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[Japanese Drama 2018] Signal, Shigunaru, シグナル


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Signal (Japanese)


Kentaro Sakaguchi-p2.jpg




  • Drama: Signal
  • Romaji: Shigunaru
  • Japanese: シグナル
  • Director:
  • Writer:
  • Network: Fuji TV
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: April, 2018 --
  • Runtime: Tuesdays 21:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Two detectives communicate through a walkie-talkie to solve a cold case. One detective exists in the present day and the other detective exists 15 years in the past.


  1. Remake of 2016 tvN drama series "Signal."
  2. Related titles (based on the same true story serial murder case):
    1. Memories of Murder | Salinui Chueok (2003)
    2. Gabdong, the Memories of Murder | Gapdongi (tvN / 2014)
    3. Signal (tvN / 2016)
    4. Signal (Fuji TV / 2018)


source: asianwiki

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 Well original is always the best. Have to see how does this one fare. Kentaro does look young but he's like 30 I'm only familiar with the 3 male leads Kentaro,  Kitamura, and Watabe.  I like quirky, psycho mystery doramas. They always make good ones.


 Kentaro Sakaguchi. Kitamura Kazuki. KichiseMichiko. Watabe Atsuro


Character description + very brief comment of actors.




cr: kantele/signal_ktv msft translation

Long-term unsolved incident investigation team 』 kichise Michiko Sakurai Misaki is a cool, while the detective with a strong desire to solve the case than anyone else. The leader of the long-unsolved incident Investigation Team, I will set the tag and candy -  comments "I want to play the criminal role of a long time in good shape! "





Long-term unsolved incident Investigation Group]✨ Kazuki Kitamura is a detective and Takeshi Oyama who live in "the past" that leads through the "present" Detective (Kentaro Sakaguchi) and radio.

Comment "If it becomes the work with the  depth to which the continuation is anxious". Have fun every week!




 Shinnosuke Nakamoto of criminal director of the police Department of Detective Atsuro Watanabe is a presence that should be called the face of the back of the cops. A ruthless post that chooses the means for the purpose.

comment -"It is a wonderful original, but I believe that the Japan version will surely be a good work!







source @signal_ktv /msft translation


Masahiro Hiroto: Mr. Kazuo Iwata  is a chief clerk of the Criminal division of the police Department. As a follower of Shinnosuke Nakamoto (Atsuro Watanabe), he keeps his eyes on the expose of the secrets of past events.


Comment not too enthusiastic, I want to challenge the shooting to deliver the new signal] while protecting the view of the original world!



Kaede Kamio: The elder brother Ryota of Ryota (Kentaro Sakaguchi) is arrested in the wake of a certain incident, and his own life is lost. The death of Ryota has a great influence on his life. It is attention to Mr. Kamio who plays an important post!

Comments - I  want to work hard to show my personality and presence!!




Kaede Aono: Rika Anzai, the role of Anzai  is betting his life on an associate professor in the forensic classroom,  and struggles to listen the remains of the unsolved case. Misaki is also the best understanding of the ☺ comment - I was happy to hear that you can appear in a criminal drama. I would like to work on a piece that will remain in your heart




Hiroshi Ikeda: Mr. Shinya Kojima, a sober investigator and director, who acts as a member of the long-unsolved case investigation team, has worked with the company to give light to the evidence that could not be analyzed in the past

comments - I'm excited because it is a character that has never played. If the expectation is betrayed in a good meaning.





Yuichi Kimura: Mr  Kimura, Tsutomu Yamada, is a detective colleague of Misaki Sakurai (Michiko kichise). I will be assigned to the same long-term unsolved incident investigation Team as "Kentaro Sakaguchi" and support the candy!

Comments are considered - to be harsh, but I think we should be able to provide one or two delicious things.





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I just saw the J-cast and 30sec trailer. Most of the cast is unfamiliar to me, but my heart sank a little at the casting of Kitamura Kazuki as Lee Jae Han, as my first and last drama of his was Neko Zamurai, where he plays an out-of-work grouchy ronin with expressive eyebrows who kidnaps a cat he was supposed to assassinate :blink::D The 30sec trailer does not alleviate my apprehensions, but I will still more than gladly give it a chance, in the hopes that it will honour the spirit of the original with a quality production and strong performances. Can't wait!

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17 minutes ago, liddi said:

I will still more than gladly give it a chance, in the hopes that it will honour the spirit of the original with a quality production and strong performances. Can't wait!

panda-emoticon-46.gifI hope it does too, they have some big shoes to fill but I thought that about Signal since I loved the movie Frequency. I hope they adapt their own story to the concept and not try to copy the kdrama.


@jongski Kentaro does look young in that teaser, it's almost like it's his demeanor in the preview makes him look young, a little mild mannered. I'm happy to watch him again, I just hope this drama does well for him and us.

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@evie7 Seeing Kitamura Kazuki attired pretty much similar to Lee Jae Han, I wonder if they would also adapt the cases from the original, or draw from Japan's own cold cases, making it unique to their own history. Either way, I am excited and really hope it does not disappoint.

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12 hours ago, liddi said:

Seeing Kitamura Kazuki attired pretty much similar to Lee Jae Han, I wonder if they would also adapt the cases from the original, or draw from Japan's own cold cases, making it unique to their own history. oEither way, I am excited and really hope it does not disappoint.

I hope they don't make it too similar to the kdrama. Remakes don't seem to work for me, I just start to compare them from the original. I hope they do an adaptation and draw from their own cases. I'm excited too 

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@evie7 I agree. Cold Case J-remake is the standard I hope this adaptation will live up to - similar yet distinct in its cultural and historical flavour. 

I keep rewatching the trailer, and I still keep expecting a white neko to peep out from under Kitamura Kazuki's robes :wacko: Now I have the added pressure of hoping against hope that his performance will totally wipe away my very present impression of him as Madara Oni





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If it has the Border vibe, then I'm in. The Kdrama is dark and unapologetic and is one of the only 2  Kdramas that made me cry. I don't want this to be a generic slapstick tantei or a slice-of-life. If it's also set in the 1980's, there were real-life cases they could draw from.  They could feature the sickening Junko Furuta case. 

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After learning of the J remake, I couldn't resist re-watching Signal this weekend and it is still so riveting. I am so waiting for season 2 and watch the super trio bring down those who use money and power to cover up their crimes by making the weak take on the blame and punishment. If we don't give up, there is hope.... I really like the ending thought. 


I will check out the J remake. 

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Oooh.... BTS ( yeah that kpop group..sorry not fan)the one doing main theme for the jdrama.  But why? Well seeing as it's original Korean drama.. why not get someone from Kent pop world to sing the theme? I don't know really but. main thing is the drama itself.  Please be good good one. It's annoying though cos whenever I search the drama It's always them that I see. Grrr.:rolleyes:


@liddi do you know who's older? Kim Hye Soo or her Japanese counter part?   Actually looking at the counter parts below: The one for the original has more of the mature actors.




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@jongski I think it's a mixed bag... but definitely Kim Hye Soo is older than her counterpart.

Here's a breakdown of ages based on the characters of the two versions that I can find (took an educated guess regarding who played Kim Gye Chul and Jung Han Gi in the remake), and highlighted which actor is older. Out of the 9 roles known so far, 5 of the J-actors are older than their counterparts. 


Lee Jae Han:
Jo Jin Woong - Mar 3, 1976
Kitamura Kazuki - Jul 17, 1969


Cha Soo Hyun:
Kim Hye Soo - Sep 5, 1970
Miciko Kichise - Feb 17, 1975


Park Hae Young:
Lee Je Hoon - Jul 4, 1984
Sakaguchi Kentaro - Jul 11, 1991


Kim Bum Joo:
Jang Hyun Sung - Jul 17, 1970
Watabe Atsuro - May 5, 1968


Ahn Chi Soo:
Jung Hae Kyun - Aug 16, 1968
Komoto Masahiro - Jun 26, 1965


Park Sun Woo:
Kang Chan Hee - Jan 17, 2000
Kamio Fuju - Jan 21, 1999


Forensic expert Oh Yeon Seo:
Jung Han Bi - Feb 22, 1986
Aono Kaede - Nov 21, 1992


Kim Gye Chul:
Kim Won Hae - Apr 6, 1969
Ikeda Tetsuhiro - Oct 31, 1970


Jung Hun Gi:
Lee Yoo Joon - ??
Kimura Yuichi - Feb 9, 1963

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@jongski It is interesting that you bring up the theme song by BTS. It is a nice track, but I was a little surprised by the choice of its modern vibe compared to the original OST, which has a vintage quality as befitting the era of the cold cases they were investigating. Nonetheless, I will stay my preconceived notions until the actual drama airs. Please let subs be readily available! :crazy:

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@kRoNix Thank you for sharing the teaser for Ep1! Familiar familiar montage... it looks to be pretty much the same case as the original, down to how each scene plays out. Wonder if this is going to be the trend for the rest of the episodes. Either way, can't wait for it to air and praying that it delivers.

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