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  1. Im so disappointed with TVN, did you see their posts for HPL and their special episode. Im really sad the only consolation I have is that THY has better rating but they are really unfair. I hope other network can make another drama for YIN And LDW
  2. I DONT WANT TO BE BITTER BUT DID YOU SEE TVN’s POSTS SO MANY PREVIEW, AND BTS for Her Private Life!! This so unfair for THY!! I hate this feeling
  3. Webtoon they’re married with 2 kids and JS Decided to push her law studies. We can definitely have season 2 for this drama.. hope they will coz it beautiful
  4. It saddens me that Korean audience did not take TYH AS a good drama, I really enjoyed the show plus the cast. Point taken that the other cast didnt mark as much (like the dots and Goblin) but the other characters like Dan, CEO and manager did really deliver. But if we are talking about TYH globally, They did very well, it is MASSIVE. i just hope they will consider this not just in SK. THe fact is that the drama caters to different league, it speaks volume. I hope TVN, LDW and YIN is assured that they did good. And until now I am still longing and hoping that I can see a new episodes every wed and thurs
  5. Number 1 Yoo In Na, so happy for her. Top brand value ambassador https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/03/yoo-in-na-tops-brand-value-ranks-for-female-cf-stars-jennie-and-yoona-follow
  6. Me too, I know the novel so im quite disappointed but I already move on. And now I am having a withrawal syndrome, i ak going to watch my fave episodes all over again.. i dont know how to stop Will they show BTS even it end already?? I hope so most especially their kissing scenes hahaha sorry not sorry
  7. Okay I have to admit, the episode is a little bit better with the subtitle but still.... I HOPE THEY INCLUDED EVEN ONE UNFORGETABLE KISS since they did in episode 15. Why is it so hard, they can insert sweet scene when she went back fr shooting!! I just hope and I will be more satisfied hahahaha. Miss them already
  8. The only consolation THEY LOOK SO GOOD IN the Ending ! Make this real pls https://m.imgur.com/ZgUZ9tU
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