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[Drama 2019] The Joseon Romantic Comedy: Tale of Nok-Du, 조선로코: 녹두전

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7 hours ago, angrytomato said:

* I'm not an expert about historic kdramas, but it's hard for me to remember any neck accessories for girls in Joseon era, even during winter.

I'm not expert either, I didn't get to watch many sageuk dramas because  many or most of their plots are heavy, complicated or tragic.

Most sageuk dramas I watch have romance and comedies in it, these type of sageuk dramas I prefer watching. 

It's one of reasons why Tale Of NokDu is on my list of dramas that I'm going to watch.


Speaking of neck accessories, I haven't noticed either. What I mostly noticed are women wearing hats with veils, outerwear or robes to cover their faces and also head gears for women to cover their head and neck. It also depends upon their social status of what type of accessories or clothing they should wear.


7 hours ago, angrytomato said:

I guess they just pretend it doesn't exist; like his broad shoulders, his lack of hips and his falsetto voice.


About the tall woman in the right, it is said that her character has low pitched voice and stronger than men.

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Kim So Hyun Is Caught In Love Triangle Between Jang Dong Yoon And Kang Tae Oh In New Rom-Com âTale Of Nok-Duâ


Kim So Hyun Is Caught In Love Triangle Between Jang Dong Yoon And Kang Tae Oh In New Rom-Com “Tale Of Nok-Du”

KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Tale of Nok-Du” has unveiled an intriguing glimpse of the love triangle between its three leads!

Based on the webtoon of the same name, “Tale of Nok-Du” is a historical romantic comedy about a man named Jeon Nok Du (played by Jang Dong Yoon), who ends up disguising himself as a woman in order to enter a mysterious all-female community. There, he meets Dong Dong Joo (played by Kim So Hyun), a gisaeng-in-training who wants to be anything but a gisaeng (female courtesan).

On September 27, the drama hinted at its core love triangle by releasing stills of a tense moment between Jeon Nok Du, Dong Dong Joo, and Cha Yul Mu (played by Kang Tae Oh). Jeon Nok Du, who becomes something resembling Dong Dong Joo’s adoptive mother during his time in disguise, holds out a hand and waits expectantly for Dong Dong Joo to take it.

However, as strong as her bond is with Jeon Nok Du, Dong Dong Joo also shares a deep connection with Cha Yul Mu, a talented cook whom she has known since childhood. Cha Yul Mu smiles brightly at Dong Dong Joo as he similarly offers her his hand, putting the character in a difficult position as she stares up at the two men with a look of confusion.


The producers of “Tale of Nok-Du” remarked, “The love triangle between Nok Du, Dong Joo, and Yul Mu is as remarkable as the three characters themselves. The secret of Nok Du, who is both a man in disguise as a woman and Dong Joo’s ‘adoptive mother’ will affect the relationships between the three characters in unpredictable ways.”

They added, “Please look forward to our clever and refreshing Joseon-era romantic comedy, which will be perfected by the heart-fluttering chemistry between our young actors.”

“Tale of Nok-Du” premieres on September 30 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available with English subtitles on Viki.




There is a v live of Kim Sohyun todat at 17.30 (Korean time )



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SEVENTEENâs Woozi, NCTâs Doyoung And Mark, Gummy, And More To Sing For âTale Of Nok-Duâ OST


SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, NCT’s Doyoung And Mark, Gummy, And More To Sing For “Tale Of Nok-Du” OST

Tale of Nok-Du” has announced its first OST lineup!

On September 27, the upcoming KBS drama revealed that SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, NCT’s Doyoung and Mark, Gummy, Huh Gak, and Younha will be singing for the soundtrack.

Based on a webtoon of the same name, “Tale of Nok-Du” is a historical rom-com about a man named Jeon Nok Du (Jang Dong Yoon), who disguises himself as a woman to enter a mysterious all-female community. There, he meets Dong Dong Joo (Kim So Hyun), a gisaeng-in-training who is actually not very interested in becoming a gisaeng (a female courtesan).

The drama is set to premiere on September 30 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki.




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@lu09 ....HAHAHA... JDY said he's being complimented only when he's disguised as a woman but not as a man^^..


I wonder that too.. if he's gonna be female or male during the conference. It would be so fun if he dresses up as a female tho. Or maybe dressed as a male but with hair of a female.. he he ..

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@lightbringer06then what would it make if our Dong Joo falls for her foster mother? :D

@uglypearlif they are willing to do everything for each other sake, I hope it won’t include noble idiocy. Please make them go all the way to protect their love instead of trying to make the sacrifices. Because there is bad blood between the king and Dong Joo family, I just hope it won’t be like Ruler, my other traumatic sageuk experience :sweatingbullets:

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On 9/24/2019 at 4:54 PM, Ly Khánh said:

Yes I understand Dong Joo background as her family was wrongly accused of being rebels but about the kid at the beginning of teaser 5, it’s not Dong Joo but the King own child aka Nokdu. He was abandoned or even ordered to be killed by his own father like in the teaser but was saved by that royal guard. Here is the link to the production ceo interview which mentioned that Nokdu was the child abandoned by king gwang hae https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/108/0002802364


Is he the prince??!!! What!!!!


Flower Posters for the Flower Boy (and Girl) of The Tale of Nokdu

Korean drama The Tale of Nokdu poster
Korean drama The Tale of Nokdu poster

The gorgeous photos don’t stop coming of Jang Dong-yoon dressed as a woman in The Tale of Nokdu. This poster is decidedly less female looking than the first poster they released (which looked so much like a woman that I was googling who that woman was only to find out that it was a man, omg). I love how he still looks more like himself in this photo while still looking like he is leaning into his female spirit.


It is amazing that the posters have him looking like a woman, because in the teaser he definitely looks like a man pretending to be a woman. He has his 9 o’clock shadow rocking, his wide chest, and his gruff gait and mannerism. Though, I have only seen one teaser, the other teasers released might have him a lot more polished.


The Tale of Nokdu is a drama that we are not sure if we will recap or not, it all depends on what shows are dropping on Mondays and Tuesdays (and there is a lot about to drop). But it is a show that I am interested in watching to see just how he gets to this village and what circumstances lead him there to stay. Plus, he has to reveal that he is a man at some point!


The Tale of Nokdu will premier September 30th, Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS at 22:00 KST.

Kdrama The Tale of Nokdu Flower Poster
Korean drama The Tale of Noku poster
Korean drama The Tale of Nokdu Poster

Korean drama The Tale of Nokdu Poster (this is the poster I was talking about!)


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New teaser and stills for KBS Tale of Nokdu with Kim So-hyun, Jang Dong-yoon, Kang Tae-oh

In the run-up to the premiere of KBS’s latest sageuk rom-com Tale of Nokdu, we’re getting a slew of new promos including a new poster, stills, and a video teaser of next week’s premiering episode.

The drama is based on a well-loved webtoon by the same name and takes place in a mysterious widows’ village where the titular character takes refuge, Jeon Nokdu played by Jang Dong-yoon (Dance Sports Girls). Due to his circumstances, he puts on the guise of a woman in order to stay hidden in the village. But, as it turns out, he isn’t the only one there with a secret. Namely Dong Dong-joo, played by Kim So-hyun (Love Alarm), a short-haired gisaeng-in-training who doesn’t want to become a gisaeng.


Of course, complicating their romance is Kang Tae-oh (My First First Love) who is also vying for Dong-joo’s affections. Described as a Joseon chef who knew Dong-joo from childhood, his character of Cha Yul-moo is one of a few new characters that were created for the drama’s adaptation of the webtoon.


In the newly released stills, we get a glimpse of the love triangle to come with both Jang Dong-yoon and Kang Tae-oh offering their hands to Kim So-hyun. Standing in-between them and their horses, Kim is left to decide if or who she wants to ride with. (Maybe one day we’ll see a drama where the girl rides by herself and the two boys ride together?)

Although most of the promo material features the main cast, we finally get to see some of the supporting actors in the new teaser which includes Lee Moon-shik (The Fiery Priest) and Yoon Yoo-sun (Abyss)


The teaser starts with Jang Dong-yoon explaining to a young girl that there’s something he has to do outside of the island that they live on. As the background music becomes louder and more dire, we cut to a wide shot of Jang standing with the girl and Lee Moon-shik on the left side of the screen. From the right, a woman runs in screaming: “Nokdu! There’s an emergency at your house!” The scene quickly changes to Jang Dong-yoon fighting off a group of uniformed men and we see one of them injured and running away. After the fight, Lee Moon-shik fervently whispers to Jang that they should work together to find them. There is a quick intercut of a man following another man through a forest at night before returning to Jang Dong-yoon who is stunned to arrive at a brightly colored village. As he asks why there are only women here, the camera pans around to show the women panicking that there is a man in the village. One woman taps Jang on the shoulder from behind, smiling at him, and he screams as she throws him out.

The music changes to a lighter and twinkly tune and we cut to Jang Dong-yoon disguising himself as a woman. In his new appearance, he approaches Yoon Yoo-sun and desperately asks if she can help him by letting him stay at her gibang (gisaeng house). Cut to a close-up of Yoon as she replies, slightly appalled, “Sorry, what?” The scene quickly transitions to Kim So-hyun who enters through a doorway and is shocked to discover Jang Dong-yoon inside one of the gibang rooms. She pushes Jang away from something and yells casually (in banmal), “What are you doing?” before switching to honorifics as she asks “Why are you in this room?” Hurt and dishevelled, Jang Dong-yoon replies that the head gisaeng (Yoon Yoo-sun) gave him permission to stay in this room. As the two actors glare at each other, the teaser ends with their joint voice-over: “Joseon rom-com Tale of Nokdu premiering September 30.”

Upcoming drama Tale of Nokdu will be airing in just a few days on September 30, and broadcasts Mondays and Tuesdays on KBS.



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