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[Drama 2019] Touch Your Heart / The Truth Delivered, 진심이닿다

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18 minutes ago, turtlegirl said:

Also someone please tell me what hot sexy words he said to her at the end there *snicker* 

Let’s ask @stroppyse ...:blush:


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Oh my gosh! It's my first time to watch live-streaming (and sadly second to the last :tears:) and even though I understood only a very few hangeul, I laughed althroughout the episode 15. I love this episode. 


BUT. HOW. DARE. PD-NIM. PLAYED. WITH. OUR. HEART. Lol. I waited for that kiss scene wherein OJS is in red blouse and then... 




Anyway, I laughed so hard the confession of Atty Choi to Atty Dan. It was the parody of OJS-KJR "let's date letter" on the park. I hope someone will make a gif or meme about that Expectation vs. Reality. Lol. 


I need the English sub asap. Btw, I'm so satisfied with the kiss in the end. Thank goodness PD-NIM didn't cut it so short. At least it was longeeeeer than before.


And what I really love in this drama, the kissing scenes are so sincere. I mean, I mostly watched rom-com, and some have overload kissing scene. But, these dramas seemed like they drag the story thru kissing scenes and to put some ratings. But in TYH, kissing scenes are part of the story and you can feel the feelings of the characters. But I can't move on with that red-bloused-OJS. How dare you PD-NIM:joy: 


Let's embrace ourselves for tomorrow. May I request for a party updates in this thread tomorrow for wrap up? Jebal chingus. 

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I still can not RECOVER FROM THE KISS / MAKING OUT / LEAD TO BED  SCENES asjsksisnjfdyhhddjkk!:P




will we see someone's abs finally?????:phew:






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51 minutes ago, sushilicious said:

@Ameera Ali @Lawyerh catch me. I’m fainting. Choi and Dan so bubbly 

Muahahaha i can't catch you darling... i also fainted myself :kiss:


42 minutes ago, triplem said:

ahahahah they progress fast...look at what they do under the table


@Lawyerh Pls see this only after you reach home 


Ha ha ha home suit home now. True i might end up stranded somewhere else if i saw it on the road lol lol.... so scandalous...:joy:@Ameera Ali you got predict right we got finger dancing le :heart:

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A translation of the ending scene from @triplem's post.




JS: And then this thought occurred to me. Is this person who is asking me if I’m okay, is he really okay? Whether he’s so busy worrying about me that he’s not taking care of his own heart? If Lawyer-nim isn’t okay, then I’m not okay either. Since Lawyer-nim’s heart is my heart. (they both laugh) Also, one more thing, I wanted to say this which is why I said we absolutely had to meet today.
JR: What is it?
JS: That kiss scene that I shot earlier, that wasn’t for real.
JR: Yes, well, that you don’t need to talk about any more…
JS: Don’t just avoid it and listen to me. That was just acting, acting. I wasn’t kissing him for real. See now. Hold like this, and then like this - (cuts off and a section seems to be missing between this clip and the next clip)




JR: Today, is it okay if I don't protect you?


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re-translated the last line
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