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  1. I speculated way back that due to these "rumors" HB went on MIA mode , he rather speak through his work. He doesn't have to say anything for me . His agency made a statement , his significant other made a point . Not sure what he needs to say? To whom? Im sure his fans are happy for him , as they should. It's his personal life and for long , he has always been clear about it to them , he doesn't own anything to anyone . Same with YeJin , none of us ever asked for her personal statement for her personal life because she was straight about the reasons she kept her life hidden away. N
  2. In the topic of the denials , it’s another old story brought up again . It’s funny to me people find a way of using now the denials in order to “accuse” him of lying when they have been using the denials for months to support and excuse their prerogative. a. This is not our relationship , can I say it again ? We don’t know and we will never know when they confessed to each other etc , we live in 2021 now , stop associate drama land fiction to real life , real life couples are different and dating is different. this is not a fiction couple b . numerous couples i
  3. ANYWAYS.... It's known that HB turns into a comedian around her , first time I saw their NT promo I was like , ok and then watched some of his other interview and I was like : Hold on did they replace the man? Does he have a twin or something? Everyone else : HB is not as fun and his always super serious HB: ..... It's so funny that people are like he ain't fun and Ye-Jin is constantly laughing around him telling him how funny he is. I mean he kinda turns into a fun person around her...so ....at least NOW we know why. His entire face is like a differ
  4. I’m so glad her confirmation post received so many likes and heartwarming response all over the internet . she has fans all over the world now and it’s so lovely to see that people see it as something positive , because it’s something to be celebrated. Two people in a relationship? Happy ? she is someone who never publicly admitted anything related for her love life and the media kept a respectful approach without being invasive . So for her to finally take this step and confirm as fast as she did ? That’s huge . It speaks volume for where she stands in her personal life at
  5. Can we address two things? First and foremost , she didn't apologize . Yes she said what is there to apologize anyways? Second ? She was silent for quite some time, like I previously said , she always addressed rumors before and shut them down. Now , for me YeJin is not happy to lie because she is not good at it or she feels bad about it . So her coming and speaking out for the first time in her private page ? No letter , a lot of idols are having written staff from their agencies to appeal the public for less damage. There is nothing to apologize , there is no r
  6. Hello and Happy New Year indeed to all of you!! I had to get myself recollected because it happened when we least expected but in a way we all theorized . Im actually very happy that so far the reactions are all filled with happiness and joy for them , for all of us who have been here for awhile its been a roller coster of denials , misinformation for months and doubts . I admit YeJin surprised me with her post , I expected her to post in a year from today or something . I think she has seen the love we all have for them , that majority of the people respect them both
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