this is one of the very very few dramas where a time skip at the end works.


It was a fun read and discussion here. I count to see you all for the next shj drama at very latest. Are they any news for that one?

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Black Dog: Episode 16 (Final)

by selena


More obstacles await our College Advisory crew, and our leader does her best to protect them before she leaves. As always, our team works hard for the students, fighting for their vision until the very end.




One Sunday morning, Haneul wakes up feeling nervous and unsettled. She shatters a glass cup and gets an ominous feeling when she receives a message. It’s Young-sook, who texts Haneul (saved as “My Daughter”) from a rest stop to explain that she’s leaving and didn’t say anything earlier so that Haneul couldn’t stop her from going.

Haneul runs to the restaurant, and reality sets in as she takes in the emptiness of the shop. The rest of Young-sook’s message was, “You don’t have to feel guilty anymore. You did all you could for 13 years,” telling Haneul to take care of herself and promising to get in touch with her soon.




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Black Dog stays at #5:

The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz this past week are as follows:

1. tvN’s “Crash Landing on You” — 30.74 percent
2. SBS’s “Stove League” — 16.88 percent
3. JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” — 14.7 percent
4. SBS’s “Dr. Romantic 2” — 11.04 percent
5. tvN’s “Black Dog” — 4.09 percent
6. TV CHOSUN’s “Queen: Love and War” — 2.65 percent
7. JTBC’s “War of Prosecutors” — 2.07 percent
8. KBS2’s “Forest” — 2.03 percent
9. OCN’s “Tell Me What You Saw” — 1.78 percent
10. KBS2’s “Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life” — 1.67 percent

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So it's been a long while since my post:sweatingbullets:, I could'nt continue the drama halfway due to some RL commitments.

Anyhow I managed to finish the episodes over the weekend and I just had to log back in again to express my gratitude to the Black Dog team for such a great drama - yes like what some chingus had mentioned 'extraordinary' 'well written'.. and so now we know the writernim is a teacher too!:thumbsup:

I Really like how she did the ending scene, so it is like a parallel that brings us back to the first time she conducts a class:






Yes ... the scene when Sung Soon finally appears and our pretty Haneul was tearing up.


(I did get goosebumps cause 'time jump' usually applies to OTP :w00t:)  I find it is really rare for such a strong wo-mance presence in kdrama? Like some I had expected some romance like most dramas. Nevertheless for me it is cute to see the writer keep teasing us with HN x YW's relationship even right till the end lol... though I have to admit that this drama doesnt need romance to score points!: 





Quote from review:


"What makes this drama quite an exciting watch is its impressive cast who showcase the charms of the respective characters that they are portraying.

Seo Hyun Jin beautifully expresses the emotions that Ko Ha Neul goes through. As she plays the teacher with a soft heart and kind words, it only makes the viewers wish that all the teachers are like her.

Ra Mi Ran always impresses regardless of what role she takes. As Park Sung Soon, she is a dynamic teacher who has a tough exterior but is actually soft on the inside.

Also, both the female leads have a great chemistry as mentor-mentee. While both have contrasting personalities, their interests for the school and the students remain the same.

The remaining members of the College Advisory Group, Do Yeon Woo and Bae Myung Soo (Lee Chang Hoon) completes the team making it perfect.

The supporting cast too are memorable as they deliver great acting performances. There was no dull moment throughout the drama because of the excellent cast along with a well-written plot."


"There are numerous school dramas that focus on the life of the students. Black Dog is one of the rare ones that shows the behind-the-scene process of a school administration which involves multiple activities other than teaching.

A few things to rave about this series include deflecting from the usual high school story narrative. It does not have bullying and there is an absence of purely evil character be it a student or teacher.

Unlike the usual plot, the teachers in the series do empathize with the students. This is a perfect drama for anyone who wishes to see a normal school story. It does not over-emphasize on the bad sides of a school-life.

Black Dog is a heartening drama that teaches several lessons about life. It shows that sometimes life throws difficult challenges with very little hope. But it is about being patient and consistently trying your best until the end."


Oh and it is my first time seeing the actor Lee Chang Hoon here. I thought he is really natural in his acting and I find myself enjoying all his scenes with SHJ  really nice to see how his character Bae Myung Soo and Haneul get to be become so comfortable with each other :

Ep 15



:DAnd also reading those reviews and comments by Dramabeans which are so well written makes me want to find time to rewatch the drama :)


Thanks to all chingus for your sharing here, will backread:P your comments. 

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