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  1. We're on the same level of thinking here chingu! Thank you so much to all who poured their amazing insights about our couple in this thread. Our shipper's hearts are rejoicing with lots of giddyness . This ship is gonna sail soon (please, please... reminds myself to be always positive ). Fighting!!
  2. I cannot with these two.. hearts everywhere..thanks for the subbed video!
  3. @intrariver soo excited for your gifs from their kakao live chat thanks for that post, we found hints of what might be going on for our dear couple
  4. Yey, go Yoo InNa number 1 and your brother Gong Yoo is on the top spot for the male endorsers too..It would be great if YIN and LDW will take the top spot respectively.. Hope to see you with LDW again in CFs or movies.. may the Diety hear our prayers!
  5. please even just one picture together Wookie and InNa in the wrap up party and my shipper's heart will be content for now ...
  6. Mixed emotions here, so excited for tonight's finale but at the same time having a hard time letting go of this drama. This is my happy pill and stress reliever every week. When can I see LDW and YIN collab again for another project? sighs......
  7. thanks much @turtlegirl and @jeonghyang I'm grinning ear to ear here.. They are so cute and so in love
  8. Nice to heat that they're doing good overseas, fighting TOUCH YOUR HEART team.. you are loved!
  9. Hooray!!!! OMG that kiss! Thank goodness they're back in each other's arms
  10. Now this BTS of Wookie crying for real when he's not supposed to cry is really WORTH the SPAZZZZZZZ!!!!!
  11. oh wow! couple goals hope there will be more food trucks to be sent by our couple
  12. ...and we have another kiss??? kyaaaa!!!! they are spoiling us with a kiss every episode ..kisses overload, keep them coming!!! thanks so much @turtlegirl !!!
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