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  1. THAT IS SO SWEET!!! AND it shows their real life bond. I've watched their behind the scenes clips, and they had so much fun filming together. You could tell that they became close. I ALSO WISH to see them in a NEW series together. This time, a romantic light comedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Awwww cute pix! I'm really hoping for romance! I realize it's going to center on action and adventure. But I'm still hoping for the romantic storyline! I guess they are almost done with filming!
  3. 48 (35 minute long) episodes are listed for the series. Which makes it 24 regular episodes essentially as we suspected. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vagabond_(TV_series) I guess they really did raise it up from 16 to 24 by a whole 8 episodes!
  4. Thank you! I miss their clips because they had the sweetest and very natural friendly chemistry. Always joking around and smiling together!
  5. To be honest, I tried to tune in, and it just didn't interest me. The 9.8 rating on Viki is confusing me to be honest....Maybe the lead actor is just really popular with international fans?
  6. Thanks for the reply. For some reason, when I had watched the early episodes, I got the sense that the secondary male lead might be the evil person behind the killings. Just based on a gut feeling. BUT when I saw him interacting with the secondary female, I thought maybe I was wrong. It kind of looked like they were building up their relationship too. As a side note, I'm a HUGE HUGE fan of Come and Hug Me. I'm glad you brought that up. But that show is a rare gem. I don't think many can do what it did in terms of that type of storytelling. It was just so well written and acted.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I'm very curious to see their story too! I will say that I'm a huge Come and Hug Me fan AND D-Day fan. The lead actors were in these shows. So it's a bit strange for me to try a series with them together since I heavily shipped their other pairings! But I'll give it a try!
  8. Yes, those magazine pix! I just can't figure out if they shot them recently or when they were filming Come and Hug Me.
  9. Thank you guys for all the updates! At least we have an airdate sort of! September it is!
  10. A lot of the newer shows have lower ratings. Like 3.2 or less. People in this thread kept saying the ratings for TYH were low. Not true. They were solid. SBS is a much bigger network and has shows with ratings 3.2 and lower....
  11. I keep seeing gifs and pix of the lead pairing. But I was wondering, HOW did the finale end for the secondary pairing? Or there wasn't a secondary pairing? I thought I saw two other actors in the press conferences that were main too....
  12. CONGRATS TO HIM. And yes, I agree, it's sad that our amazing female lead didn't win anything. She was equally SUPERB in this role. To add, I've seen recent magazine pix of the lead actors. I keep wondering when they did the photoshoots. Does anyone know? I think one of the magazines is from Japan....
  13. The cast for this show looks great. And there will be TWO pairings according to the description? NICE. Can someone tell me if the secondary pairing got any moments together yet? Their relationship descriptions sounds interesting!
  14. I was checking Viki recently, and TYH is still a TRENDING TOPIC IN THE US. Also, it now has more than 10,000 fan reviews and more than 100,000 followers on the page! That's crazy good!
  15. Question: So there is going to be a big love triangle in the series? According to wikipedia descriptions?
  16. Still the longest filming ever for the 24 episodes thus far! Wow! I guess they really are filming till mid May!
  17. Thanks for posting the updates! The more scenes LSG and Suzy have together, the more excited I get for this series! They seem to be filming together a good amount! So yay!
  18. This pic makes me wonder HOW MANY scenes did they cut or delete? What if there was a kiss between our main pairing in the finale, and they just cut it? Ugh!
  19. Another beautiful fan video for our favorite pairing! I envy Japanese fans! They're about to start to watch the series and still have 16 episodes to enjoy!
  20. An UPDATE! Season 2 petition of Touch Your Heart already has more than 5,400 signatures! The 5,000 goal has already been met very quickly! Now, we are looking to get more than 7,000 signatures! So please SIGN and SPREAD the word! Even if it doesn't work, the ACTORS will at least be touched! Fans sent the petition link to Lee Dong Wook's official instagram account. So I believe he is aware of it. And he can pass the news to Yoo InNa as well: https://www.change.org/p/a-petition-for-touch-your-heart-season-2 FAN VIDEO UPDATE: A gorgeous new video for YS and JR! Awwwww! I MISS THEM!!!!! So pretty! And now I have no KDramas to watch! Sad! If anyone knows of a good kdrama, let me know. I LOVE ROMANCE and HAPPY ENDINGS. BUT as my OWN recommendation for what I've already seen, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND "Come and Hug Me." YES, I realize it's angsty. BUT my god, the love story in that series is so beautiful and breathtaking as well as the chemistry between lead actors. AND HAS A VERY VERY HAPPY ENDING which was a pleasant surprise. Fair warning, there is violence in this series. But it is optimistic and heartwarming. It teaches us that we can survive through the obstacles if we keep going. And it's about family and friendship and love. It's a beautiful series.
  21. On the bright side, it looks like they are doing this to air with Netflix at the same time. I'm okay with this only because the show will air on Netflix which means there will be more international exposure. And I can actually watch it! More fans from different countries will be lucky to see it. The filming has been very long, but it looks like the actors are having a good time together based on the pix and video clips. They are enjoying each other's company which is great. And of course, it will air. They spent so much money on the production AND the actors have filmed for so long. I really dislike having to wait till September, but there is nothing we can do. I kind of figured it would be pushed back only because the actors are still filming. And this looks like an action series that takes longer to edit and prepare for air. I mean, they will STILL be filming in May even. That's a long schedule!
  22. S2 petition of Touch Your Heart only started like a day ago, and already there are 2,600 signatures. Why not sign it, guys? It can't hurt, and it ONLY takes 1 second to do. You never know. I still hope that maybe some other country like China can budget a season 2.... https://www.change.org/p/a-petition-for-touch-your-heart-season-2 Also, I'm still confused why people keep saying ratings were low. They weren't "low" in Korea. In fact, it was only SECOND to another series in the same timeslot. Which means the other 3-4 shows were much lower....and some of them were from the big networks. I get that with the hype of these two actors, people expected Encounter ratings. But that's not realistic. Encounter had the famous superstar actress.... Touch Your Heart average for the 16 episodes was 3.97% for nationwide and 4.48% for Seoul. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Touch_Your_Heart Here is ratings info, only Doctor Prisoner got higher ratings than Touch Your Heart: #DoctorPrisoner : 13 % | 14.5% #BigIssue : 3.3% | 3.6% #TheBanker : 2.5% | 3.3% #TouchYourHeart : 3.8% #Possessed : 2% Let's also look at some of the other show ratings: #LegalHigh : 2% #KillIt : 1.1% #HeIsPsychometric : 1.9% #SpringMustBeComing : 2% | 2.2% #WelcomeToWaikiki2 : 1.8% As a side note, let's PLEASE keep this thread OPTIMISTIC and SUPPORTIVE of our show and BOTH actors. No need to bring in what other haters are saying about the acting skills or the series. Who cares? Instead, let's keep this a TYH FRIENDLY thread where FANS can browse and look for good things to read and see....
  23. Did we watch the same series? I LOVED LDW's acting in Touch Your Heart. It felt very natural and honest to me. He was very charming and sweet. He seemed cold mostly in the first episode, but as we saw more layers to him, there was kindness and loveliness to him. In fact, he wasn't cold at all....More like a teddy bear in the later episodes....
  24. braunau, thank you so much for all the info! I hope you don't mind if I also share it on twitter. Lots of Touch Your Heart fans there too!
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