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  1. I was planing to buy the eng trans book, but when i knew the eng trans book didn't complete, i cancel it. I don't want to be dissapointed half way. I wonder why they didn't complete the whole translation... to be honest i completely interested in QiLing and WuXie, so i really want to know their story and their adventure.
  2. I never read the book. Just read the the articles and comments. But I've read somewhere that QiLing has a disease that he will loose his memory every 10 years, and WuXie help him to remember when that happen. There's the novel continuation which tell that QiLing met WuXie again and join his adventures. Is it true? I'm so dissapointed when they cut QiLing Scenes in The Lost Tomb. I'm a fans of YangYang but not a fans of his acting. But YangYang is so fit being QiLing. I stop watching The Tomb of the San Sea too after episode 7, i don't know why i'm too lazy to watch it. As for the Mystic nine, i like it too and finished it until the end.
  3. I read about him here https://centdevotee.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/the-mystic-nine-special-105-secrets-about-fo-ye-and-er-ye/ the article said that they are brothers. Even Er Ye have met Qi Ling but didn't like him because he is too white...
  4. @TheRedDragon For Yang Yang, we can only dream... QiLing is so old. He's older than Zhang QiShan (FoYe). And it will be hard to potrayed the character, because he rarely speak.
  5. @Evil Blea Yup, you're right. Junjie looks like a member of boyband. Hope he have great acting... and with the magic of make up, he can be a great QiLing...
  6. I've read somewhere that in the novel QiLing and WuXie relationship is just brotherhood. In drama, it becomes bromance. In fanfic / fandom, it becomes romance. Lol I just saw junjie profile. A handsome actor, but isn't he a bit too young? I know that the story will tell about 10 years after they got seperate, and QiLing supposed to look younger than WuXie at that time. But still... Yang yang is the best QiLing i ever saw until now, but I like Xiao Yu Liang too... he's young but look mature in tomb of the sea. But well, whoever QiLing is, i will definitely watch it for YiLong. Let's just hope for the best chemistry
  7. I've found it. it's a slow paced, but the story and the writing style is great. Just try it https://my.w.tt/RBnd2LWlwP
  8. The novel is very popular. Zhang QiLing and Wu Xie is one of the most popular couple btw
  9. @Evil Blea Yes. You should start watching. It very interesting. I fell in love with Zhu YiLong too btw. Who wouldn't?
  10. Really?????? Is your source reliable enough? Because the lost tomb season 2 will have Neo Hou as wu xie and they are already finished the shoot. But if it's true i will be soooo happy. Wu Xie and Zhang Qi Ling is my most favorite couple. Wu xie is charming, innocent, and kind. While Qi Ling is mysterious and cold. But Qi Ling cared about Wu Xie so much. He has watching over Wu Xie since Wu Xie still a kid.
  11. Me tooooo. Until now i always try to find some fanfic which make wei as the uke. But... i think i only found one. If you find it, please inform me. Thank you
  12. I prefer to think that wei is the uke in the relationship, but the seme in bed
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