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  1. Editing needs to be tightened. The story was all over the place; they tried to introduce too many things in the first two episodes. However, since Item has a very promising premise and plot, I'll continue watching.
  2. In the end, the dream all made sense. I am happy with the ending. Granted, I didn't like that the dream was that long, but the drama did get better and better in terms of pacing and suspense. Coming from a show like Guest, the Priest appeared slow in the early episodes. However, I'm glad I did not drop this drama. At least, the Priest appears to be more representative of what a true (Catholic) exorcism is. Not that I am an authority on that, LOL. Now, onto the next Priest drama starring one of my favourite actors, Kim Nam Gil!
  3. Just when things settled ("It's all a dream; let's go on from here to a smooth ending"), there is a new twist in ep 14. And more new questions posed. The devil getting his priest-servant thwarted, Sister flying in earlier than expected, etc. I'm tired asking questions; let's just sit back and enjoy the final two episodes. Hopefully with a happy ending.
  4. Wow! What a twist! I'm in all the way to the end. The great thing is
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