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  1. The whole point of the movie was to emphasise that her character was struggling as a negotiator and wanted to quit post failure that got his sister dead. Throughout she regains herself and there are moments where she shines . Where she closes the phone in the beginning knowing he will call back for example . In the end it wasn’t much about her being a great negotiator, it was about him wanting her there because she knew the story about his sister , it was about her character doing the right thing and leading these men to justice and pay for what they done . At least this is how I saw it . I don’t the movie was aiming to make YJ to challenge herself - that happened in the truth beneath . This movie was more challenging if anything for HB because he is not acting as a villain much in movies / dramas . Their chemistry is what made the movie stand out . It was pretty generic . And she was in the tower with less screen time as well . She is usually good at generic action movies - enough for everyone else to shine less. But the movie had a strong female character in the Centre as the main hero which is not something that happens not in the Korean cinema and even less in Hollywood . It’s always a male counterpart who takes the lead . Just saying .
  2. I haven’t been here for awhile ....things have changed . I feel we getting somewhere , either sooner or later . In the end it won’t matter much because of the outcome . Twitter is a place where there are no mods , people can tweet whatever they like based on their personal view on something they found , it doesn’t necessarily mean anything and if it does , you can always DM the person to verify . My motto has always been : crumbs or not keep them off public eyes because damage was done before and we don’t wanna repeat the same story . But at this point we have the whole cake and awaiting the candles , do we need to put anything more on the cake ? It’s nearly complete , they just need to fire the candles . But the amount of different places Twitter , Instagram, etc we have a lot of information that sometimes is lost in the translation or we read it wrong . We can read and make our own judgement but keep several things in mind always . Majority of several “ vague “ tweets are not substantial unless proven otherwise . Everyone can write or interpret things differently, doesn’t mean they are wrong , doesn’t mean they are right . Im glad YeJin is back in interview mode , especially reading her way of thinking is always a delight of how down to earth she is . PS : can we make sure to keep up with the rules of not quoting images videos etc .
  3. You missing my point . What I suggested is that by saying that a company who wants to sell a product posting pics of them in order to succeed on their goal it doesn’t mean they confirming or leading on the fans by posting their pics because the fans are been mislead by these actions as confirmation per say . basically is one thing the reasoning behind the decision of accepting the project from them another if the company promotes them in such scale one is considered a positive receipt than the other considered a marketing way of boosting their project to the right direction . Satisfied PH fans = more chances of switching to smart .
  4. Most shippers of our OTP we have learned from past mistakes and we all have find alternative routes to have a proper discussion regarding their whereabouts while keeping the privacy to the maximum , new fans will always be welcome to our lot , it’s sad we can’t have a pin post but it’s always advisable to check the rules of the forum , previous pages etc and use common sense . We have come long way and we’ve come across different platforms , cultures and ages a true force to be recon with and I have seen and have been surprised how well behaved we are now . Now again we are so close , we have supported them through and through and we wait to reach the dock . Keep calm and that shall happen when these two are ready with their plans coming to fruition , they know we support them and we will be here beyond that and if anything they have said themselves and proved how much they care and love their fans .
  5. Regarding the AMTR thing , was reported by one account on Twitter only , it has no validation and it has been debunked considering only the actors themselves can verify this and it’s wild speculation at best considering there is not source behind it to support this . wild speculation at best , we should be aware when bringing up info like this , since it’s a public forum and things can be misinterpreted at best or be used against us or the ship itself .
  6. Friendly reminder : recent pics or screenshots from his elite private fan club have been private and his agency issued a warning regarding that. Please refrain from posting them here . Many thanks
  7. I think people take granted that the CF is a sort of confirmation. A company doesn’t ship anyone per say . They signed a contract with said company and they do what a marketing book suggests . Promote them taking in consideration that a lot of PH fans are their fans and “lure “ them to sign with their company. They are not “using “ them , of course they gonna our their pictures together , they booked them to boost their sales on the particular department. That’s what a CF is for . Just a reminder / There are underlining reasons why one of them would do the project as we discussed previously thoroughly. They weren’t booked in the assumption they are an item in real life , they were booked as leading couple for Crash Landing On You and because the fans wanted YJ they persisted on that . Let’s keep that in mind , external companies are having on goal in mind , however that doesn’t mean if BinJin are not an item that they tease you for something , they didn’t come up saying “ they are together “ please don’t misinterpret it . PH fans are excited due to the fact two A listers are endorsing a company in PH . The status of these two is their personal information until disclosed to the public . If you are on this thread your guess , my guess is leaning on their personal status being “close friends *wink * “ . We have enough information to our benefit anyways to rely on a CF for verification of sorts. my two cents
  8. My friends family live in Tripoli and weren’t affected , Amman is far away from Beirut at leat to the extent of the explosion. Nothing to be worried about . At least not for HB and co , hopefully no many casualties, the explosion was really bing .
  9. Do they even have short series though , majority of tv dramas run 16 episodes - 1hour each ? I think projects are turning less in movies because majority of the theaters abroad aka out of SoKor are not open for distribution and I’m not talking just US , even not acclaimed big projects around Asia - Japan and China are on hold . HB signed the movie to start what late February and due to CLOY he had to start fast - then due to Covid it got delayed . Usually movies don’t get filmed that long . Even dramas have less duration however - its a movie that was always set to film abroad and it didn’t . I think majority of countries are trying to prepare for the fall , and a second wave . SoKor is one of the first countries encountering covid and tackling it properly . I think a lot of dramas continue to film under great and strict rules but with movies is rather different due to the distributions . I think YJ follows her usual schedule - adopting in the situation and she does take big steps abroad . China , Philippines and US hopefully later ? I hope HB takes a break though , this movie feels like he filming a trilogy at once . As much as he good actor and deserves projects he went from CLoY straight to film bargaining . they both are taking big steps abroad , Thailand and Philippines for him as well . Japan where though? They had the drama for weeks in their trending page....
  10. YJ is not as quiet - her agency confirmed she had received a lot of offers in SoKor as well as overseas . They confirmed she eyeing a movie within borders and she is under negotiations for the Hollywood movie ( I assume they still seek investors for that ) . usually she does 2 movies in a year and CLOY counts as in 2019 and in 2020 considering the time and that pandemic . Usually she is not doing 100 things , it’s just now because of the attention everyone is wondering what she is up to . She does a movie , promo , then maybe a one or two CFs and moves over to the next project , especially on SNS , she is usually quiet unless she travels which is not possible at the moment ( I know I’m stuck 8 months in one place ) , the fact she posts more videos on her page is telling . She usually never does that in that extent . Also is summer - I assume from fall we gonna hear more for that movie in Korea and even more the Hollywood movie that seems more far .
  11. Well there were K-fans and C-Fans who were on board with the idea of pairing them on a project . There are few videos dated YEARS AGO - with their characters from other dramas - so much I was surprised they never paired into a drama or a movie sooner - made sense more when YJ mentioned it in the live chat - they tried to pair them but it didn't just happened. The first wave of supporters came during the NT but however the movie was mostly within borders so it didn't attract international supporters - the big wave or more like attention arrived during the storm #1-2 of rumors. As a passerby then mostly because I was watching MOTA - and a non shipper - had thoughts but until I watched CLOY wasn't on board so much - even if it was clear. But the majority of "shippers" started in CLOY for real - but videos with them post LA pics exist up to this date so people liked the "idea" since 2019 January.
  12. It's understandable to feel frustrated regarding the wording of the article however I feel there is a huge element missing here. - The timeline suggests per SMART that HB joined first - thereafter the company realized how much the fans wanted a CLOY reunion and decided to gable and get YJ to join. At the time HB filmed : a. there wasn't a more complicated scenario per say , thus he probably felt it would be more adequate for him to say less and be more active as image than a voice as well, plus it doesn't matter if he knows and speaks English well . It's a telco CF - I felt the male voice fitted the project and HB added the presence with few words in the native language . It wasn't about him not speaking the language or feeling he wouldn't do justice, he did speak English in CLOY and in MOTA as well. Its more about the project itself at that time. Just feel sometimes non English native speakers in the case of the person writing the article despite ace level of English we all miss the point when writing because our brains structure in our mother language and type in English. Something just got missed that's all. b. YJ joined later ( probably negotiations underwent for awhile ) and they had to create a continuation of the CF - where as per MR CEO himself , she is full of ideas , plus she filmed the CF/ voiceovers in July post - announcement of the Hollywood debut where if not a lot - several K-netizens questioned whether or not she can pull through a project in full length only in English. So she decided to risk in this and go more ENGLISH - yes she does speak the language but even in interview abroad - China , Japan etc prefers to speak in Korean. Also she said so herself : picky princess strikes again . She is really thorough especially when something contains SCENARIO. Someone get this woman to direct ? Once chungmuro , always chungmuro. c. I didn't expect the CF to be connected - it makes sense though - running two parallel products and bridging them through this. Its a big project. they managed to get two A listers - aka movie box office king-queen of Korea + global hit duo of CLOY. Congrats to them.... d. now we can sit and speculate as far as we can , and dissect word by per word but Im actually happy months post CLOY - months post a storm of rumors/denials and back again , YJ who in fact is the one most careful for I don't know 20 something years - she is not turning down an offer - as most of us assumed she would due to the whole thing, rather its surprising how she is been handling the whole thing post Baeksangs. Like I wasn't expecting her to thank us - look so happy for an award when mind you she gets awards every year ....be active on SNS with videos - her agency probably gave out - they still upgrading their main computer to windows vista per moment, waiting for the windows 10 upgrade at some point - and saying up front , straightforward her motivation of accepting. Majority of Kdrama pairs that have rumors - true or not - post drama/movie barely interact ..... been there , witnessed that and was left heartbroken because you don't have to ship a duo to wanna see them on screen together. The fact she accepted the project for the fans means a lot , people can call it fanservice however again she is entitled to do whatever she likes with her fans yeah? if her form of communication and appreciation is this , we should all be glad . But again what fans is she catering? Her main YJ solo fanbase ? I mean we got a CF hours before and we all had a meltdown.... however the CF of SMART is a different story.I don't think there is a deeper meaning , girl has been clear with her actions , words and always reminds of the fans. If she was feeling uncomfortable several things wouldn't have taken place post Baeksangs . Just a reminder.if said "friend" and her are in a level of communicating post storm of rumors - and her joining a campaign of a joint CF then - at least we know they are not COLD with each other as people keep using as counter argument - I hope their "friendship" continues to giving out candies . Considering the drought we were left post CLOY with them being MIA ? That's water in the dessert , cherish and appreciate it as much as you can.
  13. Coming out of lurkedom just to point out few things 1. I’ve seen several posters across platforms trying to undermine or questioning why people are so excited about the CF. So to clarify Majority of people are either from the PH , the drama was a big hit there as well for weeks and the fact the company managed to book them together in a CF it’s a big deal . Yejin in fact has done CFs with her costars during promo time for movies and dramas , same principal applies to numerous costars , it happens even in SoKor . Yoo Inna and LDW done it post Goblin but it was within SoKor . It’s not uncommon . However the uncommon here is the fact said costar is been rumoured several times on dating with her and the drama ended In February and not last month . YeJin is picky with her CFs, especially when they don’t include promotion for a project . Each to their own but they are still the CLOY leads , taking a CF under same company if the fans are excited let them be . There is no harm . If these two were endorsing something together in my country I would be happy as well ..... 2. A lot of people bringing here this specific topic , probably unaware of the rules applied to the forums . Please notice said rules , there is a vast majority of options where you can discuss said topic thoroughly. The more attention this topic gets the more it will stay up . It was cleared per agency , whether or not it applies to reality or not it’s concerning certain people . We have to move on , when the sky is clear you can’t be afraid of a storm just because one weather app suggests it , sometimes weather apps are overestimate the data . It might rain now or in two days when the clouds are up . 3. Bringing up the excitement of the CF, it’s not under SoKor , it doesn’t limit them and it’s a great opportunity for a drama pair to do something like this considering it’s not something that happens every time . Just saying . keep it classy , we have been wrong , have been humbled , learned from mistakes and moved on still receiving crumbs and receipts from the people of interest ....Straight forward . We are still on the endgame ... few angry waves won’t shake this ship .
  14. That April Snow scene wasn't controversial , in today's standards it's plain but personally I think it was a big step for her to do something like that in SoKor standards in relation with her age and profile back then. But it was tame and respectful , not spicy at all ? TTB is a movie that relies heavily on her acting - it's well directed and the rest of the cast are good too, especially the friend , and that "unusual type of bond they form " up to the ending of the film , pretty well developed. Well if you check her filmography and dramas how many "happy endings" we get? It's either tragedy or bittersweet . Be with you traumatized me more than TTB did mostly because you get the opening and you HOPE the ending will be different. And the scene with her son it's so heartbreaking .... - So we have 1. The JH photoshoot that are holding back 2. a new CF at some point this summer 3. a movie in 2020 ? 4. the Hollywood movie in 2021
  15. CLOY is not the first drama with clickbait about a so called s2 , other dramas petition for s2 when the first ends in any terms for the characters. Despite the success - we don't even have DVD?Blu-ray - regarding the amazon fake ones - I haven't managed to find any listings but its fake 100% - SD turned down the whole production from cafes - rumors were spreading it was due to low demand when that was far more truth. There was big demand but for whatever reason they turned it down. Maybe distribution issues with Netflix since its still a big hit around - still no official merchandise - wish for a novel or something .....I would buy it for sure. I love how he was 22% in ratings and she was more down the earth - if it doesn't do as much - ratings are not everything ....and he insisted 22% . For me the fact aside the whole "smoke project LA " the fact they did a huge ambiguous project like this one it meant a lot . Rewarded them and everyone involved. Sometimes taking risks it rewards you. In the end it doesn't matter who was offered first - second - it always matters in a project like this one who says yes . Even though I don't believe until a source close to production verify that - because there was NOT ONE mention for discussions for any of the other names - and they ALL were BIG names so...... unless they weren't sure about the 1. investors 2. story 3. names for the main 2 and they were keeping it under wraps until they had the names for it in a positive manner of discussions , besides HB and YJ both were under discussions for awhile until they agreed. There are so many click baiting sites , I wonder if I make one I might have better headlines and better and more accurate content than that.
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