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  1. Yes, it will be very disappointing if this drama never airs since it is a high quality production all around as it was produced and directed by the same people who did Ten Miles Peach Blossom. Add in FL Yang Zi plus a very promising script, and this drama just looked soo good. We will have to wait and see what happens with Kris Wu scandal investigation to find out if there is a chance of this drama ever airing, but for sure it's going to be a while.
  2. @J13 Yes, I don't know why they have to cut the romance scenes either. Hopefully that will change in the future because for sure most viewers really like them. Yes, this drama was one of my favorites for 2021. I agree with you-hopefully, we will see 4 leads in more dramas. It is good to see the drama getting the recognition it deserves and being carried by more streaming sites, including Youtube. I plan to rewatch the drama at Viki.
  3. The production company could get a new leading man and reshoot the scenes, but the cost would be sky high. It's rarely done for lead roles. The only time I've seen production company re-shoot a drama was with Fan Bing Bing's drama. The ML in that drama was accused of sexual assault in Australia and was arrested and then tried for rape in Australia. I believe that almost all of the shooting had finished when he was arrested. The drama was a huge budget drama-millions of dollars. The production company was facing too big a loss if the drama didn't air so they hired another actor to play male le
  4. I don't think we will see this drama air anytime soon now that the male lead has been accused of sexual assault. http://koalasplayground.com/2021/07/18/c-star-wu-yi-fan-accused-by-19-year-of-influencer-of-sexual-assault-and-rape-additionally-claims-he-repeats-the-same-with-young-fans-he-picks-up-at-fan-meetings/ It's very disappointing that this drama may never air as the trailer looked so good. However, if these allegations are true, then Kris Wu belongs in jail.
  5. The drama premiered on July 12, 2021. This drama is being subbed at several streaming sites under the title "Lover Or Stranger". Drama is region restricted so you will have to go to the sites to see if it is available in your country. (all links working USA) IQIYI: https://www.iq.com/play/lover-or-stranger-2-2ahozg6otxs?frmrp=home&frmb=R:38524109312&frmrs=3 YOUHUG Media Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDuzvnRIfxZqG1qCw3Q52VyRPbBWJCeae WeTV: https://wetv.vip/play/9ob9kpbvnzssxle/ Viki: https://www.viki.com/tv/37943c-lover-or-s
  6. Victoria Song's new drama "Lover Or Stranger" is being subbed in English at multiple streaming sites. Drama is region restricted so you will have to go to the sites to see if it is available in your country. (all links working USA) IQIYI: https://www.iq.com/play/lover-or-stranger-2-2ahozg6otxs?frmrp=home&frmb=R:38524109312&frmrs=3 YOUHUG Media Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDuzvnRIfxZqG1qCw3Q52VyRPbBWJCeae Viki (multiple languages): https://www.viki.com/tv/37943c-lover-or-stranger
  7. This drama is being subbed at Youku Youtube Channel. Multiple languages, including English, available. Click on Settings icon, select Subtitles, and select your language. Then Click on CC icon to activate subs. Drama is region restricted so you will need to go to the site to see if it is available in your country. (All links working USA) Youku Youtube Channel Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLATwx1z00HseAoW7iJL141nbbi6KmxHEq Drama is also available with English subtitles at Youku English Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIPiKkS-Fp
  8. This drama is being subbed in English at IQIYI. https://www.iq.com/play/unforgettable-love-12kpm3as689?frmrp=search&frmb=list&frmrs=title
  9. KUKAN Drama Youtube Channel posted some Extended Scenes Clips that include footage not shown in the Final Cut of the drama. The extended Ep 12 clip was hot! (all links working USA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=liO6KuZ4mI0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVrLHFafryc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YiVbd6Mi9dE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJKiYNoZ-NM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPuof3O0s90 EDIT: KUKAN added the Deleted Kiss Scene from the trailer-with subtitles. Whew! I think my computer screen melted from the hot
  10. This drama has been liscensed by several streaming sites, and is currently being subbed in English. The drama is region resstricted so you will need to go to the sites to see if it is available in your country. WeTV: https://wetv.vip/play/fte4uy4jar3n8gt/u003920yz6v Tencent Video Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMX26aiIvX5p3GOHd4QxnJMo8GP-YRyTJ KUKAN Drama Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEXBGg5OB0B8Sl_Gzef3F8MzK2IBCmPmk Still hoping that Viki can get the liscense eventually.
  11. Thoughts on Ep. 15-16: Lots of action scenes and twists and turns. Finally, a happy ending for the OTP! Final Thoughts on the drama: What a great drama! Plot was interesting, good mix of action, suspense, and romance. We got 2 cute couples, each with an interesting love story, and some nice kiss scenes! The 16 episode length was great- fast pacing, minimal filler. I hope other Chinese dramas will take note that less really is more! Acting by the whole cast was pretty well done. Overall, a good drama to watch if you are in the mood for romantic suspense drama or loo
  12. I have watched Ep 1-2: First, thanks to everyone here for their postings thoughts, comments, info, gifs, etc. on this drama. Based on the synopsis I read, I thought this was going to be more of a story of 2 people who rushed into things not looking for any strings but then found their feelings engaged in spite of themselves, but it's not quite playing out that way so far in my opinion. FL seems to want a new relationship/strings despite just coming off a bad breakup, instead of just some fun times/one night stand type of thing. So she is wary of ML who seems to be looking for thos
  13. Thanks for the information. I have not seen the drama at another streaming service, but perhaps it will be coming later. It is still very sad if Viki lost the liscense because they do such a good job with the translations. Hopefully, Viki will be able to get the liscense again.
  14. Viki took down the Tears In Heaven drama page. I am so upset! After all these years of waiting-no subs! Does anyone know why this drama suddenly disappeared from Viki?
  15. This drama is available with subtitles at several streaming sites. Drama is region restricted so you will have to go to the sites to see if it is available in your country. (All links working USA) YoYo English Youtube Channel Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTB73Ibi_X3Fz3JmiugCKop7yOguCOPEq Viki: https://www.viki.com/tv/37496c-truth-or-dare YoYo Television Series Exclusive Youtube Channel Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvpAVnYN4lb2MbqpvSyNYunlIgpu92Oa9 [Click on Settings Icon, Click on Subtitles, then Select Your Language]
  16. I really like Jiang Hao character too! He is so sweet! (And handsome, too) I would definitely be falling for him, lol! The actor who plays Jiang Hao character, Wu Hao Ze, is doing a great job. I first noticed Wu Hao Ze in the 2020 rom com "Girlfriend" where he played the second maile lead and I liked his performance there too. I hope he will get a lead role soon.
  17. Thoughts on Ep. 14: Another person from the past has arrived: Toli, who was just a kid who had a crush on RNC 5 years ago. However, there's something rather mysterious about him. Could he be the new "Big Boss" or perhaps just working for him? Biggest surprise this episode: Jiang Hao is actually married to Sister Li- Xing Xing biological mother! He told Fei Fei they registered the marriage so that he could have full custody of Xing Xing and take care of her (I guess so she wouldn't be taken into foster care) But if Sister Li had a nervous breakdown, would she understand what was g
  18. Yeah, I hate it too when they cut kiss scenes! For sure that is a big reason I watch the drama,LOL! After all it's a romantic suspense drama, so do not skimp on the romantic, Drama Producers. There is a later scene in Ep. 13 where LT says to RNC that he is afraid she will dump him, and for that later scene she says "You are handsome and nice, why would I dump you?" So at least there we see her acknowledge his inner qualities. Too bad the writers couldn't have included something similar in the earlier scene. That earlier scene really made RNC seem shallow and stupid.
  19. Hi @J13 To answer your question, yes, they did cut that kiss scene from the drama. Whyy?! Too bad, but at least they kept it in the trailer. I agree with you this drama is surprisingly good. It's too bad that it didn't get picked up by the major streaming services as I'm sure it would have gotten a lot more views. Thanks be to God that PP took on the project so we can all enjoy this little gem. And yes, ML is very handsome! Have watched Ep. 13 with subs: More sweet OTP moments and Jiang Hao finally confesses to Fei Fei! I was a bit disappointed in Ruan Nian Chu
  20. Thoughts on Ep 12: This episode felt more like filler, but I enjoyed it anyway as we got to have several sweet scenes between our OTP, and even a bed scene. Just 4 more episodes left.
  21. I have watched Ep 11 with subs: Whew! This episode was action packed! Glad that Li Teng finally confided in Ruan Nian Chu and told her everything about the coin, mission, and his feelings. Now they are working together, but first they must survive and get treatment for Li Teng injury. It was really nice to see RNC be able to fight against the bad guys too and use her self defense training. I enjoyed this episode where we got both action and romance as LT declared his love and our OTP shared a sweet kiss. Can't wait for the next episode!
  22. Thoughts on Ep 10: A few things revealed this episode as we get back to the "suspense" part of the drama, and what a cliffhanger ending! So, Li Teng and Ruan Nian Chu do their own version of the famous pottery scene from the movie "Ghost" this episode- I tell you, that movie has a lot to answer for spawning all those cheesy copycat scenes. Actually, the version in this drama wasn't too bad, so I commend the director for at least doing a little bit different with camera angles and positioning of the hands. Finally got some forward momentum for the Jiang Hao and Qiao Fei
  23. I have watched Ep. 9 with subs. So nice to see Sky Li here as Director Chen. He doesn't disappoint! The scene of the bus ride to the border town theater festival so funny! RNC co-workers commentary is the audience, ha! Li Teng petty jealousy is fun to watch, lol! So heartbreaking to see how RNC was still grieving and depressed about Lee for all those years. No wonder she felt betrayed when she found out about the coin. The Jiang Hao/ Qiao Yu Fei romance is still stalling/running in place. Hope that we will see some forward movement in that relationship next episode. Have to ad
  24. I wanted to love this drama, I really did. I've been waiting for it ever since it was announced 3 years ago, and was so excited to see that it was finally going to air. But...nothing seems to be happening in the drama. The episodes are kind of boring. Hardly any interactions between the main leads. How am I supposed to root for them and their romance if nothing is going on? No real conversations, minimal interactions together. Characterization rather bland. Frankly, it felt like GY connected more with HJ manager this Ep. 6 than with HJ. It hasn't been a total failure, there have been f
  25. Watching this drama on Netflix. Jasper and Shen Yue are just too cute together! So far I'm liking the drama. It's a light rom com fluff.
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