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  1. @Umari Bangster Here also link for video 21 minute for Guardian Press Conference .
  2. @Umari Bangster I wouldn't say they are banned exactly Since the Guardian drama finish airing all the episodes in July, Zhu Yi long and Bai Yu has no schedule to promote the drama and never appear together anymore . Maybe they also need to keep their distance while Guardian drama is taken off youku, so very very minimal interactions even on Weibo. now they have been extremely busy and both moved on with their new projects. This month of August itself, Long Ge is so busy with the endorsements of KFC, C100 Drinks, Lenovo Mobile Phone and latest Loreal Revitalift. Few days ago Long Ge also attended press conference for the drama "to give you a lifelike dream", and attend Weibo Fan Festival, as well as shooting for Music Video for the soundtrack for drama. In addition to that, Long Ge is still currently shooting his drama My good friend (starring Angelababy) ,:) I really hope Long Ge has enough time to rest, he looks exhausted and extremely skinny. nice to meet u I am from austraila here Yeah I agree Bai with moustache is so suitable for Zhao Yun Lan, he became so masculine and it is more fitting to Lan character. But I actually like Bai yu without the moustache better . I came across his pics without the moustaches, absolutely Gorgeous !!
  3. This drama will be aired on Youku website early September. Date is not confirmed yet, but I am sure someone will update once the date is announced Hang in there it will be another 2 weeks I guess the drama will be aired twice a week like other WEb dramas, so 6 episodes a week ^^
  4. Wowwwww. Great news =) =) Long Ge will star in sequel of Lost Tomb. Huge Congratttssss to Long Ge. So well-deserved protagonist role. ^^ Haha if they stick to novel maybe Long ge will show some semi nudity haha. I am looking fwd to seeing him show more flesh haha. And really admires Long Ge muscles (biceps too)
  5. Woahh thank you for creating this thread @siobhanne I will check here veryyy often so read update about Long Ge my male god ^^
  6. Guysss the chapter 49 is out in English. Translations all Credit to RainbowSeven from WattPad, I m just copy paste the link to share with Guardian girls https://www.wattpad.com/616707110-guardian-english-version-bl-novel-chapter-49-ink this has gotta be the best chapter in the novel so far. short spoilers : Shen kissed Zhao finally, and they "sort of" starting their relationship as lovers. Zhao has purchased a house for Shen close to Dragon University, that's why Zhao is short of money. that's too sweet of Zhao..even Shen is speechless and very deeply touched.,. I cannot wait for chapter 50 AHH!! YEah i need to move on from this LOL , otherwise I get too smitten with Long GE it is so unhealthy haha Here are the novel translation in English https://www.wattpad.com/story/153357561-guardian-english-version-bl-novel
  7. Hello !!!! Welcome welcome .. join the discussion lol =)
  8. I feel you @siobhanne I have also fallen into a hole. LOL Thanks so much for sharing the news with us. I have trouble reading chinese words so it is helpful that you share Long GE news with us , so happy. I am not surprised many girls confessed to Zhu Yi Long since high school. He is absolutely so soooooo gorgeous , to me he is almost like a God falling down to the earth LOL. I guess he has always been populer since his young days, and now he is the no 1 Male star in china. Lucky guy My heart is also beating when ever i see his pictures. I need to get over this feeling quickly ,or it wil drive me nutty! : D (maybe i already am)
  9. did anybody follow the drama Suddenly this Summer by Bai Yu? it looks like long dramas with many eps? maybe 30 episodes ++ ? I saw the ep 1 and 2 and 3 just came out on youtube @aurorail I cannot wait for English translations to come out for chapter 49 to 50.. I am so looking forward to it. maybe it requires another 1 week or so Please share2 some details with us if you still remember the chapter storylines hehe.
  10. @cherylrose haha yeah Shen is the Ghost Slayer so he way overpowered Zhao and he got to be on top lol. it is quite hilarious that he is a wifey (he cooks, cleans the house, and does the house chores) LOL OH Cheryl , check inbox too your dm have been replied thanksss
  11. Yeah.. in the novel Zhao is chasing Shen shamelessly, in drama it is tonned down a little bit. now the English translations up to chapter 42. The next chapter will be out around 12 to 13 August; cannot wait!
  12. @dzareth Yeah . Bai has 2 elder sisters. You were right I forgot about the penalty haha Wow wwww Long Ge mention about his mom that saw his potential. Thanks for your info that's super awesome. now Long Ge is a bright shining diamond in the entertainment, so proud of him. Hope he gets more and more good acting projects . I am looking forward to his works . haha this is a must watch. Bai Yu lip sync to India song. So So so funny. what a humorous personality he has
  13. @dzareth yeah the sparkly suit was dazzling, Saint Laurent when he was performing, and when eating lollipop he was wearing Louis Vuiotton suits. Long Ge love casual style in his daily styling, but I have noticed from the photos in these past few months, Long Ge normally wear those high-end-branded Shirts (Balenciaga, Givenchy a few times, LV etc) and he was seen carrying Louis Vuitton large bag recently. Long Ge looks like he belongs to the rich family in china Ge is like a real life prince, extremely gorgeous and rich, shy in real life, Oh and let's not forget very humble too.
  14. I think Long Ge performance in the Youth Night was really really really good when he sang the song himself, but when combined with the rap from the other sings I hated the rap part so much. The rap part was unneccessary at all, Long Ge seems to struggle / out of breath at the end of his singing performance (maybe it is just my feeling?). cause he has to keep up with the loud rap ehehe
  15. Thank you for letting us know =) I never heard of actor Peng Guan ying. I will google them hehe
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