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[Drama 2019] Let me hear your song, 너의 노래를 들려줘


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I recognized Bach's organ music in the car scene where KI and Yiyoung were together. It is a fugue.








a contrapuntal composition in which a short melody or phrase (the subject) is introduced by one part and successively taken up by others and developed by interweaving the parts
PS, contrapunt is a complex harmony, where there are many themes together. It is a feature of Baroque music. Bach was an organist besides being a composer. Many of his works are for the church and organ


Maestro Nam was helping them escape. Did KI loved YY?? He wanted to confess sth

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So ok....it looks as though NJW started off as a good guy, he DID go there to save KI and HYY.  To help them escape before Bucket hat and the evil Professor came.  Looks like Bucket Hat was hired to do the dirty deed,but since they escaped, the Prof ran him down with the car?  Not sure what the motive was yet, though....it’s all in that microphone pen.


So I guess we won’t find out till the final episode what the motive was....but it obviously has something to do with the Shinyoung Corp.  Looks like NJW really connected with the bad guys, and he’s screwed.  Sad, considering he had attained his dream of becoming a conductor!  As for Director Yoon, why was SHE misusing funds?  I’m confused about her and her role in all of this. Or is that a hole in the story?


And....I bet HYY was crushing on Do Hoon all along, but she lost that memory, too.  That’s why KI said he’d help her all he could....even though his heart was breaking! Getting down to the last week, finally.  I was enjoying some parts, but it was getting tiresome watching Bucket Hat tormenting everyone, as well as how the story dragged along.  Maybe they could have done a 24 episode show on this story, it would have been tighter.

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Sorry chingus that can't do live recap on Tuesday coz got function on that night.. 


So watched sub d.. Looks like the whole thing will only reveal on ep31 :sweatingbullets:  So we got few things already confirm. 


- NJW really wanna save them both from warehouse. 

- HYY accidentally mis-stabbed Ian, not because of self defence or what.... 

- Prof Kang's car was trying to hit Ian and HYY.. (I put car 1st coz still we cant see who is the driver inside that car) 

- Creepy hat guy dead is because of NJW.. although NJW is not the murderer :tears:

- The assistant Yang witness and recorded down the whole scene on rooftop part.. and give this evidence to JDH, 

- NJW got the ball pen and bag with some documents inside the bag

- HYY got the present which is a CD from Creepy hat guy. 

- JDH's father actually also wanna find out the truth of Ian's dead.. (so consider he is a good father) 


Questions :

- Is the ball pen is the most important evidence that this mystery case?

- What about the CD that creepy guy left it? Izzit just a normal music CD or there is something else inside there?

- The documents that NJW take out from creepy hat guy bag, there is a date on it.. another evidences for SY group?

- So Ian and HYY is not dating because HYY like someone else.. So is JDH? 

- When HYY ask JDH "Do you remember me?" at first beginning answer is Yes but after that is NO.. then his face turn mystery expression.. So does he remember HYY was attended his class when he TA? 

- JDH's photo was inside HYY diary and was keep it by HYY cousin.. How long HYY cousin keep this diary? If she saw JDH's photo earlier on why she cant recognise JDH when they first meet at hospital? Shorten memory? Family gene?? 

- So what will JDH will do with the video clip that assistance Yang give it? 


So next week is the D-day.. please fast forward to Monday~~


Here is the music cover that HYY got it from creepy guy 



KBS Drama IG release IWHYS's behind scene photos. 


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21 hours ago, Heidi Seow said:

So next week is the D-day.. please fast forward to Monday~~


I don't know what to think any more.  I'm just ready for the final episode to arrive, and I hope it gets everything sorted out in a satisfactory manner.

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4 hours ago, Heidi Seow said:

Behind the scene 



This reminded me of the beautiful "co-star" that no one has yet mentioned:  the Eames chair that NJW uses at his desk.



I'm also rather taken by the busy wallpaper in HYY's apartment.  Although I wouldn't use it in my house, I do admire it.  


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No offense but how many accidents has she been involved with the truck of doom? I feel like sometimes the only thing that gets better in these scenes are the lights. It just gets brighter and more brighter:skull::weary:.

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7 hours ago, lu09 said:

No offense but how many accidents has she been involved with the truck of doom?


:lol:  The thing that always amazes me is that every time she just stands there and waits for disaster.....but, of course, she does exactly the same thing when she is falls down while being chased; she just sits there and waits for the Bad Guy to catch up to her.


We've gotta say one thing for this drama:  the writer is certainly consistent with HYY's character flaw.

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Seriously I don't know what should I write for spoiler.. :sweatingbullets: 


So NJW is not the one who kill Kim Ian. Is Professor Kang who hit Kim Ian.. Inside the ball pen there is a USB, CD I guess is nothing inside there.. The bunch of letters in side the creepy hat guy's luggage there is another micro usb stick.. I guess is memory stick from Professor Kang's black box.. The memory stick got recorded down the way how Professor Kang hit Kim Ian.. 


At the end of episode, look like Professor Kang gonna kill HYY.. And no preview.. 





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I am definitely worried that NJW won't make it through the drama alive, and that really is a shame.  He is Not a murderer, no matter what everyone was accusing him of.  What happened with Bucket Hat Guy is involuntary manslaughter--it is a death that was unintentional.


And I was greatly relieved to hear YJ admit that he bullied HYY.  It's about time he took responsibility.


Just one more episode.  Despite enjoying this drama, I am ready for it to end.

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